Jungle Tier List: Ranking All Junglers [Feb. 2023]

The jungle can be a confusing place, even in League of Legends. Let us help you decide what jungler to pick through this jungle tier list.

After previously ranking all of the champions in the Mid Lane tier list, folks here at eXputer have now diverted our attention to ranking the Best Junglers in the current meta. So, strap on because we’re going for a joyride through the best and worst of the dangerous Jungle in this Jungle Tier List.

Key Highlights
  • League of Legends offers up to 150 fighting units altogether, out of which building a team of five is instructed. 
  • The entire horde is spread across five major playing types–Top lane, Jungle, Mid Rank, Bottom, and Support, out of which 25 are dedicated Junglers in the game
  • We rank these Junglers based on each unit’s all-around performance after LoL’s latest buffs and nerfs.

  • League of Legends Junglers that stand out from the rest include Kayn, Bel’Veth, Diana, Fiddlesticks, and Master Yi. 
  • These top-ranked characters are currently the best for their specific Jungle Lane role and pack a higher chance of success for both new and experienced players. 

  • Lee Sin, Hecarim, Karthus, Viego, and Graves, on the other hand, offer just a 46% success rate and, ultimately, the worst LoL Jungling experience that everyone dreads.  
  • Avoid these characters if you want to excel while Jungling in the League of Legends.

The term “Jungler” refers to a role in League of Legends, “Summoner’s Rift” game mode. Unlike Top laner, Mid laner, etc. The role Jungler does not have a lane reserved for it. Instead, they exist in the space between the top, middle, and bottom lanes. They farm jungle monsters, get vision and objectives, but most importantly, gank their teammate’s lanes to help them win. It is arguably the hardest role in League.

Jungle Tier List Characters Ranking Table
S-Tier Kayn, Bel’Veth, Diana, Fiddlesticks, Master Yi
A-TierTrundle, Rengar, Volibear, Elise, Rammus
B-TierGragas, Olaf, Nunu And Willump, Shyvana, Amumu
C-TierIvern, Udyr, Mordekaiser, Wukong, Skarner
D-TierLee Sin, Hecarim, Karthus, Viego, Graves


S Tier
The ultimate Junglers

The champions here in the S Tier of our jungle tier list are the ultimate junglers of the current meta. Moreover, due to some buffs to them or to the items they use, or many other possible reasons. They are currently the best at what they do. They have one of the highest win rates in the whole game. If you want to climb while jungling, these are the champions to consider using. 

Master Yi

Master Yi is an auto-attack-based champion. All of his damage comes from the hundreds of fast-paced true damage autos he can quickly deliver. We might go as far as to say that he has always been one of the best auto-heavy junglers. Therefore, seeing how auto-attack champions have been on the strong side recently. It should not be a surprise to anyone that Master Yi is in the S-Tier.

Master Yi is among the most beginner-friendly and easy-to-play champions. However, despite being so simple, he does have a high skill cap. And experienced players can do wonders with him using only the auto-attack-heavy kit that is seemingly bland. Moreover, the timely usage of his Q to dodge cc among other things can turn the tide of battle.

Additionally, Master Yi’s W provides damage reduction, self-healing, and a reset to his auto-attack passive. This skill takes time to get used to. Furthermore, Mater Yi is one of the best champions to learn jungling on as his kit teaches you a lot of things. He is a mechanically easy champion giving you time to learn and focus on the objectives, team, and map.

  • Master Yi’s Q: Teaches you the importance of timely usage of abilities. Saving your Q for just the right moment is the key difference between a good Master Yi and a bad one.
  • Master Yi’s W: First-hand experience on damage reduction and auto-attack resets. Also shows that patience is key and waiting for your abilities to come back up is always necessary.
  • Master Yi’s E: Shows the difference between how passive and active abilities.
  • Master Yi’s R: Provides buffs to many stats including movement speed and attack speed.


  • Recent buffs have provided him with the ability to apply On-hit effects when using his Q. This was not previously the case. Additionally, this buff has had quite an impact on his performance as he has tons of On-hit effects.
  • Once Master Yi gets ahead, there is absolutely no stopping him. He can obliterate entire enemy teams in seconds and easily carry games.
  • The main weakness for Yi is cc but as his Ultimate makes him immune to slows, only hard cc needs to be dealt with. Giving you a lot less to think about.
  • Teamfighting with Master Yi can be a golden opportunity if you wait for everyone to have used their cc. Once enemies are low and vulnerable, Yi is the best champion to clean up and stack Penta kills after Penta kills.


