Naraka Bladepoint: All 15 Characters [Stats, Skills, & Abilities]

The Naraka Bladepoint Characters guide will showcase all 15 characters with their skills, abilities, and overviews!

Naraka Bladepoint has a total of 15 best characters that players can play through, allowing them to consider the different abilities and ultimates provided for each unit. Players might need help figuring out how many characters there might be. Therefore, the abilities and skills will be listed! 

Important: Each of the 15 characters in Naraka Bladepoints has their skills, variations of skills, ultimate, and 2-3 variations of the ultimate.
Key Takeaways
  • There are 15 characters in the game, including Viper Ning, Temulch, Matari, Tarka Ji, Tsuchimikado Kurumi, Tianhai, Yoto Hime, Valda Cui, Yueshan, Wuchen, Justina Gu, Takeda Nobutada, Ziping Yin, Feria Shen, and Akos Hu.
  • The best characters are Yoto-Hime, Matari, Yueshan, and Tianhai for their overall combat performance.
  • Each character has main skills, like Viper Ning’s Yushan Enigma.
  • Skills have different versions (F1, F2, and F3).
  • Characters also have ultimate abilities; for example, Temulch has the Summon ultimate ability.

Below listed is a summary of all of Naraka Bladepoint’s characters:

Viper NingYushan Enigma (F1,F2,F3)Twilight Crimson (Seal, Unchained)
TemulchZephyr Wisp (Tracking, Assault)Zephyr Prison (Enchanted, Summon)
MatariSilent Flutter (Rapid Flash, Retrace Flash)Unseen Wings (Assassin, Smite)
Tarka JiInner Fire ( Bide, Gigaflame)Blackout (Vulcan, Frenzy)
Tsuchimikado KurumiBinding Prayer (Reinforce, Guard)Sacred Circle (Armor Enhance, Rapid Healing)
TianhaiThe Divine Bell (Counter, Blast)Titan’s Call (Guard, Heal)
Yoto HimeSpirit Slash (Crush, Vortex)Ominous Blade (Restore, Combo)
Valda CuiHaze (Array, Teleport)Nether Nightmares (Smite, Bind)
YueshanLine Breaker (Rush, Ambition)Troop Decimation (Heaven’s Descent. Formation)
WuchenSpirit Blades (Array, Shield)Tai Chi Rift (Switch, Portal)
Justina GuIce Core (Blink, Wave)Arctic Wraith (Blizzard, Frostwind)
Takeda NobutadaMythic Grab (Defend, Takedown)Demonic Aid (Teleport, Engulf)
Ziping YinAromatherapy (Embrace, Protection)Saving Grace (Aegis, Gauze)
Feria ShenGunplay (Scattershot, Aim)Mech Mayhem (Recover, Co-Pilot)
Akos HuRoar (Blast)Feral Frenzy (Grab)

1. Viper Ning 

Viper Ning
Viper Ning (Image Credits Exputer)

One of the first characters that players can play is Viper Ning. While she has a pretty solid damage output, she is known to have excellent control over herself and can take down enemies with her. 

  • Viper Ning can be pretty good support, but she ultimately lacks a bit of mobility due to her overall kit. 
  • She is described as the Crimson Blade, and for a good reason, since her attire is red. 


Starting off with her skills, her F1, F2, and F3 are listed below. 

Yushan Enigma With this skill, players can concentrate on Qi, and they can release it forward. 

  • Yushan Enigma also causes opponents to get knockback far away. 
Cooldown  25 seconds 
Under Attack Use  The skill can be used under attack. 
Yushan Enigma: Lockdown Using the F2 version of Yushan Enigma, players can concentrate on Qi and release forward as usual, except they can also be silent opponents for 8 seconds. 
Cooldown  15 seconds 
Under Attack Use  It cannot be used under attack 
Yushan Enigma:


Concentrate on Qi and release forward as usual. However, players can also cause opponents to have their recovery effect decreased for 15 seconds. 
Cooldown  15 seconds 
Under Attack Use  This skill cannot be used under attack 


With the ultimate, there are three versions of twilight crimsons, the V1, V2, and V3, and they are listed as follows. 

