Mobile Legends Bang Bang Tier List [All Heroes Ranked]

After playing more than 5,000 Matches, here is my take on the Mobile Legends BB Tier List.

The cheap knock-out you once knew as Mobile Legends is a fully grown MOBA for Mobile Platforms. Mobile Legends Bang Bang (weird name, I know) just finished its 5th world championship known as M5. With over 120 Heroes, knowing which hero performs best in which lane becomes impossible. That is where my Mobile Legends Tier List comes in. This Tier List will guide you through which heroes to choose and when to choose them.

Key Takeaways
  • Mobile Legends Bang Bang has 123 Heroes currently available.
  • These heroes range from durable tanky heroes to squishy yet powerful heroes.
  • Each lane or role has its meta heroes or heroes that are good.
  • Among the Junglers, Balmond, Baxia, and Fredrinn are some of the best heroes.
  • As for Roamers, players can’t go wrong with Angela, Mathilda, Minotaur, or Tigreal.
  • Lylia, Faramis, Novaria, and Valentina are solid choices in the Mid Lane, with others close behind.
  • The best EXP Lane heroes are Arlott, Balmond, Terizla, and Uranus.
  • Lastly, Brody, Bruno, Clint, and Wanwan rule the Gold Lane.
  • Author’s Note: I have spent over 5,000 matches in Mobile Legends Bang Bang mastering the game; you can rest assured that my Tier List is credible.
5000 matches MLBB Tier list
5,000 Matches played on my most recent account. [Image by the Author]

All Mobile Legends Bang Bang Characters Ranked 

Here is an overview of the Tier List. If you want my detailed take on each role, you can read about it later on in the guide.

TiersJunglerRoamMid LaneExp LaneGold Lane
S-TierBalmond, Baxia, Fredrinn, Guinevere, Joy, NolanAngela, Mathilda, Minotaur, TigrealLylia, Faramis, Novaria, ValentinaArlott, Balmond, Terizla, UranusBrody, Bruno, Clint, Wanwan
A-TierAkai, Barats, Fanny, Lancelot, MartisAkai, Chou, Diggie, Edith, Estes, Faramis, Franco, Grock, Hilda, Kadita, Kaja, Khufra, Lolita, Novaria, Rafaela, Ruby, ValirAngela, Gord, Kadita, Lunox, Nana, PharsaBenedetta, Dyrroth, Edith, Gloo, Guinevere, Joy, Khaleed, Lapu-Lapu, Paquito, Phoveus, Thamuz, Xborg, Yu ZhongBeatrix, Claude, Irithel, Ixia, Lesley, Melissa
B-TierAlice, Bane, Cyclops, Dyrroth, Esmeralda, Granger, Gusion, Harith, Hayabusa, Helcurt, Julian, Leomord, Ling, Natan, Paquito, Popol and Kupa, SaberAtlas, Baxia, Belerick, Fredrinn, Gloo, Hylos, Jaw Head, Johnson, Minsittar, Natalia, SelenaCecilion, Gusion, Harith, Lou Yi, Mathilda, Odette, Valir, Xavier, YinAlice, Badang, Bane, Barats, Cici, Chou, Esmeralda, Freya, Grock, Julian, Martis, Ruby, ThamuzHanabi, Harith, Layla, Lunox, Lylia, Moskov, Natan, Popol and Kupa
C-TierAplha, Aulus, Hanzo, Harley, Hylos, Jaw Head, Karina, Natalia, Roger, Thamuz, Yi Sun-Shin, YinCarmilla, Gatotcaka, Khaleed, Martis, Saber, Silvana, Triezla, ZilongAlice, Aurora, Chang'e, Cyclops, Eudora, Guinevere, Harley, Julian, Kagura, Natan, Rafaela, VexanaAlice, Aurora, Chang'e, Cyclops, Eudora, Guinevere, Harley, Julian, Kagura, Natan, Rafaela, VexanaChange, Granger, Kimmy, Miya, Valentina, Zhask
D-TierAldous, Alucard, Amon, Kimmy, Sun, ZilongAurora, Benedetta, Popol and KupaBane, Carmilla, Kimmy, Selena, Vale, ZhaskAldous, Argus, Carmilla, Saber, Silvana, Sun, ZilongCecilion, Chou, Gusion, Pharsa

All MLBB Heroes Comparison

Here are the stats of 123 heroes currently available in Mobile Legends:

