Palworld Pals Tier List: A Complete Ranking [February 2024]

With a 20+ hours experience in Palworld, here is my take on the comprehensive ranking of all 134 Pals!

Welcome to my Palworld Pals Tier List, where we delve into the universe of the trending game. The game has addictive gameplay, with good graphics and characters also known as Pals that will keep you hooked. In this tier list, I have ranked these characters considering many aspects for example their quirks, and combat prowess towards the gameplay. Stick with me, to discover which Pals reign supreme. 

Key Takeaways
  • There are a total of 134 Pals in Palworld.
  • S-Tier: Absolute beasts, they are the ultimate characters in the game.
  • A-Tier: They bring legit value but are not as crazy as the S-Tier Pals.
  • B-Tier: Reliable sidekicks and the unsung heroes in the game.
  • C-Tier: Not wild by any means, just balance characters.
  • D-Tier: Good for collecting but not game-changers. 
  • Why Trust Us: I have played Palworld for 20+ hours now and have acquired all pals in the game. With each pal’s resourcefulness, work suitability, and usefulness in combat, I’ve ranked them all in this tier list. 

All Palworld Pals Ranked and Compared

Here is a complete look at the overall ranking of all the Pals in the game based on  Type, HP, Def, Food, Melee Attack, Shot Attack, Speed, Time, and Skills.

