Way Of The Hunter Tips And Tricks For Beginners

A guide that explains useful tips and tricks to help the beginners to have the most fun hunting in Way of the Hunter.

Way of the Hunter is a brand new open-world hunting simulator game. The game provides you with an experience of hunting animals in the Wild. You explore the forests of the USA and Europe. Here you explore the wilderness and experience hunting in a virtual world. This guide will explain some Way of the Hunter tips and tricks for beginners.

Way of Hunter provides you with a huge collection of animals. Along with animals, you get a lot of rifles and other hunting equipment at your disposal. You use all these things to be able to play the game. Furthermore, it contains predators as well as prey, so you must always have a good gun on you. 

Key Takeaways
  • Way of the Hunter is a new open-world hunting simulator game
  • Players can explore the forests of the USA and Europe, hunting various animals and using a variety of rifles and hunting equipment
  • The game includes both predators and prey, and players must use abilities to track animals efficiently
  • Tips for tracking animals include: keeping binoculars ready, finding a vantage point, walking instead of running, and using the Hunter Sense ability
  • Shooting tips include: being aware of wind direction and distance to the target, using the right ammunition for the animal, and practicing to improve aim.

Tracking Tips

As the name suggests, you play as a hunter in Way of the Hunter. You must hunt animals to fashion your house with trophies of the skins of your prey. But this prey won’t be handed to you on a silver platter. You must be able to hunt down your prey.

Tracking the animal in this game can be a bit tricky. The game actually has some very cool features about the animals. If you shoot one in an area, then it will run away for a while. You need to be wary of predators because they can be lurking in any corner as well. The following tips will help you with tracking animals.

Always Keep Your Binoculars Ready

You must always have binoculars on you during exploration. Whenever you are exploring the wide world of Way of the Hunter, you should look around and keep using binoculars. The Binoculars will let you see distances that normally you can’t see. Some scopes cannot even let you see half of their distance. 

You can also check lounges in the forests with them. If you are close to your prey, then use your binoculars to see in the distance rather than your rifle. If they see the rifle, then the animals will run away. So always bring your binoculars with you when you go out hunting. 

Find A Vantage Point 

Finding a vantage point in Way of the Hunter is extremely important for tracking animals. Because they allow you to spot animals from a height and let you see their movements, you can use your binoculars to see the distance from that high point and get a severe advantage.

Furthermore, it is very useful against predators. Because if they start chasing you then you can just climb them up and kill them from up there. So whenever you are out looking for vantage points, it’s for you to scout the area around the vantage point. 

Walk Instead of Running

Walking will easily be preferred in Way of the Hunter over running. Simply because when you are running, you can easily some things that you might be able to see only when walking. Many animals can leave your sight if you aren’t careful about it. 

Additionally, you can scare animals away from running. The bushes and small branches on land make a lot of noise when you run. So try to walk as much as possible. It also allows you to enjoy the view because of how good-looking the game actually is. Just sit back and take in the experience. 

Use Of Hunter Sense 

Hunter sense is an important ability in the game. You use it to be able to see the noise and tracks of animals. When you are roaming around, use your hunter sense. It will locate tracks or noises. Keep looking for noises because they give you a more accurate location.

You can upgrade the Hunter Sense and be able to use it while walking. At the start, Way of the Hunter doesn’t allow you to use Hunter Sense when you walk. You need to stand to be able to use it. Upgrading it will allow you to use it while moving to give you more accuracy and efficiency during hunting.

Shooting Tips

Shooting in Way of the Hunter is very good. The ballistic and overall shooting mechanics in the game are extremely realistic. So you need to keep that in mind while you are hunting. You also have a wide variety of rifles and shotguns. You can use either depending on the situation you are facing. The following are a few Way of the Hunter Tips and Tricks you should use for shooting.

Use Rifles 

Using rifles is much preferred compared to shotguns. Rifles have a longer range and can easily kill your target if you shot correctly. Rifles also produce less sound compared to shotguns. While it still produces a lot of sounds but it isn’t as bad as the shotguns. Styer Pro Hunter II is one of the best rifles in the game, and we highly recommend that.

Shotguns have higher damage but a lesser range. It is only useful for close combat when a predator is chasing you. But rifles are still better because you can keep your distance while you are being chased. And if you happen to find a Vantage point, you can just climb it and kill them from there. 

Use Scopes With Better Lens Quality

In Way of the Hunter, the scopes have two main properties. One is the magnification, and the second is the lens quality. Some people would prefer magnification over lens quality. But we think that you should go with better lens quality. 

The main reason why lens quality is better is that you have a much clearer view. When you get a scope with better magnification, you are going to reduce its quality. So you will see blurry images. That is why it is recommended that you use the “Overgaard” scope from the shop. It is the best scope in the game, in our opinion. 

Don’t Aim For The Head

Well, it might seem weird, but in Way of The Hunter, you shouldn’t aim for the head. Headshots are always a kill, but you don’t want to do that here. That is because when you shoot one of them and kill it, the others will run away. This way, you only can get one prey. 

Shoot the part right above the leg. That is where the heart is located. They will run away with the herd. The way, you don’t kill it. But the blood will spill and lead you to the rest of the herd. The way, once enough blood is spilled, the animal dies, and you get a second chance at killing another animal. 

Exploration Tips In Way Of The Hunter

There are a lot of different mechanics in Way of the Hunter that should be addressed. The game doesn’t just rely on tracking and shooting. There are a lot of other things you can do while you are in Way of the Hunter. So here are a few extra Way of the Hunter Tips and Tricks. 

Blood Analysis 

When you shoot an animal, it will leave a trail of blood behind. The trail can be analyzed if you go up close to it. The Blood analysis will give you a lot of different details about the animal. It will also make tracking the runaway animal easier. You can just follow the blood trail to get to the animal. The analysis will show you the way.

Save Up Money

When you start the game, don’t spend much of your money on random things. Save it up so you can buy better guns. Buy whatever you think is right. Buy yourself the “Overgard” scope. Saving money will also allow you to progress faster in the game. 

Don’t Buy Styer Pro Hunter 

There are 2 Styer Pro Hunter, Styer Pro Hunter and Styer Pro Hunter II. The Styer Pro Hunter II is one of the best guns in the game, as mentioned before. But the simple Styer Pro Hunter is sort of a scam or maybe just a typo. Its caliber is not the one that has been mentioned there. 

So when you are going to buy it, you will get a lesser result because of that mistake. So it is recommended that you buy the Styer Pro Hunter II by saving up some money instead of going with the simple one.

Use Jeeps For Long Distances

We said before that walking is preferable to running, but that is only for small specific areas. If you want to go to farther areas, then you should use Jeeps. The jeeps have extra storage, which you can use to help you on your way. Because you will be away from your lounge, it’s better to have your Jeep with you. 

Use Callers Near Herds

When you are near a Herd, you should use a caller. The caller allows you to call the animals towards you, and it can help significantly. It can separate your target from the rest and makes it easy for you to kill. Upgrading your caller is recommended because then bigger animals of the specific animal will come close to you. 

Don’t Only Shoot The Male Animals

The thing about Way of the Hunter is that they don’t have gender-neutral animals. You have both male and female animals in the game. Mostly males are which provide you with more meat, but there is a ratio that makes up for points. 

These points are essential for upgrading weapons and abilities. So if your ratio is messed up, you won’t get as many points as you would with a constant ratio. That is why you should always keep on the look for male and female animals. 


That is it for our guide, which explains all the different tips and tricks that you should use to get better in the game. If you are a beginner, then we hope our guide will help you greatly. Let us know what you think about this guide and the game itself. 

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