S. No.HeroesRolesRecommended LanesHP (Lvl 15)Mana (Lvl 15)Physical/Magical
Attack (Lvl 15)
Defense (LvL 15)
4AldousFighterEXP Lane/Jungling53281805279/083/50
5AliceMage/TankEXP Lane/Mid Lane4946493191/080/50
6AlphaFighterEXP Lane/Jungling57121853238/076/38
8ArgusFighterEXP Lane5190Nill159/068/50
9ArlottFighter/AssassinEXP Lane/Roaming2628 (Lvl 1)510 (Lvl 1)120/0 (Lvl 1)21/15 (Lvl 1)
11AulusFighterJungling/EXP Lane56281810268/073/38
12AuroraMageMid Lane/Roaming2501 (Lvl 1)750 (Lvl 1)110/0 (Lvl 1)17/15 (Lvl 1)
13BadangFighterEXP Lane2708 (Lvl 1)Nill111/0 (Lvl 1)23/15 (Lvl 1)
14BalmondFighterJungling/EXP Lane6180Nill237/090/50
15BaneFighter/MageEXP Lane/Jungling57791833269/084/50
16BaratsTank/FighterJungling2559 (Lvl 1)430 (Lvl 1)135/0 (Lvl 1)18/15 (Lvl 1)
18BeatrixMarksmanGold Lane46990250/064/38
20BenedettaAssassin/FighterEXP Lane/Jungling2569 (Lvl 1)460 (Lvl 1)113/0 (Lvl 1)18/15 (Lvl 1)
21BrodyMarksmanGold Lane45971835245/066/38
22BrunoMarksmanGold Lane45171839343/076/50
24CecilionMageMid Lane44512226171/062/38
25Chang'eMageMid Lane41632129222/055/38
26ChouFighterRoaming/EXP Lane5536Nill262/023/15 (Lvl 1)
27CiciFighterEXP Lane5129Nill226/074/45
28ClaudeMarksmanGold Lane41551850195/056/38
29ClintMarksmanGold Lane46691850318/079/50
30CyclopsMageMid Lane/Jungling2521 (Lvl 1)500 (Lvl 1)112/0 (Lvl 1)18/15 (Lvl 1)
32DyrrothFighterEXP Lane/Jungling5768Nill266/075/38
33EdithTank/MarksmanEXP Lane/Roaming5489Nill190/071/50
34EsmeraldaMage/TankEXP Lane52542056191/075/45
36EudoraMageMid Lane47712428193/077/50
37FannyAssassinJungling4400100 (Energy)269/068/50
38FaramisSupport/MageMid Lane/Roaming49021970216/066/38
41FredrinnFighter/TankJungling/EXP Lane6069Nill240/076/38
42FreyaFighterEXP Lane5671Nill231/083/50
43GatotkacaTank/FighterEXP Lane/Roaming5569Nill228/058/50
44GlooTankEXP Lane/Roaming61791840210/065/38
45GordMageMid Lane2478 (Lvl 1)570 (Lvl 1)110/0 (Lvl 1)13/15 (Lvl 1)
46GrangerMarksmanJungling/Gold Lane4239Nill352/059/38
47GrockTank/FighterRoaming/EXP Lane61791830250/068/38
48GuinevereFighterJungling/EXP Lane5286Nill255/068/38
50HanabiMarksmanGold Lane40571720217/074/50
52HarithMageGold Lane/Mid Lane2701 (Lvl 1)490 (Lvl 1)114/0 (Lvl 1)19/15 (Lvl 1)
53HarleyAssassin/MageJungling/Mid Lane2501 (Lvl 1)490 (Lvl 1)114/0 (Lvl 1)19/15 (Lvl 1)
56HildaFighter/TankRoaming/EXP Lane2789 (Lvl 1)Nill123/0 (Lvl 1)24/15 (Lvl 1)
58IrithelMarksmanGold Lane4537100272/075/50
59IxiaMarksmanGold Lane46991840205/073/50
60JawheadFighterEXP Lane/Roaming57801830234/088/50
