Wild Rift Tier List: All Champions Ranked [2024]

Here's a definitive hierarchy you all need! With our Wild Rift tier list, know what LoL heroes can help you do justice to the mobile game.

League of Legends fan, eh? In that case, you will most probably be fretting about Wild Rift right now. Please sit back and relax, as our Wild Rift tier list will take you into a complete breakdown of the best in-game characters and how they all rank. 

Key Takeaways
  • There are 70 unlockable characters in Wild Rift, each with a unique role (Baron, Mid Laner, Jungler, ADC, Support).
  • Evaluation based on overall effectiveness in roles, plus base stats like Damage, Healing, and Defense.
  • Top-tier champions in our opinion are; Kha’Zix, Olaf, Karma, Ahri, Wukong, Renekton, Nami, Yuumi, Kai’Sa, and Lucian.
  • These champions excel in power and versatility, covering multiple roles for a dynamic experience.
  • On the other hand, you may want to steer clear of some Champions including Blitzcrank, Senna, Teemo, and Kayle, with niche-specific abilities.

While many LoL champions might expect to welcome their former favorites here, we dismally affirm that not many top characters manage to stack up in Wild Rift’s 70-unit roster. But that’s again something we’ve already covered up for you. 

Wild Rift Tier List Characters Ranking Table 
Role/Ability  S+ Tier S-Tier  A-Tier B-Tier C-Tier
Baron  Wukong, Renekton, Darius, Garen, Riven, Camille  Galio, Jayce, Shen, Sett, Gragas, Fiora, Irelia Olaf, Graves, Sion, Malphite, Akali, Kennen, Pantheon, Nasus, Dr. Mundo, Vladmir Tryndamere, Singed Teemo, Kayle
Mid Laner Karma, Ahri, Kassadin, Diana Irelia, Gragas, Katarina, Twisted Fate, Yasuo, Veigar, Zed, Ziggs, Orianna, Lucian, Corki, Vladmir Akali, Akshan, Jayce, Fizz, Singed, Brand, Annie, Morgana, Ekko, Kennen, Lux, Aurelion Sol Seraphine, Kayle
Jungler Kha’Zix, Olaf, Lee Sin, Wukong, Shyvana Fiora, Gragas, Morgana, Xin Zhao, Vi, Nautilus, Riven, Evelynn, Irelia Rengar, Pantheon, Graves, Camille, Jax, Amumu, Master Yi, Nunu & Willump, Jarvan IV, Rammus, Zeri Tryndamere, Dr. Mundo
ADC  Kai’Sa, Lucian, Caitlyn, Xayah, Ezreal Jinx, Varus, Tristana, Draven, Vayne, Samira, Zeri Miss Fortune, Ashe, Jhin, Orianna, Ziggs, Lux, Seraphine, Morgana, Karma, Nilah Akshan, Brand, Veigar Senna
Support  Nami, Yuumi, Karma Rakan, Lulu, Janna, Alistar, Nautilus, Thresh Braum, Galio, Lux, Seraphine, Soraka, Sona, Senna Sett, Morgana, Shen Blitzcrank

Here are the complete stats for Wild Rift champions: 

