Palworld: 4 Best Gathering Pals [Expert Picks]

After spending 30+ hours in Palworld, these are my top 4 best picks for faster gathering.

A lot of pals have gathering work suitability and you must pick the best gathering pals in Palworld to harvest crops at your farms the fastest. The faster gathering provides you with more resources to get things like the cake required for breeding pals. This helps to get maximum yield and keep your pals happy at the base.

Key Takeaways
  • The best gathering pal is the Frostallion Noct, obtained by breeding a Frostallion with Helzephyr.
  • Best gathering pals provide fast harvesting for maximum yield.
  • The highest level gathering provides the fastest harvesting.
  • It has a level 4 gathering work suitability hence making it the fastest and also can handle big farms alone.
  • The best mid-game gathering pal is Verdash but because of so many work suitability options, it gets distracted.

Best Gathering Pals And Comparison 

The table compares the best gathering pals in Palworld:

Peldeck No.Ice PalGathering LevelBest For
110BFrostallion Noct4Best fastest gathering pal
111Jetragon3Best late game gathering pal
077Verdash3Best mid game gathering pal
052Grintale3Best early game gathering pal

1. Frostallion Noct

Best Level 4 Gathering Pal.
Frostallion Noct Stats Showcase In Palworld (Image Captured By Us)

To obtain the Frostallion Noct, you don’t capture it directly; instead, you first engage in capturing one of the best Ice pals, the Frostallion. Subsequently, you breed the Frostallion with Helzephyr to create the Frostallion Noct. You can capture Helzephyr from all over the middle island at night time and Frostallion from the northwestern edge of the map.

Frostallion Noct is the only pal in Palworld with gathering work suitability of level 4. As it has only one work suitability it allows it to concentrate only on gathering and because it is of the highest level it completes gathering fastest among the pals.  

  • Concentrate only on gathering.
  • Fastest gathering.
  • Can handle large farms. 
  • Takes time to breed.
  • Is available very late in the game.
  • Does not assist in any other work.

Why I Chose This: I chose it because of its highest level gathering that provides the fastest harvesting of large farms, fulfilling the need for pals.

2. Jetragon

Best Late Game Gathering Pal.
Jetragon Stats showcase in Palworld (Image Captured By Us)

It is a legendary pal that can be captured from the southwestern part of the map. To capture it you need to use your best Ice pal such as the Frostallion because it has very high damage against pals. Jetragon can be used as a flying mount and fire rapid missiles using its partner skill.

It has a gathering of level 3 and just like the Frostallion Noct, it can concentrate only on gathering at the base because of no other work suitability. This makes it a great option to get resources for your base as it will harvest crops at a very high rate and can handle large farms for you alone.

  • Concentrate only on gathering.
  • Can handle large farms.
  • The best alternative for Frostallioon Noct.
  • It’s very difficult to capture.
  • Does not help with any other work.

Why I Chose This: I chose this because it alone can handle large farms and helps in fights simultaneously.

3. Verdash 

Best Mid Game Gathering Pal.
Verdash Stats Showcase In Palworld (Image Captured By Us)

A Grass pal found on the southwestern isolated map on the map. As it is a grass type, you can your best Fire pal against it to capture it. Apart from best gathering abilities it is great to use in fights and enhances your movement speed and applies grass damage to your attacks.

Just like Jetragon, it has a gathering work suitability of level 3 but also provides planting, handiwork, lumbering, and handiwork for your base. So it is a great option for multi-tasking work at your base. The only downside is that it will get distracted because of so much other work suitability.  

  • Available for mid-game gathering.
  • Provides multi-tasking at the base.
  • Relatively faster than Grintale in the gathering.
  • Easy to locate and capture.
  • Other practical work causes distraction.
  • It cannot handle large farms.

Why I Chose This: It helped a lot when fast planting and gathering were required at the base. 

4. Grintale 

Best Early Game Pal.
Grintale Stats Showcase In Palworld (Image Captured By Us)

Discover this distinctive-looking pal situated in the northwest region of the map. It is relatively easy to catch this pal and is available early in the game. Just to be secure, I used the best Dark pal against it in the fight as it shows weakness against all dark pals. While mounted, helps your neutral attacks to receive an effectiveness boost.

It comes with level 2 gathering work suitability and is the best to use early in the game for harvesting crops. As it has only one work suitability, it is great for handling a farm itself. Being only involved in gathering it does not provide multi-tasking.  

  • Available early in the game than other best pals.
  • Concentrate on gathering alone.
  • Easy to locate and capture.
  • Relatively low gathering level.
  • Not very fast in the gathering.
  • Does not provide any other work assistance. 

Why I Chose This: I used it for the early part of the game and is very efficient until you have unlocked other best gathering pals.

My Opinion

The best Gathering pal with no doubt is the Frostallion Noct because of its fastest gathering speed.

Although, it took a lot of time to breed the Frostallion Noct it proved to be the fastest to handle my largest farm at the base. If you don’t have the Frostallion Noct, you can try the Jetragon as an alternative.

Or use Verdash if you want other practical work along with a level 3 gathering ability. This is all about the best gathering pals in Palworld, now you can head over to the Palworld review by Rabiya Rizwan for detailed insight into Palworld. Also, you can visit Palworld Best Settings for the best experience.


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