Mad Max Guide: Essential Tips and Tricks

8 things you wish you would've known before you started Mad Max!

You may be max enough, but are you mad enough? Here’s a clue: I don’t know what that means. After spending almost 40-50 hours in  Mad Max, however, I’ve come up with some beginner tips and tricks that you wish you’d known before you started playing Mad Max. Here are some general two cents to remember while implementing waste to the wasteland in Mad Max.

Key Takeaways
  • Upgrade your Essence and Adaptation ASAP. These two skills will make Max more resilient in combat and allow him to carry more water, which is essential for survival in the wasteland.
  • Use Chumbucket to find minefields. Chum can spot minefields from a distance, which will save you from a lot of headaches.
  • Don’t run from storms. Storms contain valuable scrap, so brave the elements and collect as much as you can.
  • Upgrade your car’s suspension. This will make it easier to drive through rough terrain and avoid damage.
  • Play the story missions with priority. The story missions will reward you with valuable resources and upgrades.
  • Build cleanup crews ASAP. Cleanup crews will help you clear out enemy camps and collect scrap without having to do it all yourself.
  • Know your challenges. The challenges list shows you various tasks that you can complete to earn scrap and other rewards. Keep an eye on the list and try to complete challenges as you go.
  • Use the camera/snapshot feature to explore. The camera can fly around the map much faster than Max can walk, so it’s a great way to find hidden areas and resources.

Here’s a quick round-up of all the Tips and Tricks for Mad Max:

Upgrade EssenceBoost Max's combat resilience and water-carrying capacity, vital for wasteland survival.
Use Chumbucket Chum can spot minefields from a distance, saving you from headaches.
Utilize stormsStorms contain valuable scrap, so gather as much as you can during these events.
Upgrade Car's suspensionImproved suspension makes it easier to navigate rough terrain and avoid damage.
Play story missions Prioritize story missions, as they offer valuable resources and upgrades.
Build cleanup crewsEstablish cleanup crews to automatically collect scrap from demolished enemy cars.
Know your challengesFinish challenges, earn Griffa tokens, and track your progress for essential Max ability upgrades in-game.
Fast travel changes vehicle.During fast travel, Magnum Opus replaces your current vehicle; remember this to avoid inconvenience.
Chum for minefieldsUtilize Chumbucket's minefield detection; have him pinpoint the locations before dispatching the dog for clearing.
Use dust storms.Take cover in dust storms, then gather valuable scattered loot once the storm clears.
Let War Criers liveShow mercy to enemy camp War Criers; their perspective shifts after battle, merely following orders.

Play The Story Missions

As I moved forward at the beginning of the story, the first most important thing I did was to start grinding and getting my car ready for the ultimate finale, this told me that the game is more than a bit heavier towards wasteland tasks than it is towards the main quest.

So, take your steps, and enter the end game with a powerful car, you’re going to need to conquer a lot of enemy bases, take down a lot of enemy towers, clear a lot of minefields, and gather a whole mess of scrap metal and waste. If you don’t do enough of this in between the story missions, you might wind up doing a lot at once before the final missions of the story.

Build Cleanup Crews ASAP

In Mad Max, scrap metal is very important because it is the basis of just about every upgrade in the game, and collecting it, is time-consuming and important at the same time. This becomes true when you destroy enemy cars, which drop tiny bits of scrap whenever they explode. There’s even a truck in Mad Max called ‘Scrapulance’, which drops a lot of metal when you catch and conquer it and is worth even more if you remove the driver and get the truck to your base.

The issues will arise when Max has to stop, get out of his ride, and run here and there manually picking up pieces of scrap that appear on the road after the explosion of the car, and it quickly makes you feel tired. That’s why your first order of the business should be putting together a cleanup crew to pick up the fallen scrap for you.

Once you complete Jeet’s first stronghold story mission, talk to him about making modifications to the base. Then, run around looking for a good cleanup crew node. Track it on your map to search the locations of the parts you need, and go out and get them as soon as possible. Get back to the base, find the node again, and build it. From then on, scrap from demolished cars will be collected automatically, this is a major lifesaver.

Know Your Challenges

There are two ways to upgrade Max himself. One is through the menu, from where you can tinker with his dusters, shotgun, knuckle, clothing, appearance, and fighting skills. The second one is by visiting a mystical weird guy named Griffa who usually wears a very massive backpack in history and appears periodically in various spots in the desert.