CharacterTierHealthManaArmorMagic ResistAttack Range
WukongS+610 - 2293300 - 140531 - 110.928 - 62.85175
GarenS+690 – 2356N/A38 – 109.432 – 58.35175
RivenS+630 - 2330N/A33 - 107.832 - 66.85125
CamilleS+646 - 2329339 - 122335 - 12032 - 66.85125
KarmaS+604 - 2457374 - 122428 - 11330 - 52.1525
AhriS+590 – 2222418 – 84321 – 100.930 – 52.1550
KassadinS+646 - 2669400 - 187919 - 8730 - 52.1150
DianaS+640 – 2493375 – 80031 – 104.132 – 66.85150
Kha’ZixS+643 - 2326327 - 100736 - 107.432 - 66.85125
OlafS+645 - 2668316 - 116635 - 106.432 - 66.85125
Lee SinS+645 - 2430200 (Energy)34 - 117.332 - 66.85125
WuKongS+610-2293300 -140531-110.928-62.85175
LucianS+641 – 2341320 – 105128 – 99.430 – 52.1500
KarmaS+604 - 2457374 - 122428 - 11330 - 52.1525
GalioS632 - 2774500 - 118024 - 103.932 - 66.85150
GragasS670 - 2523400 - 119938 - 119.632 - 66.85125
FioraS620 - 2303300 - 132033 - 112.932 - 66.85150
IreliaS590 - 2698350 - 120036 - 115.930 - 64.85200
IreliaS591 - 2698351 - 120037 - 115.931 - 64.85200
GragasS670 - 2523400 - 119938 - 119.632 - 66.85125
KatarinaS672 - 2508N/A28 - 107.932 - 66.85125
Twisted FateS604-2440333-99621-94.9530-52.1525
ZiggsS606 - 2408480 - 879.522 - 98.530 - 52.1550
CorkiS588 – 2373350 – 126828 – 107.930 – 52.1550
FioraS620 - 2303300 - 132033 - 112.932 - 66.85150
GragasS670 - 2523400 - 119938 - 119.632 - 66.85125
Xin ZhaoS640 - 2442274 - 120935 - 114.932 - 66.85175
NautilusS646 - 2346400 - 119939 - 123.1532 - 66.85175
RivenS630 - 2330N/A33 - 107.832 - 66.85125
IreliaS590 - 2698350 - 120036 - 115.930 - 64.85200
JinxS630 - 2330260 - 111026 - 105.930 - 52.1525
TristanaS670 – 2404250 – 79426 – 97.430 – 52.1525
DravenS675 - 2443361 - 102429 - 105.530 - 52.1550
VayneS550 - 2301232 - 82723 - 101.230 - 52.1550
SamiraS600 – 2436349 – 99526 – 105.930 – 52.1500
RakanS610 - 2293315 - 116530 - 113.332 - 66.85300
LuluS595 - 2091350 - 128529 - 112.330 - 52.1550
NautilusS646 - 2346400 - 119939 - 123.1532 - 66.85175
VladmirS607 – 2477N/A27 – 103.530 – 52.1450
OlafA645 - 2668316 - 116635 - 106.432 - 66.85125
GravesA625 - 2427325 - 100533 - 111.232 - 66.85425
SionA655 - 2134400 - 128432 - 103.432 - 66.85175
MalphiteA644 - 2412280 - 130037 - 121.1528 - 62.85125
AkaliA570-2593Energy: 20023-102.937-71.85125
PantheonA650 – 2503317 – 84440 – 124.1528 – 62.85175
Dr. MundoA613 - 2364N/A32 - 94.929 - 68.1125
AkaliA570-2593Energy: 20023-102.937-71.85125
AkshanA630 - 2398350 - 103026 - 97.430 - 52.1500
BrandA590 – 2324469 – 82622 – 101.930 – 52.1550
EkkoA655 – 2338280 – 147032 – 103.432 – 66.85125
Aurelion SolA620 – 2150530 – 121022 – 9030 – 52.1550
PantheonA650 – 2503317 – 84440 – 124.1528 – 62.85175
GravesA625 – 2427325 – 100533 – 111.232 – 66.85425
CamilleA646 - 2329339 - 122335 - 12032 - 66.85125
AmumuA685 - 2283285 - 96530 - 9832 - 66.85125
Master YiA669 - 2369251 - 96533 - 104.432 - 66.85175
Jarvan IVA640 - 2408300 - 123536 - 117.632 - 66.85175
Miss FortuneA640-2391300-98028-99.430-52.1550
AsheA640 - 2357280 - 87526 - 104.230 - 52.1600
JhinA655 - 2474300 - 115024 - 103.930 - 52.1550
ZiggsA606 - 2408480 - 879.522 - 98.530 - 52.1550
SeraphineA570 – 2338440 – 112019 – 90.430 – 52.1525
KarmaA604 - 2457374 - 122428 - 11330 - 52.1525
BraumA640 - 2544311 - 107647 - 135.432 - 66.85125
GalioA632 - 2774500 - 118024 - 103.932 - 66.85150
SeraphineA570 – 2338440 – 112019 – 90.430 – 52.1525
SorakaA605 – 2101425 – 110532 – 11730 – 52.1550
SennaA530 - 2043350 - 111528 - 107.930 - 52.1600
NilahA570 – 2138340 – 104037 – 10032 – 60225
TryndamereB696 - 2651N/A33 - 106.132 - 66.85125
SeraphineB570 – 2338440 – 112019 – 90.430 – 52.1525
KayleB670 – 2234330 – 118026 – 97.422 – 44.1175
TryndamereB696 - 2651N/A33 - 106.132 - 66.85125
Dr. MundoB613 - 2364N/A32 - 94.929 - 68.1125
AkshanB630 - 2398350 - 103026 - 97.430 - 52.1500
BrandB590 – 2324469 – 82622 – 101.930 – 52.1550
VeigarB550 - 2386490 - 93218 - 106.432 - 54.1550
SettB670 - 2608N/A33 - 121.428 - 62.85125
TeemoC598 - 2366334 - 75924 - 108.1530 - 52.1500
KayleC670 – 2234330 – 118026 – 97.422 – 44.1175
SennaC530 - 2043350 - 111528 - 107.930 - 52.1600
BlitzcrankC633 - 2486267 - 94740 - 119.928 - 62.85125

Wild Rift Rankings Explained 

Wild Rift all tiers ranked
eXputer’s Wild Rift Tier Rankings

Wild Rift of League of Legends categorizes its champions into five roles: tanky Barons, damage-focused ADCs, and familiar LoL roles like Junglers, Supports, and Mids. Our tier list follows this structure, clearly indicating each character’s role for easy reference.