NoPalsTierTypeHPDEFFoodMelee/Shot ATKTime
1Pyrin NoctS-TierDark, Fire100805110/95Night
2ChilletS-TierDragon, Ice90802100/80Whole Day
3RayhoundS-TierElectric90805100/100Whole Day
5RagnahawkS-TierFire951207100/105Whole Day
6NitewingS-TierNeutral100807100/95Whole Day
7DigtoiseS-TierGround80120280/95Whole Day
9SurfentS-TierWater8080570/90Whole Day
10MossandaS-TierGrass100905100/90Whole Day
11WarsectS-TierGround1201206100/100Whole Day
12BlazamutS-TierFire1001208150/125Whole Day
13AnubisS-TierGround1201007130/130Whole Day
14Jormuntide IgnisS-TierDragon, Fire1301007150/130Whole Day
15JormuntideS-TierDragon, Water1301007150/120Whole Day
16Lyleen NoctS-TierDark1101156100/110Whole Day
18PaladiusS-TierNeutral1301459110/120Whole Day
19PenkingS-TierIce, Water9595870/95Whole Day
20NecromusS-TierDark1301209100/145Whole Day
21FrostallionS-TierIce1401207100/140Whole Day
22JetragonS-TierDragon1101109100/140Whole Day
23Ice KingpacaS-TierIce120907100/85Whole Day
24Wumpo BotanS-TierGrass1401108100/80Whole Day
25Frostallion NoctA-TierDark1401357100/140Night
26Elphidran AquaA-TierDragon, Water11595680/80Whole Day
27Leezpunk IgnisA-TierFire8050390/80Whole Day
28PyrinA-TierFire100905100/95Whole Day
30Incineram NoctA-TierDark95854150/105Whole Day
31Eikthyrdeer TerraA-TierGround9580570/80Whole Day
32Dinossom LuxA-TierDragon, Electric11090690/90Whole Day
33EikthyrdeerA-TierNeutral1001005100/95Whole Day
34SibelyxA-TierIce110100590/90Whole Day
35ElphidranA-TierDragon11090680/80Whole Day
36WumpoA-TierIce1401008100/80Whole Day
37FenglopeA-TierNeutral110906110/110Whole Day
38FelbatA-TierDark1001105100/105Whole Day
39MenastingA-TierDark, Ground1001307100/100Whole Day
40Suzaku AquaA-TierWater1251058100/105Whole Day
41SuzakuA-TierFire1201058100/105Whole Day
42DumudA-TierGround100954100/70Whole Day
43LyleenA-TierGrass1101056100/110Whole Day
44FalerisA-TierFire1001108100/105Whole Day
45LifmunkA-TierGrass7570170/70Whole Day
46GrizzboltA-TierElectric1051007120/100Whole Day
47OrserkA-TierDragon, Electric1001007100/130Whole Day
48ShadowbeakA-TierDark1201408130/120Whole Day
49CaprityA-TierGrass10090270/70Whole Day
50AzurobeA-TierDragon, Water110100670/100Whole Day
51FoxcicleB-TierIce901053100/95Whole Day
52Vanwyrm CrystB-TierDark, Ice90956100/120Night
53ReindrixB-TierIce100110780/85Whole Day
54ElizabeeB-TierGrass901007100/105Whole Day
55BeegardeB-TierGrass80903100/90Whole Day
56BeakonB-TierElectric105807100/115Whole Day
57IncineramB-TierDark, Fire95854150/100Whole Day
58BushiB-TierFire80804100/125Whole Day
59RibbunyB-TierNeutral75702100/65Whole Day
60Surfent TerraB-TierGround90100570/90Whole Day
61VanwyrmB-TierDark, Fire90906100Whole Day
63QuivernB-TierDragon1051004100/100Whole Day
65AstegonB-TierDark, Dragon1001259100/125Whole Day
66CryolinxB-TierIce1001107140/100Whole Day
67Blazehowl NoctB-TierDark, Fire105807100/115Night
68BlazehowlB-TierFire105807100/110Whole Day
69Broncherry AquaB-TierGrass, Water120100780/95Whole Day
70BroncgerryB-TierGrass120100780/90Whole day
71Ice ReptyroB-TierGround, Ice1101305100/105Whole day
72WoolipopB-TierNeutral7090270/70Whole day
73ReptyroB-TierFire, Ground1101005110/105Whole day
74Mossanda LuxB-TierElectric1001005100/100
Day / Night
75Mammorest CrystB-TierIce150908100/85Whole day
76MammorestB-TierGrass150908100/85Whole day
77Hangyu CrystB-TierIce8080270/80Night
78GobfinB-TierWater9075390/90Whole day
79BristlaB-TierGrass8080580Whole day
80MozzarinaB-TierNeutral90803100/50Whole day
81FlopieB-TierGrass75703100/65Whole day
82TocotocoB-TierNeutral6070280/75Whole day
83Robinquill TerraB-TierGrass, Ground90803100/105Whole day
84DirehowlB-TierNeutral80753110/90Whole day
85GoriratB-TierNeutral90903110/95Whole day
86RobinquillB-TierGrass90803100/105Whole day
88GumossB-TierGrass70701100/70Whole day
89MelpacaB-TierNeutral9090290/75Whole day
90VaeletB-TierGrass1001203100/100Whole day
91KelpseaB-TierWater70701100/70Whole day
92UnivoltC-TierElectric801055110/105Whole Day
93SweepaC-TierIce100903100/90Whole Day
94VerdashC-TierGrass90903100/65Whole Day
96DinossomC-TierDragon, Grass11090690/85Whole Day
97GaleclawC-TierNeutral75604120/85Whole Day
98Relaxaurus LuxC-TierDragon, Electric110757110/110Whole Day
99RelaxaurusC-TierDragon, Water110707110/100Whole Day
100PetalliaC-TierGrass1001003100/95Whole Day
101KingpacaC-TierNeutral120907100/85Whole Day
102HangyuC-TierGround8070270/70Whole Day
103Gobfin IgnisC-TierFire9075390/90Whole Day
104Mau CrystC-TierIce7070170/65Day
106LeezpunkC-TierDark8050390/80Whole Day
107ArsoxC-TierFire85955100/95Whole Day
108CinnamothC-TierGrass70803100/80Whole Day
111TeafantC-TierWater7070270/60Whole Day
112FuackC-TierWater6060280/80Whole Day
113FoxparksC-TierFire85952100/95Whole Day
114ChikipiC-TierNeutral6060170/60Whole Day
115SweeD-TierIce60602100/60Whole Day
116WixenD-TierFire9080550/110Whole Day
117FlambelleD-TierFire60802100/70Whole Day
119Kelpsea IgnisD-TierFire70701100/70Whole Day
120MauD-TierDark7070170/60Whole Day
121RushoarD-TierGround80703100/70Whole Day
122DazziD-TierElectric70702110/80Whole Day
123FuddlerD-TierGround65502100/80Whole Day
124CremisD-TierNeutral70752100/70Whole Day
125VixyD-TierNeutral7070170/70Whole Day
126Jolthog CrystD-TierIce7080270/75Whole Day
127JolthogD-TierElectric7070270/75Day / Night
128RoobyD-TierFire75752100/70Whole Day
129TanzeeD-TierGrass80802100/70Whole Day
130SparkitD-TierElectric6070260/75Whole Day
132PengulletD-TierIce, Water7070270/75Whole Day
133CattivaD-TierNeutral7070270/70Whole Day
134LamballD-TierNeutral7070270/70Whole Day


Best Pals to get in Palworld
Palworld Pals S-Tier List [Image By eXputer]
S-tier Pals in Palworld exhibit exceptional prowess, serving as formidable entities capable of excelling in diverse tasks. These versatile companions excel in combat, provide efficient transportation, and effortlessly engage in ore smelting. Their multiple abilities elevate them to a godly status within Palworld, showcasing their significance and dominance in various aspects of the game.

