League of Legends Mid Lane Tier List [All Ranked]

Our mid lane tier list of League of Legends ranks the best champions you should start using for mid lane role in the game to dominate.

There are more than 140 champions in League of Legends, and we have listed 60 characters for mid lane only. Our tier list ranks the best legends that are a better fit for the playstyle you may be looking for in Mid Lane.

Our tier list aligns perfectly with the changes to the Mid Lane Characters in the latest patch Update 14.7.

Key Highlights
  • League of Legends Mid Lane offers 60 character choices.
  • Mid Lane characters are ranked based on overall performance reliability, AoE control, and the latest buffs and nerfs.
  • Top-performing Mid Lane characters in League of Legends include Veigar, Zed, Yasuo, and Ahri.
  • Characters to avoid for a better game experience are Azir, Lucian, Seraphine, Gangplank, Karthus, and Renekton.

All Mid Lane Characters And Comparison

Let’s have a quick look at all the LoL Mid Lane characters along with their stats:

CharactersClassAttack DamageAttack RangeHealthArmorMove Speed
XerathArtillery 55.0525.0596.022.0340.0
ZileanSpecialist 52.0550.0574.024.0335.0
Aurelion SolBattlemage55.0550.0620.022.0325.0
Vel’KozArtillery 55.0525.0590.022.0340.0
TryndamereSkirmisher 72.0125.0696.033.0345.0
JayceArtillery 57.0125.0590.022.0335.0
ZiggsArtillery 54.0550.0606.022.0325.0
Twisted FateBurst52.0525.0604.021.0330.0
LucianMarksman 60.0500.0641.028.0335.0
AzirSpecialist 52.0525.0622.019.0335.0
GangplankSpecialist 64.0125.0600.031.0345.0

Tier List Picks

Here is what are tier list looks like:

League of Legends Mid Lane Champions Ranking Table 
Tiers Champions
S Plus Tier Veigar, Yone, Zed, Yasuo, and Ahri
S-Tier Katarina, Akali, Lux, Viktor, Vex, Kassadin, Qiyana, Akshan, Sylas, and Naafiri
A-Tier  Xerath, Zilean, Malzahar, Fizz, Anivia, Kled, Zoe, LeBlanc, Vladmir, Irelia, Galio, Cassiopeia, Pantheon, Kennen, and Lissandra
B-Tier  Talon, Syndra, Orianna, Diana, Annie, Aurelion Sol, Cho’Gath, Singed, Vel’Koz, Ekko, Taliyah, Tryndamere, Kayle, Rumble, and Corki
C-Tier  Heimerdinger, Swain, Jayce, Ziggs, Twisted Fate, Malphite, Brand, Ryze, and Neeko
D-Tier  Lucian, Azir, Seraphine, Gangplank, Karthus, and Renekton

S-Plus Tier

All legends in our S-Plus list are the top-tier mid lane legends in the game. They have good control AoE and are far superior to the rest of the mid lane character roster in the game. Pick these characters if you want to dominate the mid lane game in League of Legends.

mid lane tier list
S-Plus Tier Mid lane


Ahri is by far the best champion for a mid lane in League of Legends. Her reliable summoner spells, runes, and dynamic builds compliment her position as a top character of choice for mid lane in the game. Currently, her pick rate is 16%, and win rate is nearly 53%.


If we could share the top-ranking or top-tier position between two champions, Yasuo would be the one who is more or less equal to Ahri. Both of these champions are arguably the best for mid lane in the game. Yasuo’s pick rate is 14%, and his win rate is 52%, making him another great alternative to Ahri.


Zed is another champion who has some great starting weapons, summoner spells, mythic items, and more. This character is an excellent choice for the mid lane in League of Legends besides the first two top-tier ones. Currently, Zed’s win ratio is 51% and the pick rate is nearly 12%.


Yone’s playstyle is little less persistent, but still, there is something about this champion that makes it one of the great picks for mid lane in the game. His pick rate in League of Legends is %14, and his win rate is nearly 45%.


Veigar is the kind of champion who, at times, will give you the feeling of a powerful mid lane champion. On the other hand, sometimes you’d play with this character and realize he is not as reliable as Ahri or Yasuo. Overall, he is one of the most picked champions in the game. Currently, his pick rate is 9%, and his win rate is about 56% in League of Legends.


league of legends roles
S-tier mid lane

The legends falling under our S-ranking of our mid lane tier list are the second-best in the game. They get results and are good for mid lane. If you’ve mastered legends falling under this tier, then you should stick with them instead of picking a low-tier legend for mid lane game.

