Naraka Bladepoint Invite Code: Redeem & Rewards

Redeeming a player's invite code in Naraka Bladepoint is sure to benefit both player in the long run. Here's everything you need to know.

Naraka Bladepoint certainly has many interesting features; Players can utilize them to get various rewards and handy items. One such feature is the ability to use the invite codes in Naraka Bladepoint. The Invite codes are bound to give you a lot of in-game currency and useful torchbearer rewards.

Key Takeaways
  • In Naraka Bladepoint, players can use invite codes to get various in-game rewards.
  • Invite codes can only be entered after completing the tutorial; these can be obtained from close friends, subreddits, and social media websites
  • Naraka Bladepoint has a Torchbearer system that provides players with useful rewards, and players can enter an invite code from another player to link their accounts and receive in-game currency.
  • As players level up, they receive more rewards; the invite code system can only be used at the start of the game.

The Torchbearer rewards are not to be missed out on. Once a player enters a code of an invite code of another player, both are sure to get great rewards.

A lot of players are having trouble getting the Torchbearer code invite system to work properly. Most players are getting frequent errors, including ‘invalid code’ and ‘wrong server. This guide will also help players to redeem invite codes in Naraka Bladepoint without facing these errors.

Invite Code System in Naraka Bladepoint

Naraka blade point invite code
Invite Code Screen

Players can enter other players’ invite codes once they have completed the tutorial. Make sure to enter the invite code right after the tutorial because you won’t be able to enter it later to claim rewards. You can provide your invite code to players once you reach level 10 in the game.

You cannot enter the invite code of a player playing on a different device. The invite code of an Xbox player can only be redeemed if you are playing Naraka Bladepoint on Xbox. The same goes for PC devices, and players on different devices cannot link their accounts.

In addition, codes from players in a different server region from you will not work. If you are playing on the European server, the player you get the code from must be in the European server, too, and North American and other codes will not work for you.

What Are Invite Codes

Players can obtain Invite Codes from their close friends in the same region. Moreover, invite codes can also be obtained from the Naraka Bladepoint subreddit. You can obtain codes from various other social media websites as well. Here are a few codes that you may enter in the game.

  • chdwcq7fn8
  • chphnrxry8
  • ch67mtrcet
  • chm3dq7hja
  • ch6ntxcmk8
  • cherefyjnj

The Torchbearer Rewards

Naraka Bladepoint invite code rewards
Immortal Chest

Naraka Bladepoint features a Torchbearer system that is convenient for getting useful rewards. Players can enter an invite code of another Bladepoint player to link accounts. Once you have entered the code, you will gain 500 Tae, which is a useful in-game currency.

The more you level up, the more rewards you will gain in intervals of 10 levels. Moreover, the player whose invite code you used would also gain some rewards.

Below is the list of all the rewards you can get:

  • 500 Tae
  • 150 Spectral Silk at level 10
  • 1000 Tae at level 20
  • 300 Spectral Silk at level 30
  • 1 Immortal Chest at level 40

The Spectral Silk would allow you to buy rare cosmetics that cannot be bought with Tae and other currencies. Moreover, the Immortal Chest would also give players unique cosmetics ranked above rare or epic.

The invite code system in Naraka Bladepoint is certainly an interesting feature that can effortlessly give players useful rewards. It’s a bummer that the invite codes can be entered only during the start of the game. A lot of players may end up missing these rewards due to a lack of invite codes when they start the game.

Still, players can find a lot of invite codes on social media websites. The game is getting immense popularity recently, so many players are joining in the fun, so plenty of codes should be available. Before entering the invite code, both players must play the game on the same device and region.

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