Jungle Tier List: Ranking All Junglers [Version 14.6]

The jungle can be a confusing place, even in League of Legends. Let us help you decide what jungler to pick through this jungle tier list.

After previously ranking all of the champions in the Mid Lane tier list, folks here at eXputer have now diverted our attention to ranking the Best Junglers in the current meta. So, strap on because we’re going for a joyride through the best and worst of the most dangerous Jungle in this Jungle Tier List.

Update: Our Tier list is designed to help you understand which Characters are the best after the latest Update 14.6.
Key Highlights
  • League of Legends has 163 fighting units, and a team of five is instructed.
  • Units are spread across Top lane, Jungle, Mid Rank, Bottom, and Support.
  • There are 45 dedicated Junglers in the game.
  • Rankings of Jungle Lane LoL Champions based on all-around performance post the latest buffs and nerfs.
  • Top Junglers: Kayn, Bel’Veth, Diana, Fiddlesticks, Master Yi, offering high success rates.
  • Bottom-performing Junglers: Lee Sin, Hecarim, Karthus, Viego, and Graves, with a 46% success rate.
  • Avoid these characters for a better Jungling experience in League of Legends.

Jungler Stats & Comparison With Each Other

Here is a quick look at the stat comparison between all the Junglers:

CharactersClassAttack DamageAttack RangeHealthArmorMove Speed
Master YiSkirmisher65.0175.0669.033.0355.0
Nunu And WillumpVanguard61.0125.0610.029.0345.0
Jarvan IVDiver64–115125.0640+10436+4.8340.0
Lee SinDiver68.0125.0645.036.0345.0

Tier List Ranking Summary

Jungle Tier List Characters Ranking Table
Tiers Junglers
S-Tier  Kayn, Bel’Veth, Diana, Fiddlesticks, Master Yi
A-Tier Trundle, Rengar, Volibear, Elise, Rammus, Kindred
B-Tier Gragas, Olaf, Nunu And Willump, Shyvana, Amumu, Jarvan IV
C-Tier Ivern, Udyr, Mordekaiser, Wukong, Skarner
D-Tier Lee Sin, Hecarim, Karthus, Viego, Graves


S Tier
The ultimate Junglers

The champions here in the S Tier of our jungle tier list are the ultimate Junglers of the current meta. Moreover, due to some buffs to them or to the items they use, or many other possible reasons. They are currently the best at what they do. They have one of the highest win rates in the whole game. If you want to climb while jungling, these are the champions to consider using. 

Character WHY S-TIER?
Master Yi Top pick for auto-attack heavy junglers, known for rapid, true damage auto-attacks.
Fiddlesticks Ranged mage jungler with exceptional team fight capabilities. Remains a strong choice following a comprehensive rework that aligned him with the current meta.
Diana An AP assassin with high burst potential and the ability to decimate opponents in late-game with her QER combo.
Bel’Veth Recent addition with infinite attack speed scaling and versatile dash abilities, making her formidable, especially against tanks.
Kayn Offers versatility with his ability to change forms, ensuring no two games are the same. He can dominate as Rhaast or terrorize squishier targets as Shadow Assassin.


A Tier Jungle Tier List
The junglers in A Tier are one of the best

The A Tier of our jungle tier list consists of those champions that are extremely good but not quite at the top. Moreover, some of these champions are here because they are counters to those in S Tier. And some are here for the same reasons as those in S Tier.

Whatever the case, these junglers are extremely good and viable in the current meta and should be considered when looking to climb or even just enjoy the game.

Character WHY A-TIER?
Rammus Tank with high mobility and exceptional armor levels. W ability enhances armor and returns damage, countering auto-attack champions effectively.
Elise AP jungler with dual forms, offering significant burst and countering melee champions.
Volibear Tank with early game damage output, capable of out-damaging assassins. High early game impact and tankiness.
Rengar AD assassin with the potential to take down entire teams in jungle fights.
Trundle Tanky, auto-attack-focused champion, viable in the current meta.
Kindred Hybrid ranged/melee with ADC-like performance, excelling in attack speed, DPS, and range. Benefits from killing marked targets and jungle camps.


B Tier Jungle Tier List
The junglers in B Tier are mediocre

The champions in the B Tier of this jungler tier list are mediocre. They are neither too go great nor too bad. They can be useful in tons of situations. However, they do not bring anything new to the table that top-tier champions cannot already do.

