Dark And Darker Hotfix #14 Fixes Technical Issues And Adds Balancing Changes

The hotfix addresses several issues that players noticed following the first patch.

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  • Dark and Darker hotfix #14 has been released, and it fixes several issues players were facing following the first patch.
  • Although smaller than the recent patch, the update addresses technical issues and brings some balancing changes, which are still very impactful.
  • Bard and Rogue players will be glad to know about some of the buffs in this update.

Dark and Darker hotfix #14 has been released, and it addresses some issues with the most recent patch. The update also fixes some technical issues and balancing changes. Among these changes, Rogue players will be happy to see a range increase in Trap Detection and Jokester, as well as other buffs. Bard has also seen a notable Warsong and Story Teller range increase.

Dark and Darker Hotfix #14
Dark and Darker Hotfix #14

Upon exiting a dungeon, players would sometimes revert to a previous state, a rollback issue which has been addressed in this update. The Occultist Boots movement speed has been fixed to function as intended. Players should no longer experience problems where Curse of Pain‘s instant damage and Power of Sacrifice‘s damage did not occur when Warlock used Curse Mastery.

The additional movement speed of the Lantern/Torch has been adjusted to 0. Moreover, Lanterns will now appear with random modifiers at higher rarities. All daggers have received an increase in damage, from 400 to 450. The Ranger‘s Chase range has been increased from 400 to 450. Bard has also seen some buffs, with its Story Teller and Warsong range increasing from 350 to 450.

As for the Rogue, the Trap Detection’s range has been increased from 400 to 450, while Jokester’s range has been increased from 350 to 450. Rogue’s Ambush’s physical damage bonus has been enhanced from 30% to 50%. Rogue’s Weak Point attack armor rating has decreased from 25% to 30%, with the duration decreasing from 3 seconds to 4 seconds.

Dark and Darker Developer Notes
Dark and Darker Developer Notes

This update will also mark the return of Jack-O-Lantern. The regular merchants should no longer sell Epic items. Soulreaper name has been changed to Soulscraper. Sub-bosses and Special Chests like the Lion’s Head, Marvelous, Royal Coffins, and Golden Chests will now always give coloured-grade loot.

Speaking of coloured items, the random modifier’s properties that appear on the coloured rarity items are now reverted to give a more extensive value range with even more variety, including the +all attributes from the previous patch. So, checking the item rolls will be just as important, if not more, than checking the colour grade of the item.

This hotfix also contains some things missing from the first patch, like the decrease in the volume of footsteps that occurred when crouching. Barbarian‘s Ironwill will now ignore knockback. Aside from that, the patch notes also contain a developer’s note, which players can read if they want to know more about the state of the game, in the words of developers, and some plans for the future.

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Dark and Darker is a multiplayer fantasy extraction game developed and published by the Korean studio Ironmace. It was released on PC in early access on August 7, 2023.

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