Twilight Crimson  With this ultimate, players can summon Moonbane’s Eye to target opponents close by for a total of 5 seconds. It further stuns them for about 5 seconds 
Rage Limit  75000 
Rage Can Be Obtained After   12 seconds  
Can It Be Cancelled  Yes. 
Twilight Crimson: Seal  Summon forth Moonbane’s eye, as usual, to target opponents and stun them for about 2 seconds. 
Rage Limit  75000 
Rage Can Be Obtained After   5 seconds 
Can It Be Cancelled  Yes. 
Twilight Crimson: Unchained  Call forth Moonbane’s eye as usual, and after it, players can unleash attacks on targeted opponents, which can interrupt the Golden Focus. 

  • Viper Ning gained 40% increased damage negation. 
Rage Limit  75000 
Rage Can Be Obtained After   5 seconds 
Can It Be Cancelled  No 

2. Temulch 

Temulch (Image Credits Exputer)

When it comes to Temulch, he is a pretty solid all-rounder unit in Naraka Bladepoint since his damage output is pretty solid. Alongside that, he can also provide ample support to your party while having pretty average mobility, and he can survive any attack that opponents launch at you. 


With these skills, players can use the F1, F2, and F3 versions of Zephyr Wisp, and they are listed as follows. 

Zephyr Wisp  With this skill, players can call forth three windballs formed by Zephyr’s Wisp. They last for about 30 seconds and can block any incoming ranged attacks. 

  • Players can press F and bring opponents into a whirlwind for about 3 seconds. 
Cooldown  18 seconds 
Under Attack Use  Yes. 
Zephyr Wisp: Tracking  Players can summon the wind balls using Zephyr’s Wisp as usual, but with F, players can press F to cast out wind balls that move slowly. 

  • These windballs can auto-target and track opponents and bring them into the whirlwind. 
Cooldown  25 seconds 
Under Attack Use  Yes. 
Zephyr Wisp: Assault  Cast out the wind balls as usual; however, once F is used, and wind balls are cast out, they can bounce and penetrate opponents and bring them into the whirlwind for about a second. 
Cooldown  20 seconds. 
Under Attack Use  Yes. 


With the ultimates, three versions of Zephyr Prison can be encountered: V1, V2, and V3. 

Zephyr Prison  Players can cause opponents to be knocked back and cast out a Zephyr Prison, which stops ranged attacks and skills that would be locked. 

  • Opponents that are present in its range end up being slow. 
Rage Limit  75000 
Duration  15 seconds. 
Zephyr Prison: Enchanted  Knocbakc opponents as usual, but opponents within range get slowed, and your allies become immune to any debuffs whenever they pass through the prison for about 12 seconds. 

  • While inside the prison, Temulch can restore energy faster. 
Rage Limit  75000 
Duration  12 seconds. 
Zephyr Prison: Summon   Knockback and cause a storm prison to be cast forth, enemies are slowed, and allies are freed from debuffs for 12 seconds. 

  • Temulch becomes immune to debuffs while crossing through the prison and can also reload wind balls. 
Rage Limit  75000 
Duration  12 seconds. 

3. Matari

Matari (Image Credits Exputer)

Moving on, the next of the Naraka Bladepoint Characters you will look into is Matari, who has one of the best mobilities in the game. Alongside that, players can also have Matari provide excellent support to the party. 

  • She is also able to have excellent control, and her damage output is pretty solid as well, her survivability is pretty above average as well since she is known to be the master of stealth


With Matari’s skills, there are three versions of Silent Flutter, the F1, F2, and F3 versions, all listed below. 

Silent Flutter  Players can flash toward the direction that is targeted, and their attack is enhanced by about 15% for about 3 seconds. 
Cooldown  20 seconds 
Silent Flutter: Rapid Flash   Carry out the flash towards the targeted direction and gain enhanced attack as usual. 

  • Alongside that, players can flash twice. 
Cooldown  25 seconds 
Total Charges   2
Silent Flutter: Retrace Flash  Players can carry out their flash toward the desired location and gain an enhanced attack. 

  • With that, they can also mark out the spots which stay for 9 seconds, and using it again can allow Matari to head back to her original place. 
Cooldown  22 seconds 


Using the ultimates, there are three variations of Unseen Wings such as V1, V2, and V3. 

Unseen Wings  The ultimate cause is resetting the skill cooldown, and players are granted stealth for about 16 seconds. 

