Palworld: Mozzarina Milk Cows [Location, Stats, & More]

Complete your Paldeck and cooking recipes by getting this humble pal!

Once you uncover the location of a Mozzarina, the only cow pal in Palworld, you can gain access to milk, a highly valuable ingredient. You can use it in a variety of recipes, including Mushroom Soup and Cake, the latter of which is a must-have for breeding pals. However, you can only find Mozzarina cows in one specific region, but these are passive creatures, so they won’t attack you on sight.

Key Takeaways
  • The Mozzarina is a cow-type Neutral Pal with Level 1 Farming in Palworld.
  • Players can only find this pal in the Bamboo Groves, a southwestern biome near the Windswept Hills.
  • Mozzarinas are often used at the Ranch to produce milk, an important ingredient for cooking recipes.
  • However, besides that, they’re not ideal for combat or any other base work.

Location Of A Mozzarina Milk Cow

mozzarina habitat
The red box indicates the Mozzarina’s habitat in Palworld (Image by eXputer)

Players can find tons of Mozzarinas in the Bamboo Groves, a southwestern forest-like biome next to the Moonless Shore in the Windswept Hills.

You can use my image above as a reference to reaching the Bamboo Groves. Thankfully, there’s no lake or river that separates it from the mainland, so you don’t need any flying pal to reach it. The pals here are also low-level, so you don’t need any high-tier weapons or gear to survive.

  • Once you’re here, catching a Mozzarina should be easy as they’re widely scattered around the area.
  • Try lowering their HP and use a Mega Sphere or better for a strong chance of catching them.

Personally, I had a ~56% Capture Rate when using a Mega Sphere against a Level 11 Mozzarina, so they’re fairly easy to obtain.

Mozzarina’s Stats And Abilities

Mozzarina palworld
Mozzarina’s stats and abilities at the Pal Box (Image Captured by eXputer)

Here’s a quick overview of Mozzarina’s key attributes, including its skills, Work Suitability, and more:

Work SuitabilityLevel 1 Farming
Partner SkillMilk Maker: Sometimes produces milk when assigned to Ranch
Active SkillsSand Blast | Pal Blast | Stone Blast | Air Cannon | Stone Cannon | Power Bomb
Possible DropsMozzarina Meat | Milk
Food Requirement3/10

As mentioned earlier, this is the only pal that naturally drops milk in Palworld. The only other way to get this ingredient is by finding it in random chests or purchasing it from merchants. To extract milk from a Mozzarina, place it inside the Ranch, which you can unlock at Level 5.

  • As a Neutral-type Pal, Mozzarinas are weak against Dark Pals, so they’re not ideal for combat.
  • With a 3/10 Food Requirement, they’re fairly manageable at bases, and their Level 1 Farming only makes them useful at the Ranch.

That wraps up my brief guide on the location, abilities, and usefulness of a Mozzarina Milk Cow in Palworld. As seen, there isn’t much use for this humble creature, but it can be extremely useful as you enter the mid-game phase and need resource-intensive food items, most of which usually use milk. Another common but important ingredient to note is Honey, which you can learn more about from this YouTube video.

If you make some important food item and don’t want it to be wasted, check out my guide on how to prevent food from spoiling in Palworld. For focusing more on your character and progress, here’s a detailed guide on the best Player build to try out. And while you’re here, don’t forget to check out Rabiya’s Palworld review to learn more about the game’s ups and downs.


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