Palworld Fenglope: Location, Skills, And Breeding

Learn how to find and capture Fenglope to use it as a ground mount in Palworld.

Fenglope is a neutral type Pal in Palworld and an alpha boss that you can also capture and add to your team. While you can see its location marked on the map by its icon, it can be very frustrating to find the Pal as it is hidden inside a tunnel.

Key Takeaways
  • Fenglope is a neutral type pal that can be used as a mount in Palworld. 
  • The alpha boss location of the Pal is near Ascetic Falls. 
  • To find the normal version, players need to go to the Mount Obsidian Anubis Statue fast travel point. 
  • Fenglope has a lot of powerful active skills, including Acid Rain, Aqua Gun, and Cloud Tempest. 
  • Its partner skill, Wind And Clouds, will allow players to use it as a ground mount in Palworld. 

Why Trust Us: With more than 20 hours in Palworld, you can trust my guide on finding and capturing Fenglope.

Fenglope Location In Palworld

The neutral type Pal can be found in the Falls Mineshaft and the No. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary.

  • Finding the Ascetic Falls travel point: For the alpha version, you need to travel to the Ascetic Falls travel point. From there, you need to turn left and look for a waterfall.
    Palworld Fenglope Map Location
    Map location of Fenglope. (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)
  • Entering the Cave: There is a hidden cave entrance behind the waterfall. Head straight inside, and you will soon reach the Fenglope alpha boss location.
  • Locating the Normal Fenglope: You can also get the regular version if you can’t catch the Pal. It would be best if you headed towards the western side of the map near the Volcanic Biome.
  • Going to the Anubis Statue: After that, you need to go to the Mount Obsidian Anubis Statue travel point and follow the coordinates -530 and -652, and you will see some Fenglope roaming around.  
  • Fighting the Alpha Version: Alpha Fenglope is level 25, so you will need high-quality Pals to catch it. I would recommend using a mega sphere on the boss.
    Fighting Fenglope
    Fighting Fenglope in Falls Mineshaft. (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)
  • Dodging the Ranged Attacks: It has a lot of powerful ranged attacks that you need to be wary of. At the start of the fight, it will attack you with Aqua Gun and Acid Rain, which can be quite damaging.  
  • Using Dark Pals: I would recommend using Dark Pals against it to take him down quickly. Make sure to dodge its attack and throw a Pal sphere at it whenever it reaches low health. Its partner skill, Wind And Clouds, will allow you to use it as a ground mount. 

Skills And Abilities 

Fenglope has a lot of abilities that you can use during battle.

Palworld How To Find And Catch Fenglope
Fenglope has a lot of powerful skills and abilities. (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

Following is a list of active skills that Fenglope can use:

Skill   Level    Element   Description  
Air Cannon    1   Neutral   Fenglope will fire a blast of highly pressurized air toward the targeted enemy when activated.  
Aqua Gun   7   Water   Fenglope will throw a ball of water at the targeted enemy.  
Cloud Tempest   15   Neutral   When activated, Fenglope will charge forward and create a pressurized wind tunnel around itself to attack the enemy. 
Acid Rain   22   Water   Using the Acid rain active skill, Fenglope will summon acidic clouds to pour acid rain on enemies.  
Aqua Burst   30   Water   Using the active skill, Fenglope will summon a giant water ball and throw it at the targeted enemy.  
Blizzard Spike   40    Ice   Fenglope will throw a giant lump of ice at the targeted enemy. The active skill will also damage any other enemy in the range of the attack.  
Pal Blast   50   Neutral   Fenglope will charge destructive energy and fire a high-powered beam across a wide area.  

Breeding Combinations 

Fenglope can be obtained by breeding certain pals together. Furthermore, it can also be bred with other pals to get high-level and rare Pal. Following are all the building combinations that will help you obtain Fenglope. 

Parent 1  Parent 2 
Lifmunk  Penking 
Penking  Vixy 
Celaray  Gobfin 
Direhowl  Melpaca 
Lamball  Cinnamoth 
Direhowl  Mozzarina 
Cattiva  Cinnamoth 

You can also combine Fenglope with other pals to get high-level Pals. Following is a list of the best breeding combinations for Fenglope. 

Parent 1  Parent 2  Child 
Rooby   Fenglope  Beegarde 
Chikipi  Fenglope  Gumoss 
Nitewing   Fenglope  Katress 
Fuack  Fenglope   Rooby 
Leezpunk  Fenglope  Vaelet 
Dumud  Fenglope   Lovander 
Kelpsea  Fenglope   Leezpunk 

With this, I conclude my guide on Fenglope’s location, skills, and how to capture it. Make sure to check the review of Palworld by Rabya Rizwan to see an in-depth analysis of the game. 

I would recommend checking out how to get the legendary handgun, which will help you capture Fenglope easily. You can also read Irfan’s guide on how to catch Frostallion, which is another great mount. 

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