Palworld Vs Pokemon Designs [We Compared 20 Monsters]

I compared 20 pals from Palworld that had uncanny resemblance, design and cuteness to 20 Pokémon's!

With the release of Palworld, there has been a lot of debate in communities regarding Palworld vs Pokemon designs. Since Palworld is a Pokemon rip-off with guns, it isn’t really surprising to find a few pals who are Pokemon lookalikes

Key Takeaways
  • You can spot various Pokemon lookalikes in Palworld as you complete your Paldeck.
  • Some Pals have striking similarities to Pokemon from base design to color scheme
  • While a few Pals may be similar to Pokemon, they do have their distinguishing features
  • Author’s Note: I have played almost all generations of Pokemon games and have been spending hours in Palworld, therefore, you can rely on my knowledge of Pokemon vs Palworld designs.

Palworld Vs Pokemon Designs Summary

Here is a summary of all Palworld vs Pokemon designs that I found out during my comparison. 

GrintaleGalarian Meowth

Dinossom And Meganium

palworld pokemon lookalikes
Dinossom and Meganium (image by eXputer)

Dinossom is one of the closest Pokemon lookalikes in Palworld. The facial features of both monsters are very similar. Furthermore, both designs have giant flowers on their bodies. In Dinnosom’s case, it’s on the head while it’s on the neck for Meganium. To top it off both are grass types. 

Direhowl And Lycanroc

palworld lycanroc
Direhowl and Lycanroc (image captured by eXputer)

Direhowl looks like something straight of Pokemon when drawing a comparison with Palworld. The base designs of both monsters are very similar. Direhowl has identical fur patterns to Lycanroc. Except for a few changes in facial features, they don’t look that different from each other. 

Tanzee And Aipom

pokemon tanzee similar
Tanzee And Aipom (image taken by eXputer)

Tanzee is a lively Pal in Palworld like its counterpart Aipom in Pokemon. Furthermore, both have similar base designs, that said they still appear distinguished from each other. While most of the facial and body features are different, Tanzee and Aipom have similar eyes, ears, and face shapes. 

Cremis And Eevee

pokemon cremis lookalike
Cremis and Eevee (image captured by eXputer)

Cremis And Eevee are very similar-looking Pals and Pokemon. The fur patterns of both Cremis and Eevee are identical except that Cremis is more fluffy and has spikier fur on the head. Eevee gets fluffier during its Gigantamax form bridging the design differences between the two monsters. 

Lamball And Woolo

wooloo palworld
Lamball and Wooloo (image by eXputer)

A round lamb that reminds you of a ball. Apparently, both Pokemon and Palworld have one of such monsters in their rosters. Lamball looks strikingly similar to Woolo, except Lamball walks on two legs like a human. However, there are a few minor differences in the facial features. 

Grizzbolt And Electabuzz

pokemon vs palworld
Grizzbolt and Electabuzz (image by eXputer)

Grizzbolt and Electabuzz are another notable pair of Pokemon and Palworld lookalikes. Both have similar yellow electric patterns on their bodies. However, the various body and face features of both monsters are different in structure. 

Robinquill And Decidueye

pokemon palworld comparison
Robinquill and Decidueye (image captured by eXputer)

The Pal Robinquill looks similar to Decidueye from the Pokemon franchise. The color scheme of both monsters is identical. A few features in the base design including the legs and hooded face are similar. However, like most Pals Robinquill has a few unique features of its own. 

Pengullet And Piplup

pals pokemon similar piplup
Pengullet and Piplup (image by eXputer)

When I started Palworld, I recognized Pengullet as a lookalike of Piplup right away. The penguins share their cute-looking base design and color scheme. While the face and body structure of both monsters are somewhat different, a few facial features are still identical.  

Digtoise And Drednaw

pokemon digtoise lookalike
Digtoise and Drednaw (image by eXputer)

It seems like Palworld has its own version of Drednaw with its strong jaws. While the base design is identical, the Pal design is still unique. Unlike Drednaw, the upper face area has spiky features. Furthermore, Digtoise shell design varies from Drednaw. 

