Naraka Bladepoint Ranks: Tips & Rank Calculation

Naraka Bladepoint features an interesting ranking system with a total of eight ranks. The higher a player ranks, the more rewards, they would earn. To get your ranking high it’s worth striving in the competitive environment to be the best. There are efficient and fast ways to increase your rank in Naraka Bladepoint. Today we will discuss all you need to know about ranks in Naraka Bladepoint.

Key Takeaways
  • Naraka Bladepoint features an eight-rank system where players can earn rewards based on their rank.
  • The eight ranks are titled as Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Solar, Empyrean, Astral, and Asura
  • The rank is determined by the number of points a player earns after completing a round in The Herald’s Trial.
  • To increase your rank in Naraka Bladepoint, you should focus on increasing your Kill Count and targeting higher-ranked opponents.
  • Points are earned based on these two factors, and the more points you have, the higher your rank will be.
  • Players can also receive a variety of rewards depending on their rank, such as Tae currency, treasure boxes, and seasonal rewards like weapon skins and Avatars.

What Are Ranks In Naraka Bladepoint?

Naraka bladepoint Ranks
Naraka Bladepoint Ranks

Naraka Bladepoint features eight different ranks that players can gain after completing a round in the Herald’s Trial. The category of ranks includes Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Solar, Empyrean, Astral, and Asura. After gaining 100 points you would move up a stage until you reach the last rank which is Asura.

With the exception of the Asura rank, every rank would have five stages. Players would be divided into ranks depending on the points they earn. The table below shows a complete list of ranks in Naraka Bladepoint and the points required to achieve them.

Rank Points
Bronze V 1000-1099
Bronze IV 1100-1199
Bronze III 1200-1299
Bronze II 1300-1399
Bronze I 1400-1499
Silver V 1500-1599
Silver IV 1600-1699
Silver III 1700-1799
Silver II 1800-1899
Silver I 1900-1999
Gold I 2000-2099
Gold II 2100-2199
Gold III 2200-2299
Gold IV 2300-2399
Gold V 2400-2499
Platinum I 2500-2599
Platinum II 2600-2699
Platinum III 2700-2799
Platinum IV 2800-2899
Platinum V 2900-2999
Solar I 3000-3099
Solar II 3100-3199
Solar III 3200-3299
Solar IV 3300-3399
Solar V 3400-3499
Empyrean I 3500-3599
Empyrean II 3600-3699
Empyrean III 3700-3799
Empyrean IV 3800-3899
Empyrean V 3900-3999
Astral I 4000-4099
Astral II 4100-4199
Astral III 4200-4299
Astral IV 4300-4399
Astral V 4400-4499
Asura 4500+

How To Calculate Ranks

How to rank up fast naraka bladepoint
Ranked Match

Your rank would be calculated depending on the points you earn after completing a round in The Herald’s Trial. Players can either gain or lose points depending on certain factors, luck, and their performance.

Points are calculated depending on various factors during a ranked match. The main factors that are taken into consideration are Kill count and Opponent’s ranking.

Kill Count

When a Ranked Herald’s trail starts, you might want to head in and kill as many players as possible. Doing so would increase your Kill Count which would significantly increase the points you earn. A higher Kill Count would certainly increase your rank in Naraka Bladepoint fast.

To increase your Kill count, it is recommended to use more skills that would aid you during combat. Practice more so you can be well versed in combos during combat. You can also partner up with your friends to tackle opponents easily. 

Opponent’s Ranking

It’s recommended to check your opponent’s rank before you head to kill them. Killing stronger opponents is sure to give you more points than weaker ones, However, make sure that you are strong enough to tackle high-ranked opponents.

To check the average ranking of your opponents, Look at the upper side of the loading screen before the match. You will see a text that would help you determine the strength of your opponents. If your opponent’s rank is higher than yours you would see “Quite Challenging” written. On the other hand, if your opponents are ranked lower, you would spot a “With ease” text.

Naraka Bladepoint Rank Rewards

Naraka bladepoint rank rewards
Treasure chest

Players can get a variety of rewards in Naraka Bladepoint depending on their current rank. You can obtain plenty of Tae which is a useful in-game currency. Moreover, you can also obtain treasure boxes that can give you rare items.

In addition to these rewards, players may also obtain some seasonal rewards. These rewards may include weapon skins and Avatars. You may also obtain a few seasonal pictures so make sure to rank up so you don’t miss any of these great items.


That’s all you need to know about Ranks in Naraka Bladepoint. While getting To the Asura rank is a tough endeavor and would require a lot of effort. It would be worth getting rewarded greatly when you are at the highest possible rank.

To improve your rank effectively, Focus on improving your team so you can kill as many players as possible. However, killing stronger players would yield you more points. Strong opponents are tough to beat and you have to make sure that you are ready to face them.

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