League of Legends Mid Lane Tier List

There are more than 140 champions in League of Legends, and we have listed 59 characters for mid lane only. Our mid lane tier list ranks the best legends that are a better fit for the playstyle you may be looking for in mid lane.

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S-Plus Tier

All legends in our S-Plus mid lane tier list are the top-tier mid lane legends in the game. They have good control AoE and are far superior to the rest of the mid lane character roster in the game. Pick these characters if you want to dominate the mid lane game in League of Legends.

mid lane tier list
S-Plus Tier Mid lane

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Ahri is by far the best champion for a mid lane in League of Legends. Her reliability summoner spells, runes, and dynamic builds compliment her position as a top character of choice for mid lane in the game. Currently, her pick rate is 16%, and win rate is nearly 53%.


If we could share the top-ranking or top-tier position between two champions, Yasuo would be the one who is more or less equal to Ahri. Both of these champions are arguably the best for mid lane in the game. Yasuo’s pick rate is 14%, and his win rate is 52%, making him another great alternative to Ahri.


Zed is another champion who has some great starting weapons, summoner spells, mythic items, and more. This character is an excellent choice for the mid lane in League of Legends besides the first two top-tier ones. Currently, Zed’s win ratio is 51% and the pick rate is nearly 12%.


Yone’s playstyle is little less persistent, but still, there is something about this champion that makes it one of the great picks for mid lane in the game. His pick rate in League of Legends is %14, and his win rate is nearly 45%.


Veigar is the kind of champion who, at times, will give you the feeling of a powerful mid lane champion. On the other hand, sometimes you’d play with this character and realize he is not as reliable as Ahri or Yasuo. Overall, he is one of the most picked champions in the game. Currently, his pick rate is 9%, and his win rate is about 56% in League of Legends.

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S-tier mid lane

The legends falling under our S-ranking of mid lane tier list are the second-best in the game. They get results and are good for mid lane. If you’ve mastered legends falling under this tier, then you should stick with them instead of picking a low-tier legend for mid lane game.

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Depending on the enemy team’s composition, Vex as a mid lane champion is mostly used for support. This character has a decent pick rate of 6% but has a win rate of 48%, which makes Vex one of the best support champions for mid lane in League of legends.


Viktor has very little mobility, and that is probably the reason he isn’t great for side-lane. However, put him in mid lane, and it is a different ball game. Viktor scales excellent and can clear waves with his “E” attack. Currently, his win rate is 49%, and his pick rate is 8%.


One of the best made and great contenders for mid lane playstyle in League of Legends. Her utility is excellent, and Lux’s AP full combo can instantly kill from range. Despite her high mana costing spells, she remains one of the most picked champions in the game. Currently, Lux has a 6% pick rate and a 48% win rate.


Akali’s playstyle and overall value sometimes make this champion a top-tier choice for mid lane in the game. We have seen her outperform S-plus tier characters, and however, as of today, we think she is a better fit for the S-tier ranking. Akali’s win rate is 49%, and the pick rate is 8%.


Katarina is a challenging champion with a difficult learning curve, which is why putting her up for mid lane in League of Legends brings satisfactory results. Her playstyle is too jumpy, and she has excellent roams. Currently, Katarina’s has an 8% pick rate and 46% win rate in the game.


One of the best aspects of Sylas is that the champion has excellent playstyle potential, and that is also the reason this character is decent for a mid lane. Also, his early at times feel weak but use Sylas for mids, and he sure is a strong champion. He has a win rate of 51% and an 8% pick rate.


Like Katarina, Akshan, too, has a challenging learning curve. Most of the champion’s skills are reliant on items. However, once you get the hang of what this champion offers to the table, he can be a decent character for carrying. All in all, Akshan currently has a 46% win rate and a 7% pick rate.


High mobility, low cooldowns, and situational stealth are some of the best aspects of playing with Qiyana as a mid lane champion in League of Legends. She is already a better pick for top laners and even better while using this champion as mid laner in the game. Qiyana has a 4% pick rate and 46% win rate.


Kassadin wasn’t the all-time favorite champion in League of Legends; however, that changed when new items became part of the game and changed the playstyle of most mages. After that, he scaled excellent and received a decent benefit from items. Currently, his win rate is 53%, and his pick rate is 4%.

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mid lane tier list
A-Tier mid lane

The A-rank mid lane tier list champions are not the top-tier and best to go with champions in the game, but they’re much better than what you’d find in our B-tier legends.

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Anivia is famous for landing a ridiculous amount of damage on a target and team fight control. Her passive is another excellent attribute many do not expect and later get devastated by it. Anivia is an excellent choice for the mid lane in League of Legends. Currently, her win rate is 52% but her pick rate stands very low at 2.75% only.


Fizz is another easy-to-learn champion in League of Legends and a better mid laner in the game. The learning curve is pretty straightforward, and if you start using this champion properly, you can carry games. Currently, Fizz’s pick rate is 4.4%, and the win rate stands at 51%.