PalsTypeHPDEFFoodMelee/Shot ATKTime
Pyrin NoctDark, Fire100805110/95Night
ChilletDragon, Ice90802100/80Whole Day
RayhoundElectric90805100/100Whole Day
RagnahawkFire951207100/105Whole Day
NitewingNeutral100807100/95Whole Day
DigtoiseGround80120280/95Whole Day
SurfentWater8080570/90Whole Day
MossandaGrass100905100/90Whole Day
WarsectGround1201206100/100Whole Day
BlazamutFire1001208150/125Whole Day
AnubisGround1201007130/130Whole Day
Jormuntide IgnisDragon, Fire1301007150/130Whole Day
JormuntideDragon, Water1301007150/120Whole Day
Lyleen NoctDark1101156100/110Whole Day
PaladiusNeutral1301459110/120Whole Day
PenkingIce, Water9595870/95Whole Day
NecromusDark1301209100/145Whole Day
FrostallionIce1401207100/140Whole Day
JetragonDragon1101109100/140Whole Day
Ice KingpacaIce120907100/85Whole Day
Wumpo BotanGrass1401108100/80Whole Day


One of the best characters in Palworld
Palworld Pals A-Tier List [Image By eXputer]
They’re not as crazy as the S-Tier Pals, but they’re still like, major characters. These little dudes bring some legit value to the game. Maybe they’re not doing everything, but what they do, they do well. Having these Pals on your team is like having that one friend who’s surprisingly good at everything – reliable and always ready to kick butt.

PalsTypeHPDEFFoodMelee/Shot ATKTime
Frostallion NoctDark1401357100/140Night
Elphidran AquaDragon, Water11595680/80Whole Day
Leezpunk IgnisFire8050390/80Whole Day
PyrinFire100905100/95Whole Day
Incineram NoctDark95854150/105Whole Day
Eikthyrdeer TerraGround9580570/80Whole Day
Dinossom LuxDragon, Electric11090690/90Whole Day
EikthyrdeerNeutral1001005100/95Whole Day
SibelyxIce110100590/90Whole Day
ElphidranDragon11090680/80Whole Day
WumpoIce1401008100/80Whole Day
FenglopeNeutral110906110/110Whole Day
FelbatDark1001105100/105Whole Day
MenastingDark, Ground1001307100/100Whole Day
Suzaku AquaWater1251058100/105Whole Day
SuzakuFire1201058100/105Whole Day
DumudGround100954100/70Whole Day
LyleenGrass1101056100/110Whole Day
FalerisFire1001108100/105Whole Day
LifmunkGrass7570170/70Whole Day
GrizzboltElectric1051007120/100Whole Day
OrserkDragon, Electric1001007100/130Whole Day
ShadowbeakDark1201408130/120Whole Day
CaprityGrass10090270/70Whole Day
AzurobeDragon, Water110100670/100Whole Day


Balanced Pals in Palworld
Palworld Pals B-Tier List [Image By eXputer]
B-Tier Pals are like the unsung heroes. They might not be stealing the spotlight, but toss ’em in the right situation, and they’ll shine. These Pals got some sick moves, doing their thing and holding it down. They’re not the flashy stars, but they’re the go-to sidekicks when things get real.