We’ve avoided separate sections for each role to provide a streamlined experience. Given that many players can handle multiple roles, our divisions offer insights into a character’s ranking across different functions. Anyway, here’s what you should know about each Wild Rift role: 

  • Baron Lane: Melee tanks initially for one-on-one combat, later becoming team protectors. Versatile role in mid-game, roaming to harm foes and affecting the team’s carry.
  • ADC (Attack Damage Carry): Ranged heroes in Dragon Lane, dealing massive physical and magical damage with basic attacks. Lower endurance compared to tanks.
  • Junglers: Roam grassy hills, loot bosses for buffs and EXP. Manifest burst damage with high mobility, perfect for patrolling and punishing enemies between lanes.
  • Support: Lurk in ADC’s shadow, provide mana, heals, and buffs for crowd control. Focus on staying alive despite being targeted, ensuring the team’s well-being.
  • Mid-laners: Mage-type units with decent range and sustained hitting potential.

S+ Tier 

The S+ Tier champions are currently the best units of Wild Rift who prove incredibly versatile in battle arenas and are very powerful. These heroes are one, very difficult to outnumber, and two can perform more than a single role in order to carry and win the match easily. 

Wild Rift Characters  Role 
Shyvana Jungler
Diana Mid Laner
Ezreal ADC
Riven Baron
Wukong Jungler
Kassadin Mid Laner
Garen Baron
Karma Support
Xayah ADC
Darius Baron
Lee Sin Jungler
Caitlyn ADC
Renekton Baron
Lucian ADC
Ahri Mid Laner
Yuumi Support
Wukong Baron
Olaf Jungler
Kai’Sa ADC
Camille Baron
Karma Mid Laner
Kha’Zix Jungler
Nami Support


Not the number one champions of our tier list but indeed the most superb picks of the entire roster. S-tier heroes are the best in whatever they are employed for. They are robust and practical and possess the abilities to carry the game (and mostly win, too!).

Wild Rift Characters  Role 
Jayce Baron
Nautilus Support
Galio Mid Laner
Jax Baron
Alistar Support
Vi Jungler
Yasuo Mid Laner
Samira ADC
Sett Baron
Twisted Fate Mid Laner
Janna Support
Shen Baron
Xin Zhao Jungler
Katarina Mid Laner
Vayne ADC
Gragas Baron
Lulu Support
Irelia Mid Laner
Morgana Jungler
Fiora Baron
Rakan Support
Gragas Mid Laner
Draven ADC
Thresh Support
Irelia Baron
Varus ADC
Lucian Mid Laner
Gragas Jungler
Orianna Mid Laner
Tristana ADC
Fiora Jungler
Irelia Jungler
Ziggs Mid Laner
Jinx ADC
Zed Mid Laner
Evelynn Jungler
Veigar Mid Laner
Corki Mid Laner
Riven Jungler
Nautilus Jungler
Zeri ADC
Vladmir Mid Laner


Sturdy Wild Rift characters who, though will render lower impact than the S+ and S tier dweller, can ace even better if employed in the right situation. Nevertheless, players can use the A-tier units with most compositions. Again, they do possess a high skill maximum but still lack in damage and utility compared to the top two-tier rankings.

Wild Rift Characters  Role 
Akali Baron
Singed Mid Laner
Jax Jungler
Sona Support
Malphite Baron
Fizz Mid Laner
Camille Jungler
Sion Baron
Jayce Mid Laner
Senna Support
Ziggs ADC
Graves Jungler
Graves Baron
Akshan Mid Laner
Braum Support
Pantheon Jungler
Orianna ADC
Olaf Baron
Akali Mid Laner
Leona Support
Rengar Jungler
Kennen Baron
Jhin ADC
Kennen Mid Laner
Galio Support
Rammus Jungler
Pantheon Baron
Ekko Mid Laner
Ashe ADC
Jarvan IV Jungler
Morgana Mid Laner
Nasus Baron
Lux Support
Annie Mid Laner
Miss Fortune ADC
Dr. Mundo Baron
Brand Mid Laner
Nunu & Willump Jungler
Seraphine Support
Karma ADC
Lux Mid Laner
Master Yi Jungler
Morgana ADC
Soraka Support
Amumu Jungler
Aurelion Sol Mid Laner
Seraphine ADC
Zeri Jungle
Nilah ADC
Vladmir Baron


We would say these units are pretty decent in terms of damage but, of course, lack in matching their impact with the champions of the higher tiers. However, for particular objectives and at specific areas on the map, B-tier units in Wild Rift can shine brighter than expected. 

