Top Lane Tier List: BEST Top Laners [Version 14.6]

A detailed tier list of all top laners ranked from best to worst according to the current League of Legends meta.

After previously ranking the complete roster of the League of Legends tier list and the Mid Lane tier list, folks here at eXputer have now diverted our attention to ranking the Best Top Laners in the current meta. So, strap on because we’re going for a joyride through the best and worst of the top lane in this Top Lane Tier List.

Key Highlights
  • League of Legends fans get up to 163 total fighting heroes, of which they are supposed to build a team of five. 
  • The character caste is divided into five major playing types–Top lane, Jungle, Mid Rank, Bottom, and Support, out of which over 50 serve the Top Lane role.
  • We rank only the best of these Top Laners based on the overall value each one has shown after LoL’s latest buffs and nerfs.

  • League of Legends Top Laner that truly excel in our ranking criteria compared to the rest include Wukong, Mordekaiser, Fiora, and Darius

  • Irelia, Renekton, Sylas, and Teemo, on the other hand, pack a pretty shallow success rate (less than 50%) and ultimately the worst LoL Top Laning experience that everyone dreads. 

All Top Laners And Comparison

Here all Top Laners are sorted by their stats and compared to each other.

CharactersClassAttack DamageAttack RangeHealthArmorMove Speed
Dr. MundoJuggernaut61.0125.0613.032.0345.0

Our Tier List Picks

Top Lane Tier List Characters Ranking Table
Tiers Top Laners
S-Tier  Wukong, Mordekaiser, Fiora, Darius, Dr. Mundo
A-Tier Nasus, Ornn, Garen, Olaf, Aatrox, Riven, Malphite, Kayle
B-Tier Yorick, Rengar, Zac, Camile, Jax, Pantheon
C-Tier Vladimir, Sion, Sett
D-Tier Irelia, Renekton, Sylas, Teemo


S Tier
S Tier

The following champions have been placed in the S Tier after comparing them to all other top lane champions. The reason for this decision is that they are the best-performing champions in the current meta. Moreover, they are the most dominant in the top lane with the highest win rates of all top laners. You should try giving one of these top laners a chance if you are a top laner, currently struggling to climb.

Darius A dominant lane bully with high early game strength and great team fighting potential. His passive “Hemorrhage” allows him to deal significant damage and remain tanky.
Fiora A hypermobile duelist with high outplay potential. Fiora excels in prolonged fights and can win almost any duel if played correctly. However, she is matchup and composition-dependent, struggling against ranged champions and certain jungler matchups.
Mordekaiser A powerful Juggernaut with strong dueling capabilities. Mordekaiser’s ultimate ability allows him to 1v1 almost anyone and potentially 1v2 when ganked. He benefits from resistance changes and excels in prolonged fights.
Shen A team-oriented top laner with a global ultimate ability. Shen can directly impact other lanes and turn the tide of battles with his surprise appearances. He provides utility and protection for his team, making him reliable in the current meta.
Wukong Received a rework that elevated him to the S-Tier in both top lane and jungle roles. He became more versatile with increased damage output and survivability. Wukong excels in team fights and has a strong laning phase against many matchups.
Dr. Mundo Known for his exceptional damage output and sustain in the top lane. Dr. Mundo’s high damage potential combined with his sustain and mobility make him a formidable opponent. He can easily take down bulky late-game champions and remains strong throughout the game.


A Tier - Top Lane Tier List
A Tier

All of the top laners in A Tier have win rates higher than 50%, and they are currently considered to be quite powerful. Although they might not be the best of the best like the ones in the S tier, these champions still prove useful in many situations, such as team fights, dueling, map control, split pushing, etc.

Furthermore, if you are already familiar with any of these top laners and you know how to play them, remember their combos, priorities, strengths, and weaknesses. Additionally, you have not tried or are not comfortable with any of the champions in the S tier.

Then the top laners in the A tier that you are familiar with may even be better and prove more useful in climbing than the unknown ones with more win rate. 