  • While ultimate is active, the silent flutter can flash even further. 
Rage Limit 75000
Duration  16 seconds 
Unseen Wings: Assassin  The ultimate resets the skills’ cooldown and grants players stealth for 14 seconds. Alongside that, the scale rush damage gets enhanced. 
Rage Limit 75000
Duration  14 seconds 
Unseen Wings: Smite   Stealth is granted for 12 seconds while skill cooldowns are reset. Alongside that, allies can recover health after causing damage to enemies. 
Rage Limit 75000
Duration  12 seconds. 

4. Tarka Ji 

Tarka Ji
Tarka Ji (Image Credits Exputer)

Tarka Ji is also known as the Loyal Drunk and is probably one of the best Naraka Bladepoint Characters regarding damage. Alongside that, his mobility is also excellent for moving around the battlefield. 

  • With that, Tarka Ji can also hone his adequate survivability on the battlefield, and his control over himself and his enemies is also pretty admirable, though he cannot provide adequate support in combat. 


When it comes to his skills, they are the different versions of Inner Fire, the F1, F2, and F3 versions.

Inner Fire   Use the energy that has been stored inside you to go into defense mode and cause any incoming damage to be blocked for about 3 seconds. 

  • Players can also cast out a counterattack and cause enemies to be burned for about 5 seconds. 
Cooldown  22 seconds 
Inner Fire: Bide   While being able to stay defensive and block any incoming damage for 5 seconds, the counterattack gets enhanced based on the defenses.
Cooldown  25 seconds 
Inner Fire: Gigaflame  Players can cast out a giant fireball, which can absolutely annihilate enemies and causes them to be both vulnerable and burned for about 5 seconds. 

  • Opponents that lack Focus can get knocked back while being airborne. 
Cooldown  20 seconds 


There are three versions of the same ultimate, Blackout, known as Blackout Vulcan and Blackout Frenzy. 

Blackout  Players can cause opponents that are close by to be repealed and gain increased attacks by using Rage for at least 32 seconds. 

  • Additionally, a few launched attacks can cause enemies to get burned too. 
  • Energy recovery for allies is also buffed for 30 seconds 
Rage Limit 75000
Duration  32 seconds. 
Blackout: Vulcan  Same as above, except players can now tap F to consistently use inner fire in exchange for the consumption of rage. 

  • Energy recovery is not increased in this version. 
Rage Limit 75000
Duration  12 seconds. 
Blackout: Frenzy  Same as above, except this time, players can restore their rage upon attacking opponents and increase their overall attack for allies, too, for 30 seconds. 
Rage Limit 75000
Duration  25 seconds. 

5. Tsuchimikado Kurumi 

Kurumi (Image Credits Exputer)

On a rather cuter Naraka Bladepoint Characters note, Tsuchimikado Kurumi is an adorable character who can cleanse any soreness and keep her allies safe from any incoming danger from opponents. 

  • She is known to be one of the best supports and has an excellent chance at survival because of her kit. 
  • However, when it comes to her damage, it isn’t all that good. Her mobility is pretty adequate. However, her control isn’t all that good. 


Kurumi’s skills range from the three versions of her Binding Prayer skills. 

Binding Prayer  Within a 30-meter radius, she can link up with any ally and help them regain a certain amount of health. 

  • She can also teleport to teleport to target and cause nearby opponents to get knocked back. 
  • The link can also be broken, which cleanses and helps regain HP for both you and your allies based on the number of allies present. 
Cooldown  15 seconds. 
Binding Prayer: Reinforce  She can grant an increase in her targeted allies, attack by 20%, and restore their HP. 

  • After the link has been broken, she cleanses while enhancing the attack for both of you by 40% for a total of 1 second. 
Cooldown  15 seconds. 
Binding Prayer: Guard  Her targeted ally gains 20% damage negation and health regeneration with her link for 30 seconds. 

  • After the link is cut, alongside cleansing, the damage reduction is increased by 90% for 4 seconds. 
Cooldown  20 seconds 


Moving on to the ultimates, they are called Sacred Circle and have three versions, V1, V2, and V3. 

Sacred Circle  Kurumi can place down a circle that lasts for a total of 15 seconds, and in the radius, all allies are cleansed and regain health. 
Rage Limit 60000
Duration  15 seconds. 
Sacred Circle: Armor Enhance  Her circle is still placed for 15 seconds, except the allies’ armor gets restored, and allies get cleansed. 
Rage Limit 60000
Duration  15 seconds. 
Sacred Circle: Rapid Healing   Kurumi can use her Onmyodo to instantly make her allies regain a bit of health, and any extra healing is converted to armor. 
Rage Limit 60000

6. Tianhai 

Tianhai (Image Credits Exputer)

As far as Tianhai is concerned, he is known to be an excellent force of nature, able to turn into Vajra beings, and has one of the highest survival rates while on the battlefield; therefore, Naraka Bladepoint Character Creation can’t beat him. 