  • He is extremely weak in the early game.
  • Master Yi is extremely reliant on his usage of items.
  • Hard to come back if they have cc, and you are left behind.
  • Yi has many hard counters like Rammus and Amumu.


Fiddlesticks is a ranged mage jungler with excellent jungling abilities and team fight potential. Moreover, he received a complete rework some while ago and got updated according to the current league meta. The rework kept his core features while also updating everything and it was generally well-received by players.

Furthermore, after his rework, he has had his ups and downs but currently, Fiddlesticks is one of the best champions in the jungle.


  • Amazing speed at clearing the jungle camps.
  • Simple champion, the only thing to focus on is the usage of his ultimate.
  • Never gets low while jungling due to insane healing with W.
  • One of the best power spikes after unlocking his ultimate.
  • Ultimate can completely change the outcome of team fights dealing devastating damage while also fearing everyone hit.
  • Passive provides with great vision of the whole jungle.


  • He has no dashes (ultimate only works as an engage tool) or other abilities to help him escape.
  • Not very good in the early game and is prone to invasion from enemy junglers.
  • He cannot do anything pre-6 without his ultimate.
  • His ultimate takes a while to do and can get interrupted by cc.


Diana is an AP assassin with extreme burst potential. She can one-shot almost anybody in late-game. Moreover, she has excellent engage tools in her kit with her Q E R combo. This combo can obliterate anyone caught in the area.

Additionally, it deals even more damage for every extra person hit by her R. Diana is an extremely strong champion in the current meta earning her a spot in the S-Tier.


  • Great at picking people when they are out of position or alone.
  • Insane burst damage. Additionally, no one can escape her with the gap closer Q E combo getting a reset on E and being able to perform a double dash.
  • One of the best Assassins that also have engage tools.
  • Can reveal champions by hitting them with Q’s moonlight.


  • She is very squishy because all she builds is complete ability power.
  • Can be countered easily.


Bel’Veth is one of the most recently released champions. She is a very auto-heavy champion with her attack speed scaling infinitely. Moreover, she has so many dashes with her 4 Qs and Ultimate resets. Bel’Veth can do true damage so she is good against tanks as well.

Overall she is just a blast to play with. Additionally, like all attack speed/on-hit champions, she is top-tier in the current meta.


  • Excellent snowball potential with her attack speed scaling infinitely she can just keep getting stronger.
  • Very high damage potential and a major threat to the enemies in team fights.
  • She can easily carry and has 1v9 potential.
  • She can 100 to 0 anyone in seconds. Moreover, even tanks aren’t a problem due to her true damage.
  • Additionally, Bel’Veth can gank very effectively with non-ultimate/pre-6 cc in her kit.


  • She is susceptible to invades as she cannot hold her own early game.
  • Once she gets behind it is very hard to come back.
  • Can get bursted very easily.
  • Bel’Veth is very weak against cc. Therefore, try to go in after all enemy ccs have been used in the team fight.


Kayn is one of THE most junglers in the game. In addition to that, he is also one of the strongest. He has always had excellent clear. And with the ability to change forms, no game ever feels boring. Because you always have a different experience when playing him.

Kayn can go into Rhaast form and become an absolute 1v9 monster. Or he can become a nightmare for squishes through Shadow Assassin form.


  • Excellent flexibility, he always has a way to turn the game around due to forms.
  • His jungle clear is one of the best in the whole game.
  • He has a lot of dashes on low cool down with his Qs and can go into walls with his E.
  • Kayn can be everywhere all the time with his amazing mobility in the blue form.
  • Additionally, he can burst down anyone with that form.
  • Kayn can also be a raid boss monster that soaks up all the damage and still doesn’t die.
  • He can do anything the team needs him to do.


  • Kayn has a high-skill cap. Consequently, it can take a lot of time to get down the form mechanics and understand when to pick and how to play both forms.
  • Kayn is very weak before he gets one of the two forms. Therefore, you should avoid any battles if possible when in basic form
  • Shadow Assasin falls off as the game goes on his burst potential becomes not much of a threat if they get to the same level as you.
  • Rhaast is easily kiteable.

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A Tier Jungle Tier List
The junglers in A Tier are one of the best

The A Tier of our jungle tier list consists of those champions that are extremely good but not quite at the top. Moreover, some of these champions are here because they are counters to those in S Tier. And some are here for the same reasons as those in S Tier.

