Way Of The Hunter For Beginners [Our Tips And Tricks]

A guide that explains useful tips and tricks to help the beginners to have the most fun hunting in Way of the Hunter.

Way of the Hunter is a brand new open-world hunting simulator game. The game provides you with an experience of hunting animals in the Wild. You explore the forests of the USA and Europe. Here you explore the wilderness and experience hunting in a virtual world. This guide will explain some Way of the Hunter tips and tricks for beginners.

Here’s a quick overview of all the Best Tips and Tricks for Way of the Hunter:

Always Keep Your Binoculars ReadyImprove your ability to see and locate animals.
Find A Vantage PointGain an advantage in spotting and tracking animals.
Walk Instead of RunningAvoid scaring away animals with noisy running.
Use Hunter SenseUtilize the Hunter Sense ability for tracking.
Use RiflesChoose rifles over shotguns for their advantages.
Use Scopes With Better Lens QualityPrioritize lens quality over magnification in scopes.
Don't Aim For The HeadTarget vital body parts to maximize your hunting.
Blood AnalysisUse blood analysis to track wounded animals.
Save Up MoneyEfficiently manage your in-game currency.
Don't Buy Styer Pro HunterChoose the better option for firearms.
Use Jeeps For Long DistancesOpt for jeeps when traveling longer distances.
Use Callers Near HerdsUse callers to attract animals and separate targets.
Don't Only Shoot The Male AnimalsMaintain a balanced ratio for better points.

Tracking Tips

Tracking the animal in Way of the Hunter can be a bit tricky. The game actually has some very cool features about the animals. If you shoot one in an area, then it will run away for a while. You need to be wary of predators because they can be lurking in any corner as well. The following tips will help you with tracking animals.

  1. Always Carry Binoculars:
    • Carry binoculars for enhanced visibility and spotting animals at a distance.
    • Binoculars are crucial for avoiding detection and maintaining stealth during hunting.
  2. Find a Vantage Point:
    • Locate vantage points for better observation and tracking of animals.
    • Climbing to a higher elevation provides a strategic advantage, especially against predators.
  3. Walk Instead of Running:
    • Prefer walking over running to avoid startling animals and maintain a quieter approach.
    • Running can create noise, disturbing the environment and causing animals to flee.
  4. Use Hunter Sense:
    • Utilize Hunter Sense to detect tracks and noises of nearby animals.
    • Upgrade Hunter Sense to use it while walking for continuous tracking.
  5. Shooting Tips:
    • Use rifles for longer range and reduced noise compared to shotguns.
    • The Styer Pro Hunter II is recommended for its effectiveness.
    • Prioritize scopes with better lens quality for clearer views over higher magnification.
  6. Don’t Aim for the Head:
    • Avoid aiming for the head to prevent scaring off other animals in the herd.
    • Target the area above the leg, where the heart is located, to lead the herd with blood trails.
    • This strategy allows for multiple kills by tracking the wounded animals.

Exploration Tips In Way Of The Hunter

There are a lot of different mechanics in Way of the Hunter that should be addressed. The game doesn’t just rely on tracking and shooting. There are a lot of other things you can do while you are in Way of the Hunter.

So here are a few extra exploration tips and tricks in Way of the Hunter:

  1. Blood Analysis:
    • Analyze blood trails left by shot animals for valuable information.
    • Blood analysis helps in tracking wounded animals and understanding their behavior.
  2. Save Up Money:
    • Prioritize saving money for better guns and equipment.
    • Consider investing in the “Overgard” scope for improved aiming capabilities.
  3. Avoid Styer Pro Hunter:
    • Opt for Styer Pro Hunter II instead of the simple Styer Pro Hunter.
    • The II version provides accurate results and avoids potential discrepancies.
  4. Use Jeeps for Long Distances:
    • Utilize Jeeps for covering long distances efficiently.
    • Jeeps offer extra storage space, making them suitable for extended exploration.
  5. Use Callers Near Herds:
    • Employ callers when near herds to attract animals and separate targets.
    • Upgrading callers enhances their effectiveness, attracting larger animals.
  6. Don’t Only Shoot Males:
    • Be mindful of the gender ratio while hunting to maintain a balance.
    • Both male and female animals contribute to points, crucial for upgrades.

That is it for my guide, which explains all the different tips and tricks that you should use to get better in the game. If you are a beginner, then I hope my guide will help you greatly. Let me know what you think about this guide and the game itself. 

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