  • The overall damage output of Tianhai is pretty solid, and he can have excellent control over himself too. He is also able to provide an ample amount of support, but his mobility gets hindered. 


Being one of the highest surviving characters, Tianhai hones skills such as The Divine Bell, and it has three versions of itself. 

The Divine Bell   Players can use Qi to protect Tianhai using ultimate focus. You are also able to block out damage and debuffs alongside being able to deflect any kind of incoming ranged attacks. 
Cooldown  25 seconds. 
The Divine Bell: Counter    Alongside protecting Tianhai, players can counter anytime they are casting the skill and follow up with a counterstrike combo. 
Cooldown  25 seconds. 
The Divine Bell: Blast    While protecting Tianhai, players can also cause nearby opponents to be knocked back. 
Cooldown  25 seconds. 


Players can use Tianhai’s Ultimate, Titan’s Call, and V1, V2, and V3 versions. 

Titan’s Call  Players can transform into a Vajra form, regain all of their HP, grab opponents close by or far away, and press F to stomp using their hands. 
Rage Limit 75000
Duration  30 seconds 
Titan’s Call: Guard   Players can go into their Vajra state and do everything above but grab onto allies to help restore their HP and Amor. 
Rage Limit 75000
Duration  30 seconds 
Titan’s Call: Heal   Players can transform into a Vajra form and do everything as Titan’s Call but also tap F to smash with the enemy in their hold and regain HP. 
Rage Limit 75000
Duration  30 seconds 

7. Yoto Hime 

Yoto Hime
Yoto Hime (Image Credits Exputer)

As far as Yoto Hime is concerned, players can use her insanely great damage output to decimate opponents. She also has excellent survival skills and a pretty solid amount of mobility across the entire arena. However, She can’t provide that much utility while being a support. 


Yoto Hime can hone her Spirit Slash skill and use variations such as the Crush and Vortex to cause opponents even more despair. 

Spirit Slash  Cast out a blade that continues to hover 20 meters for about 3.5 seconds, and players can press F to teleport to the enemy and cast out an Uppercut slash. 
Cooldown  25 seconds. 
Spirit Slash: Crush   The blade can be cast out 10 meters for about 5 seconds, and players can click on F to cast a horizontal slash. 
Cooldown  25 seconds. 
Spirit Slash: Vortex   The blade continues to move at a slower speed, and it continues to hover for about 9 meters for about 3.5 seconds. 
Cooldown  25 seconds. 


Last but not least, the ultimates for Yoto Hime include that of the Ominous Blade and three different versions. 

Ominous Blade   Players can cast a massive blade and enter her Demon Incarnate state, and they can get teleported to her blade and cause attacks on opponents. 
Ominous Blade: Restore   She gains immunity from control effects and can see close opponents. 
Ominous Blade: Combo   She can cast three slashes once the Ominous Blade finishes being active. 

8. Valda Cui 

Valda Cui
Valda Cui (Image Credits Exputer)

As far as Valda Cui is concerned, she is known as the Sea Dragon, as she can channel the power of water into her combat to decimate her foes. Her damage output is pretty admirable, alongside her controlling abilities are also pretty good. 

  • When it comes to supporting abilities, while they aren’t the best, she can still provide ample support. However, her mobility ends up suffering a bit. 


Let’s look at the different forms of her Haze skills, such as her F1, F2, and F3 versions. 

Haze   Players can shoot out water bombs that have oceanic Qi inside, and it lasts for a total of 8 seconds. 

  • Alongside that, she can mark opponents with the Soaked marker. 
Cooldown  15 seconds. 
Haze: Array    In a 20m radius, Valda can cast out multiple water bombs that continue to last for 8 seconds, and she can bind the opponents that were hit for 0.5 seconds and mark them with the Soaked debuff. 

  • Holding down F allows her to target an area. 
Cooldown  22 seconds. 
Haze: Teleport   Valda gains the ability to leap back and cast down four water bombs that can be triggered separately, and they stay active for 4 seconds. 
Cooldown  25 seconds. 