62JoyAssassinJungling/EXP Lane5408Nill255/078/45
63JulianFighter/MageEXP Lane/Jungling56641820257/074/38
64KaditaMage/AssassinMid Lane/Roaming2491 (Lvl 1)495 (Lvl 1)105/0 (Lvl 1)18/15 (Lvl 1)
65KaguraMageMid Lane44362157230/060/38
68KarrieMarksmanGold Lane2578 (Lvl 1)440 (Lvl 1)120/0 (Lvl 1)17/15 (Lvl 1)
69KhaleedFighterEXP Lane2778 (Lvl 1)Nill109/0 (Lvl 1)23/15 (Lvl 1)
70KhufraTankRoaming2770 (Lvl 1)460 (Lvl 1)117/0 (Lvl 1)19/15 (Lvl 1)
71KimmyMarksman/MageGold Lane4095100216/069/45
73Lapu-LapuFighterEXP Lane5614Nill234/071/38
74LaylaMarksmanGold Lane43691824230/071/50
75LeomordFighterJungling/EXP Lane5748Nill269/074/38
76LesleyMarksman/AssassinGold Lane4247100238/067/45
79LunoxMageMid Lane47352192202/052/38
80Luo YiMageMid Lane51562172193/074/45
81LyliaMageMid Lane43842180207/061/38
82MartisFighterJungling/EXP Lane2738 (Lvl 1)Nill128/0 (Lvl 1)25/15 (Lvl 1)
83MashaFighter/TankEXP Lane/Jungling4353100227/050/67
84MathildaSupport/AssassinRoaming/Mid Lane52901970214/080/50
85MelissaMarksmanGold Lane45321848215/065/38
87MinsittharFighterEXP Lane/Roaming54701780250/087/50
88MiyaMarksmanGold Lane44631845296/074/50
89MoskovMarksmanGold Lane42571820300/075/50
90NanaMageMid Lane/Roaming43212050217/059/38
92NatanMarksmanGold Lane45231843264/063/38
94NovariaMageMid Lane42282192202/056/45
95OdetteMageMid Lane44812021178/060/38
96PaquitoFighter/AssassinEXP Lane/Jungling5458Nill262/074/38
97PharsaMageMidlane2421 (Lvl 1)490 (Lvl 1)109/0 (Lvl 1)17/15 (Lvl 1)
98PhoveusFighterEXP Lane56981830240/087/50
99Popol and KupaMarksmanGold Lane43851845193/067/50
102RubyFighter/TankRoaming/EXP Lane48892040226/074/45
105SilvannaFighterEXP Lane/Roaming55861830256/072/38
106SunFighterEXP Lane/Jungling58381800207/086/50
107TerizlaFighterEXP Lane57381830307/069/38
108ThamuzFighterEXP Lane/Jungling5740Nill222/068/38
110UranusTankEXP Lane/Roaming50091855217/047/23
111ValeMageMid Lane2401 (Lvl 1)490 (Lvl 1)115/0 (Lvl 1)15/15 (Lvl 1)
112ValentinaMageMid Lane53262050205/075/38
113ValirMageMid Lane2516 (Lvl 1)495 (Lvl 1)105/0 (Lvl 1)20/15 (Lvl 1)
114VexanaMageMid Lane44062002193/063/38
115WanwanMarksmanGold Lane44091824242/059/38
116X.BorgFighterEXP Lane/Jungling2524/2723100232/090/50
117XavierMageMid Lane46112462198/059/38
118Yi Sun-ShinAssassin/MarksmanJungling4425438212/069/38
119YinFighter/AssassinEXP Lane/Jungling5238Nill210/071/50
120Yu ZhongFighterEXP Lane5428Nill293/083/50
121YveMageMid Lane50662162205/066/38
122ZhaskMageMid Lane42562170208/063/50
123ZilongFighter/AssassinEXP Lane/Jungling55171805216/090/50

