Naraka Bladepoint: BEST Glyphs For Each Type

Make your character absolutely overpowered by choosing the best glyphs available in Naraka Bladepoint!

Naraka Bladepoint has been out for quite a while now, allowing players to choose from characters while building them as they please. Players can also set up their talents while also choosing their glyphs. Therefore, players might want to know which Naraka Bladepoint Best Glyphs you should go for.

Important: Players will need to reach level 6 in order to unlock talents and access the Glyph board. 
Key Takeaways
  • Players can encounter four types of glyphs in Naraka Bladepoint, ranging from Omni, Solar, Lunar, and Origin. 

Players need to reach level 6 to unlock their Glyph board. 

  • Origin: Five glyphs range from Tenacity, Savagery, Energetic, Spirit, and Wealth. 
  • Lunar: Tether, Resolve, Agility, Enrage, and Intuition are available glyphs. 
  • Solar: Amongst the five solar glyphs, there are Light, Genius, Flight, Merchant, and Miracle glyphs. 
  • Omni: The 5 available glyphs are Rampage, Mind, Warmth, Peddler, and Persuasion. 

Naraka Bladepoint Best Glyphs 

Below is a summary of the best glyphs players can choose from each of the four types. 

Naraka Bladepoint Best Glyphs TypeGlyphsEffects
OmniPersuasionPlayers will be able to get a discount whenever you buy items from the rift dealer.
SolarGeniusEnhance the total cooldown rate for all of your skills.
LunarEnrage, TetherEnrage: The total rage you are able to gain anytime you unleash damage on enemies is increased.
Tether: Players can enhance the Grappling Hook speed, which makes it insanely easy to hit the enemies faster.
OriginWealth, SavageryWealth: Players can obtain their Dark Coins over time.
Savagery: Rage accumulation will be significant during the battle, therefore having Savagery will be useful

How Glyphs Work In Naraka Bladepoint 

  • Glyphs are known to be part of the Talents in Naraka Bladepoint, such as the skills and the ultimate, which can be used for several builds and to annihilate enemies. 

Whenever your player level can reach level 6, you will be able to unlock and gain access to the Talents as well as the Glyphs, and the best way to level up mostly will be by gaining experience points which can help boost your player level. 

Glyphs (Image Credits Exputer)
  • As you reach level 6, you can unlock something known as a glyph board, which will be empty at first, and it will neatly lay out all of the glyph categories. 
  • Other than that, you can level up your glyphs which will begin at level 1 and can be boosted up to level 5 to get its maximum potential. 

Glyphs, in general, will be able to provide you with buffs as well as boosts which can further help with combat, such as being able to recover your energy faster, enhancing the overall Grappling hook speed, or even being able to get a discount anytime you decide to buy an item, or being able to loot more items by enhancing the overall drop rate for the rare items. 

Best Origin Glyphs 

The first type of glyphs that players can look at is the different origin glyphs that you can try out and equip on your glyph board. 

Origin (Image Credits Exputer)
  • Glyphs that are origin-based will typically focus on being able to provide buffs or effects, such as recovering energy or getting enhanced Cairn duration, as well as recovering rage or getting Dark Tide coins over time. 
Origin Glyphs  Effects 
Tenacity  Players will be able to get enhanced Cairn duration, making it easier for teammates to rescue you. 
Savagery  Players can recover their rage faster and take control of the battle with their ultimate. 
Energetic  You can get Dark Tide coins over time which can be used at Rift Dealer. 
Spirit  Regain your energy faster and dodge even more while being in battle. 
Wealth You can obtain your Dark Coins over time. 

Amongst these glyphs, there are two glyphs that you might want to choose out of these five that are available, mostly ranging from: 

  • Wealth: The wealth glyph can allow you to accumulate Dark Coins over time, which can help you with upgrades, such as buying essential items. 
  • Savagery: Rage accumulation is significant during the battle; therefore, having Savagery might be helpful. 

Best Lunar Glyphs In Naraka Bladepoint

As far as the Lunar glyphs are concerned, there are a total of 5 glyphs that players can choose from, such as Tether, Agility, Resolve, Enrage, and Intuition. 

Lunar (Image Credits Exputer)
Lunar Glyphs  Effects 
Tether  Players can enhance the Grappling Hook speed, making it very easy to hit the opponent faster. 
Resolve It enhances the total rage that you can regenerate whenever you intake damage. 
Agility  The total amount of energy that is required to dodge during combat. 
Enrage  The total rage you can gain whenever you unleash damage on opponents is enhanced. 
Intuition  The total time the enemy health bars remain visible after they intake damage is enhanced. 

Amongst these glyphs, one of the main ones you will want to get your hands on is the Tether since grappling is extremely important when trying to take over your enemies faster and more precisely. Tether will allow you to catch your opponents by surprise and render them useless. 

  • Apart from that, Enrage will allow the total rage you already have any time you carry out attacks and damage opponents, which increases the chance of them being murdered faster. 

Solar Glyphs

When it comes to the Solar Naraka Bladepoint Best Glyphs, you can choose from Miracle, Merchant, Light, Flight, and Genius. 

Solar (Image Credits Exputer)
Solar Glyphs  Effects 
Light  Players can reduce the total amount of damage they intake from Shadow Corruption. 
Genius  Enhance the total cooldown rate for your skills. 
Flight  The grappling hook distance will be enhanced. 
Merchant  The total drop rate for rare items will increase while also getting a discount. 
Miracle  The drop rate for rare items will be increased. 

Hands-down, for this collection of glyphs, you will want to choose the Genius glyph since your best characters will use skills at all times during combat, combined with their ultimate, therefore having the Genius glyph means that you can get more usage from your skills and cast them faster, and detonate enemies easily. 

Omni Glyphs 

Last but not least, the Omni Glyphs you can choose from will range from Warmth, Mind, Rampage, Peddler, and Persuasion. 

Omni (Image Credits Exputer)
Origin Glyphs  Effects 
Warmth  The total rate at which you can rescue your teammates is enhanced in Cairn state. 
Mind  The energy cap, which allows you to dodge more, is increased. 
Rampage  The starting rage is enhanced, allowing you to carry out your Ultimate faster. 
Peddler  Get a discount when you purchase items from the Rift Dealer and get a Dark Tide coin. 
Persuasion  Get a discount when you buy stuff from the Rift Dealer. 

With these glyphs, you can go for choosing the Persuasion since it can help you to buy items from early-game as well as end-game too. 

And that’s just about it! All that players need to know about the Naraka Bladepoint Best Glyphs, so let’s wrap up the guide! While you’re here, why not read up on the Naraka Bladepoint Weapon Tier List which ranks all the weapons and ranks them! Other than that, the Naraka Bladepoint Character Tier List will also rate the characters for you in great detail!

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