Champion Description
Vex With a decent pick rate and a 48% win rate, Vex excels as a mid lane support champion. While not the most popular pick, her utility and support capabilities make her a valuable asset in the mid lane, particularly when facing certain enemy compositions.
Viktor Excelling in mid lane due to his scaling and wave-clearing capabilities, Viktor boasts a 49% win rate with an 8% pick rate. Despite his lack of mobility, his ability to control the mid lane and deal significant damage makes him a formidable pick in the right hands.
Lux Known for her utility and potent AP full combo, Lux is a popular choice for mid lane playstyle. Despite high mana costs, she maintains a 6% pick rate and a 48% win rate, indicating her effectiveness in the mid lane when played skillfully. Her ability to control fights from range adds to her appeal.
Akali While versatile and sometimes outperforming higher-tier champions, Akali finds her place in the S-tier for mid lane. With a 49% win rate and an 8% pick rate, her playstyle and value make her a strong contender for mid lane dominance in League of Legends.
Katarina Despite a challenging learning curve, Katarina’s mid lane performance yields satisfactory results, earning her a spot in the S-tier. With high mobility and excellent roams, she boasts an 8% pick rate and a 46% win rate, making her a formidable choice in skilled hands.
Sylas With excellent playstyle potential, Sylas proves his strength in the mid lane. Despite potentially weak early game phases, he shines in mid lane scenarios, boasting a 51% win rate and an 8% pick rate. Skilled Sylas players can utilize his kit effectively to secure victories in mid lane engagements.
Akshan Offering a challenging learning curve and item-reliant skills, Akshan can be a strong mid lane carry when mastered. With a 46% win rate and a 7% pick rate, he demonstrates potential for carrying games in the mid lane, rewarding players who invest time in mastering his mechanics and playstyle.
Qiyana Known for high mobility and low cooldowns, Qiyana shines as a mid lane champion. With situational stealth adding to her arsenal, she proves to be a versatile and effective pick for mid lane playstyle. Boasting a 4% pick rate and a 46% win rate, skilled Qiyana players can dominate the mid lane with her capabilities.
Kassadin With the introduction of new items, Kassadin’s scaling potential has made him a favorite mid lane pick. Boasting a 53% win rate and a 4% pick rate, he benefits significantly from itemization changes, scaling excellently into the late game and posing a significant threat to enemy teams in mid lane engagements.
Naafiri With fantastic mobility and potent assassination abilities, Naafiri stands out as a strong mid-lane champion. Her ability to excel against marksmen and casters, along with ranged poke, positions her as a high-tier pick. Despite being a melee assassin, her onboard capabilities give her an edge in mid lane matchups.


mid lane tier list
A-Tier mid lane

The A-rank champions are not the top-tier and best to go with champions in the game, but they’re much better than what you’d find in our B-tier legends.

Champion Why A TIER
Anivia Known for high damage and team fight control. Decent win rate (52%) but low pick rate (2.75%).
Fizz Easy-to-learn champion with straightforward learning curve. Can carry games with proper use. Pick rate (4.4%) and win rate (51%).
Malzahar Semi-good control mage with excellent ultimate. Good during teamfights. Pick rate (3.5%) and win rate (56%).
Zilean Positive attributes include ability usage, keystone, variety in build, and situational awareness. Pick rate (2%) and win rate (47%).
Xerath Long-range ultimate, excellent burst, and wave clearing potential. Above-average choice but with flaws. Pick rate (2.5%) and win rate (42%).
Irelia Better suited for mid and top lane, excellent at carrying. Fun to play with decent win rate (41%) and pick rate (2.5%).
Vladimir Ranged character suited for mid lane with strong scaling and team fighting. Dynamic builds possible. Pick rate (4.6%) and win rate (48%).
LeBlanc Known for one-shot potential and versatile tricks. Win rate (43%) and pick rate (4%).
Zoe One-shot potential, excellent damage and range. Win rate (46%) and pick rate (2.94%).
Kled High base HP, better fit for mid lane. Pick rate (2.2%) and win rate (44%).
Lissandra Multifarious usage with challenging learning curve. Pick rate (2.9%) and win rate (49%).
Kennen Considered a lane bully with continuous attack potential. Pick rate (2.1%) and win rate (44%).
Pantheon Previously highly picked in top and jungle, now least picked. Win rate (54%) and pick rate (0.60%).
Cassiopeia Excellent ultimate and high AP casting. Challenging learning curve. Win rate (54%) and pick rate (3.4%).
Galio Mid lane carry potential with versatile ultimate usage. Win rate (50%) but poor pick rate (0.6%).


league of legends roles
B-Tier mid lane

All the B-rank legends have decent mid lane control in the game. They are not the best in the game but certainly not the worst when it comes to picking legends for mid lane.

