Dark And Darker Hotfix #15 Significantly Nerfs Bard And Warlock

The hotfix has addressed several bugs and brought a number of changes.

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  • Dark and Darker hotfix #15 has been released, and it considerably nerfs the Bard and Warlock.
  • Several bug fixes and notable changes have also been implemented in this update.
  • One change fans love the most in this update is the chests and sub-bosses in dungeons now dropping high-quality items much more frequently and in larger quantities.

Dark and Darker hotfix #15 recently went live, bringing a wave of nerfs for Bard and Warlock. The update also addresses several bugs and includes notable changes, like increasing the drop rates and quality from chests and sub-bosses in dungeons. The developers have also apologized for being too hasty with the previous hotfix and have promised to stick to their original plan of slow and steady changes.

Dark and Darker Hotfix #15
Dark and Darker – Hotfix #15.

Regarding bug fixes, the update has addressed an issue where Bard‘s Warsong did not apply to the teammates. Another problem that caused newly added crafted items not to be used even with the eligible perk equipped has been fixed. Ghost King‘s Debuff Area Effect should now be more visible to Dark and Darker players. At the Sacrificial Altar, traps can now kill players upon respawning.

An issue that caused Portals not to be adequately displayed has been fixed. Monsters should no longer get stuck in specific spots in the Goblin Cave. Moving on to some of the nerfs, Barbarian‘s Iron Will’s additional Magic Resistance has been decreased from 100 to 60. The additional MoveSpeed by Bard‘s Beats of Alacrity has been reduced from 15/20/25 to 5/10/15.

That’s not all; Bard‘s Harmonic Shield Armor Rating and Magic Resistance have been lowered from 40/40 to 15/15. As for the Warlock, the Torture Mastery Healing’s Attribute Ratio Bonus has decreased from 50% to 25%. Warlock‘s Eldritch Shield’s magic damage absorption has been changed from 40 to 25, its dark magic damage bonus is now 20% instead of 40%, and its cost has been increased from 5 to 10.

Dark and Darker - Developer Note
Dark and Darker – Developer Note.

Warlock‘s Hydra cost has also been increased from 15 to 20. Lastly, Warlock‘s Ray of Darkness’ dark magic damage has increased from 3 to 7, with the cost rising from 5 to 10. Moreover, War Maul’s Armor Penetration has been changed from 30% to 20%. Kris Dagger’s animation has also been modified. Many items’ Primary Modifiers and all the Random Modifiers have been adjusted. 

The legacy items should be gone after this update, whereas the options that are removed or have had their values changed will be rerolled to accommodate the new data in Dark and Darker. The MoveSpeed of Fountain of Speed has been reduced from 70 to 50. Merchants should no longer sell so many Uncommon and Rare items. The Random Modifiers from Jack-O-Lantern’s merchandise can no longer be previewed.

Players below the level of 14 can no longer be part of matchmaking, and they should now have an easier time in the dungeons as the chests and sub-bosses will now drop high-quality items more frequently and in better quantity. I have achieved level 15 in multiple classes as a casual, but I’ve seen countless new players complain about the drop rate being one of the problems in their runs, so this change is very welcome.

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At the end of these patch notes, the developers have left a comment, apologizing for some of the changes in hotfix #14. They also said that the team will stick to the original plan and slowly start building up Dark and Darker moving forward. The developer’s comments also consist of the reasoning behind some of these changes, which players can read if they wish.

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