Jungle Tier List

Jungle tier list Mobile Legends BB
Fredrinn is one of the best Junglers at the moment. [Image by the Author]
To begin with, you’d need a great Jungler. The Jungler’s goal is to get neutral objectives such as the Lord or Turtle. With the Tanky Junglers or ‘Utility Junglers’ era, came the ‘Lord dance’ where the Jungler baits while taking the Lord or Turtle. Even though the Tanky jungler’s meta is slowly declining, they are still a great choice to go with. Heroes like Balmond, Baxia, and Fredrinn are great in that.

Fast heroes like Nolan and Joy can deal a ton of damage to squishy heroes. Whereas Guinevere is much more deadly than before. I’ve been utilizing the Tanky Junglers as they are relatively easier to use while providing great utility to the team.

Although each of these has its own benefits, I use Fredrinn whenever I can and got to Mythic while playing very few ranked matches last season.

Here is my take on the Jungle Tier List in Mobile Legends BB:

S-TierBalmond, Baxia, Fredrinn, Guinevere, Joy, Nolan
A-TierAkai, Barats, Fanny, Lancelot, Martis
B-TierAlice, Bane, Cyclops, Dyrroth, Esmeralda, Granger, Gusion, Harith, Hayabusa, Helcurt, Julian, Leomord, Ling, Natan, Paquito, Popol and Kupa, Saber
C-TierAplha, Aulus, Hanzo, Harley, Hylos, Jaw Head, Karina, Natalia, Roger, Thamuz, Yi Sun-Shin, Yin
D-TierAldous, Alucard, Amon, Kimmy, Sun, Zilong

Roam Tier List

roam tier list mlbb
Angela’s Heartguard provides a quick shield to teammates anywhere on the map. [Image by the Author]
A great roamer will ensure your team is always ready to take on enemies, even while facing defeats. If you’ve played such matches, you’d know that a great set from a Tank can turn a defeat into victory. My main goal for the Roamers Tier List is to add those ‘Setting Tanks.’ One timely ult from them can change the dynamics of the battle.

Supports are also going quite high in MLBB, thanks to the recent Support update and Item. Mathilda is back again thanks to her great mobility, while Angela’s Heartguard can provide a timely shield to allies.

There are other great roamers, too, but their utility isn’t as great as Tigreal’s, who only needed one buff to his ult to get him to the ban section.

Mid Lane Tier List

mage tier list mobile legends bang bang
Novaria can deal high damage while checking bushes using her ranged skills. [Image by the Author]
The Mid Laners are your main Magic damage dealers. Most of the time, your team won’t have any other Magic damage heroes. For that reason, I’d suggest heroes who have great burst capabilities or can provide sustained damage for longer team fights, especially with a good Tank Jungle.

Therefore, I’d suggest going with Lylia, Faramis or Valentina. Faramis and Valentina are team-based heroes, so you must ensure that you can rely on your team to listen to comms before picking these. Meanwhile, a good Lylia can keep enemies at bay by using her short CD of bombs.

I must mention Nana, as her recent update has made her quite good. But I have yet to face a good Nana player who will make me ban Nana in ranked matches.

Exp Lane Tier List

EXP Tier List MLBB
Uranus is unkillable if you play him right. [Image by the Author]
Exp Lane is one part of Mobile Legends Bang Bang that I enjoy more often than I should. While playing an exp lane hero, remember that it is an ‘isolated lane.’ Your teammates will come to help you only once in a while. So, pick heroes who will be sustained without their teammates’ help. My go-to heroes for Exp Lane are Terizla and Uranus.

Terizla’s recent buffs got him to the banned section, and the nerfs out of it. But even then, he is a powerful hero if you can play the slow game. The same goes with Uranus. The Emblems update fixed a lot of problems faced by Uranus players. Pick up these two and play a slow game; no one can touch you. Although Balmond goes best as a Jungler, I pick him up in Exp lane against weaker heroes and snowball early on.

Gold Lane Tier List

Gold Lane tier list Mobile Legends bb
With the right build, Brody can shred even the tankiest heroes. [Image by the Author]
Last but not least comes the Gold Lane. A good Gold Laner on your team will make the whole game easier. So, whenever you pick up a Gold Laner, you must consider enemies heroes, too. Now, the go-to hero for most players is Wanwan. The weakness points buff made her quite deadly, and she spent most of the past few seasons in banned sections. Pick her up whenever she is available.

Brody, Bruno, and Clint are some of the best heroes for Gold Lane. And they can start snowballing quite early in the game. But remember that even a Layla will be deadly if she gets to the farm quickly. So you must be more than active while playing the Gold Lane. So, pick your heroes with caution.

My Take On Mobile Legends Bang Bang Tier List

I consider a few things when I put a hero in the S-Tier, and that is how easy they are to use. Because to an average player, you will always look at heroes that don’t require high mechanics. If you think you’re like the legendary Fast Hands Kairi, you will easily master the assassins.

With well over 5,000 matches played on several accounts, I can confidently say that my Tier List is up to the standard of pro players. You might disagree on a few choices, say Moskov should be in a higher tier, etc., but they are all based on how I find these heroes in the game. Some are easier to deal with when playing against, whereas others can one-shot you, however strong.

Favorite heroes Mobile legend
Here is an overview of the top heroes that I play or used to main. [Image by the Author]
Still, you can let me know if you have any suggestions or if I overlooked a hero’s performance.

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