Her ultimates are called Nether Nightmares, and it has three versions such as V1, V2, and V3. 

Nether Nightmares  Cause opponents to get knocked back, summon the Ocean Flow with Oceanic Qi inside, and go airborne. 

  • Mark the opponents with Dragon’s Coil for a total of 15 seconds. 
  • Players can also call forth a water spear while being airborne, which ends the ultimate. 
Nether Nightmares: Smite   Enemies get knocked back as usual. Players can bind the attacked opponents with Dragon’s Coil for 9 seconds. 
Nether Nightmares: Bind  The same knockback with Oceanic Qi for 12 seconds; however, players can also summon forth multiple spears made of water. 

  • Players can also bind opponents with Dragon’s Coil for 1.8 seconds. 
  • The water spears can cause increased damage to opponents. 

9. Yueshan 

Yueshan (Image Credits Exputer)

Yueshan is known to be an overpowered general, and if there’s one reason why players might want to use him, it’s because he has excellent survivability. Alongside that, he is also able to dish out pretty solid damage. 

  • As an all-rounder unit, he also has pretty good control and adequate mobility while on the battlefield.
  • With that, his supporting abilities are also average. 


His skills consist of variations of Line Breaker, which are all listed below as follows, such as his F1, F2, and F3. 

Line Breaker    Players can dash further and cause opponents to be repelled. 
Cooldown  25 seconds. 
Line Breaker: Rush     Move forward further, which causes knockback and can stun opponents for a second.
Cooldown  20 seconds. 
Line Breaker: Ambition    Jump high into the air, and slam down into the ground, marking your opponents with the Terror debuff for a total of 8 seconds. 
Cooldown  22 seconds. 


Yueshan’s ultimates are called Troop Decimation, with variants such as Heaven’s Descent and Formation. 

Troop Decimation   Go into your Almighty General mode, focus all Qi inside, and regain all of your health; it stays active for 30 seconds. 

  • Players can use F to carry out an execution, which is followed by another charged attack on the opponent. 
Troop Decimation: Heaven’s Descent    Same as above, however, tapping F causes Yueshan to leap forward and cause opponents close by to get knock backed in the air. 
Troop Decimation: Formation    Go into the Almighty General mode while getting back all of your health, players can also carry out a devastating bellow. 

  • While using mighty bellow, players can tap F to cause opponents to be marked with the Immovable debuff for about 4 seconds. 

10. Wuchen 

Wuchen (Image Credits Exputer)

Moving on, let’s look at Wuchen, who is yet another one of the Naraka Bladepoint Characters, and he is described to be ruthless and unforgiving

  • One of the main reasons he may be usable in the arena is his supporting abilities, and his mobility also allows him to move around the battlefield. 
  • His survivability is also guaranteed; however, his damage and control may be sub-par at best. 


For his skills, he has the Spirit Blades skills and the F1, F2, and F3 variations of the skills, such as the Spirit Blades Array, Spirit Blades Shield, and the basic Spirit Blades. 

Spirit Blades     Players can manipulate Qi to cast for a total of 5 spirit blades that last for a minute. 

  • Players can press F to shoot out the blades. 
Cooldown  18 seconds. 
Spirit Blades: Array      While being able to cast forth five spirit blades, they can be automatically shot at incoming opponents. 

  • If the blade does not hit the opponent, a new one gets summoned, decreasing the opponent’s overall energy. 
Cooldown  22 seconds. 
Spirit Blades: Shield      Qi can be manipulated as causal, forming three blades that last a minute. 

  • Upon hitting opponents, the blades create a Qi Barrier that can block out incoming ranged attacks and cause the nearby allies’ armor to be restored by 160. 
Cooldown  25 seconds. 


The ultimates are called Tai Chi Rift, and the different versions are called Tai Ch Rift Switch and Tai Chi Rift Portal, respectively. 

Tai Chi Rift     During the ultimate casting, a Yin Yang orb can be set down within a 50m radius that lasts for 150 seconds. 

  • After it has been set down, players can click on V to increase the damage negation of their allies within a 40 m radius. And they get teleported to the Yin Yang Orb after 1.5 seconds. 
Tai Chi Rift: Switch      When ultimate is cast, Wuchen’s position can be switched with the opponents in the area. 

  • 3 opponents can be teleported and can be marked with the Vulnerable debuff. 
Tai Chi Rift: Portal      2 portals can be opened during the ultimate casting, allies can teleport between them, and their attacks can be increased.  

