Naraka: Bladepoint Weapon Tier List [February 2024]

Our Naraka: Bladepoint Weapon Tier List Ranks all the weapons in "Tiers" To Help You Choose the Best One.

Ascending through the ranks in Naraka: Bladepoint requires the use of the Best Naraka: Bladepoint Characters and the Best Weapons. With a brief description of each weapon’s use, this Naraka: Bladepoint tier list of weapons identifies which ones are worth your time.

Key Highlights
  • Equally important as the Naraka: Bladepoint characters, players get 14 weapon options to choose their ideal brawling armor from. 
  • Naraka: Bladepoint features both types, Melee and Ranged, which rank based on damage output, HP reduction power, and the onboard combo potential. 

  • Weapons that show high stats in all the detrimental factors evolve as the most powerful options in Naraka: Bladepoint. These include the Nunchuck, Spear, Dagger, Bow, Musket, and Longsword

  • Contrastingly, weapons that can be attributed as the underperforming game picks due to their obvious flaws are FlamebringerBloodripper, and Cannon
  • Though high-ranking elements usually tend to be the most effective picks for everyone, Naraka: Bladepoint’s mechanisms are unique, and you must prefer your playstyle over ranks.

Comparison between the Naraka Bladepoint Weapons:

WeaponsTypeHorizontal StrikeVertical StrikeCharged Attack HorizontalCharged Attack VerticalDurability
NunchuckMelee142.0155.0235 x 5375.040.0
SpearMelee113 x 2166.0478 x 2897.040.0
Repeating CrossbowRanged0.
KatanaMelee153.0161.0171 x 6172 x 640.0
GreatswordMelee464.0483.0395 x 5473.040.0

Here is how I decided to rank each weapon in Naraka Bladepoint:

Naraka: Bladepoint Weapon Tier List Ranking Table 
Tiers  Weapons 
S-Tier  Nunchuck, Musket, Spear, Bow, Dagger, Longsword
A-Tier  Repeating Crossbow, Katana
B-Tier  Swarm, Pistol, Greatsword
C-Tier  Flamebringer, Bloodripper, Cannon


Naraka: Bladepoint Weapon Tier List S-Tier

The greatest and most deadly weapons are found in the S-Tier. They have the highest damage output out of every Naraka Bladepoint weapon in our Tier List.

Name  Description  Weapon Type 
Longsword Deals Good Damage and has good Attack Speed. Melee
Dagger has Decent Damage, Good Attack speed, and very good mobility. Melee
Bow  very high Body shot Damage and headshot damage with Charged Attack. Ranged
Spear High Damage, and good Attack Speed. Melee
Musket deal High Body Damage. Ranged
  1. Longsword: The longsword is a versatile and beginner-friendly weapon in Naraka: Bladepoint. With exceptional reach and combo possibilities, it suits both novice and skilled players. Concentration attacks cause shockwaves even when parried, providing an advantage in confrontations.
  2. Dagger: The dagger is intricate and ideal for quick attackers. Its movement-based combos and unique abilities, such as Dagger Dash, make it suitable for players seeking a more intricate weapon. It allows rapid combos and covers more ground than normal.
  3. Bow: While the bow is considered the best-ranged weapon, its limited ammunition capacity and subpar standard shots can be drawbacks. Effective use of charged shots requires time and space, making it crucial for players to practice their aim and timing.
  4. Spear: Despite nerfs, the spear remains one of the deadliest and most unexpected weapons. Its focus and routine strikes flow differently, throwing opponents off guard. The Dragonslayer combo, known for its barrage of spinning spear strikes, is popular among players.
  5. Musket: The musket excels in firing powerful single bullets and charged shots with a larger magazine provide a true edge. Best used from a hidden position, charging and firing a shot significantly reduces an opponent’s health. Unlike the bow, the musket allows multiple shots before reloading.
  6. Nunchuck: The nunchuck is a challenging weapon with the potential for stun-locking opponents on the ground or in the air. While performing focus attacks requires meter charges obtained through parrying strikes or taking damage, the nunchucks can be devastating if used effectively.

