Palworld: How To Make Cake [Step By Step Guide]

Learning how to make Cake in Palworld is crucial in breeding two different pals and creating a stronger and better version of both.

Raw and cooked food in Palworld is used to satiate hunger of your character, pals working at the base and at your party. However, some prepared food does much more than fill your belly. Cake is one of the products in Palworld that you need to learn how to make if you want to breed a male with a female pal and create a powerful version. 

Key Takeaways
  • Essential for the Breeding Farm, Cake induces breeding in Pals, strengthening the Paldeck through hybrid creation.
  • Lovander may provide free Cake upon capture, but chances are low. Crafting Cake is a more reliable method.
  • Crafting a Cake requires specific quantities of the following ingredients in Palworld.
    • Flour: Plant Wheat, and build a Mill for Flour.
    • Red Berries: Found in starting zones, Berry Plantations, or with Caprity Pals in the Ranch.
    • Milk: Locate Mozzarinas or assign them to the Ranch. Merchant option less reliable.
    • Eggs: Capture Chikipis and assign them to Ranch for regular egg production.
    • Honey: Hunt Beegardes cautiously, or use Ranch for safety.
  • Why Trust Us: Irfan’s 20+ hours in Palworld make his guide on acquiring rare items and resources a trusted source for newcomers.

If you’re looking for a more hands-on guide on making a cake, check out eXputer’s concise video on YouTube:

YouTube video

How To Make Cake

Cake Complete Recipe [Image Credits: eXputer]
You need the following ingredients in certain quantities to make a Cake in Palworld:

  • Flour: 5
  • Red Berries: 8
  • Milk: 7
  • Egg: 8
  • Honey: 2
Before You Start: You will also need to craft a Cooking Pot, where you can use these ingredients and make the cake.

How To Make Flour

Getting Flour from Mill is easy in Palworld [Image Credits: eXputer]
In Palworld, making Flour is a bit of a process. First, you need to use Wheat Seeds to create a Wheat Plantation. This special place is where you grow wheat, which is the main thing you need to make flour.

After that, you have to build a Mill in your base. This Mill is important because it helps turn the harvested Wheat into Flour. But remember, you should have specific wheat Plants to get the most flour efficiently. Getting Flour is a bit tricky compared to other things you need for recipes.

Important: It’s essential to keep in mind that Flour can go bad like any other food. To avoid wasting it, store your flour in a cooling box, and for this, you will also need the best ice pack to keep the refrigerator cool.

How To Get Red Berries

Getting Berries from early game location in Palworld [Image Credits: eXputer]
Getting Red Berries is pretty easy, especially in the starting zones. You can find them all over the place.

If you want more, you can create Berry Plantations in your base. There are two ways to get Red Berries:

  1. Berry Plantation
  2. Keeping Caprity in your Ranch.

To use the Berry Plantation, you just make it in your base. It’s like a special farming place where you can grow Red Berries. The other way involves Caprity, a type of Pal. If you capture Caprity, you can send them to your Ranch. They help produce Red Berries too.

Both methods are pretty straightforward in making Red Berries. Once you get this, you are three more items away from making Cake in Palworld.

Where To Find Milk

Capture Mozzarina pal to get Milk in Palworld [Image Credits: eXputer]
Finding Milk is not too tricky. You can find Mozzarinas, the Pals that give Milk, near the Ravine Entrance fast travel point. To locate this area, just head west from the Rayne Syndicate Tower.

There are two main ways to get Milk:

  1. Catch and kill Mozzarinas: You can find a bunch of them in the Bamboo Groves, especially around the coordinates -100, -440.
  2. Assign Mozzarinas at the Ranch: Have a Mozzarina work at the Ranch in your base. If you assign Mozzarinas and other Pals needed for Milk, Eggs, and Honey to your Ranch, they’ll give you these things without you having to do much.
Important: It’s a more dependable way to make sure you always have Milk. If you’re in a hurry or don’t want to do the hunting yourself, you can also buy Milk from a merchant in a Small Settlement. I find the Ranch method is easier and more reliable, making it a good choice for getting Milk in Palworld.

Eggs Location

Obtaining Egg from Chikipi [Image Credits: eXputer]
Getting Eggs in Palworld is quite easy. You can get them from Chikipis, and these Pals are all over the starting zones, especially in the early game low-level areas, near the base before the first fast travel point.

To start, catch a Chikipi and put it in your Ranch. Once you have Chikipis in your Ranch, they will regularly produce Eggs for you. Chikipis are simple to catch, making Eggs an effortless resource to obtain. Just assign them to work on your Ranch, and they will keep laying Eggs consistently.

Where To Obtain Honey

Getting Honey is the last step to complete the process of getting a Cake in Palworld. To get Honey, you need to hunt Pals like Cinnamoths, Beegardes, or Elizabees. I highly suggest you hunt the Beegardes because they are more common. You can find them to the far north of the Rayne Syndicate Tower.

If you capture Beegardes, Cinnamoths, Elizabees, or Warsects, you can also send them to your Ranch, and they’ll produce Honey too.

Important: Beegardes, especially found around Gobfin’s Turf near coordinates -150, 200 on the map, can make Honey when assigned to the Ranch.

It’s a bit of a high-level area, so be cautious when going there for ingredients. It’s safer to catch at least one Beegarde and use it to make Honey at your Ranch rather than hunting them for Honey.

Why Do You Need Cake

Cake being prepared for Breeding usage [Image Credits: eXputer]
In Palworld, having Cake is really important for your Breeding Farm. The main job of Cake is to make your Pals want to breed. Instead of Pals evolving into bigger forms, they have a system called breeding and fusing. It means you can use two of your Pals to make a new one, a hybrid. This is super important because it helps you make your Paldeck really strong.

Once you’ve made the Cake, you have to put it in the Container on your Breeding Farm. Without enough Cake, your Pals can’t hatch eggs, so you need to keep a good supply.

Important: A Pal called Lovander is believed to give Cake when you catch it. The Paldeck, which is like a catalog of Pals, seems to say the same, but getting Cake from Lovander might not happen very often.

The chances of getting a free cake from Lovander are very low. So, I killed nearly a dozen of them and it did solve my Cake problems. So, if you’re lucky enough to catch Lovander, it could be a great way to get Cake without having to make it yourself.

Cake Stats

Stat Value
Rarity Common
Nutrition 656
SAN 82
  • Consumable item to remove hunger.
  • Also used in Breeding Pals.

That is pretty much everything you need to know about how to get or make Cake in Palworld. Before you go, consider reading the Best Pals for Base, how to level up fast and catch high-tier pals easily.


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