Whatever the case, these junglers are extremely good and viable in the current meta and should be considered when looking to climb or even just enjoy the game.

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Rammus is a tank champion with lots of mobility. He can get to a level of armor rarely seen in the game due to his W. His W buffs his armor by a percentage and then deals damage to the enemies attacking, according to how much armor Rammus has.

Moreover, Rammus is the greatest counter to all auto-heavy champions. With each auto they do, he deals more damage to his enemies than he takes.

Considering that Rammus is the biggest counter to all Auto attack/Attack Speed champions. It is not a  surprise to see him at the top of the A Tier when such champions are thriving. Furthermore, whenever any of the auto-attack champions are viable in the meta, you will always see Rammus somewhere at the top as well.

He is just that good of a counter. He can catch anyone with Q, taunt into attacking him with E, and deal insane damage with W while taking none.


  • A counter to the current meta of attack speed champs.
  • Excellent at ganking. Q provides insane movement speed. Additionally, his R can jump him over any terrain.
  • No one can escape him if he gets a hold of you.
  • One of the highest armors in the game.


  • Takes time to build a lot of armor and get going.
  • Cannot do much if the enemies decide to ignore him.
  • Can never carry even if he is very far ahead.


Elise is a ranged/melee AP jungler. She has two forms, one is ranged and one is melee. Elise has great burst potential and juggling abilities. Additionally, she can counter auto-heavy melee champions so she is great in the current jungle.


  • Very good at ganking even in the early game.
  • Does not lose much health doing jungle camps. Therefore, she is always ready for a fight.
  • Deals percentage max hp damage so she can even do significant damage to tanks.
  • Very mobile champions, can easily go in and go out through E.


  • Elise is very hard to master, as she has multiple forms and completely different abilities in each form.
  • Cannot survive when behind.
  • Needs to get to her items to do any significant damage.
  • Susceptible to counter ganking.
  • Squishy.


Volibear is a tanky champion. Additionally, he can deal more damage than most tanks, especially in the early game. He can out-damage even assassins pre-mid game. His tankiness and early shut-down potential are currently useful in the Jungle as he is a very high win rate jungler right now.


  • Extremely strong damage in the early to mid-game.
  • Volibear can turn off enemy Turrets with his ultimate making dives extremely easy.
  • Great at ganking. Q provides good movement speed. Additionally, his R can jump him over terrain while also turning off turrets.
  • Very good sustain with W max health based heals.
  • Very strong in long fights due to passive getting stacked and W mark.


  • Falls off very hard going into the late game.
  • Even if he is snowballing. Volibear cannot carry if the enemies stall out till late game.
  • Susceptible to getting kited.
  • Extremely weak against ranged champions. Because he can only do what he does once he is up in the enemies’ face.


Rengar is an attack damage assassin. He is one of the scariest champions in the game. Moreover, despite being an assassin, a good Rengar can absolutely demolish whole teams if fighting in the jungle. He is currently one of the good junglers in the meta.


  • Very high snowball potential. Cannot be stopped once he gets ahead (If the player is good).
  • Extremely high skill-cap. A good Rengar will make you disappear before you even notice he was there.
  • Rengar makes the life of squishy champions a living hell. Moreover, he can chase them down with his ultimate if they ever try to run.


  • Needs the presence of bushes to do his thing.
  • Rengar is very hard to master.
  • Can easily throw games if you don’t know what you’re doing. As it is difficult to know what to do in late-game.


Trundle is a tanky champion who is also very auto-attack-heavy. Like all other auto-heavy junglers, he is good in the current meta.


  • Excellent split-pushing potential. Demolishes turrets in an instant.
  • Very good sustain during juggling due to his passive and W.
  • Steals the stats of tanks and gets stronger and tankier. Additionally, also makes them weaker and easy to kill.
  • Flexible champion, he can be played in many places. Moreover, he is good all the way from early to late game.
  • Can provide great peel using his E.
  • Very good at securing any kind of objectives. Whether it be epic monsters, turrets, or inhibitors. Also can 1v1 almost anyone by reducing their attack damage through Q. Furthermore, stealing their stats with R.


  • Not very good at ganking.
  • Needs items to do his thing.
  • Trundle doesn’t have much cc in his kit.
  • No dashes or escape abilities.


B Tier Jungle Tier List
The junglers in B Tier are mediocre

The champions in the B Tier of this jungler tier list are mediocre. They are neither too go great nor too bad. They can be useful in tons of situations. However, they do not bring anything new to the table that top-tier champions cannot already do.

