Dark And Darker: Tips & Tricks [Top 14]

Take a look at some of the best early and end game tips and tricks in Dark and Darker to become a pro early on in the game.

Dark and Darker is a dream come true for all dungeon and Dragons enthusiasts and with its play, test out on Steam. Tips and tricks for Dark and Darker will help the new players, from selecting the best classes to playing the first match. The game has a lot of elements to explore, and without knowing the basics, one might not be able to enjoy the true essence of the game.

Tips And Tricks For Dark And Darker 

Below you will find some of the best tips and tricks to get you started in Dark and Darker, and it can be extremely tough, especially for new players who are just starting, and not knowing how certain mechanics of the game work can be quite frustrating.

Tips and TricksDescription
Selecting A ClassPick a class that suits your style and learn how it works.
Know Your MonstersLearn about the monsters' attack patterns and weaknesses.
Close the DoorRangers can learn monster behavior by avoiding face-to-face combat and using doors.
Take Your TimeAvoid rushing and be cautious when facing groups of enemies.
Look Before You LeapStop and check before entering rooms or hallways to avoid traps and hidden threats.
Prioritize Your HealthCollect and use health potions, and consider having a cleric in your team for healing.
Health ShrinesUse health shrines to restore health and prepare for battles.
Know When To RetreatSometimes it's better to retreat from battles to ensure survival, especially in team play.
Hide In The ShadowsUse hiding and stealth to your advantage, especially in solo play.
Map And EnvironmentFamiliarize yourself with the map, escape routes, and ambush strategies.
SurroundingsBe mindful of sounds, lights, and footsteps to avoid detection and ambushes.
Mind The LightUse darkness to your advantage, especially in solo play.
WeaponsLearn weapon skills and attack patterns to maximize your effectiveness in combat.
Utility Items And MagicEquip and use utility items strategically, and understand how to cast spells effectively.
Team UpTeam up for better survival chances and use portals to escape or ambush other players.
BasicsPlay with friends using voice chat, choose classes wisely, and watch out for spider pots.
SpidersDestroy spider pots to prevent continuous spawns of spiders.
Surrender EmoteConsider using the Surrender Emote to form alliances with other players.
Activate StatuesPray at statues with glowing orbs to gain various benefits, including healing and increased power.

Read on to find even the best tips and tricks you need to know to play Dark and Dark in the best way possible. 

Selecting A Class 

When starting Dark and Darker, choose your class wisely from six options: Wizard, Rogue, Ranger, Barbarian, Cleric, and Fighter. Each class aligns with a specific playstyle and boasts unique mechanics.

Best starting class
Best starting class [Screenshot Credit: eXputer]
Understanding each class before diving in aids in selecting the ideal starting class and facilitates countering opponents effectively. Learning the abilities and skills of each class enhances survivability. For example, Wizards and Rangers excel at ranged combat, while Fighters and Barbarians dominate in melee encounters.

Best Starting Class: Fighter.

  • Balanced and versatile, Fighters offer a jack-of-all-trades experience, allowing players to explore various playstyles without significant drawbacks.
    Mage Class
    Mage Class [Screenshot Credit: eXputer]

Best Ranged Class: Ranger.

  • Ideal for newcomers seeking to deal damage from a distance, Rangers excel in ranged combat, providing an effective alternative to close-quarters engagement.
    All Tips and Tricks for Dark and Darker
    Ranger gameplay [Screenshot Credit: eXputer]

While Fighters offer versatility and adaptability, Rangers, when leveled up properly, can become formidable adversaries in battles, showcasing the potency of ranged combat.

Mage Class
Mage Class [Screenshot Credit: eXputer]

Know Your Monsters 

It is important to know all the monsters that you will be countering if you want to defeat them easily. 

You will come across various Monsters in Dark and Darker, with each of them attacking you in a different way. If not countered properly, they will kill you pretty early on in the battle. Every monster that you face will have a different pattern of attacks and movement. They even have different health bars and abilities.

Close the door
Close the doors [Screenshot Credit: eXputer]

Take Your Time 

Rushing through gameplay often leads to precarious situations. It’s crucial to adopt a patient approach to fully appreciate and understand the game’s mechanics.

At the outset, enemies pose less of a threat, allowing for relatively easy defeats. However, repeating the same strategy against more formidable foes can prove ineffective. Understanding your capabilities is key; knowing when to engage and when to evade enemies is crucial for success.

Look Before You Leap

Beginner Tips and Tricks for Dark and Darker
Be careful when opening doors [Screenshot Credit: eXputer]
It is also important to pay attention to your surroundings and avoid rushing straight into your room. To avoid any attacks, it is important to stop and peak before entering a certain room or a Hallway.

Furthermore, it is also important to scan your surroundings as you progress further on the map because there are always hidden traps set up. Sometimes, there are also hidden monsters and players heading, so keep an eye out for them as well. Doing so will allow you to steer clear of any surprises that might be fatal. 

Prioritize Your Health 

Frequent deaths are common, especially for new players. Therefore, it’s vital to prioritize maintaining your health and familiarize yourself with the various healing methods available.

Collecting health potions is essential at the beginning of the game to keep your health up.

If playing with a team, having a cleric is beneficial. Clerics are the best healing class in the game and can assist teammates in restoring their health effectively.

