Dark And Darker Gets Recreated In Fortnite Amid Legal Battle

The dungeon crawler has already been rebuilt in Fortnite by a passionate fan.

Story Highlights

  • A Dark and Darker fan has recreated the mesmerizing castle inside Fortnite Creative mode; the footage was shared on the r/FortniteCreative subreddit.
  • The small video featured a Fortnite player walking through the dark map with a torch illuminating the path. The mini-map was also quite praised by the players.
  • The fan project is currently a work in progress, and we may not get to play it anytime soon. Epic Games could also slash the map because of potential legal issues. 
  • Dark and Darker is a PvPvE dungeon crawler by Ironmace. It is currently not available online due to legal troubles with Nexon. 

Following the recent ensuing battle with Dark and Darker and Nexon, a passionate fan has taken it upon himself to brew the alluring dungeon crawler inside Fortnite. The Reddit user named “fermelon” posted the ambitious project on the r/FortniteCreative subreddit, winning the hearts of every onlooker in the process. The fan-created map attempts to reimagine the grim atmosphere of the game inside the Fortnite Creative mod in all its glory.

Dark and Darker inside Fortnite (WIP)
by u/fermelon in FortniteCreative

The video, barely reaching the 1:20 mark, showcases a Fortnite character trekking through a recreation of the Dark and Darker map, with only a torch illuming the dungeon. It is currently a work in progress, and the creation primarily features the popular map, albeit enemies are nowhere to be seen. Another thing that caught the eyes of fans was the nicely-integrated mini-map, which feels like the stark copy from the original hardcore PvPvE entry. 

Fermelon has attempted to pay an ode to the now-removed entry by Ironmace, but it remains to be seen whether the map will be available without legal trouble. The possibility is there, as the creator said it would be available as a playable map once they receive a creator code. The fans rejoiced at the statement, but the main issue concerning legal rights still persists.

It is possible the recreation will not sit right with Epic Games, and it could be struck down upon being uploaded. The giant conglomerate recently cleared that Fortnite fans are not allowed to recreate maps from any other franchises or Fortnite’s nostalgic maps; the only exception to the rule was stated to be the original Fortnite map from season 1. Even if the game map is available as a playable option, it will likely not be monetized.

Dark and Darker started out as a very successful entry, which was far from release but still garnered a respectable fan base. For instance, one of its alpha playtests was able to attract over two million users. It held several playtests throughout its lifetime, with each session featuring massive improvements and growth in the excited player base before the legal crises started with Nexon. The game was then taken down from the face of the web.

Nexon issued a DMCA takedown and served a cease and desist letter to Ironmace “based on distorted claims” about the dungeon crawler. It accused the team of using stolen assets and code while developing the Dark and Darker, which has caused delays to the subsequent playtests. Ultimately, the game was removed from the Steam storefront. Ironmace issued a statement detailing the context and explained the new development to the player.

To all our fans, we have recently been served a cease and desist letter and DMCA takedown by Nexon regarding Dark and Darker based on distorted claims. We are currently working with our legal team to remedy this issue in the best manner possible.”

All in all, the fate of the entry remains to be seen, as legal complications have made it difficult for the development to proceed. Regardless, the team assured us it is well underway, and the issues have not halted the progress. In the meantime, we might be able to enjoy Dark and Darker inside Fortnite once the alluring map comes out in the future. 

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