Like Fizz, Malzahar also has a decent learning curve, and if you are starting new in League of Legends, getting the hang of this champion will not take much time. He is a semi-good control mage and has excellent ultimate. As a mid laner, Malzahar is good during teamfights. Currently, this champion has a pick rate of 3.5% and a win rate of 56%.


Zilean is another excellent pick for mid lane in League of Legends. Some of his positives include; ability usage, keystone, variety in build, and great situational awareness. Currently, his pick rate is 2%, and his win rate is 47%.


Xerath ticks most boxes but still is weighed down by some of the flaws. For starters, he has a significantly longer range ultimate, excellent burst, and wave clearing potential. Regardless of it, Xerath has pick 2.5% and a win rate of 42%. He does get better at times when the meta changes, but still, he is an above-average choice for a mid laner in League of Legends.


The best part about playing as Irelia in League of Legends is that she is better suited for mid and top lane. However, put her in mid lane, and she has a completely different ball game. Irelia is excellent at carrying, is fun to play, and has a decent win rate. Currently, she has a 2.5% pick and a 41% win rate.


Vladmir has a 48% win and 4.6% pick rate as a mid lane champion in League of Legends. Him being a ranged character suits well the mid lane playstyle. Also, Vladmir is scaled great with items, levels, and strong team fighting. You can also create some dynamic builds with this champion, and Vladmir is decent at wave clearing.


LeBlanc is another great addition if you want to fill mid lane champion with a decent character besides the top-tier ones we listed above. The best thing about this character is her one-shot potential and versatile tricks. LeBlanc has win rate of 43% and a 4% pick rate at the time of writing.


Like LeBlanc, Zoe too has one-shot potential on her targets. She also has excellent damage and range, so much so that you can spam spells with “W”. Zoe has a win rate of 46% and a 2.94% pick rate as a mid lane champion in League of Legends.


One of the best aspects about Kled is that the champion has one of the highest base HP in League of Legends. This is also the reason he is a better fit for mid lane in the game. Currently, Kled’s pick rate is 2.2% and 44% win rate.


Lissandra has multifarious usage in the game. Even though she is one of the best character for TT in League of Legends, she is also a better fit for the mid lane in the game. Currently, Lissandra’s pick rate is 2.9% and 49% win rate. Learning her playstyle is challenging at first, but once you get a hold of how she plays out in the game, you’d appreciate her being an amazing mid lane champion.


Arguably, many players call Kennen a lane bully as the champion has the potential to continuously attack opponents if you watch passive and then strike back using “W”. Kennen has a pick rate of 2.1% and a win rate of 44% as a mid lane champion in the game.


Pantheon was arguably the most picked champion for mid and jungle because he had more than 53% WR on Top. The character was picked in every game mode. However, Riot made some changes to it; now, he is by far the least picked champion in the game. For a mid lane champion, Pantheon has a win rate of 54% and a pick rate of 0.60%.


Cassiopeia is one of those champions who only have excellent ultimate but also have the highest AP casting. Her challenging learning curves, besides all the pros, is the only con we think she has as a mid lane. Other than that, Cassiopeia has 54% win rate with a pick rate of 3.4%.


Galio is not run of mil mid lane champion in the game. He has excellent mid lane carry potential and uses his ultimate with various kits, and he is a tough force to reckon with. Galio has an excellent win rate of 50% but a poor pick rate of 0.6% as a mid lane in League of Legends.


league of legends roles
B-Tier mid lane

All the B-rank mid lane tier list legends have decent mid lane control in the game. They are not the best in the game but certainly not the worst when it comes to picking legends for mid lane.

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Like most legends in-game, using Annie as a mid-lane legend in the game will take some time. Most Annie’s main players take advantage of her forward kit without a mini-game.


The best aspect of using Diana as mid lane in the league of legends is that you can duel almost any minion and champions alike. She can work without even lifesteal and can pin down her targets pretty easily.


Some of the best aspects of using Orianna are that she has excellent laning, team fights, little to no matchups, and takes time to master her skills.


Like Oriana, the best features of Syndra are that she is a better team play, has lots of utility, and requires very less planning to execute her playstyle.


Talon is better at stomping minion whenever in low ELO. This legend can be utilized best if you have got a good hang of the map or map awareness in general.


The best aspect that I like about Ekko is that the legend has good control over clearing out waves. Ekko also has excellent burst damage output and has high outplay game potential.


Vel’Koz has the decent kit, better than most actually, and he is really a fun legend to play with.


Singed has quite a unique playstyle as mid lane in the game. If you want to have a legend with unstoppable running speeds, is a tank, and deals decent DPS, then Singed fits the description perfectly.


The scaling of Cho’Gath makes him play in versatile playstyles in the game. You can go tanky, AP, life steal, and more if you scale correctly.

Aurelion Sol

Aurelion Sol isn’t a great pick in our B-tier for mid lane legends. It is because he requires the usage of too many items to be effective in the field. Also, the legend is quite predictable if others figure out the playstyle.


Corki is a decent mid lane legend who has a long CD on abilities. Other than that, his items are one of the costly ones in the game.


