Warzone 2 Tips & Tricks [Top 13]

The Guide gives the best Tips & Tricks for Warzone 2.0 that you can follow and become fairly better at the game.

Warzone 2.0 is here! Packing all the exciting features and thrilling gameplay. If you’ve decided to try out the Battle Royale, then you must go through some Warzone 2.0 Tips & Tricks before starting out the game, as it features plenty of new mechanics along with some additional in-game features.

Most beginners think that Warzone is just about grabbing a gun, barging into the battlefield, and firing recklessly at your enemies, which is somewhat not true. For all the newbies, we have compiled a list of the best tricks and strategies that you can follow to take a step in the world of Warzone.

Key Takeaways 

  • Warzone 2.0 comes with new in-game mechanics along with the latest features, so it’s always helpful to go through some Tips & Tricks to get an edge over the opponents. 
  • Surviving in the game is all about using the right strategies at the right time. 
  • Follow the shared tips to enhance your game sense and get fairly better at the game. 
  • Make sure to practice as much as you can and learn from your mistakes to perform better next time. 

Warzone 2.0 Tips & Tricks 

Grabbing some useful tips and techniques is necessary to improve your gameplay and perform better than your opponents. The game provides fairgrounds to all the players, and the only way you can outperform your opponent is by choosing the right strategies and playing more sensibly.

Although natural instincts and reaction time plays a significant role, you can improve your skills and game sense by learning different tactics as well, such as taking cover, positioning, movement, and accuracy. 

Warzone 2.0 Tips & Tricks
Beginner Tips and Tricks [Screenshot Grab: eXputer]
Here, we will go through some of the most useful Warzone tips that will help you improve your gameplay and make you perform sensibly in critical situations by making better decisions. So let’s hop into the Warzone 2.0 Beginner Tips & Tricks and get the deserving Victory Royale!

Customize Your Settings

Whether you’re playing the game on a Console or PC, you should always visit the settings first and adjust the default settings according to your playstyle. For example, you can tweak mini-map settings and change their shape or size according to your preference. The most important thing in your settings is Sensitivity, as it plays a significant role in your aim and accuracy. So, make sure to adjust the sensitivity to an optimal level that best suits you. 

If you’re not a fan of in-game music, you can also turn it off from the settings and get rid of the intense music that starts during the end-game zones. Turning off or lowering the music is beneficial as it will help you track the footsteps sounds more accurately and hear distant gunfire shots more accurately. 

Choose An Optimal Landing Spot

The tactical and decisive game starts from the beginning of the match, as choosing the right landing spot plays a crucial role in determining your survival rate. While playing Warzone 2.0, you can go for the two strategies. First, you can be aggressive and land on hot drops such as Marshland or Airport and dive straight into some action. Landing at hot drops will improve your reaction timing and also get you more kills.

If you’re not worried much about your game ranking or K/D ratio, then you can try out areas where you are prone to early-game engagements. If you don’t like unnecessary interactions and want to focus more on surviving, then you can adapt the passive strategies and choose safe spots for landing.

Warzone Landing Spots
Choose the landing spot wisely! [Screenshot Grab: eXputer]
At safe spots, you can collect necessary loot and get prepared for mid and end-game fights. Landing at safe spots also increases your survival rate and lets you loot patiently, but beware of the sneaky players, who camp at the safe spots and wait for you to come under their radar. 

One thing to always keep in mind is that if you’ve landed too far from the center of the map, Always look out for the safe zone. Don’t be the guy who gets too busy checking out every single building for loot and then ends up getting caught in the death zone. 

Spend Some Time Choosing Your Optimal Weapon

Use different weapons to find the perfect one
Test Out Different Weapons [Image captured by eXputer]
With every new volume of the Call of Duty series, new weapons are released that have different perks and abilities. If you’re completely new at Battle Royale, then we recommend you spare some time in selecting a gun that fits the best for you according to your playstyle. Also, try to get better at using all weapons types, such as Shotguns, Snipers, and LMG as you don’t know what might come in handy in critical situations!