Nevertheless, don’t expect these to collect the necessary damage or even CC needed to carry a game and ultimately win.

Wild Rift Characters  Role 
Singed Baron
Dr. Mundo Jungler
Kayle Mid Laner
Veigar ADC
Sett Support
Tryndamere Jungler
Brand ADC
Morgana Support
Akshan ADC
Tryndamere Baron
Seraphine Mid Laner
Shen Support


The C-tier champions of our tier list are the most specific-to-their-playstyle kind of characters you will meet in Wild Rift. They offer minimal benefits to employing players hence the most probable units to struggle to win games. 

Wild Rift Characters  Role 
Senna ADC
Kayle Baron
Blitzcrank Support
Teemo Baron

Best Wild Rift Characters 

Best of Wild Rift
Best Characters of Wild Rift Tier list

Skimming through tier lists is mostly about finding the best companions throughout your favorite games. Haven’t you found someone yet? No worries if your answer is known because exactly why we will be highlighting some of the Wild Rift’s top picks in depth down below. 

Here’s everything about the best LoL champions from our tier list, so you don’t have to surf extra time to find them: 

Baron Lane 

Barons LoL Wild Rift
Best Baron Lane Units of Wild Rift


The Solo Laner/Baron champ, also called the Might of Demacia at times, Garen is a high-damage, tanky champion of Wild Rift. This AD buddy is clever enough to swiftly get through aggressive enemy crowds, killing the fiercest ones instantly.

Garen – The Might of Demacia
Role Tank (Fighter)
Abilities  Perseverance (Passive) Regenerates health if haven’t taken damage yet. 
Demacian Justice (Ultimate)  Executes the opponent while dealing short Area damage around.  
Judgment Inflicts physical damage to opponents nearby through a sword-spinning action. 
Courage Decreases taken damage and increases crowd control resistance. 
Decisive Strike Manifests a bursting move rendering bonus damage at the end. 
Other Available Skins

Steel Legion Garen, Rogue Admiral Garen, and Dreadknight Garen


This is another Baron lane champion who does OK in the starting phase but in the laning phase becomes highly dreadful to the enemies (not you!). This happens due to the massive mobility that Riven packs coming from the Valor and Broken Wings.

Riven – The Exile
Role Assassin (Fighter)
Abilities  Runic Blade (Passive) Lets abilities and basic attacks charge Riven’s blades and render extra hits. 
Broken Wings  Outputs a series of three back-to-back strikes, with the last, completely knocking back enemies. 
Ki Burst It emits a stunning effect, rendering area bursts.
Valor Blocks and repels incoming attacks via a step-forward action. 
Blade of the Exile (Ultimate)  It grants range, extra damage, and added power to use Wind Slash. It also energizes Riven’s weapon. 
Other Available Skins

Arcade Riven

And, of course, we can’t miss the Blade of the Exile which gives Riven severely massive burst damage and simply turns her into one heck of a champion to play with. Riven also induces excellent 1-on-1 power as soon as the team hits level 5.


Here comes the Solo Lane Bruiser of our tier list, who perform almost as the best of all Wild Rift characters if played well with passives. However, when the passive game’s not strong, Darius the Baron laner will still perform extraordinarily for you, given his reliability across all stages.

Darius – The Hand of Noxus
Role Fighter 
Abilities  Hemorrhage (Passive) It makes Darius’s attacks inflict bleed over time effect on enemies, which stack up until enough to gain Noxian Might and Physical Attacking potential.
Noxian Guillotine Renders a lethal damage-dealing thumping action which enhances with every Hemorrhage stacked. 
Apprehend Strengthens Darius’s Physical Damage potential by making most of the target’s armor vulnerable. 
Crippling Strike Boosts the next attack with additional damage. 
Decimate Darius swings his axe in a circular motion inflicting physical damage to enemies around, and gains health in return for the number of targets hit directly by the blade. 
Other Available Skins

Lunar Beast Darius, Academy Darius, and High Noon Darius


Junglers LoL Wild Rift
Best Jungle Lane Units of Wild Rift


This fighter performs best as a Jungler who, though seems pretty lackluster early on, is one heck of a player to have by your side in Wild Rift. Yes, players will seriously struggle due to the absence of mobility as well as damage till Shyvana hits at least level 5.

