Palworld: How To Get Legendary Old Bow

Learn how to defeat Kingpaca, obtain the Legendary Old Bow in Palworld and make your character overpowered very early in the game!

Kingpaca is one of the first intimidating field bosses in Palworld mainly because of its large size and fast movement speed. You get some of the best loot early in the game by defeating this boss. However, there is a rare chance you can also get the Legendary Old Bow schematic by defeating Kingpaca. In this guide, I have discussed how you can get the Legendary Old Bow and get overpowered very early in the game. 

Key Takeaways

To get the Legendary Old Bow Schematic:

  1. Defeat Kingpaca to obtain the Legendary Old Bow schematic.
  2. You can find Kingpaca west of Rayne Tower at coordinates 51 and 463.
  3. Pelt Armor is recommended for defense in the early game boss encounter.
  4. Use dark-type pals and craft a Crossbow, avoiding melee weapons against Kingpaca’s AoE attacks.
  5. Eliminate Kingpaca for the Old Bow schematic, increasing farming attempts for better drop chances.
  6. Craft the Legendary Old Bow using the schematic, Fiber, Wood, Stone, and Ancient Civilization Parts.

How To Get Legendary Old Bow

Supreme Fluff Commander Kingpaca boss fight [Image Credits: eXputer]
To get the Legendary Old Bow in Palworld, you need to defeat Supreme Fluff Commander Kingpaca and farm this boss until the legendary schematic drops from the loot. 

Kingpaca is an early game level 23 boss that must be fought if you are level 15 and above. If you did not reach the required level, chances are that your equipment and gear must be underwhelming and the pals you have to defeat this boss.  

Kingpaca Location

Supreme Fluff Commander Kingpaca boss fight location on the map. [Image Credits: eXputer]
Kingpaca can be found to the west of the Rayne Tower, where you fight Grizzbolt and Zoe, the first tower boss battle in the game. Reaching the 51, -463 coordinates will also help you find Kingpaca, and he can be found roaming an open field. This is an early game area where you will find a couple more pals besides Kingpaca, and attacking this alpha boss will also provoke nearby pals to attack you too.

  • No Environmental Challenges: The early game boss encounter lacks any environmental hurdles, allowing unrestricted exploration in this Palworld map section.
  • Gear Flexibility: Roam freely without requiring specialized heat or cold-resistant gear.
  • Recommended Armor: I highly recommend wearing the Pelt Armor, at the very least, when confronting the Kingpaca boss. Failure to equip adequate armor might lead to defeat from the boss’s attacks after just a few hits.

How To Beat Supreme Fluff Commander Kingpaca 

Kingpaca is one of the early game’s best pals in Palworld from the neutral category. This ultimately makes this pal type weak against the dark type pals in the game.

  • Bring dark type pals: The best strategy to defeat Kingpaca easily is to equip some of the best dark type pals in Palworld for this boss fight. Hoocrates, Depresso, Daedream, Nox, and Leezpunk are some of the most useful dark type pals you can find in the early game.
  • Use Crossbow: Before facing off Kingpaca, make sure you have crafted Crossbow. You can equip the Poison of Fire Crossbow, but the regular is also good enough to deal damage compared to the Old Bow weapon.
  • Avoid Melee weapons: You can use melee weapons on Kingpaca whenever its attention is towards your pal. I recommend you avoid using melee. Kingpaca is a large-sized boss and it mostly deals AoE damage.  

I didn’t aim to capture Kingpaca; my goal was to eliminate and acquire the legendary Old Bow schematic in Palworld. Capturing the boss yields only standard resource materials, lacking the variety of schematic drops of varying rarity. Keep this in mind as you proceed while farming. 

Supreme Fluff Commander Kingpaca Item Drops

Legendary old bow schematic dropped from Supreme Fluff Commander Kingpaca. [Image Credits: eXputer]
Every time you beat the Kingpaca boss, you will get the following loot item drops:

What if the Schematic Does not Drop: In the event that the legendary Old Bow schematic doesn’t emerge after looting Kingpaca, consider returning to repeatedly farm the boss. Engage in multiple attempts to enhance your chances of obtaining the legendary Old Bow schematic. I would suggest you make at least 3 to 7 attempts. By this time, you will see other rarity schematics as well.

Important Note: Kingpaca won’t reappear immediately after defeat. Allow one in-game day to pass before initiating the boss battle once again.

Preparation Before Resuming Farming: Take a moment to traverse around the dead Kingpaca to gather all dropped items, including the sought-after legendary Old Bow schematic. Remember that it won’t automatically be collected into your inventory, so ensure not to overlook this crucial step.

How To Craft Legendary Old Bow

Legendary Old Bow crafted from schematic [Image Credits: eXputer]
Once you have the Legendary Old Bow schematic in Palworld, return to the base and craft it by having the following resource materials: 

  • Fiber x100
  • Wood x202
  • Stone x33
  • Ancient Civilization Parts x10

That is all I intended to discuss about how to get the Legendary Old Bow in Palworld. If you find this guide helpful in getting the weapon, then I suggest you check Palworld’s review and also read information guides about the best armor along with the best stats to invest in. After that, learn how to mount your pal and how breeding works in Palworld.


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