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Amumu is very similar to Rammus. He is a tank that is also a counter to auto-attack champions. His E passive can reduce any damage taken by all autos hit.

Additionally, his E cooldown gets reduced when he is hit by autos. He is good in the current meta but not as good as Rammus at the same job. That is the reason Rammus is in the A Tier and Amumu is in B.


  • A counter to the current meta of attack speed champs.
  • He can do fantastic ganks. His Q provides him with 2 very long gap closers. Therefore, he can use one to get into the lane over terrain and the second to hit the enemy.
  • No one can escape him if he gets a hold of you.
  • Very tanky.
  • Very good at team fights as his ultimate can stun entire teams.
  • Excellent engage with Q and Ultimate.


  • Takes time to build a lot of armor and get going.
  • Amumu cannot do much except his ultimate if the enemies decide to ignore him.
  • Can never carry even if he is very far ahead.


Shyvana is an ability power champion that also revolves around her autos. Moreover, There are two ways to play Shyvana: E Max AP Build and Auto Based Bruiser. With the E max build you can do devastating damage from very far away.

However, you are useless until you hit 6 and unlock the ultimate form. Additionally, with the bruiser build, you can be an auto-heavy champion that also has significant heath.


  • She can deal a lot of damage to objectives and always secure objectives, especially when using the bruiser build.
  • The AP build can single-handedly win team fights for your team.
  • Shyvana is a simple champion. There is nothing much to remember and do in terms of mechanically intensive combos and such.


  • She needs items to do anything.
  • Weak early.
  • Useless without ultimate.
  • Hard to make a comeback.

Nunu And Willump

Nunu and Willump is an AP tank. He has excellent engage and good sustain. Moreover, he is a simple champion with a very good map presence. He is a mediocre choice in the current meta.


  • Amazing engage with his W snowball.
  • Snowball also provides very high movement speed and nunu can gank any lane at any time if enemies are not paying attention.
  • Excellent sustain through Q.
  • Very good clear speed.
  • A lot of cc.
  • Big AOE damage with ultimate.


  • Not the best tank and neither the best damage dealer, he is kind of in the middle.
  • Ultimate can very easily get interrupted and takes too long to charge.
  • Cannot move during Ultimate.
  • W can miss easily.
  • Nunu And Willump’s Q does not heal him on champion hits.
  • Not very good at much except CCing the enemy.


Olaf recently received some changes that turned him into more of a top laner than a jungle (which was his previous main role). He is a lifesteal/sustain bruiser that also has a fairly high attack speed. Olaf is an okay champion in the jungle.


  • Ultimate stops him from getting CCD making him absolutely unstoppable, literally.
  • Bamboozles enemies as he gets stronger and stronger when getting lower health.
  • Can break out of any scenarios due to ultimate.
  • Very strong in 1v1s.


  • Not great in team fights.
  • Weak and kite-able late game.
  • Ganks are not very good.
  • Doesn’t provide much for the team.
  • Zero hard ccs.


Gragas is an AP mage with an extremely high-skill cap.


  • A good Grags can make insane plays.
  • Very high burst potential.
  • Displaces and dispositions entire teams through his ultimate.
  • Good jungler clear and sustain.


  • Very hard to get good with him.
  • Not the best at taking objectives.


C Tier
The junglers in C Tier are pretty bad

The C tier of our jungle tier list consists of champions that are considered fairly bad in the current meta. Players are advised to stay away from these champions for the time being. However, they can get good again if they get some changes or buffs.

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League of Legends balancing team has tried to make him viable several times. And it works for a while. However, eventually, he always goes back to the same place where he is pretty boring and unviable. Additionally, he feels out of place in the game.


  • Good clear with his Q and W. Additionally he recovers any mana and health lost when inside his passive zone.
  • His ultimate can easily target and kill their strongest carry.
  • Good map awareness is a requirement when playing Skarner, due to his passive.


  • He is a unique champion and quite difficult to understand for new players.
  • Not good at taking objectives.
  • Weak outside his passive zones.
  • Can get into uncomfortable situations trying to obtain passive.
  • Not good at anything except targeting enemy carries.


Wukong got a mini rework and became an S Tier champion in both the top lane and jungle. However, he was too good as he got nerfed pretty hard making him into a C Tier jungler.


  • Very good at team fights, can do big damage, and cc entire teams.
  • Can make good plays with his clone dash, E dash, and ultimate.
  • Excellent at split pushing and in 1v1 or 1v2 scenarios.


