Palworld: How To Increase Capture Rate [Tried & Tested]

Get your favorite high level pals with increased capture rate!

In the exciting world of Palworld, players aim to catch various unique Pals. However, success isn’t guaranteed even if they meet all the requirements. While there are no surefire ways to ensure a 100% success rate, several methods significantly increase the chances of capture rate of Pals in Palworld, getting very close to the highest possible rate.

Key Takeaways
  • There are five ways to raise capture rates in Palworld; some are obvious, like higher-tier spheres and world settings adjustments, and others less so.
  • Utilize the back bonus by targeting the back of the Pal while throwing the Pal Sphere.
  • Upgrade capture power using the Statue of Power for a direct boost in capture rate.
  • Deal damage to Pals to increase capture rate, particularly for alpha and high-level Pals.

How To Increase Capture Rate In Palworld

Players can increase their Capture Rate by changing the world settings, aiming at pals’ backs while lowering their HP, upgrading Capture Power, and crafting high-tier Pal Spheres.

When throwing a Pal Sphere at a Pal, it displays your capture rate as it hovers in the air, jiggling twice before either popping out or becoming yours. While there are some obvious ways to enhance your capture rate, you can also use numerous methods to your benefit.

1. Changing The World Settings

Changing World Settings
Changing World Settings while creating a New World [Image by eXputer]
To increase the capture rate, just adjust the world settings to raise the capture rate multiplier. If you find it too simple, you can make it more challenging by reducing the capture rate. The default setting is one, but you can double it to two, making capturing Pals twice as easy.

While I find this method doesn’t affect the game mechanics directly, it reduces the time spent capturing Pals and minimizes wasted Pal Spheres.

2. Adding Back Bonus

Getting Back Bonus
Getting Back Bonus from Mammorest, World Boss [Image by eXputer]
What many players may overlook is the flat bonus added to their capture rate each time they throw a sphere at the back of a Pal. This bonus can increase by up to 20 percent, depending on the Pal’s level. Ensure you see the back bonus appear before throwing the sphere in Palworld.

The challenge with this approach is that the Pal usually faces you while attacking. However, you can evade this by circling the sphere while it’s airborne. On lower-level Pals, I was able to use this tactic to capture them without reducing their health at all.

3. Upgrading Capture Power

Increasing Capture Power
Increasing Capture Power using the Statue of Power [Image by eXputer]
In the early stages of the technology tree, acquiring a Statue of Power is possible. This statute provides a direct boost to your capture rate in exchange for Lifmunk Effigies. These effigies are small, glowing green statues scattered randomly across the map in Palworld.

Initially, you can increase your capture rate swiftly with only a few effigies. However, as you progress to the third or fourth tier, the cost can escalate significantly. Therefore, it’s essential to consistently pursue the glowing green dots in the distance if you notice your capture rate is insufficient.

4. Crafting A Higher Tier Sphere

Crafting Giga Sphere
Crafting Giga Sphere in the Sphere Workbench [Image by eXputer]
The most effective method to significantly boost your capture rate is by utilizing higher-tier Pal Spheres, potentially raising the rate to 100 percent for the appropriate Pal. While the game currently offers six spheres, obtaining the highest-tier ones, particularly in large quantities, can be challenging.

Therefore, it’s advisable to be cautious and use the lowest-tier sphere possible to avoid wasting valuable materials crafting more than required. In desperate situations, you may also stumble upon Pal Spheres of the highest tier lying on the ground in Palworld.

5. Dealing Damage To Pals

Dealing damage to Pals to increase capture rate in palworld
Dealing damage to Pals in the wild and capturing them [Image by eXputer]
Capturing Pals may seem straightforward, but reducing their health is crucial, particularly for alpha and high-level Pals. The difference between having 20 percent health remaining and just one percent can significantly increase the capture rate by approximately 10-20 percent, making the process much simpler.

However, the challenge lies in selecting the appropriate equipment to minimize their health without knocking them out in Palworld. 

That wraps up my guide on how to increase the capture rate in Palworld and capture some of the Best Pals for your Base. I think the best way would be to increase your capture power as it would be the most permanent method without spoiling your fun or having to do much.

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