Naraka Bladepoint: BEST Controller & Keyboard Settings

Learn everything there is on Best Naraka Bladepoint Keyboard and Controller settings to help you rank up in PvP much faster.

Naraka Bladepoint is a high-skill game where players have PvP Rank Battles or PvE battles. For that, Naraka Bladepoint’s Best Controller settings are quite important because they can determine if you’ll win or lose. For that, the developers allow players to change their Controller or Keyboard layouts.

Key Takeaways
  • Naraka Bladepoint lets its players change the Controller or Keyboard and Mouse Keybinds to any button.
  • There are some layouts available that work very well for both options.
  • My suggestion is using The Warrior Layout as it’s perfect for players who don’t like to change settings that much.

Xbox Controller Settings

If you use an Xbox Controller, then these are the best settings that you can do.

Best settings for PvP
Players require the best settings to win in PvP. [Image Credit: eXputer]


Jump A
Dodge Left Stick Button
Crouch X
Move Left Stick
Camera Right Stick


Horizontal Strike Left Trigger
Vertical Strike Right Trigger
Replace Equipment D-pad Down + X
Switch Weapons D-pad Down
Use Meds D-pad Left
Use Items D-pad Right
Grappling Hook Right Stick Button
Skills Left Bumper
Ultimate Right Bumper + Left Bumper
Lock Unbound
Aim Left Trigger
Ranged Shoot Right Trigger
Quick Counter D-pad Up


Map Select
Mark/Emotes Y
Bag Start
Pick Up/Repair Weapons B

Although the Default or Warrior Naraka Bladepoint Best Controller Settings for Xbox are great, you can make them even better if you know how to do so. I suggest that you look into these settings.

The Camera and Movement buttons are the same as in any game, but I’ve made a few changes. I’ve placed some important buttons near your thumbs, like Dodge and Quick Counter, and allow you to dodge incoming attacks quickly. If you can set your hand on these buttons, they will surely give you better control in fights.

PlayStation Controller Settings

As for the PlayStation players, I’ve changed the Controller settings a bit:


Jump X
Dodge L3
Crouch Square
Move Left Stick
Camera Right Stick


Horizontal Strike R1
Vertical Strike R2
Replace Equipment X + D-pad Down
Switch Weapons D-pad Down
Use Meds D-pad Left
Use Items D-pad Right
Grappling Hook L1
Skills Triangle
Ultimate Square + X
Lock Unbound
Aim L2
Ranged Shoot R2
Quick Counter L2


Map Select
Mark/Emotes D-Pad Up
Bag Start
Pick Up/Repair Weapons Square

Now again, if you are comfortable with the Default or the Warrior settings for the Naraka Bladepoint PS5 controller, then there is no need to change. What I’ve done here is that the layout is almost similar for the shoulder buttons, triggers, etc. So, I’ve only changed a few buttons to give a different experience for the players of PlayStation.

If you want, you can keep the buttons the same as that of Xbox. If you’re keeping my suggested settings, you’ll need to get used to them before you can head to PvP fights.

Best Keyboard & Mouse Settings

Finally, if you’re a Keyboard and Mouse player, then this setting is for you.

Best Keyboard settings naraka bladepoint
Best settings for Keyboard & Mouse users. [Image Credit: eXputer]


Forward W
Backward S
Left A
Right D
Jump Space
Dodge Shift
Crouch C
Walk Ctrl


Horizontal Strike Left Click
Vertical Strike Right Click
Primary Weapon 1
Secondary Weapon 2
Replace Equipment 3
Seath Weapon Alt
Use Meds 4
Use Items 5
Grappling Hook Q
Skills F
Ultimate V
Free Camera BackSpace
Repair Weapon Right Click
Moonbane Charm Z
Quick Counter G


Map M
Pick Up E
Bag Tab
Hero Info F1
Party Chat T
Nearby Chat Y
Open Mic I
Gestures ,

If you’ve played other FPS or Third-Person games, then you’d know that most of them have Movement buttons such as W, A, S, and D. Keeping that in check, almost all the buttons are similar to what the players are used to. Because to be honest, in my opinion, they are the perfect options that you can have.

These are Naraka Bladepoint’s Best Keyboard and Controller settings that you can have. I’ve left out the sensitivity because it’s more of a personal preference than others’ experience. Meanwhile, you can check out the Naraka Bladepoint Tier List, which contains all the best Characters.

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