Rumble is a melee caster with decent AP. Due to his unique heat system, he is high skill legend in the game.


Playing Kayle in mid is much easier than Kayle top. The shorter lane gives this legend an advantage.


Tryndamere currently has mana costs and is not a great choice for mid lane legend in the game. Still, most players have learned to work around the cons of this character.


Taliya is a versatile legend in the game and a decent pick for mid lane. She does have a few issues that decrease her performance, but there is nothing alarming.


league of legends characters
C-tier mid lane

The C-ranking legends in our mid lane tier list are pretty weak, and they are not reliable as well. They have a challenging learning curve and yield favorable outcomes rarely.

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Twisted Fate

As a mid lane role, Twisted Fate is the average champion in League of Legends. Low range, very less damage, delays in AA, and no mobility are some of the many reasons that weight this champion down for mid lane role in the game. Still, if you learn how to play and utilize this character properly, he can turn the tide. For mid lane role, Twister Fate has a win rate of 47% with a pick rate of 2.7%.


For an assassin, Ziggs sure has a low reputation when it comes to playing him as a mid lane role. Most players pick other popular assassins such as Yasuo, Akali, and more instead of using Ziggs for mid lane. That is also the reason why his pick rate is just 2%, with a win rate of 41%.


Jayce ticks most boxes and gets many things right such as ranged, excellent combo, damage poke, good laning phase, and more. Still, he has many cons that weigh down the character, such as he is challenging to carry. That is also why many players do not pick Jayce enough, and his pick rate is mostly less than 2%, with a win rate of 40%.


Even though Swain can play a mid lane role in League of Legends, she is a better fit for the top lane. This mage champion has decent health, is considered chiefly tanky by players, and can sustain an extraordinary amount of damage. Currently, Swain has a win rate of 39%, with a pick rate of nearly 2.2%.


Heimerdinger is one of those champions in League of Legends that have their own playstyle, and once you get comfortable with you cannot play with other characters. That being said, this character has potential but requires a lot of time to perfect attack, timing, and knowing how to utilize moves. Heimerdinger has a win rate of 51% and a 1.37% pick rate.


Neeko is better played in top mid adc support. She has excellent ultimate and can clear waves pretty easily. Neeko can also be played in any playstyle a player wants. Currently, she has a 47% win rate and a pick rate of  1.32%.


Ryze may be better known for his low cooldowns and increased survivability besides rocking a cool-looking beard and blue skin. However, he also lacks area of effect attacks, and landing AoE damage is almost impossible with this legend. His pick rate is 4%, and his win rate is 46%.


A majority of Brand’s playstyle originate from passive’s and health skills. That is why we think he is not that strong while fighting against minions as compared to versus champions in the game.


Malphite is the great caster, but he takes up too much of mana and therefore has poor mana cost issues. He can be used as top and mid lane but other lane matchups more or less do not favor the playstyle of this legend in the game.


mid lane tier list
D-Tier mid lane

All D-ranking champions in our mid lane tier list are simply the worst you can play as mid lane role in League of Legends. Avoid picking them or don’t consider them to be mainly because they’d give unsatisfactory results.


Renekton can lane dominates as a mid lane champion in League of Legends. However, if you do not get a flank, this character will basically take in all hits plus stun. Also, Renekton has some of the hard counters in the game. His win rate stands at 40% and pick rate 1%.


Karthus is one of the least picked champions for the mid lane. That is also the reason many players can not anticipate the attack patterns and playstyle. Despite being great at landing insane damage, Karthus has many shortcomings that weigh the champion down. He has a pick rate of 1.5% and win rate of 37%.


Gangplank is one of mid lane champions who gets picked rarely because he really excels at nothing. However, there is a way to make better use of the champion. For example, if you build the character with critical hits, Gangplank’s attack can be good at zoning. Currently, his poor pick rate stands at 1.2%, with a win rate of 31%.


Seraphine can be played as a mid lane, but she is better at support than any other role in League of Legends. Even there are very less amount of professional players who pick Seraphine as a mid lane champion in the game. Currently, her pick rate stands at 1.3%, and win rate is 31%.


Even though Azir has a tad bit better win rate than most D-tier mid lane champions, he is still a bad choice for a mid lane role. We think poor waveclear is the biggest disadvantage this champion has in the game. Currently, Azir has a 1.43% pick rate and a 45% win rate as a mid lane.


Lucian is yet again another least preferred for mid lane role in League of Legends. There are many wrongs with this champion in the game. For starters, Lucian has a very low range, and mana cost is way too high than other mid lane mages. Currently, his win rate is 39%, with a pick rate of 1.3% as a mid lane role in League of Legends.

Tier List Criteria

We invested a decent amount of time playing League of Legends throughout the years. Our tier list reflects the first-hand experience and the collected information from metrics that mentions the overall pick and win rate of mid lane legends in the game. 

That is pretty much everything you need to know about mid lane tier list. Which champion has been your go-to so far for mid lane in the game? Let us know more of your thoughts in the comments section below.

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