Dark and Darker Devs Issue Refunds For A GoFundMe Campaign, Fans Decline To Accept

Fans have applauded the decision but want Ironmace to keep the donations.

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  • The Dark and Darker team has been issuing refunds for its recent GoFundMe campaign, and fans have applauded the decision but want Ironmace to keep the donations.
  • The team has been refunding the donations because it was a hasty campaign that was started despite all the developers not initially agreeing to it.
  • The players have asked Ironmace to keep the money, but it is being returned likely due to possible legal issues or just because of the goodwill of the team.
  • An early access version of the game may also release in the future, costing between $30 to $40 price tag, which could also explain donation refunds.

As the legal battle between Ironmace and Nexon continues to brew behind the curtains, Dark and Darker fans have taken to forums like Reddit to disagree with the recent refund initiative started by the team. The devs returned the hefty donations by players a few days ago after a hasty but prosperous GoFundMe campaign went online for about an hour.

As reported earlier, the GoFundMe campaign was initially started to deal with the legal fees that would come with the lengthy court battles with Nexon. It is thought that Nexon is trying to run Ironmace dry with the extensive budget that is required for legal battles, so the team resorted to seeking help from players. Regardless, the GoFundMe move was something not everyone in Ironmace agreed on collectively, and it was taken down.

Despite the short timing of the campaign to help Dark and Darker, it gathered over $46,000 in funding, to everyone’s shock, showing the extent of the passion players have for the game. Nevertheless, Ironmace soon began to refund the money donated by fans to ensure it is successfully returned. A recent Reddit post highlights the positive sentiment of players for the struggling game who are dissatisfied with the refunds. 

GoFundMe: A refund has been issued for your donation to IRONMACE
by u/Regular-Nail4709 in DarkAndDarker

Initially, it was unknown whether the GoFundMe campaign was genuine by the devs or a scam initiated by a bad actor. The Dark and Darker team quickly informed the community on the official Discord server that it was a legitimate donation page that went live due to a devoted member that wanted to help the game flourish. 

The GoFundMe link is legitimate, however it was to be used later if necessary. It was posted this morning without approval due to a passionate member of the team taking matters into his own hands. We have currently paused the campaign for now as it was prematurely announced. We appreciate the enormous amount of support shown in such a little amount of time!” Reads the official Discord announcement.

It was unknown whether the devs would keep the money but it seems like refunds are being issued. In a rare turn of events, the community wants the team to take their money and invest in the game, so most users are not happy with the restitution. Nevertheless, Ironmace could be returning the money because of any potential legal issues that could emerge from these donations, or the simple goodwill of the team may simply be the case.

There is also a possibility that the early access version of Dark and Darker could be launching soon after the delisting on Steam because of theft allegations, which is rumored to be going somewhere between a $30 to $40 price tag. Hence, a donation campaign would not have made sense because of the availability of an early access version. Fans have praised the decision by the developers, and the exact reason is still unknown.

While we await the release of a new playtest or an early access version, a fan took it upon himself to whip up a Dark and Darker version inside Fortnite. The Fortnite map was enough to capture everyone’s attention, but it will likely not be playable by the general public because of Epic Games’ terms and conditions surrounding the new Fortnite editor.

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