11. Justina Gu 

Justina Gu
Justina Gu (Image Credits Exputer)

Justina Gu is known as The Winter’s Grace for her icy personality and talents. She is incredibly agile and can move around extremely fast, as seen by her high mobility

  • Her survivability on the battlefield is also pretty solid, and her control is good. However, her supporting abilities and damage may end up lacking and not make her one of the best Naraka Bladepoint Characters


The Ice Core abilities that Justina hones have variations, such as her Blink and Cold Wave skills. 

Ice Core      Players can briefly focus on Icy Qi to surround Justina with the Icy Aura for about 4 seconds, blocking all incoming attacks and restoring armor. 
Cooldown  28 seconds 
Ice Core: Blink       The Icy Aura surrounds Justina for 3 seconds this time, and 1.5 seconds after the ability has been used, players can jump or dodge to cancel it. 
Cooldown  25 seconds 
Ice Core: Cold Wave      All your allies get surrounded by the Icy Aura, which blocks attacks and restores armor at certain intervals. 
Cooldown  25 seconds 


Her ultimates are known as Artic Wraith and have different forms like the Artic Wraith Blizzard and Artic Wraith Frostwind. 

Artic Wraith  Players can call forth Icy Qi to cause enemies to be knocked back, enhancing your attack by 5% for 20 seconds. 

  • Every time players hit an opponent, they get a 5% extra attack within a 5-second timer. 
Artic Wraith: Blizzard   The Icy Qi can be summoned, and the attack can be increased as above; however, players can also summon a blizzard that ends up freezing opponents as they unfreeze. 
Artic Wraith: Frostwind   Summon forth Icy Qi and cast out your icy energy into a targeted area, and the sword energy generates an icy mist that can cause opponents to get Frozen for 8 seconds. 

12. Takeda Nobutada 

Takeda Nobutada
Takeda Nobutada (Image Credits Exputer)

Moving on, you would like to focus on is Takeda Nobutada, a pretty solid all-rounder unit. He is known as The Demon Vessel, a martial prodigy that can disarm foes. 

  • His damage is pretty solid, and he can also keep himself alive. His overall control is also pretty respectable, while his mobility is lacking. 


Takeda’s skills are known as Mythic Grab, Mythic Grab Defend, and Mythic Grab Takedown, as listed below. 

Mythic Grab  Within 10 seconds, Takeda will be on alert, and whenever he gets attacked by a Blue Focus attack, he cancels it and steals the opponent’s weapon. 

  • He also ends up restoring a bit of health and armor. 
Cooldown  30 seconds. 
Mythic Grab: Defend  Head forward, grab the opponent’s weapon, and attack them. Players are also able to restore even more health and armor. 
Cooldown  18 seconds. 
Mythic Grab: Takedown   Head forward, and you can slam your opponent into the ground after taking your opponent’s best weapons

  • Players are also able to gain a bit of damage reduction. 
Cooldown  20 seconds. 


The ultimates are known as Demonic Aid, and the variations include the Demonic Aid Teleport and Demonic Aid Engulf. 

Demonic Aid  It causes opponents to be knocked back and cast out the Furen for 30 seconds. 

  • Players can click on F to attack opponents, and after consuming 25% of their rage, they regain quite a bit of Health and Armor. 
Demonic Aid: Teleport   Opponents get knocked back, and Furen can be unleashed, and within 2 seconds, players can also cause airborne opponents to be knocked back. 
Demonic Aid: Engulf  It causes opponents to be knocked back and cast out the Furen for 30 seconds. 

  • Players can click on F to attack opponents, and after consuming 25% of their rage, they regain quite a bit of Health and Armor. 

13. Ziping Yin 

Ziping Yin
Ziping Yin (Image Credits Exputer)

Next up, the next character players can use is Ziping Yin, a healer gifted with the ultimate power to help allies survive. 

  • She does not have any good damage output since her main kit doesn’t focus on being a damage dealer; rather, her main role is supporting
  • Her mobility, however, is pretty solid, and she can keep herself alive, too, due to being a healer. 


Her main skills are Aromatherapy, Aromatherapy Embrace, and Aromatherapy Protection, which are her different F skill variations. 

Aromatherapy  Players can cast out Ligneous Energy to plant Spiritual Twigs that last 10 seconds. 