  • Got nerfed pretty hard and is not much good anymore.


Mordekaiser is mainly a top laner. However, he can do fairly well in Jungler as well ever since the patch where top laners received jungle buffs.


  • Amazing carry potential.
  • Good clear and sustain.
  • Can ultimate and take anyone to Brazil if they are hard to deal with for your team.
  • Very good at team fighting dealing insane AOE damage.


  • Not very good at ganking.
  • Zero dashes or any mobility.
  • Not much cc except E which is hard to hit.
  • Basically lacks the 2 main skills required to be a jungler.


Udyr is hanging by a very brittle thread that is about to break. We say that because his rework is just around the corner so we suggest you wait for the rework and then start playing him again. Old Udyr is not much to brag about anymore.


  • Very unique champion. Has extremely low CDs on all abilities.
  • Good at ganking.
  • Very flexible, can be built in 3+ different ways.


  • Just wait for his long-awaited rework, he is not at his best currently.


Ivern is also a very unique champion. In fact, he is one of the most unique champions in the whole game. Ivern is a jungle, whose job is killing monsters, yet he cannot deal damage to any of the jungle camps. Consequently, due to his unique status, only the few people very good at him can do much with him. Rest are respectfully advised to stand clear.


  • Very good support for the carries.
  • Great ganks, good at catching people with his Q.
  • Can bamboozle people with his W bushes.
  • Additionally, Ivern can share the buffs he takes with any other laners.


  • Extremely hard to find people that are actually very good with Ivern.
  • Can’t do much on his own.
  • Very slow at killing Dragon.
  • Don’t even think about soloing Baron.
  • He is a great support but cannot do much if you don’t have a great carry.

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D Tier
The junglers in D Tier are the absolute worst

This is the last place in our ranking of junglers. The D tier contains those champions which are considered to be unplayable at the moment. Moreover. All of these champions have a ~46% win rate at the moment.

A 46% win rate means that if you pick these champions in a ranked game, the next 30 minutes will be one of the worst experiences of your life. Additionally, you and your family will be sent death threats by your allies. 


Graves used to be one of the best junglers in the entire game. His damage was nuts and he was one of the best champs to carry with while in the jungle category. However, all good things must come to an end and he surely did. He got nerfed into oblivion and he is now at the bottom tier.


  • Insane damage output.
  • Very good at snowballing.
  • Can easily carry games when ahead.
  • Excellent clear as he does not even let the jungle monsters hit him with knockbacks from passive.


  • No hard cc.
  • Squishy and easily burstable if focused.
  • Got nerfed into oblivion.


Viego is also an auto attack/attack speed champion. But unlike the other ones, he is at the bottom for one sole reason. Riot games decided they want vendetta from him for having the worst Lore event ever.


  • Can always make a comeback because he possesses and becomes the enemy champions.
  • Can 1v1 most other champions.


  • Very bad at the moment.
  • 45% win rate.


Karthus is an AP mage in the jungle. He is hard to pull off but has good carry potential.


  • Ultimate does global damage to all enemies.
  • Good clear.


  • No hard cc.
  • Q is very hard to land. While also being the only source of damage.
  • Very hard to play him well.
  • Bad gank potential.


Hecarim is a neglected bruiser/tank. He can be extremely good if given the slightest amount of care but instead he is left to rot here at the bottom.


  • Excellent engage tools.
  • Good ganks.
  • Can easily pick any enemy caught out of position.
  • Good at clearing camps.


  • All of his stats are too low.
  • Does too little damage.
  • Doesn’t do a good job at anything he is designed to do, needs attention, changes and buffs.
  • 45% win rate.

Lee Sin

Lee Sin is one of the highest-skill cap champions. Most of the players in League of Legends agree that he can make the flashiest of plays. However, he is currently very weak.


  • Can make insane plays.
  • Easily invade the enemy jungle.
  • Performs good ganks and dives.


  • It takes a lot of time to be a good Lee Sin player.
  • Prone to mistakes like taking a Q at the wrong time or misplacing ward jump.
  • In dire need of some buffs.
  • Win rate is 46%.

Summoner’s Rift

Summoner’s Rift is a fighting arena where all the champions and “Legends” from around the world come to fight and make a name for themselves. It is cannon in the League of Legends Universe. Moreover, All of the champions in League are here in Summoner’s Rift for one reason or another, whether it be gold, fame or even to find their loved ones.

