Naraka Bladepoint Best Character: Starter & All-Rounder

This Naraka Bladepoint Best Character guide will showcase 4 of the best starter and all-rounder characters!

With a roster of 12 characters to choose from, our Naraka Bladepoint Best Character guide will uncover the 5 top most-used characters as of the recent updates! Let’s get started!

Key Takeaways
  • There are 12 characters that players can use in Naraka Bladepoint. Here is a list of the top 4 characters in Naraka Bladepoint 
  • Yoto-Hime is an excellent melee sword wielder in Naraka Bladepoint. Her abilities include Spirit Slash, Spirit Blade: Crush, and Spirit Slash: Vortex. Her ultimate ability is Ominous Blade with three forms: Launch, Restore, and Combo.
  • Matari is highly mobile and stealth-based, and her abilities, include Silent Flutter and Rapid Flash. Her ultimate abilities, Unseen Wings, Assassin, and Group Stealth, further enhance her abilities and those of her teammates.
  • Yueshan is a strong pick for new Naraka players with a powerful spear, knockback abilities, and team-wide buffs. His ultimate abilities include new attacks, leaping slashes, and an overpowered bellow.
  • Tianhai is the best monk character in Naraka Bladepoint due to increased resistance, projectile rejection, and abilities like The Divine Bell, Counter, and Blast. His ultimate abilities include Titan’s Call, Guard, and Heal.

Remember that these characters can change in their kits at any time, especially with fast meta changes; with recent updates, these characters can be buffed even more or nerfed!


Naraka Bladepoint Yoto-Hime

Yoto-Hime in Naraka Bladepoint is hands-down an excellent character; with her being a melee sword wielder, she can output an insane amount of damage, all the while using her abilities to her advantage to deal with the toughest of foes and taking them down with ease. 

Her slashes and sword-throwing abilities make her a desirable character in every Naraka player’s roster, especially when being in PvP battles to take down the other players. She is known to have formed an unbreakable bond with her bond, not being able to let go of it no matter what. 


Her abilities certainly stand out, making her a worthwhile and the Best Character to invest in while playing Naraka Bladepoint

Spirit Slash 

With her Spirit Slash skill, Yoto-hime can launch out her blade aimed at her foes while output a certain amount of damage. The blade will stay airborne for a total of 3.5 seconds. Pressing the F key will allow the Naraka player to teleport to the blade and slash against her enemies. 

She can also have her cooldown reset so that she can cast it again to obliterate her foes. 

Spirit Blade: Crush 

The next ability is known as Crush, which is activated after pressing down on F2 once; during the skill, the blade will be able to stay airborne for a total of 5 seconds, and pressing down on F2, will call the blade back to her so that she can slash out at her enemies again. 

Her blade will be able to block out any kind of ranged attacks, protecting her even more. 

Spirit Slash: Vortex

Her last ability, known as Spirit Slash Vortex, grants her the ability to launch her blade again. Once it reaches her destination, it will continue to spin for a total of 5 seconds and continue to attack enemies. 

Any melee attacks that have been launched against her will be blocked off to protect her. 

Ultimate Abilities 

Her ultimate ability, “Ominous Blade,” will have three main forms, as seen below. 

Ominous Blade

Upon casting Naraka’s Ominous Blade, she will summon a giant blade and enter her “Demon Incarnate” mode. She can launch her blade once again, get teleported to it, and slash against your enemies to take them down. 


While under the effect of Restore, Yoto-hime in Naraka Bladepoint will gain access to being immune to any control effects launched at her by her enemies. Apart from that, she will also be able to see enemies close by and their Health bars.


With Combo in hand, while it doesn’t make Yoto-hime the Naraka Bladepoint Best Character, she can still launch out three bonus slashes that will be smaller in size when the Ominous blade ends. 


Naraka Bladepoint Matari

Matari, in Naraka time and time, has been known to have the highest amount of mobility in the game while being able to charge against her opponents and consistently evade the enemy’s attack, which makes her difficult to attack back at. 

Her abilities also grant her the ability to attack back, and it helps her become an even stronger character on your roster. She is more of a stealth-based character than focusing solely on damage output. Therefore she is the Best stealth Character in Naraka Bladepoint


Her abilities are what make her overpowered, as can be seen below: 

Silent Flutter 

After selecting a certain direction, Naraka’s Matari can get teleported to that direction, allowing her to evade the attacks that enemies launch continuously. Whether airborne or not, Silent Flutter makes it all the easier for her to teleport herself. 

After pressing down on F, players can charge it up and teleport to a farther location. 

Rapid Flash 

The next version of the Silent Flutter ability will grant her the ability to do the same aimed direction teleportation; however, with this skill in hand, she can also hold a total of 2 charges to make her skill even more powerful. 

The small caveat is that she can no longer hold down on F to teleport to a farther area. 

Retrace Flash 

As we mentioned before, she will regain her ability to teleport forward. Still, alongside that, she will be able to leave her original location where she was originally standing, and she will come back after a total of 7.5 seconds. 

Her attack damage will increase by 15% for 3 seconds after she first teleports. 