PalsTypeHPDEFFoodMelee/Shot ATKTime
FoxcicleIce901053100/95Whole Day
Vanwyrm CrystDark, Ice90956100/120Night
ReindrixIce100110780/85Whole Day
ElizabeeGrass901007100/105Whole Day
BeegardeGrass80903100/90Whole Day
BeakonElectric105807100/115Whole Day
IncineramDark, Fire95854150/100Whole Day
BushiFire80804100/125Whole Day
RibbunyNeutral75702100/65Whole Day
Surfent TerraGround90100570/90Whole Day
VanwyrmDark, Fire90906100Whole Day
QuivernDragon1051004100/100Whole Day
AstegonDark, Dragon1001259100/125Whole Day
CryolinxIce1001107140/100Whole Day
Blazehowl NoctDark, Fire105807100/115Night
BlazehowlFire105807100/110Whole Day
Broncherry AquaGrass, Water120100780/95Whole Day
BroncgerryGrass120100780/90Whole day
Ice ReptyroGround, Ice1101305100/105Whole day
WoolipopNeutral7090270/70Whole day
ReptyroFire, Ground1101005110/105Whole day
Mossanda LuxElectric1001005100/100
Day / Night
Mammorest CrystIce150908100/85Whole day
MammorestGrass150908100/85Whole day
Hangyu CrystIce8080270/80Night
GobfinWater9075390/90Whole day
BristlaGrass8080580Whole day
MozzarinaNeutral90803100/50Whole day
FlopieGrass75703100/65Whole day
TocotocoNeutral6070280/75Whole day
Robinquill TerraGrass, Ground90803100/105Whole day
DirehowlNeutral80753110/90Whole day
GoriratNeutral90903110/95Whole day
RobinquillGrass90803100/105Whole day
GumossGrass70701100/70Whole day
MelpacaNeutral9090290/75Whole day
VaeletGrass1001203100/100Whole day
KelpseaWater70701100/70Whole day


Palworld Pals C-Tier List
Palworld Pals C-Tier List [Image By eXputer]
Okay, so C-Tier Pals – they’re like the newbies in Palworld. They’re cool, and do their thing, but they’re not pulling off any wild stunts. Beginners might vibe with them, but as you level up, they’re kind of like the training wheels vibe. Decent utility, but don’t expect them to be stealing the show. They’re the Palworld newbies trying to find their groove.

PalsTypeHPDEFFoodMelee/Shot ATKTime
UnivoltElectric801055110/105Whole Day
SweepaIce100903100/90Whole Day
VerdashGrass90903100/65Whole Day
DinossomDragon, Grass11090690/85Whole Day
GaleclawNeutral75604120/85Whole Day
Relaxaurus LuxDragon, Electric110757110/110Whole Day
RelaxaurusDragon, Water110707110/100Whole Day
PetalliaGrass1001003100/95Whole Day
KingpacaNeutral120907100/85Whole Day
HangyuGround8070270/70Whole Day
Gobfin IgnisFire9075390/90Whole Day
Mau CrystIce7070170/65Day
LeezpunkDark8050390/80Whole Day
ArsoxFire85955100/95Whole Day
CinnamothGrass70803100/80Whole Day
TeafantWater7070270/60Whole Day
FuackWater6060280/80Whole Day
FoxparksFire85952100/95Whole Day
ChikipiNeutral6060170/60Whole Day


Worst Pals in Palworld Pals Tier List
Palworld Pals D-Tier List [Image By eXputer]
They’re the ones you keep in their Spheres. Sure, they’re cool for collecting but don’t think you’re pulling major moves with these Pals. It’s like having a collection of sick action figures that look dope on your shelf but aren’t exactly tearing up the battlefield. Stick with them for the style points, but don’t expect them to be the game-changers.

PalsTypeHPDEFFoodMelee/Shot ATKTime
SweeIce60602100/60Whole Day
WixenFire9080550/110Whole Day
FlambelleFire60802100/70Whole Day
Kelpsea IgnisFire70701100/70Whole Day
MauDark7070170/60Whole Day
RushoarGround80703100/70Whole Day
DazziElectric70702110/80Whole Day
FuddlerGround65502100/80Whole Day
CremisNeutral70752100/70Whole Day
VixyNeutral7070170/70Whole Day
Jolthog CrystIce7080270/75Whole Day
JolthogElectric7070270/75Day / Night
RoobyFire75752100/70Whole Day
TanzeeGrass80802100/70Whole Day
SparkitElectric6070260/75Whole Day
PengulletIce, Water7070270/75Whole Day
CattivaNeutral7070270/70Whole Day
LamballNeutral7070270/70Whole Day

Palworld Pals Tier List Criteria

With 20+ hours in the game, my criteria to rank Pals in Palword is based on the following:

  • HP
  • DEF
  • FOOD
  • Melee ATK
  • Shot ATK
  • Speed
  • Time
  • Skills

I got the epic S-Tier Pals and the laid-back D-Tier Pals. Each Pal brings their flavor to the game, making it a sick journey. I hope my Palworld Pals Tier List helps you pick the best ones. If you found this tier list beneficial, I encourage you to explore further and continue reading these as well: Mobile Legends Bang Bang Tier ListEversoul Tier ListBrave Nine Tier ListBDO Tier List, and TFT Tier List.


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