Palworld: How To Craft Viewing Cage [Quick Guide]

The Viewing Cage in Palworld lets you store your extra Pals and is fairly simple to craft.

What Is The Viewing Cage

palworld viewing cage captured pals
Storing Pals in the Viewing Cage. (Image by eXputer)

The Viewing Cage is a building in Palworld that you can use to keep the Pals you caught in it.

You can look at the Pals you have captured from outside the cage without interacting with it. Furthermore, it lets you store more Pals if your Palbox is full. 

You can store more Pals efficiently without having to butcher or condense them. Pals inside the Viewing Cage will not get hungry, and neither will they lose sanity, which, in my opinion, makes it much more useful.

Key Takeaways
  • The Viewing Cage stores your captured Pals in Palworld without them losing their hunger or sanity.
  • If you run out of storage in your Palbox, you can use your Viewing Cage to store your spare Pals.
  • You can craft the Viewing Cage with Wood, Stone, and Paldium Fragments.

Our video guide, which I’ve linked below, can also help you in crafting a viewing cage:

YouTube video

Crafting The Viewing Cage

palworld viewing cage craft
Viewing Cage in the Technology tab. (Image by eXputer)

To craft the Viewing Cage in Palworld, you need the following items;

  • Paldium Fragment x10
  • Wood x10
  • Stone x20

You can unlock Viewing Cage from technologies with your Technology points once you reach Level 15. If you haven’t reached the required level, there are various methods you can try to level up fast to get to the desired level. 

It’s fairly easy to craft as you can obtain all materials easily during the early game. Paldium Fragments and Stones are obtained through mining. You can also let your Mining Pals help you around the base to get more materials. Wood can be obtained by using an axe against trees. You can also assign Lumbering Pals in your base to get more wood

You can also check out some of the best storage items that you can use to store materials and useful stash. Also, read up about the best Pals to work on your base. Before you go, read up my review on Palworld, where I share my insightful opinion about the entry. 

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