Aatrox A powerful lane bully with long-range abilities and strong sustain. Aatrox can out-sustain most opponents and provides strong crowd control with knockups. However, he falls off in the late game and is susceptible to crowd control.
Olaf Recently shifted from the jungle to top lane, Olaf is a strong early and mid-game champion with high 1v2 potential. He excels as a frontliner and has decent poke and trading abilities. However, he struggles to come back if behind and falls off later in the game.
Garen An easy-to-learn tanky champion with high damage potential. Garen is mobile, tanky, and poses a threat to opponents, especially in the early and mid-game. However, he lacks crowd control and is susceptible to kiting by ranged champions.
Ornn Full tank top laner with crowd control and upgrade capabilities. Ornn provides a beefy frontline and engages team fights effectively with his ultimate. However, he can run out of mana in lane and is weak against poke champions.
Nasus Late-game scaling champion who excels at stacking his Q ability. Nasus becomes incredibly strong as the game progresses and provides good sustain and crowd control. However, he struggles in the early game and can be shut down by crowd control.
Riven An incredibly rewarding but challenging champion with high mobility and damage potential. Riven excels in skilled hands but requires practice to master. However, she lacks sustain and true mixed damage, making her reliant on combos for success.
Malphite Tanky top laner with strong engage potential and durability. Malphite is easy to handle and provides reliable crowd control in team fights. However, he sacrifices early lane dominance for late-game impact and may struggle against certain matchups.
Kayle Late-game hyper carry who has recently risen in popularity. Kayle offers decent early gameplay and excels as a late-game damage dealer with high mobility. Her ultimate ability provides life-saving utility, but she may struggle in the early game against aggressive opponents.


B Tier - Top Lane Tier List
B Tier

B-Tier top laners have around a 50% win rate. They are neither too good nor too bad. We would not recommend that you try to climb with any of these champions if you are not already familiar with them.

However, if you have a good amount of first-hand experience and mastery points with them one of these is your main. In that case, the win rate and tier may be irrelevant to you.

Jax Jax becomes highly powerful in the late game and excels in extended fights. However, he struggles if he falls behind and can be hard-countered by certain top laners. He requires good knowledge of matchups and can be weak against crowd control.
Camille Camille is a strong split pusher and duelist with good gank setup potential. She excels in 1v1s and can deal true damage to tanks. However, she lacks tankiness and can be focused down by the enemy team if she uses her dash aggressively. She has a learning curve and struggles if behind.
Zac Zac has strong crowd control and is difficult to dive under turret. He scales well and can be helpful even when behind. However, he lacks early game potential in 1v1 situations and relies on teammates for damage. He can fit into any team composition but has some counters in team fights.
Rengar Rengar is a flexible bully option in the top lane, excelling at split pushing and roams with his ultimate. He can survive burst damage with his W and is strong in 1v1s if he gets ahead. However, he struggles if behind and relies heavily on bushes for his kit. He also has difficulties with sieging and dives without bushes.
Yorick Yorick is a high-damage bruiser and the best split pusher in the game. He has snowball potential and exceptional objective control. However, he lacks mobility and can be frustrating to play against due to bugs and pet interactions. He is difficult to master and weak when behind.
Pantheon Pantheon has high early burst damage and is difficult to counter in the laning phase. He can roam effectively with his ultimate and is a powerful lane bully. However, he relies on early game strength and struggles in team fights. He can be easily ganked due to his aggressive playstyle and lacks scaling against tanks.


C Tier
C Tier

Having a win rate of less than 50% the C-Tier champions considered to be bad in the League of Legends community. Moreover, playing any champions having this win rate is frowned upon by teammates, especially in ranked games. We do not recommend playing any of these champions in ranked because they obviously need some buffs or changes.

Sett Currently weak in the meta, struggles against ranged matchups and lacks early-game mobility.
Sion Tank with high base damage and health, good engagement potential, but vulnerable to kiting and crowd control.
Vladimir Distinctive for healing abilities, weak early game, susceptible to being countered, needs buffs for viability.


D Tier
D Tier

The D tier is specifically made for top laners that are considered to be almost unplayable in the current meta. They have a win rate significantly below 50%, and picking them in ranked is almost a guarantee that you will not be having a fun time. 

Teemo Weak in the current meta, struggles in top lane matchups, requires aggressive playstyle for success.
Sylas Late-game potential but lacks strength in top and mid lanes due to burst vulnerability and mana issues.
Renekton Proficient at farming but struggles defensively in early game stages, recent nerfs have made him unplayable.
Irelia High potential for outplays but weak in late game if behind, requires high mechanics and minion management.

Top Lane Tier List Criteria

Top Lane Tier List Criteria
Tier List Criteria

Whether you agree or disagree with our Top Lane Tier List, differences in opinion and playstyle are natural. You might have preferences for champions placed lower or dislike those in higher tiers. To clarify our rankings, we considered factors like difficulty, lane win rate, team fight effectiveness, and win rates across different ranks. Recent buffs or nerfs also influenced placements.

Each champion’s tier reflects a comparison based on these criteria. It’s essential to note that tier lists cater to the average player, and individual success may vary. If your favorite champion is in a lower tier, your personal proficiency with them might still yield success, especially if you excel with that specific champion.

More League of Legends tier list: League of Legends Ultimate Spellbook Tier List.

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