Naraka Bladepoint: All Known Wishing Well Locations

Learn about the usage and location of the Wishing Wells in Naraka Bladepoint to exchange your leftover gear with a new one.

Wishing Well is a great way to swap your gear in Naraka Bladepoint. Learning how to locate and use them is essential to ace your progress. Finding Naraka Bladepoint Wishing Well Locations is easy as they are scattered throughout the region. However, there are some exact coordinates where you can go and swap your goods.

Key Takeaways
  • The Wishing Wells are environmental objects scattered all over Naraka Bladepoint that can be used to exchange gear.
  • A single well can be used only three times; afterward, it will become dim.
  • If the well is illuminating in golden, it indicates that it is usable.
  • The wishing well is located throughout various places, but many wells are near Eventide Temple, Celestra Rocks, Shadowjade, and Shipwreck Expanse.
  • Stand next to the glowing well and drop the gear you want to exchange.
  • The item you get in return is random.

What Are Wishing Wells In Naraka Bladepoint

Golden Illumination Wishing Well
Golden Illumination Wishing Well (Picture Credits: eXputer)

The Wishing Wells are environmental objects scattered all over Naraka Bladepoint. Through these, you can exchange your current gear for new valuables. Unlike other Royal Passes, where you must choose leftover goods or leave them behind, the wishing well allows you to gather resourceful items.

The Wishing Well can only be used thrice. If it shines in golden light, it indicates that it is usable for the exchange of items. However, If it is dull, you cannot use it. Locating and knowing how to use them should be at your fingertips. Knowing Naraka Bladepoint Wishing Well’s locations may be challenging when fighting and looting, as the map does not track them.

Naraka Bladepoint Wishing Well Locations

The wishing wells are spread across the map at random sections. Here’s a quick overview of all the Wishing Well Locations in the game:

North East Of Eventide TempleX: 1492.6 Y:1796.5 H:117.9
Rocky region in East of Celestra rocksX: 1847.8 Y: 1332.0 H: 80.3
South–West of ShadowjadeX: 1304.2 Y: 169.8 H: 72.2
South Of the Shipwreck ExpanseX: 565.1 Y:277.1 H: 42.5
Right of Council Courtyard between two buildingsX: 942.1 Y: 538.0 H: 52.3
North Of Sunwig’s Rest and Eventide TempleX: 863.8 Y:1807.7 H:63.0
East of Servants Ground before Wan ShrineX: 1348.9 Y:1187.3 H:129.3

Below we’ll go through each of these in further detail.

  • At North East Of Eventide Temple 
North East Of Eventide Temple
Location Of Wishing Well At North East Of Eventide Temple (Picture Credits: eXputer)

Coordinates:  X: 1492.6 Y:1796.5 H:117.9

  • A rocky region East of Celestra rocks
East Of Celestra
Location at East Of Celestra (Picture Credits: eXputer)

Coordinates:  X: 1847.8 Y: 1332.0 H: 80.3

  • SouthWest of Shadowjade.
South Of Shadowjade Mine
Location At South Of Shadowjade Mine (Picture Credits: eXputer)

Coordinates:  X: 1304.2 Y: 169.8 H: 72.2

  • Near the house run South Of the Shipwreck Expanse  
South Of Shipwreck Expanse
Location At South Of Shipwreck Expanse (Picture Credits: eXputer)

Coordinates:  X: 565.1 Y:277.1 H: 42.5

  • Right of Council Courtyard between two buildings.
Near Council Courtyard
Location Near Council Courtyard (Picture Credits: eXputer)

Coordinates:  X: 942.1 Y: 538.0 H: 52.3

  • North Of Sunwig’s Rest and Eventide Temple.
North Of Sunwing's Rest
Location At North Of Sunwing’s Rest (Picture Credits: eXputer)

Coordinates:  X: 863.8 Y:1807.7 H:63.0

  • East of Servants Ground before Wan Shrine.
East Of Servant's Ground
East Of Servant’s Ground (Picture Credits: eXputer)

Coordinates:  X: 1348.9 Y:1187.3 H:129.3

How To Use The Wishing Well

Using Wishing Wells
Using Wishing Wells (Picture Credits: eXputer)

Stand next to it to use a Wishing Well and drop something you want to exchange. The item will disappear, and a new replacement will be there shortly.

There are some drawbacks to using the wishing well. First, you cannot exchange any item except for Soul Jades. In addition, there is no exact way of predicting what item you will get as it is random. But, the more rare items you drop, the more valuable goods you will get.

So here is all the info about the Naraka Bladepoint Wishing Well location and how to use it. You can use these wells to upgrade your gear by reading our guide above. Also, to ace your progress, you may want to know about the best weapons in Naraka Bladepoint.

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