  • Any ally who touches regenerates health and armor and gains increased damage negation. 
Cooldown  22 seconds. 
Aromatherapy: Embrace   Ligneous Energy can be cast out, and allies that touch them regenerate health and armor, getting a 12-second Inspiration that can give them an Inspiration Shield if foes are attacking them. 
Cooldown  25 seconds. 
Aromatherapy: Protection  Ligneous Energy is made usable by guarding Ziping and all of her allies using the Inspiration Shield for 8 seconds. 
Cooldown  25 seconds. 


Her Ultimates include different variants of Saving Grace, Saving Grace Aegis, and Saving Grace Gauze. 

Saving Grace   Players can gain a Sedate Soul at 100% rage, but if they have 70% rage, they can cast it out to increase their overall recovery effect by 20%. 

  • Alongside that, HP is also regenerated. 
Saving Grace: Aegis   It can be summoned fort using 70% rage to regenerate armor and HP by consumption of rage.

  • This time, Sedate Soul can be cast without using any Rage.  
Saving Grace: Gauze    50% rage can be used to summon the ultimate to cast a zone around Ziping that continues to consume rage. 

14. Feria Shen 

Feria Shen
Feria Shen (Image Credits Exputer)

The second last Naraka Bladepoint Character is Feria Shen, a charming young woman who can take on any enemy with charm and wits. Her damage output is probably one of her best qualities, and Feria can survive on the battlefield easily. 

  • She can also become pretty mobile in combat and provide ample required support. 


Regarding her skills, she has her main skill, Gunplay, and its variants, such as the Scattershot and Aim, which makes her one of the most useful characters in Naraka Bladepoint.

Gunplay    Players can leap back while being able to fire outwards, which causes a blast to take place, which makes opponents take damage. 

  • Players can move the crosshair to adjust the direction of the leaping that they carry out. 
Cooldown  25 seconds. 
Gunplay: Scattershot     Moves forward even further while launching shot after shot in every direction. 

  • Players can adjust the direction by adjusting the crosshair whenever they are dashing. 
Cooldown  20 seconds 
Gunplay: Aim     Players can leap back and cause the gun to become raised, with which they can fire at a specific location that causes opponents to be marked with Silence for a total of 3 seconds. 
Cooldown  20 seconds. 


Regarding her ultimates, it is called Mech Mayhem, and the variations are called Mech Mayhem Recover and Mech Mayhem Co-Pilot. 

Mech Mayhem     Players can call forth up in the Bronze Mech and pilot it. Players can use thrust to move forward for a bit, and Swarm can allow there to be shots, which also helps build up the Mech’s overall energy. 
Mech Mayhem: Recover     Players can pilot the mech, except this time, the energy and health of the mech are increased. 

  • Clicking on F can allow the Bronze Mech’s HP to be exhausted, but in exchange, players receive restoration of Armor, and the overall damage negation for allies is increased. 
Mech Mayhem: Co-Pilot     Once the ultimate has been cast out, players can set a beacon at any targeted area and cause nearby opponents to get knocked back. 

15. Akos Hu 

NB Akos Hu
Akos Hu

Last but not least, the final character in this list is Akos Hu, who is basically a tiger that can take on any foe. He has a good amount of damage output as well as proper mobility. However, he does not provide to be good support. 


He has two main skills, Roar and Roar Blast, listed below

Roar      Akos can strike opponents close by to deal damage and gets 30% damage negation. 

  • Each opponent that is hit ends up giving him 10% extra damage negation. 
Cooldown  25 seconds. 
Roar: Blast     Akos gains the ability to summon forth a shockwave toward a selected location. 
Cooldown  28 seconds. 


As for his ultimates, they include Feral Frenzy and Feral Frenzy Grab. 

Feral Frenzy  Akos can roar out and can cause opponents to be knocked back. He can also tiger leap and pounce. 

  • After the ultimate has been cast, he can carry out three strikes. 
Feral Frenzy: Grab   Akos can roar out and can cause opponents to be knocked back. He can also tiger leap and pounce. 

  • After achieving the ultimate, he can lunge forward and smite opponents. 

And that’s just about it! All that players need to know about the Naraka Bladepoint Characters, and with that, let’s wrap up the guide! If you don’t know how ranks work in-game, then the Naraka Bladepoint Ranks guide will explain everything!

You can also check out the Naraka Bladepoint Invite Code guide to read what codes may be available for the game! 

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