Palworld: How To Prevent Food From Spoiling [Quick Guide]

Don't let another cake go to waste!

Key Takeaways
  • Every cooked food item in Palworld has an expiry timer which makes the item inedible once the timer runs out.
  • To prevent food from spoiling, players can craft a Cooler Box or Refrigerator, leaving them on the cooking station, or use the Breeding Farm’s storage.
  • Players must assign an Ice Pal to Cooler Boxes and Refrigerators to keep these units active.
  • Leaving food items on cooking stations makes them last forever, but it makes the station unusable for the time being.
  • Using the Breeding Farm’s storage only works for cakes, but it also makes the item last forever.

Ways To Prevent Food From Spoiling In Palworld

Preserving food by keeping it in the Refrigerator with a Foxcicle (Image by eXputer)

There are three ways to stop the expiry timer on your items and keep them fresh – storing them in a cooler box or refrigerator, leaving them on the grill or campfire when cooked, or keeping them in the Breeding Farm’s storage. 

Out of these methods, the cooler box makes the most sense, and you’ll have ample storage to store multiple food items. The other two are severely limited in functionality and don’t work in most cases, but you can consider them as backup if you can’t make a cooler or refrigerator.

Cooler Box Or Refrigerator

For most early-game players, the cooler box will be the only cooling storage unit available. It can hold up to 10 food items, so it’s fairly roomy and doesn’t take up too much. However, like the refrigerator, you must assign an Ice Pal to it to stop your food’s expiry timer and keep it from spoiling.

Cooler Box palworld
Showcasing the Cooler Box (Image Captured by eXputer)

You can unlock the Cooler Box at Level 13 and craft it using:

  • 20x Ingot
  • 20x Stone
  • 5x Ice Organ

Once you reach the end-game phase, you’ll unlock the Refrigerator, a massive cooling storage unit that holds up to 25 items. However, on top of assigning an Ice Pal, you must also keep it powered on using a Power Generator. It also has ridiculously high requirements, and you might spend more than an hour gathering the items to build it.

fridge palworld
Using an Ice Pal with the Refrigerator (Screenshot by eXputer)

The Refrigerator unlocks at Level 38 with the following crafting requirements:

  • 50x Refined Ingot
  • 20x Polymer
  • 15x Ice Organ
  • 5x Circuit

Using a Cooler Box or Refrigerator can massively extend your food items’ expiry timer, but the extension also depends on the type of pal you use. The rarer the pal with a high-level Cooling Work Suitability, the longer it takes for food to expire.

Important: You can only assign a pal to your cooling unit after you’ve put food inside. While you can use any Ice Pal for cooling, I personally recommend going for nocturnal pals like Vanwyrm Cryst. This way, you can keep your cooling units fully active at all times.

Leaving Cooked Food On The Cooking Station

cooking palworld
Leaving the cooked food on the Campfire (Screenshot by eXputer)

A food item’s expiry timer begins when it’s lifted off the grill, so if you leave it there, it’ll stay fresh forever. This is a strategic way to preserve food when you’re low on storage or haven’t unlocked a cooler box yet. You don’t even need an Ice Pal for it to work.

However, as you’d guess, there are two major shortcomings with this method. Firstly, you can only preserve one food item per cooking station. Additionally, you can’t cook any other items on that station while your food item is on there.

If you’re still willing to use this approach, here’s a list of all the cooking stations to keep your food from expiring in Palworld:

Campfire210x Wood
Cooking Pot1720x Wood | 15x Ingot | 3x Flame Organ
Electric Kitchen4130x Refined Ingot | 5x Circuit Board | 10x Charcoal | 5x Flame Organ

Breeding Farm’s Storage

Breeding a Blazehowl and Felbat
Using a Breeding Farm to preserve Cake (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

It’s worth mentioning that this method is only applicable to cakes since you can’t add any other food item there. When you make a Breeding Farm, you can access its low-capacity storage unit on the outside, where you can store as many cakes as you want.

You can obtain the Breeding Farm at Level 19 with these crafting requirements:

  • 100x Wood 
  • 20x Stone 
  • 50x Fiber
Important: While you can use any Ice Pal for cooling, I personally recommend going for nocturnal pals like Vanwyrm Cryst. This way, you can keep your cooling units fully active at all times.

That wraps up my brief guide on ways to keep your food from spoiling or expiring in Palworld. As seen, storing your food items in a cooler box or refrigerator is the only effective method, while the other two feel more exploitive and limited. However, sometimes you don’t have enough space for another storage unit or any free slots to keep your food, so every method I’ve listed is viable nonetheless.

For optimizing your inventory with the strongest possible nutrition, Ibrahim has a guide on the best food sources in Palworld that you should look out for. If you’re still new to the title, here are some top-tier early-game pals you might find helpful. And while you’re here, don’t forget to visit Rabiya’s Palworld review for more insight into the title itself. 


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