Palworld: How To Get Ice Reptyro [Easiest Methods]

Learn about the stats and getting your hands on Ice Reptyro, one of the best mining-based and cooling-based pals for your base in Palworld.

Ice Reptyro is a high-level Ground + Ice pal in Palworld and arguably one of the most versatile pals you can have in your team or base. It combines the best of both worlds – exceptional mining and reliable cooling skills. Unfortunately, you can’t capture this Pal by regular means because you won’t find it roaming the world. Instead, you must either breed particular high-level pals or get lucky by hatching a specific type of egg.

Key Takeaways
  • Palworld’s Ice Reptyro is a Ground and Ice Pal whose Work Suitability includes Level 3 Mining and Level 3 Cooling.
  • Reptyros can be found in Mount Obsidian and Foxcicles in the Frostbound Mountains.
  • These pals can only breed at the Breeding Farm, which can unlock at Level 19.
  • Besides that, players can find Large Frozen Eggs in the Astral Mountains or the Frozen Mountains and hatch them at the Egg Incubator in Palworld.
  • Another way to get Ice Reptyro is to capture it in a cave in the Astral Mountains, but this method rarely works.

How To Get Ice Reptyro In Palworld

Players can get Ice Reptyro in Palworld by either breeding a Foxcicle and a Reptyro or hatching a Large Frozen Egg.

Ice Reptyro palworld
Showcasing Ice Reptyro at the Paldeck (Picture Credits: eXputer)

Breeding a Foxcicle and Reptyro guarantees you getting the Ice Reptyro, but as you’d guess, this is the tougher method since getting either Pal is highly challenging. On the other hand, finding a Large Frozen Egg is slightly less complicated, but you need to search far and wide to find one.

Breeding Foxcicle And Reptyro

Breeding Foxcicle and Reptyro at the Breeding Farm (Screenshot by eXputer)

Starting off, you’ll encounter Foxcicles in the Frostbound Mountains north of your initial starting point. Like Reptyros, Foxcicles are hostile and will attack you on sight, so be careful. These ice pals are weak to fire pals and have a ~20% Capture Rate with a Hyper Sphere when you lower their HP.

  • On the other hand, Reptyros can be found in Mount Obsidian, one of Palworld’s westmost regions. 
  • Like other Ground Pals, Reptyros are weak to Grass Pals like Beegarde and Cremis.
  • Mount Obsidian is much more challenging than Frostbound Mountains, so I recommend getting a Foxcicle before attempting to catch a Reptyros.
locations for breeding ice reptyro
Locations: Mount Obsidian (yellow region) for Reptyro and Frostbound Mountains (red region) for Foxcicle (Image by eXputer)

Once you have both these Pals, you can start breeding them at the Breeding Farm, unlocked at Level 19 and crafted using 100x Wood, 20x Stone, and 50x Fiber. Make sure you have a female Foxcicle, a male Reptyro, or vice versa, and 2x Cake for the breeding process to work.

Important: After breeding, you’ll get large frozen eggs, which you can place in the egg incubator for a chance of getting an Ice Reptyro.

Hatching A Large Frozen Egg

large frozen egg palworld
A Large Frozen Egg in the Astral Mountains (Screenshot taken by eXputer)

You can find Large Frozen Eggs in the Frostbound Mountains or, more commonly, the Astral Mountains. The latter biome is the northmost region on the map and is an extreme late-game area since it’s packed with tons of Level 40+ pals.

In my experience, I found 2 Large Frozen Eggs while exploring the Astral Mountains for 30 minutes, but I had no luck in the Frostbound Mountains. However, you can still try your luck if you’re low-level and don’t want to visit an end-game area.

large frozen eggs locations
Locations to get Large Frozen Eggs: Astral Mountains (yellow region) and Frostbound Mountains (red region) (Image by eXputer)

Besides Ice Reptyro, other potential pals you can get from hatching Large Frozen Eggs include:

  • Sweepa
  • Foxcicle
  • Vanwyrm Cryst
  • Sibelyx
  • Cryolinx
  • Wumpo

It also goes without saying that you need an Egg Incubator to hatch the egg, which you can craft using 10x Paldium Fragment, 5x Cloth, 30x Stone, and 2x Ancient Civilization Parts at Level 7 and beyond.

Important: A Large Frozen Egg usually takes an hour to hatch. Still, you can cut that wait time in half by putting the Egg Incubator under the right conditions, preferably near your initial starting point at Windswept Hills.

Ice Reptyro’s Stats And Abilities

Ice Reptyro stats palworld
Ice Reptyro’s stats at the Pal Box (Image Credits: eXputer)

Here’s a quick overview of everything you need to know about Ice Reptyro’s stats:

ElementGround + Ice
Work SuitabilityLevel 3 Mining | Level 3 Kindling
Passive SkillsIce-Loving Beast: Improves efficiency of mining ores when mounted
Active SkillsIce Missile | Sonte Blast | Blizzard Spike | Cryst Breath | Frost Burst | Iceberg

Once you hatch Ice Reptyro, it’s best to keep it at your base since Level 3 Mining and Level 3 Cooling can be highly beneficial for the Stone Pit and refrigeration, respectively. From there, you can level up the beast and decide whether to keep it at base or recruit it to your team.

  • As a Ground and Ice hybrid, this Pal is strong against Electric and Dragon Pals.
  • Similarly, it’s also weak to Fire and Grass Pals, so any western region in Palworld isn’t a suitable fighting ground for it.

Personally, I think Ice Reptyro is one of the most productive pals in Palworld, so I’d recommend using it for base work.

That wraps up my brief guide on Ice Reptyro, where I reviewed its stats and ways to get it. As I mentioned earlier, this evolved Pal combines the best of both worlds, giving you 2 of the most valuable Work Suitability skills, which you can effectively utilize in several ways. Players did discover an additional way to get Ice Reptyro in a cave in the Astral Mountains, which you can look at via this following video. However, I went through this cave twice and couldn’t find it, so I’m unsure how often this works.

While you’re here, be sure to take a look at Rabiya’s review of Palworld to see how the title differentiates itself from Pokemon. For catching more base-oriented pals, check out Irfan’s guide on details regarding Incineram in Palworld. And if you’re looking for Legendary Pals that can dominate the battlefield, visit my guide on capturing Astegon, one of the strongest pals in Mount Obsidian.


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