Champion WHY B TIER
Annie Requires some time to master but offers a straightforward kit.
Diana Can duel minions and champions easily, works without lifesteal.
Orianna Excellent laning and team fight abilities, takes time to master.
Syndra Great for team play, lots of utility, easy to execute.
Talon Good at stomping minions in low ELO, requires good map awareness.
Ekko Good wave clearing and burst damage, high outplay potential.
Vel’Koz Decent kit and fun to play, offers good damage output.
Singed Unique playstyle with high mobility, tankiness, and decent DPS.
Cho’Gath Versatile scaling allows for different playstyles, can go tanky, AP, or lifesteal.
Aurelion Sol Requires specific items to be effective, predictable playstyle once figured out.
Corki Decent mid laner with long cooldowns on abilities and costly items.
Rumble Melee caster with unique heat system, high skill ceiling.
Kayle Easier to play in mid lane compared to top lane due to shorter lane.
Tryndamere Has mana costs and not optimal for mid lane, but players can adapt to his drawbacks.
Taliyah Versatile pick with a few performance issues, but nothing alarming.


league of legends characters
C-tier mid lane

The C-ranking legends in our tier list are pretty weak, and they are not reliable as well. They have a challenging learning curve and yield favorable outcomes rarely.

Champion WHY C TIER
Twisted Fate Average champion with low range, damage, and mobility, but can be effective with proper utilization.
Ziggs Often overlooked in favor of other assassins due to his reputation as an assassin, resulting in low pick rate and win rate.
Jayce Has many pros such as ranged abilities and good laning phase, but challenging to carry and hence not picked often, leading to low win rate and pick rate.
Swain Better suited for top lane than mid lane, decently tanky but lacks in damage output for mid lane.
Heimerdinger Requires time to perfect his unique playstyle, has potential but not frequently picked due to the learning curve, leading to moderate win rate and low pick rate.
Neeko Can be played in various roles but not particularly strong in mid lane, decent ultimate and wave clear but lacks standout performance, resulting in moderate win rate and pick rate.
Ryze Known for low cooldowns and increased survivability but lacks area of effect attacks, making him less effective in mid lane, leading to moderate win rate and pick rate.
Brand Relies heavily on passive and health skills, not particularly strong against minions compared to champions, leading to average performance in mid lane with moderate win rate and pick rate.
Malphite Great caster but suffers from poor mana cost issues, can be used in mid lane but not favored due to unfavorable matchups, resulting in moderate win rate and low pick rate.


mid lane tier list
D-Tier mid lane

All D-ranking champions in our tier list are simply the worst you can play as mid lane role in League of Legends. Avoid picking them or don’t consider them to be mainly because they’d give unsatisfactory results.

Champion WHY D TIER
Renekton Can dominate the lane but struggles without flanks and has hard counters, resulting in a low win rate and pick rate for mid lane.
Karthus Least picked mid lane champion with great damage potential but many shortcomings that hinder effectiveness, leading to a low win rate and pick rate.
Gangplank Rarely picked mid lane champion with no particular strengths, but can be effective with a critical hit build for zoning purposes, yet still has a low win rate and pick rate due to overall performance issues.
Seraphine Better suited for support role than mid lane, rarely picked as a mid lane champion with less presence among professional players, resulting in a low win rate and pick rate.
Azir Despite having a slightly better win rate than other D-tier champions, Azir suffers from poor waveclear, making him a subpar choice for mid lane, with a low pick rate and overall performance issues.
Lucian Not preferred for mid lane due to low range and high mana costs compared to other mages, leading to low win rate and pick rate, highlighting various weaknesses that hinder effectiveness in the role.

Tier List Criteria

We invested a decent amount of time playing League of Legends throughout the years. Our tier list reflects the first-hand experience and the collected information from metrics that mentions the overall pick and win rate of mid lane legends in the game. 

That is pretty much everything you need to know about mid lanes. Which champion has been your go-to so far for mid lane in the game? Let us know more of your thoughts in the comments section below.

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