Don’t Accumulate Your Cash

While playing Warzone, you can collect money as you venture around the map. You can earn more cash by completing contracts and spending it to buy useful gear such as meds, ammo, or armor. As there is no bonus for cash at the end of the game, it is of no use to accumulate this asset in your inventory.

You should try to take full advantage of your collected cash by visiting the Buy Stations Marked on the Map and buying selections such as Cluster Strike or Precision Air Strike. 

Look Out For Contracts

Warzone Contracts
Contracts [Image captured by eXputer]
Loadout drops are a great asset as they give you plenty of useful gear that will help you in enemy encounters. But if you’re daunted by the cost of the drop, you can always collect more cash during your match by picking up contracts available at random places on the map. You can pick different types of Contracts, which includes: Bounties, Supply Drop, Supply Run, Scavenger, Recon, Sabotage Most Wanted, and Top Secret.


Bounties contract highlights one player on the map that falls in the effective radius. The mark gets smaller as you get closer to the target, giving you an edge to sneak up on the player and take him out. If you’re successful in killing your opponent, you will get his loot, along with an extra reward for successfully completing the contract. 

Additionally, if your contract is live, but someone else takes out the marked player, you will still get a minor reward. As there is no drawback to picking up this contract type, you can always look out for it and get additional XP for free. You can also pick a Big Game Bounty contract that marks players with the highest kills in the lobby and grants bigger rewards on successful completion.


Scavenger Contract marks three loot boxes that you have to hunt down and open. The loot box rewards you with equipable items along with some solid. You’re also guaranteed to receive an Armor Satchel as a finishing reward.


Recons are unique contracts as they require capturing a specific stop for the time being. To complete the contract, you have to hold the ground at the marked location, which can sometimes be out in the open as well. Upon completion of the contract, you get the closing location of the circle, which is a huge advantage in terms of camping and securing better grounds. 

Most Wanted

Most wanted is a survival-type contract in which you’re marked as a target for all the surviving players. If you’re able to dodge your enemies and survive for the next three minutes, the contract will be completed successfully, and you will be rewarded with cash. Additionally, if any team member is in Gulag currently, he will be instantly dropped back into the map.  

Supply Drop And Supply Run

Supply Drop gives you an airdrop full of valuable loot and marks its exact landing location. While looting the airdrop, make sure to be aware of your surroundings, as the package are visible to all the players on the map.

Supply Run marks a specific Buy Station and gives you limited time to reach the spot and get the perks. If you manage to reach on time, you can enjoy discounts on items such as medics and reviving kits.


Sabotage assigns you the task of destroying a random vehicle somewhere near the spot, giving you an armored truck along with decent cash as a reward. 

Top Secret

Lastly, the top secret reward assigns you a random contract task with an increased reward. It’s the same like you’re gambling in contracts and getting better rewards in return. 

Sharing Is Caring

When you’re playing duo or squads in Warzone, you have to make sure that you’re playing as a team. You can be a good team member by sharing your resources if your teammates need them, like giving them cover fire and providing them first aid to save their life. If you’ve spare plates of Armor and your teammates have none, it’s always good to share.

After all, your whole squad needs to survive till the end and help each other when needed. So, be generous in sharing medics, ammo, or cash with your teammates, as you alone can not do much by accumulating all these extra resources.

Make Use Of Ping Feature

Just like most Battle Royale games, Warzone also features the ping option that helps you communicate better with your teammates. So, whenever you have to mark a specific spot on the map, you can use the ping option to instantly signal your teammate rather than giving them the coordinates and waiting for them to process and respond.

The ping option instantly marks the location where you’re referring and helps in grabbing your teammate’s attention as well.