To increase Max’s abilities with Griffa you’ll need tokens, which you can earn by accomplishing some certain challenges. You’ll beat many of these challenges accidentally, simply by going through the game. For instance, you might drive a shive into the neck of a gibbering War boy and you’ll get a notification saying “Challenge complete” Absent-mindedly drive a shive into the neck of 10 Gibbering War Boys!” The prize: A Griffa token.

It helps a lot though, try to keep an eye on which challenges are almost complete before you hit the waste. Go ahead to the menu’s legend tab, there you will find a list of challenges and how far you’ve progressed. Always keep an eye on the top of the challenges list before you hit the ruins, so you know a quick and easy way to get some tokens. In this way knowing the details about the challenges will keep you way ahead of your game.

Upgrade Your Car’s Ssuspension

With a lot of exciting and different things to upgrade on your, like rams, spikes, flamethrowers, and nitro chargers, it’s pretty easy to overlook your suspension because it doesn’t look like a threat to any enemy, in reality, it is a threat indeed.

It’s vitally important although most of the Mad Max’s races are optional tasks, two races are required to advance through the story missions, and beating them is going to be more about the handling and steering of your car rather than ramming other cars. The suspension isn’t a fancy choice for a war machine, but sometimes you need to be specific about some things.

Note: If you’ve added heavier armor and a bigger engine then you might find your car’s handling a bit sluggish to control, consider downgrading a few other elements in order to balance out everything.

Remember That Fast Travel Swaps Out Your Car

In Mad Max, the fast travel system is quite flexible, unlike Bethesda’s games. You can fast-travel pretty much anywhere whenever you want, even in the middle of a fight or car battle. But know that if you’re driving a car other than the Magnum Opus, it’ll disappear when you reach your destination and be replaced by the Magnum Opus. So, if you’re drifting in a faction car in your Chum’s buggy or Archangels, do not fast travel unless you’re completely done using those other vehicles. Otherwise, you’ll have to get it back from a stronghold garage.

Use Chum

Your good’ol hunchback mechanic Chumbucket is happy to point out local glamor while your drives around, such as approaching deadly parties, war parties, and scarecrow towers that need to be invaded, even though you’ve already pulled down thirty of them and you really don’t need to be told that anymore anyway.

Your hunchback buddy can also spot minefields. If you hear him shout about “boom-boom fields”, check your map as fast as you can. If there isn’t a minefield icon, either mark or memorize the spot on your map to come back with the dog instead of Chum to clear it.

Although the dog can lead you to the minefields too, it’s much easier to let Chum find them, because driving through the wasteland with the dog will cost you the harpoon and nitro-boosts. When you take the dog out to clear the minefields, it is very easy if you’ve already used Chum to find them.

If You’re Caught In A Storm, Make It Worth Your While

Dust storms are thrilling, exciting, and deadly as hell. They can turn your ride into a burning wreck and no time and can fling you into the sky when you step outside. They also blow a lot of debris around your surroundings, including massive boxes of scrap metal and there are a couple of ways to get them.

The safest way from my point of view is to try the weather storm by getting into cover. Not inside a friendly stronghold that will cause the storm to pass quickly — but a camp or some other structure to protect you from the waste and lightning strikes. Then take a breath, and wait it out. After some time, the storm will let you explore and you can grab some of those huge crates of loot lying around in the dust.

Let The War Criers Live

You’ll find war criers in enemy camps, sitting in the seats of dangled cranes. When a brawl begins, they start shouting encouragements to the goons you’re fighting simultaneously beating their drums as well, which certainly gives them a buff. In a general way, you’ll try to take out the War Criers before a brawl begins, either by sniping them from a distance in your car before you reach the base or with a quick shotgun blast from the near.

Just once, though, let them live! After the brawl, when they see that their War Boys are dead, the same guys that were screaming to kill you, they’ll realize that they were just dangling in their goofy chairs at the mercy of a dangerous and furious wasteland legend, their attitude will change. Looks, like they were just doing their job, you know?

With these basic introductive tips, your beginning of the game will be pleasant enough to enjoy throughout the whole Mad Max. Excel then prevails!

Good Luck!

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