Shyvana – The Half-Dragon
Role Tank (Fighter)
Abilities  Dragon’s Descent (Ultimate)  Transforms Shyvana into a dragon that rushes towards the enemies leaving a damage-dealing fire trail behind. Gaining per second Fury is added perk of the ability. 
Flame Breath Sets free a rolling fireball that damages every enemy on the way. Damage dealt extends if Shyvana takes the Dragon Form. 
Twin Bite Puts off a twice-slashing action. It helps cleave all opponents and slows them down when Shyvana is in Dragon Form. 
Burnout Forms a Magic Damage dealing fire circle around Shyvana that’s strong enough to affect most enemies nearby. It also helps Shyvana move 3 seconds faster than usual. If Shyvana is in Dragon Form, Burnout extends in size. 
Fury Of The Dragonborn (Passive)  It helps inflict bonus damage to Dragons–even of the Elemental form. 
Other Available Skins

Darkflame Shyvana and Ice Drake Shyvana

After that, and of course, once having the Ultimate, Dragon’s Descent, Shyvana is literally all heaven. Just wait until she triggers her max fury and changes the ultimate into one beast of a dragon in no time, swelling all your skills/abilities in a second. 


This is one of the most versatile characters in Wild Rift. Wukong plays extraordinarily as both Jungler and Baron, so much so that players get confused when building him up. He is surprisingly mobile and robust in terms of attack damage dealing.

Wukong – the Monkey King
Role Tank (Fighter)
Abilities  Crushing Blows (Passive) For each Crushing Blows stack, the target receives increased damage from Wukong and the clones. 
Cyclone (Ultimate) Outputs a cyclone-like staff spinning action to induce increased movement and deal damage to nearby enemies. 
Nimbus Strike Dash attacks a target and also the nearby enemy. Gains temporary Attack Speed increase depending on the number of extra enemies hit. 
Warrior Trickster Wukong becomes invisible while leaving a clone for damage renderence behind. 
Golden Staff Grants bonus range, damage, and own health-boosting potential to Wukong’s next attack after he casts any ability. 
Other Available Skins

General Wukong and Volcanic Wukong

Unlike most Wild Rift S+ tier units, Wukong is pretty sturdy from the beginning of the game, especially when it comes to one-on-one combatting and clearing the enemies. 

Lee Sin

Here comes another AD Jungler, the exceptionally mobile Blind Monk, Lee Sin. This character will earn you one of the most straightforward and fun to experience early games as he’s excellent in clearing as well as 1 vs. 1 type of battles just like his friend Wukong.

Lee Sin – The Blind Monk
Role Assassin (Fighter) 
Abilities  Flurry (Passive)  Grants return Energy and Attack Speed to two consecutive basic attacks after Lee Sin employs an ability. 
Dragon’s Race (Ultimate)  It inflicts massive physical damage by launching Lee Sin’s target back through an impactful roundhouse kick. Enemies hit in the action also receive damage.  
Resonating Strike / Sonic Wave Sends off damage dealing sound waves to locate enemies. 
Safeguard An effective shielding action that’s quickly equipable at tight spots and also helps summon Iron Will. 
Tempest / Cripple  Smashes the ground, sending damage dealing shockwaves all around. 
Other Available Skins

Muay Thai Lee Sin and Knockout Lee Sin

Unlike Wukong, the king of whatever Wild Rift throws at him, Lee Sin does show some decline in the late game. But that’s not too bad as players can make up for it by playing an aggressive jungler early game and achieving an early benefit.

Mid Lane 

Mid Laners LoL Wild Rift
Best Mid-Lane Units of Wild Rift


Ahri, the Nine-Tailed Fox, is an AP mage assassin, primarily known as a hero of Wild Rift’s mid-lane. Her best shots include awesome wave clear, excellent crowd control, and bursting foes. Performing a single target attack is, however, Ahri’s most famous action.

Ahri – The Nine-Tailed Fox
Role Assassin / Mage 
Abilities  Essence Theft (Passive) Gained via inflicting a target with spells. It grants self-healing effects once fully stacked. 
Spirit Rush (Ultimate) Shoots essence bolts through a dash forward action which ensures added damage. 
Charm Renders a stun-like effect on enemies and also induces increased damage taken effect.
Fox-fire Ahri gains a powerful burst of agility as well as lets off a series of three fox fires that damage close enemies. 
Orb Of Deception Helps Ahri deal true damage and magic damage through an Orb. 
Other Available Skins

Arcade Ahri and Foxfire Ahri

The champion does this via her Charm coupled with numerous other skills that together inflict more damage than expected. 