Tips and Tricks for Dark and Darker
Healing potions [Screenshot Credit: eXputer]

Health Shrines

Furthermore, you will also be coming across many health shrines, so make sure to use them when possible. 

Best Tips and Tricks for Dark and Darker
Build campfire when needed [Screenshot Credit: eXputer]

Know When To Retreat 

Survival is paramount, and strategic retreats can be just as vital as engaging in combat. Not every battle warrants confrontation, and discretion is key to longevity.

When facing enemies, especially other players, it’s crucial to assess the situation and gauge the readiness of your team before committing to combat. Understanding your adversaries and considering your team’s preparedness are essential factors in deciding whether to retreat or engage.

Hide In The Shadows

A good strategy is to hide where possible, especially in the shadows. You can also escape by hiding and letting the enemy players move forward. Monsters can be avoided by hiding as well.

Best Tips and Tricks for Dark and Darker
You can turn off the lights for stealth too! [Screenshot Credit: eXputer]
Doing so will allow you to move into the next room and save yourself. Any fight you engage in can be your last, so it is important to be prepared when you jump in one. It is also important to keep your health up after every battle because there is no guarantee that another group of enemies might attack you.

Know Your Map And Environment 

It is also important to keep an eye out for your surroundings. When you first start out in the battle, it is important to reach the center of the zone as soon as possible.

Doing so will allow you to take a better look at your surroundings and find the safest possible route in the dungeon. It is one of the most important tips and tricks to keep in mind when playing Dark and Darker.

Portals [
Portals [Screenshot Credit: eXputer]
Furthermore, it will also give you an idea of where to escape in case you face an ambush by your enemies. Keep in mind that the portals will spawn after some time. Therefore, every strategy that you can use to plan a quick escape route is important in Dark and Darker.

Pay Attention To Your Surroundings 

In Dark and Darker, vigilance is key. Sound, especially, plays a pivotal role. Footsteps, monsters, doors, looting—all produce audible cues in the dungeon.

To evade detection, utilize crouching and slow movement when feeling observed. This not only prevents ambushes but also enables sneaky approaches and potential surprise attacks on other players.

Mind The Light 

Regardless of your class, utilize darkness for stealth. Stay in dark areas to remain unseen, but beware of potential stumbling. When playing solo, prioritize staying in the shadows.

In team play, leverage light sources strategically. Turn off lamps in rooms to create hiding spots and enhance stealth, especially when anticipating enemy presence.

Master The Weapons 

Combat proficiency is crucial in Dark and Darker. Mastering weapons is essential for success in battles.

Each weapon boasts unique skills, moves, and range. Familiarize yourself with weapon characteristics and choose accordingly based on your preferred combat range. Practice extensively to maximize weapon effectiveness and utilize them to gain the upper hand in combat encounters.

Use Utility Items And Magic 

Utility items significantly enhance survivability and gameplay in Dark and Darker. Equipping these items in utility slots (accessible via keys 3 or 4) allows for quick deployment during gameplay.

Tips and Tricks for Dark and Darker
Equip Torch [Screenshot Credit: eXputer]

  • Equip and hold the Torch item, then press the Action Mouse Button to illuminate dark areas.
  • Right-click to throw the Torch for strategic lighting.


  • Mage classes rely on magic for damage dealing.
  • Access spells by holding the E key to open the spells radial menu.
  • Select a spell by moving the mouse over it and releasing the E key.
  • Equip a Magic Weapon to cast spells.
  • Hold the right mouse button to charge up the Casting Bar, then press the Tab Button to cast the selected spell.
Dark and Darker Tips and Tricks
Use spells [Screenshot Credit: eXputer]

Team Up

Despite the increased risk of detection and noise generation, playing in a team offers greater chances of survival. Teammates can support each other and increase overall effectiveness in battles.

Reviving a teammate is possible by:

  1. Collecting their Soul Heart from their Corpse.
  2. Removing their Chest Armor.
  3. Finding a Sacrificial Altar.
  4. Placing the Soul Heart in the Sacrificial Altar.
  5. Offering a small Blood Sacrifice to initiate the revival process.

Avoid encountering Death Swarm and exploring the dungeons below to ensure safety during team play.

Basics To Keep In Mind 

As we mentioned before, there are a lot of elements to be explored in the game. If you are playing with your friends, we recommend using Discord for voice chat as there is no built-in voice chat option for now. There is also no text chat option in the playtest except when you are in the lobby. 

Solo play is not the best idea if you are just starting out. However, if you still want to play solo, then you can go for the Fighter or Ranger class. 

You will also encounter several spiders throughout your journey. The spiders spawn from a special pot called the spider pot. If you don’t destroy the pot, the spiders will keep spawning. 

Top 14 Tips and Tricks for Dark and Darker
Beware of the Spiders [Screenshot Credit: eXputer]
If you want to team up with an opposing team or player, you can do so by using the Surrender Emote. While there is no doubt that the red portals are full of loot, they are also full of enemies, and sometimes the treasure might not be worth it. 

When going through the dungeons, you will encounter several statues. Some of these statues have glowing orbs. The best part about these orbs is that you can activate and pray to obtain several benefits. Praying will allow you to heal, get protection, more power, and more speed in the game.

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