The map consists of 3 different lanes: Top, Mid, and Bot. Additionally, in between each lane, there is a collection of different jungle monsters, bushes, and twisted pathways known as the Jungle. Each of these lanes has its champions specific to its roles. One Toplaner, one Midlaner, two Players in Bot (ADC and Support), and one Jungler.

The objective of Summoner’s Rift is quite simple. Both the teams consisting of 5 players, working together as explained in the above-described roles, fight each other to gain the upper hand. All to destroy the enemy teams Nexus.

Furthermore, Summoner’s rift consists of jungle monsters, buffs, structures (Turrets, Inhibitors), and epic monsters such as the Baron Nashor and Dragon. All of these are essential to take control of in order to win the game.

The reason for all of this information and in-depth explanation is that Summoner’s Rift is the most important game mode. The major matches, such as ranked and pro-play, are all done on this map. Consequently, it is the most popular map of all, and almost every tier list and ranking is specifically made for this map.

Similarly, this tier list ranking all the Jungle Champions is also focused only on their tiers in the Summoner’s Rift game mode. Another tier list you might be interested in is Raid Shadow Legends Tier List.

The Jungle

As previously stated, the Jungle is a large collection of all kinds of Jungle Monsters, Bushes and Plants, River, and Epic Monsters.

Jungle Monsters

This is the life source of a Jungler, every jungler must kill and farm these monsters to get stronger and continue the game. Some junglers can easily kill these and for some, it proves to be a challenge.  The jungle consists of many different camps on both sides of the map including:

  • Raptors: A set of one big and seven small vicious chicken creatures.
  • Krugs: One big and one small boulder, they break into smaller boulders when they die.
  • Red Buff: A strong moss monster, that gives the player a buff once killed.
  • Wolves: Three wolves, one big and two small ones.
  • Gromp: A big toad that does ranged attacks.
  • Blue Buff: A giant monster made of stone, gives the player a buff when killed.
  • Scuttle Crap: A harmless monster in the river, it gives vision and healing when killed.

Bushes And Plants

The twisted pathways of the jungle are filled with large and small bushes that spread everywhere. Moreover, the placements of bushes are different in all 4 corners of the map. Additionally, the jungle and river have three kinds of Plants: Blast Cones, Vision Plants, and Honey Fruits.


There is a large river spanning the whole map, separating the two sides of the jungle. It goes all the way from Bot lane to Top lane, with a gap in the middle for Mid lane. Moreover, all three of the epic monsters spawn in the Jungle. Furthermore, many of the team fights happen here due to objective control.

Epic Monsters

There are four Epic Monsters: Dragon, Elder Dragon, Rift Herald, and Baron Nashor.

  • Dragon: Weakest of all the jungle monsters. There are 7 types of dragons that spawn randomly through rng. All of them provide different permanent buffs to the whole team when slain.
  • Elder Dragon: Once all the dragons are slain, The Elder Dragon spawns, when he is slain as well, one of the strongest buffs in the entire game is awarded to the whole team.
  • Rift Herald: Can easily be killed and then used to destroy enemy structures.
  • Baron Nashor: The strongest and most important buff of all. He can buff your team and your minions. Killing the Baron and getting his buff makes destroying the enemy base much, much easier.

Jungle Tier List Criteria

Now that you have looked through our Jungle Tier List, you might agree with our rankings. Or it is completely possible that you might disagree with some. Because there is always a bit of difference in opinion and playstyle when it comes to tier lists.

Moreover, you might like some champions that have been placed in the Low Tiers and you might dislike some champions placed high above in the S tier. Likewise, it is more than feasible that you are confused about some of the rankings given by us.

To clear all of this confusion, we have made this section explaining all the thought and research that went into this ranking and also the means used to measure the overall effectiveness of each champion.

Additionally, each of the champions in this tier list has been placed in their specific tier after being compared and judged according to their ganking skills, carry potential, team fight effectiveness, and win rate in each rank (i.e win rates are drastically different between silver/bronze and platinum/diamond), and any recent buffs and nerfs that have made them better or worse.

Furthermore, If you are still wondering how your favorite champion is placed in a low tier. While you might have a good success rate with them. It can be because you are in the minority that is actually quite good with that specific champion.

These tier lists are made while keeping the average player in mind. People who are very good with certain champions might still remain good with them even after they are nerfed. We hope this tier list criteria explanation has cleared up any previous questions you had regarding our ranking. 

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