Nevertheless, wielding players have to wait until level 5 to really experience Ahri’s potential, automatically inferring that she’s not a character you’d like to start with.


Also known as the Void Walker in Wild Rift, this one is an assassin unit of the cast. Though most players will not like Kassadin’s lackluster early-stage performance, it’s worth compromising on that for the later experience.

Kassadin – The Void Walker
Role Mage / Assassin 
Abilities  Void Stone (Passive)  Kassadin gets a shield of magic whenever he casts a spell. 
Riftwalk (Ultimate)  Helps deal damage of magic type to nearby enemies whenever hitting the target. 
Force Pulse Set a cone-like damage rendering field. Struck enemies are slowed down. 
Nether Blade Strengthens Kassadin’s upcoming basic attacks with added range, damage, and mana. 
Null Spheres Shoots magic damage dealing and silencing orb. 
Other Available Skins

Harbinger Kassadin

This is because as soon as an employer starts stacking some Kassadin-pro items, this unit tends to fly off in terms of performance like never before, dishing INSANE damage in every direction. Therefore we’ll recommend you stay patient since at least the 10th level of Wild Rift if you are really up for seeing what Kassadin has got.


Belonging to the melee specialty of the League of Legends Wild Rift, Diana, the Scorn of the Moon, struggles in the early game (especially in front of ranged enemies). And that was pretty expected, too, given how every best mid-laner struggles with the identical downside.

Diana – Scorn of the Moon
Role Mage (Fighter) 
Abilities  Moonfall (Ultimate) Summons a slowing effect inflicting moon which also applies Moonlight damage to all surrounding areas. 
Moonsilver Blade (Passive) Helps cleave opponents for taking additional magic and also boosts attack speed. 
Lunar Rush Diana renders massive magic damage through a rush-down motion. 
Pale Cascade Pulls off three orbiting moons that burst when in contact with an enemy, dealing decent damage. 
Crescent Strike Deals magic damage rendering lunar energy beams. 
Other Available Skins

Infernal Diana and Dark Valkyrie Diana

Anyways, she’s a tremendous magic-type assassin for the later phase, if not the beginning. In order to overcome her drawback, Diana tries hard to walk up and last hit minions until only the 5th level, after which she finally gets the Moonfall and Lunar Rush. 


Adcs LoL Wild Rift
Best ADC Units of Wild Rift


Well, you might now be tired of meeting melee champions who are just not the beginning support everyone wants. Fret no more as here comes one of the best early-stage heroes of Wild Rift–Caitlyn, the Sheriff of Piltover.

Caitlyn – The Sheriff of Piltover
Role Marksman 
Abilities  Headshot (Passive)  Bonus damage rendering attack that REVs up with Caitlyn’s every critical strike. 
Ace in the Hole (Ultimate) Sends off a perfectly aimed ranged shot to deal precise damage to a far-away enemy. 
90 Caliber Net Shoots an enemy slowing down the net. 
Yordle Snap Trap Fires an immobilizing trap that leaves the target completely vulnerable against Headshots. 
Piltover Peacemaker Helps REV up Caitlyn’s Rifle to prepare a knocking-down attack 
Other Available Skins

Headhunter Caitlyn

She is a beastly dragon lane unit with one of the worthiest base attack potential onboard hence accounting for her hype in the early stages of Wild Rift. Caitlyn also houses every other pro-beginning ability that allows her to act aggressively and play poke. 

The character’s mid-game is also heavenly, given how perfectly she scales while using her famous headshots to render massive damage. Like a critical strike marksman that everyone dreams of, Caitlyn the AD Carry gets even better with her core items once she hits the late-game situations. 


The Purified soul of the cast, Lucian, concentrates deeply on accumulating as many AD items to ensure substantial damage output in all conditions. Just as it suits most ADCs, Lucian the marksman is a highly aggressive and mobile Wild Rift hero who can do great in most matchups (especially in the laning phase).

Lucian – The Purifier 
Role Marksman
Abilities  Lightslinger (Passive) Turns Lucian’s every upcoming attack into a double shot after being activated. 
The Culling (Ultimate)  Helps Lucian fire continuously from his weapons. 
Piercing Light High Damage rendering light that passes through targets knocking them off completely. 
Ardent Blaze A star-shaped projectile that marks enemies for a brief while. 
Relentless Pursuit This grants Lucian the ability to dash forward and attack quickly. 
Other Available Skins

Hired Gun Lucian

Those wielding Lucian often strategize his attacks and passives carefully. For instance, one can send substantial damage to an enemy in a single go and then quickly use the opportunity to slide in the nifty Lightslinger passive. Players can also scale quickly after the early game by handling the combos intelligently. 