Use Your Equipment Wisely

Tips to improve gameplay
Deployable Cover [Image captured by eXputer]
While exploring through different compartments around the map, you’ll find plenty of loot. What most players do is gather all the possible equipment they can but not use it when the situation arises.

So, make sure you’re not one of them and use all the equipment you have to your advantage. For example, you can use the Deployable Cover to make an instant shield for blocking the enemy’s bullets, or you can utilize the Dead Silence field upgrade to become stealthy and sneak up on enemies. 

Use Gulag To Your Advantage

Gulag Fight
THE GULAG [Screenshot Grab: eXputer]
If you are not lucky enough and die during combat, that’s not the end! You can still come back as Warzone features an interesting feature where you have a second chance to make up for it and prove that you’re worthy enough to land back on the map again.

So, once you’re in Gulag, prepare for a one-on-one fight and defeat your opponent to escape the Gulag. If two of your teammates are at Gulag at the same time, you can take the help of each other as well.

Watch For Flares

Flares are a common sight to see during Warzone Battles. If you’re not the one ordering it, then probably it’s one of the rival squads. Flare locations are a great place to engage in fights and secure some kills. So, if you’re well geared up and in the mood to take up a fight, reach the flare spot to rush into the enemy’s squad.

If you’re successful in defeating them, you’ll get all their loot, plus the bonus loot from the drop. So, risking your life for valuable loot is sometimes worth the effort. Plus, it’s fun and satisfying to wipe out a squad and get all their resources. 

Take Advantage Of Sounds

Use Sound to get an edge over enemies
Take Advantage of Sounds [Image captured by us]
While playing Battle Royale, having a good sound sense gives a great edge as it allows you to track the enemy’s footsteps or listen for distant gunshots or explosions. If an enemy squad is rushing at you in a vehicle, the sound will alert you and help you in getting alert to take up a fight.

In addition to that, you’ll be able to track your enemy more easily in Gulag by following the sounds of his footsteps. So, make sure you put on some decent headphones before starting the game. 

Consider The Match Events

During the Battle Royale, some in-match events will pop up in specific modes that are interesting to participate in. So, make sure to consider these events if you want to add a bit more spice and fun to your match. The featured events are

  • Jailbreak: All the killed players respawn back in to map, regardless of their waiting time or Defeat in Gulag.  
  • Fire Sale: Buy Stations offers exceptional discounts on Costly items for the time being, and buying back dead teammates becomes free for the next minute.
  • Supply Chopper: Armored Chopper will hover around the map. If you’re successful in taking them down, you’ll get exceptional loot, including two armor and ammunition boxes, three UAVs, a grenade launcher, a gas mask along with some cash. 
  • Restock: All the Loot Boxes will get filled again, which you can open for the second time.
  • Cash Drop: Airdrops will drop around the arena full of cash.
  • Heavy Weapons Crate: Airdrops will land, but this time with high-tier weapons.
  • Juggernaut: A couple of juggernaut suits will randomly drop on the map that can be picked up and used by players. 

Give In Your Best

Warzone 2.0 Tips & Tricks
Give in Your Best [Screenshot Grab: eXputer]
Although this tip is a bit off the track, it actually does matter. Even tho sometimes you’re following the right strategies and playing sensibly, sometimes luck is not with you, and you end up getting killed in a really bad way.

You might not get the Victory Royale each time you play, but giving in your best is all that matters. So try to practice more and more to get in-depth knowledge of new maps and features and dominate the players on the battlefield. 

Wrapping Up 

This sums up our guide on Warzone 2.0 Beginner Tips & Tricks. The main key to becoming a better player is PRACTICE. So, make sure you’re putting in enough effort and time to become a decent player at the game. Other than that, make sure that you’re equipped with the best Assault Rifle along with a good Sniper Rifle that will make a deadly combo.

If you’re an LMG lover, we have a guide prepared for it as well. Furthermore, if you want to learn more about AQ kills, you can go through our guide for that. 

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