Jolthog And Shaymin

pokemon pals comparison
Jolthog and Shaymin (image taken by eXputer)

Jolthog is another Pokemon lookalike in Palworld, It closely resembles Shaymin, however, Shaymin has grassy patterns while Jolthog has a spiky yellow design. The facial features of both monsters are strikingly identical to one another. 

Dumud And Clodsire

Dumud And Clodsire similar
Dumud and Clodsire (image by eXputer)

Dumug and Clodsire have a few uncanny similarities. Both are ground-type fish monsters that have almost similar base designs. Both are resting on the ground on their bellies. Except for an extra fin above Dumud’s head and a few differences, I really don’t find anything contrasting between these two. 

Nitewing And Braviary

Nitewing pokemon
Nitewing and Braviary (image by eXputer)

From color scheme to design patterns, they both look similar If we draw a comparison between the Pal and the Pokemon. Nitewing has the same talon design as Braviary. The head and wings of both Nitewing and Braviary have similar style patterns. 

Wixen And Delphox

Delphox wixen palworld
Wixen and Delphox (image taken by eXputer)

While comparing both Pokemon and Palworld designs, I found Wixen and Delphox pretty similar. The design and color scheme of the monsters is identical. However, Wixen has a lot of additional features to her design making it a unique monster by itself. 

Fenglope And Cobalion

cobalion palworld pokemon
Fenglope and Cobalion (image by eXputer)

If we draw a comparison between Pokemon and Palworld designs, Fenglope and Cobalion have uncanny similarities. The base design of both monsters is very identical and they can be distinguished with many minor differences. Fenglope is slimmer than Cobalion and has more fur and long horns. 

Jetragon And Latios

Jetragon and Latios comparison
Jetragon and Latios (image by eXputer)

Comparison between Jetragon and Latios has been springing up a lot of Palworld vs Pokemon designs debate on the internet. Jetragon looks uncannily similar to Latios with most of the differences in just the color scheme. Both have similar wings, body, and head designs. 

Grintale And Galarian Meowth 

pokemon palworld lookalikes
Grintale and Galarian Meowth (image captured by eXputer)

While there is a lot of variance between the design of both Grintale and Galarian Meowth, the facial features are strikingly similar. Notice the glowing yellow eyes and the grinning mouth. While Meowth walks on its two legs, Grintale is a four-legged Pal.  

Britla And Bellossom 

pokemon palworld lookalikes
Britla and Bellosom (image by eXputer)

Britla is another Pokemon lookalike in Palworld. Its grass skirt pattern looks identical to a Bellossom. The color scheme of both monsters is similar, both are read heads. However, Britla has a few distinguishing features of her own including a different face and hair. Furthermore, her design features spikier patterns. 

Daedream And Whimsicott

pokemon palworld lookalikes
Daedream and Whimsicott (image by eXputer)

Daedream has a few similarities with the playful Pokemon Whimsicott. Both have similar body designs with minimal differences. Both have fluffy hair that waves behind their head. Except for the facial features and the difference in color scheme, both monsters are identical. 

Lovander And Salazzle 

lovander pokemon lookalike
Lovander and Salazzle (image by eXputer)

Lovander and Salazzle are not only similar in design but also in their feminine appeal. The facial and body features of both monsters are similar, especially for the face and legs area. However, Lovander has a lot more to her design along with her different colors. These salamander monsters are identical yet unique in their own way. 

Celaray And Mantine

palworld pokemon similarities
Celaray and Mantine (image by eXputer)

Celary and Mantine have a similar base design, especially Celaray’s body shape, and the head area is strikingly similar to Mantine from Pokemon. However, Celaray does have a different face design and color scheme making it distinguishable from Mantine. 

My Opinion On Pokemon Vs Palworld Designs

There are certainly a lot of pals that look very similar to the monster found in Pokemon, it’s interesting to find a lot of Pokemon lookalikes in Palworld. At the same time, Palworld is a Pokemon rip-off. Almost all designs have their own distinguishing features other than uncanny similarities. 

Try catching some unique Pals including Ragnahawk, Blazamut, Bushi, and Faleris. While you are here, consider reading my Palworld review where I explain more about how the title is much more than a Pokemon rip-off and builds its individual identity. 

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