This one’s a hyper carry of the dragon lane, which offers a dynamic playing kit which despite her lackluster performance in the early game ranks Zeri in the S-Tier.

Zeri – The Spark of Zuan
Role Marksman
Abilities  Living Battery (Passive) The ability boosts Zeri’s move speed whenever she receives some shield. 
Lightning Crash (Ultimate)  Zeri overcharges herself via a nova of lightning, gaining extra damage capacity and Move Speed that turns more amazing with each enemy hit. 
Spark Surge Zeri empowers her next upcoming Burst Fire shots through a forward dash action, so much so that they can easily pierce through her targets. 
Ultrashock Laser Renders an electric purse to inflict slow down and damage effect to the first target it hits. The same shot turns into a long ranged damaging laser if touched by a wall. 
Burst Fire More of an attack than an ability, Burst Fire sends a 7-round burst that renders massive attack damage while simultaneously storing energy in the Sparkpack. 
Other Available Skins

Project Zeri

Zeri has a bunch of unique auto attacks that, like skill shots, fire a few bullets in a direction. Though this may look difficult for players accustomed to focusing champions and last-hitting minions, others can deal much damage via this style. 


Support LoL Wild Rift
Best Support Units of Wild Rift


Yuumi, the Wild Rift’s Magical Cat, is really a unique unit to have onboard. The character is about absorbing almost any lethal incoming damage while also summoning excellent spells every then and now.

Yuumi – The Magical Cat
Role Mage / Support
Abilities  Bop ‘N’ Block (Passive)  Gains a protecting shield and increases mana with every attack registered. 
Final Chapter (Ultimate) Shoots off seven consecutive damage waves. The character can freely move and even cast Zombies while continuing her series of attacks. 
Prowling Projectile It fires a high-damage-inflicting missile that can be controlled through your cursor until it reaches the target. 
Zoomies Grants a healing and speeding effect to Yuumi. 
You And Me! Boosts Yuumi’s and her allies’ adaptive force stats as part of the ability’s passive use. Yuumi becomes invisible for a short period via the ability’s active perk. 
Other Available Skins

Heartseeker Yuumi

This means employing players will be able to pull gigantic radi of effect around the frontal ranks just about anytime they want. You’ll also have free will to employ up to two spells of combat summoner, given that Yuumi has the power not to take Flash.

Yuumi is an amusing support character to have by your side. She just loves to help everyone survive for the longest they can and also proves to be a worthy investment in team fights!


Here comes another worth-it support unit to have for your Wild Rift quest if the other best support laners aren’t available or you just simply don’t like them. That said, Nami the Tidecaller is an enchanter Champion who manifests one of the best crowd control and takes the buffing and healing game to the next level.

Nami – The Tidecaller
Role Mage / Support
Abilities  Surging Tides (Passive) Grants a boost in movement speed for a brief period whenever an ability hits allies. 
Tidal Waves (Ultimate)  Calls upon a giant Tidal Wave to damage, slow down, and knock back enemies. It also doubles the Surging Tides’ effect. 
Aqua Prison Sends a stunning effect and damage rendering Water Bubble towards opponents. 
Ebb and Flow Sets free a water stream that elevates healing for allies and damage for opponents. 
Tidecaller’s Blessing Empowers a chosen ally for a brief duration, ensuring that their spells and basic attacks render extra damage and slow down targets. 
Other Available Skins

River Spirit Nami and Urf The Nami-tee


Karma is one of the most versatile picks on our Wild Rift tier list (not better than Wukong!), but she especially shines in the support role. As per the storyline, Karma is called the Enlightenment One and is an enchanter support buddy of the game.

Karma – The Enlightened One
Role Support / Mage 
Abilities  Mantra (Passive) Enhances every fourth ability used. 
Transcendent Embrace (Ultimate)  A ring of energy is summoned on a chosen spot which deals magic damage to everyone trapped within 
Inspire It brings forth a protective shield to help Karma boost allies’ movement speed while simultaneously repelling incomings. The ability also empowers Mantra. 
Inner Flame Shoots off an explosive energy ball to deal extra damage and grant Mantra perks. 
Focused Resolve Arranges a tether between Karma and two enemies of choice in order to deal extra damage, fully reveal them, and empower Mantra.
Other Available Skins

Warden Karma

Having an edge in the support lane, Karma is proficient in healing and shielding in order to help her allies stay alive for longer. She also manifested a robust phase of laning, however, on the cost of wielding players, ensuring the absence of any engagement from the foes bot lane. 