Ultimate Abilities

If you are looking to power up Matari’s abilities even more, then her ultimates are surely a help. 

Unseen Wings 

Summon forth Unseen Wings, Matari will enter “Stealth mode” for a total of 20 seconds, being able to add up one extra charge to her silent Flutter skill and get rid of its internal cooldown. 


After entering her stealth mode for 15 seconds, she will be able to repeat the same extra charge to her silent flutter skill and regain her skill again. However, that is not all, as she can also output increased damage to her opponents. 

Group Stealth 

She will go into stealth mode for 12 seconds, and her cooldown will be reduced whenever her stealth mode has been activated, but all her teammates will also enter stealth mode, aiding them greatly! 


Naraka Bladepoint Yueshan

Now, while discussing the Best Character in Naraka Bladepoint, Yueshan is a solid pick for newer Naraka players, as he can quickly overpower and take control over tougher enemies while being able to take them down. 

He can deal a solid amount of knockback to all enemies, and his spear can render all enemies useless while he is in his ultimate mode. 


His abilities are worth checking, as you can see below: 

Line Breaker 

Upon casting Line Breaker, he can dash forward almost instantaneously. While being able to repel the opponent in front of him, he instead dashes forth and instantly launches attacks against the foe. 

Even if the Naraka player is being attacked, they can still use Line Breaker easily. 


The next variation of Line Breaker is known as Rush, which will grant him the ability to go towards the area of the opponent, and while being able to take the enemy in your seize, Yeushan in Naraka will launch out attacks to deal a certain amount of damage to the foe. 

Whenever the Rush ends, the enemy Yeushan seized will end up being stunned for a solid second, and it will also cause a little knockback to enemies in the surrounding radius. 


Upon launching himself into the air, Yueshan will plunge back against the ground, causing it to shake and then evidently causing knockback to enemies while also inflicting Terror upon them for a total of 8 seconds. 

He will also grant a team-wide buff to the allies’ attacks by 10% for 8 seconds. 

Ultimate Abilities

Next up, let’s take a peek at how his ultimate and variations operate: 

Troop Decimation 

With the first ultimate, he will be able to concentrate on powering up energies and then transform instantly into the “Almighty General,” whereby he will be covered from head to toe in terracotta armor and will have new attacks on the enemies. 

Heaven’s Descent 

The variation known as Heaven’s Descent allows him to hold down on the controls and release a “Leaping Slash,” He will also gain the ability to start a new “Dragontail” skill. While pressing down on F, he will go airborne again and thrust back into the ground, dealing bonus damage. 


Lastly, the Formation skill in Naraka allows him to launch out an overpowered bellow which will allow him to provide his allies the “immovable” buff, and the buff will last for a total of 3 seconds. 


Naraka Bladepoint Tianhai

Next up, if you want to know about the Best monk Characters in Naraka Bladepoint, then Tianhai in Naraka is your best bet, as he can gain increased resistance, allowing him to stay alive for longer periods whenever he is present on the battlefield. 

With that, he can also reject any projectiles that are aimed at him, making him an absolute beast when in the middle of a battle; it will also prevent him from getting stunned down by opponents, and he will put up his best fight; you bet!


Tianhai’s abilities are not to be overlooked, as they can support and sustain him whenever he is in the heat of combat.

The Divine Bell 

With The Divine Bell, he can protect himself with the power of Qi, being able to resist any kinds of melee attacks that are being targetted at him from the opponent’s end, making it easy to stay alive and achieve victory. 

Alongside that, he can also rebound any ranged attack back at the enemy instead of making them take in increased damage. 


Another solid variation of the Divine Bell is known as Counter, which essentially allows him to increase his personal protection with Qi, as usual, as he did with the original version of The Divine bell. 

However, with that, he will also be able to disarm all kinds of foes that launch out “Blue Focus” at Tianhai, making it easier to take them down and render them useless. 


Apart from summoning forth the typical The Divine Bell abilities, he will also gain the ability to cause knockback to enemies, which will cause them to go airborne, and as you can imagine, they will take damage when they fall back down to the ground with a thud. 

The main caveat with Naraka’s Blast skill is that it cannot be activated anytime Tianhai is under attack. 

Ultimate Abilities 

Let’s move on to his ultimate abilities, which make him even more of a broken Monk in Naraka Bladepoint

Titan’s Call 

Upon casting Titan’s Call, it will cause Tianhai in Naraka Bladepoint to turn himself into a Vajra immediately, and while he is in this state, he will be able to take hold of enemies present in the radius.

While they are being grabbed, he will smash them back down onto the ground, causing them to take in damage.


His V2 Ultimate ability will transform him into the same Vajra that he was originally transformed into, but with this in hand, he will also be able to take hold of near allies, and slowly but surely, he will heal their HP and armor sustainability back to max. 


Last but not least, Heal will provide the same amounts of buffs but also make it incredibly easy to break down the enemy’s vulnerabilities and defeat them. With that, we will wrap up our Naraka Bladepoint Best Character guide; we hope you liked it! Make sure to not miss out on our Naraka Bladepoint Weapon Tier List!

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