Character WHY B-TIER?
Amumu A tank that counters auto-attack champions with damage reduction from auto attacks and cooldown reduction on his E when hit. Good, but not as effective as Rammus.
Shyvana Can be played as AP for long-range damage or as an auto-based bruiser. Strong but requires level 6 to fully unlock potential.
Nunu And Willump AP tank with strong engage, good sustain, and simple gameplay, offering decent map presence.
Olaf Lifesteal/sustain bruiser with high attack speed, better suited as a top laner but still okay in the jungle.
Gragas High-skill cap AP mage.
Jarvan IV Versatile bruiser with strong camp clearing, dueling, and exceptional ganking capabilities, needing to balance farming and ganking.


C Tier
The junglers in C Tier are pretty bad

The C tier of our jungle tier list consists of champions that are considered fairly bad in the current meta. Players are advised to stay away from these champions for the time being. However, they can get good again if they get some changes or buffs.

Character WHY C-TIER?
Skarner Despite multiple attempts to make him viable, Skarner remains uninteresting and unviable, feeling out of place in the current meta.
Wukong Following a mini rework that initially elevated him to S Tier, subsequent nerfs have significantly reduced his effectiveness, relegating him to C Tier as a jungler.
Mordekaiser Primarily a top laner, Mordekaiser can jungle due to buffs aimed at top laners jungling but is not particularly strong in this role.
Udyr Currently outdated and awaiting a rework, it’s advised to wait for the update before considering Udyr for jungle gameplay.
Ivern A unique jungler who doesn’t deal direct damage to jungle camps, requiring specialized skill to be effective, making him a challenging choice for most players.


D Tier
The junglers in D Tier are the absolute worst

This is the last place in our ranking of junglers. The D tier contains those champions which are considered to be unplayable at the moment. Moreover. All of these champions have a ~46% win rate at the moment.

A 46% win rate means that if you pick these champions in a ranked game, the next 30 minutes will be one of the worst experiences of your life. Additionally, you and your family will be sent death threats by your allies. 

Character WHY D-TIER?
Graves Once a top-tier jungler, Graves has been significantly nerfed, leading to his current low win rate and poor performance.
Viego Despite being an auto attack/attack speed champion, Viego has fallen to the bottom, largely due to external factors rather than gameplay balance.
Karthus An AP mage with potential for high impact, yet difficult to execute effectively in the jungle role.
Hecarim A bruiser/tank who has been neglected, lacking the necessary updates or changes to remain viable.
Lee Sin Known for his high skill cap and potential for making impressive plays, Lee Sin is currently underperforming due to his weak state.

The Jungle

As previously stated, the Jungle is a large collection of all kinds of Jungle Monsters, Bushes and Plants, River, and Epic Monsters.

Jungle Monsters

This is the life source of a Jungler, every jungler must kill and farm these monsters to get stronger and continue the game. Some junglers can easily kill these and for some, it proves to be a challenge.  The jungle consists of many different camps on both sides of the map including:

  • Raptors: A set of one big and seven small vicious chicken creatures.
  • Krugs: One big and one small boulder, they break into smaller boulders when they die.
  • Red Buff: A strong moss monster, that gives the player a buff once killed.
  • Wolves: Three wolves, one big and two small ones.
  • Gromp: A big toad that does ranged attacks.
  • Blue Buff: A giant monster made of stone, gives the player a buff when killed.
  • Scuttle Crap: A harmless monster in the river, it gives vision and healing when killed.

Bushes And Plants

The twisted pathways of the jungle are filled with large and small bushes that spread everywhere. Moreover, the placements of bushes are different in all 4 corners of the map. Additionally, the jungle and river have three kinds of Plants: Blast Cones, Vision Plants, and Honey Fruits.


There is a large river spanning the whole map, separating the two sides of the jungle. It goes all the way from Bot lane to Top lane, with a gap in the middle for Mid lane. Moreover, all three of the epic monsters spawn in the Jungle. Furthermore, many of the team fights happen here due to objective control.

Epic Monsters

There are four Epic Monsters: Dragon, Elder Dragon, Rift Herald, and Baron Nashor.

  • Dragon: The weakest of all jungle monsters. There are 7 types of dragons that spawn randomly. Each dragon type provides a different permanent buff to the whole team when slain.
  • Elder Dragon: After all dragon types are slain, the Elder Dragon spawns. When defeated, it grants one of the strongest buffs in the game to the entire team.
  • Rift Herald: Can be killed and then used to destroy enemy structures.
  • Baron Nashor: The most potent and essential buff. Defeating Baron Nashor grants a powerful team and minion buff, making it easier to destroy the enemy base.
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