As Baron, Mid laner, and of course, Support, Karma can perform in a variety of ways. However, her build in any case other than support is pretty complicated. All in all, the further you progress with the game, the better this character will shine.

Latest Patch Notes

Here are some major changes that players need to be aware of.

PATCH NOTES: The Wild Rift Patch Notes 4.3A Update has nerfed and buffed many characters that may affect their tier list ranking slightly, if not majorly. Highlight changes worth noting are: 

  • Two beastly champions, Vladimir, the Crimson Reaper and Nilah, the Joy Unbound, make it to the Wild Rift’s exciting roster!
  • Caitlyn is made even more potent in catching and taking down enemies since the patch improves her traps: 
    • Yordle Snap Trap’s charging time is reduced to  27/22/17/12 seconds. 
  • Graves is also buffed, having his ability’s bonus damage swelled. 
    • The Second half bonus Attack Damage of End Of The Line is increased to 80/110/140/170% from 70/100/130/160%. 
    • Base damage of the ability Collateral Damage is now 300/450/600. 
  • Gwen is made more sturdy for the half during the phase of laning.
    • 80% bonus monster damage ratio is introduced for the Snip Snip! Ability. 
    • Hallowed Mist cooldown is reduced to just 17/16/15/14 seconds, and magic resistance and bonus armor swell to 14/16/18/20. 
  • In Annie’s case, a couple of base stats, her Ultimate and the Third Ability are reworked making the kit feel much smoother overall than before.
    • New Armor and Health per level are 3.5 and 96, respectively. 
    • Her Ultimate, Molten Shield, allows sending Tibbers for 3 seconds towards one of the targets, rendering 50/110/170/230+40%AP damage. Shielded enemies also receive damage.
  • Lee Sin will now more often ace team fights and render burst damaging effects given the buff received by the Sonic Wave/Resonating Strike ability. Its Bonus attack damage is increased up to 10%. 
  • Leona will be able to keep up in team fights with her base stats and abilities, both revamped with the patch. 
    • Her Base attack is swelled from 58 to 62 while the attack per level is now 3 (formerly 1.7). 
    • Solar Flare’s ability is also buffed by increasing its base damage to 150/225/300. 
  • Olaf is the first berserker to be nerfed in this patch, as he is performing way too dominantly than others. The changes are: 
    • Undertow’s base attack is reduced from 60/120/180/240 to 50/110/170/230. 
    • Reckless Swing’s base attack is reduced from 60/120/180/240 to 55/115/175/235. 
  • Ensuring Ornn remains the team’s backbone while also being in line with the rest of the tanks, a couple of his base stats and ability effectiveness are nerfed. 
    • The new base attack is 58, and health per level is reduced from 128 to 112. 
    • Bellows Breath ability damage and maximum health is now 13/14/15/16% and 10/11/12/13%, respectively. 
    • 50% Bonus magic resistance and armor of Searing Charge ability is reduced to just 40%.
  • Rammus’s extraordinary zooming is targeted to bring the champion back in line with the others.
    • Rolling Armordillo’s rolling state movement speed now increases to just 35, that too at level 2, unlike the previous 60. 
    • Defensive Ball Curl’s Armor increase is shrunk from 60/65/70/75% to 55/60/65/70%.
  • Samira is empowered enough that her attack range is no longer regarded as “short” compared to the other marksmen. Damage-avoiding abilities and stats are targeted, for instance:
    • The Flair ability’s Bonus ATK Damage is increased to 80/95/110/125% from 75/90/105/120%
    • Blade Whirl’s new Cooldown is 26/23.5/21/18.5 seconds instead of 30/27/24/21.
  • Volibear is honestly superb in Jungle, but Baron Lane is what he needs to focus on, and this patch has made sure of that. The requirement for better sustainability is fulfilled via the following changes:
    • The base health regeneration stat is changed to 20/30/40/50 from 10/20/30/40
    • Damage ratio to monsters is now 80%

That’s all from our side on the LoL Wild Rift tier list. Did you see how League of Legends’ most hyped champions didn’t compete in Wild Rift the way they were expected to? Well, that’s how surprisingly exciting the gaming realm is, and Wild Rift has taken that too seriously. 

Having said that, don’t hesitate to choose your favorite buddy even if it hasn’t ranked too well. The ranking of a Wild Rift character doesn’t by any means infer that you can not thrive with them. Instead, it just doesn’t tend to prove best for all. 

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