Naraka: Bladepoint Weapon Tier List A-Tier


The weapons in the Naraka Bladepoint Weapon A-tier list are top-notch. However, they deal somewhat less damage.

Name  Description  Weapon Type 
Katana High Damage with very fast Attack Speed. Melee
Repeating Crossbow Decent Damage ,fast Fire Rate and best for Close Range. Ranged
  1. Katana: The katana in Naraka: Bladepoint is similar to the longsword but with slightly less reach and fewer potential combination attacks. It is a fast weapon, making up for the reduced reach. However, its focus attacks are easily parried. When using the katana, it’s essential to keep opponents guessing with a variety of combinations.
  2. Repeating Crossbow: The repeating crossbow is a potent weapon with effectiveness depending on the circumstances. Its rapid rate of fire allows for quick elimination of adversaries, but it requires precise repositioning, covers a small area, and demands careful aim. The repeating crossbow is ideal for observing battles from a distance, but its effectiveness diminishes when opponents notice and start dodging.


Naraka: Bladepoint Weapon Tier List B-Tier

The weapons I have listed under Naraka Bladepoint Weapon’s B-tier List Rank fall into the “Ordinary” category, which follows after the A-tier. Due to their relative weakness, they struggle against weapons with higher rankings.

Name  Description  Weapon Type 
Greatsword has a very High Damage but the Attack Speed is slow. Melee 
Pistol It can be used as Charged Attack, best for close range only Ranged
Swarm very High Damage to group of enemies with Charged Attack function, good for long range only. Ranged
  1. Greatsword: While the Greatsword in Naraka: Bladepoint offers power, sacrificing speed can be hazardous. While combos or concentrated hits can deal significant damage, the weapon’s slower nature results in shorter and less expansive combinations. This gives opponents more time to retreat or counterattack, making it crucial to land hits effectively.
  2. Pistol: The pistol received improvements in late 2021, reducing reload times and enhancing viability in close combat. However, determining the handgun’s true advantage can be challenging. Unless surprising opponents, sticking with a melee weapon may be more effective, as the pistol lacks the ability to counter or build combos.
  3. Swarm: Swarm is a versatile ranged weapon that excels both up close and at a distance. Its bullets have a high damage output across a large area. The main drawback is the delay in charging shots. To maximize the effectiveness of Swarm, players should find decent hiding spots, as the weapon works best when opponents are unaware of their presence.



The weapons in the Naraka: Bladepoint Weapon C-Tier List are the least effective. Using these weapons makes victory difficult. Swap them out as soon as you have the chance.

Name  Description  Weapon Type 
Cannon  High Damage to large group of enemies but the Fire Rate is slow. Ranged 
Bloodripper has Decent Damage and doesn’t have much mobility. Melee
Flamebringer is best for Close Range only. Ranged
  1. Cannon: The cannon is generally ineffective due to its slow speed and targeting challenges, allowing opponents to evade and counter quickly.
  2. Bloodripper: While potent, the Bloodripper’s slow movement and sluggish charge times for concentration attacks make it less favorable for now.
  3. Flamebringer: The Flamebringer has lower damage output but compensates with a wide area of action and no charge times, offering unique advantages.

Tier List Criteria

I spent a lot of time playing the game ourselves before creating the perfect tier list. I tested the guns in the best conditions to get the highest grade. To do this, I used Avant testing techniques. Every tier list is contested, as you all know, and mine is no different.

Remember that each update’s meta and each weapon’s tier may change and the Naraka: Bladepoint Weapon Tier List’s main goal is to showcase the game’s best weapons.

To determine which weapon is the most effective for you, you need to test each one on your own. Observe the weapons that other players are using as well. In the comments box below, let me know which weapons you enjoy most.

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