Naraka Bladepoint Tier List [March. 2023]

Wondering which character is the best in Naraka: Bladepoint? Don't worry our Naraka: Bladepoint tier list has got your back.

Confused about the strongest character in Naraka: Bladepoint? Don’t worry; our Naraka: Bladepoint tier list has got your back. Naraka: Bladepoint has some tremendously strong fighters, and Each has unique advantages and disadvantages.

Key Highlights
  • The battle royale game Naraka Bladepoint features an as precise list of characters as its weapons collection–just 12 playable units
  • Each is strong, but the ranking criteria of our tier list did not only see that. On onboard, Skills, Offense, and Playstyles are also given utmost importance. 

  • The best characters of the Naraka Bladepoint Character tier list are Yoto Hime and Matari. Yueshan, Viper Ning, Tarka Ji, and Tianhai might also fit under the top-pick criteria sometimes. 

  • Nevertheless, heroes that must always be avoided are Kurumi and Takeda Nobutada
  • Given the game’s adjustable mechanism, none of the characters is severely lacking, and you can choose the low-ranking one just for fun. But if winning Naraka Bladepoint is your goal, don’t skip on the best ones.

Like every hero-based battle royale game, some characters stick out from the pack. While picking the greatest characters for Naraka: Bladepoint won’t immediately boost your battlefield prowess. They will raise your chances of earning that crucial win.

Whether you’re planning to try out melee-based BR for the first time or are just looking for a new character to play, you’ll want to know which hero prevails.

Naraka Bladepoint Tier List Characters Ranking Table 
Tiers Characters 
S-Tier Yoto Hime, Matari
A-Tier Yueshan, Tarka Ji, Viper Ning, Tianhai
B-Tier Valda Cui, Wuchen, Temulch, Justina Gu
C-Tier Kurumi, Takeda Nobutada

What Is Naraka Bladepoint Tier List?

Naraka Bladepoint offers many characters with different skills and playstyles for you to choose from. Every character is different and has distinct attacks. Some characters are better than others. 

The reason we made the Naraka Bladepoint tier list is to help you choose the best characters in the game. If you are new to the game, our tier list will help you decide who might be the best pick for you. Before you read on, keep in mind that we have curated the tier list after a careful analysis of the game.

The purpose of this tier list is to help you choose the best character in the game. But if you want to play Naraka Bladepoint just for the fun of it, our guide contains information on every character in the game as well. Hence you can use our tier list to see some of the abilities of your favorite character and their ratings as well.

Naraka Bladepoint Tier List

Our Naraka: Bladepoint Tier List has the following Tiers

  • S: Very Strong Characters
  • A: Good Characters
  • B: Average/Slightly Underpowered
  • C: Underpowered Characters


Naraka Bloodpoint S-Tier

The characters of the S-Tier are the best of the best and are incredibly powerful. They do better than everyone on our tier list.


First up in the S-Tier is Matari. She is one of the most commonly chosen characters in ranked play. Matari is the only character you need to consider if you want someone with lots of mobility. This agile assassin can use her skill, Silent Flutter, to slip in and out of battle, making her incredibly challenging to defeat.

Are you frequently the defeated party in battles? Reset the struggle, take some time to recover, then re-enter the combat at your convenience. If that wasn’t tantalizing enough, Matari might enter stealth with the use of her ultimate ability, Unseen Wings, making her difficult to see.

It is highly effective, especially in final circles, to be able to sneak up on your opponent while also resetting the cooldown of your teleports. Matari’s strength lies in her ability to take fights on her terms and pull off escape combos, even if she may not have any skills that boost her DPS.

Yoto Hime

After Matari, we have Yoto Hime. Another well-known character who has dominated Naraka: Bladepoint’s arena since its release is Yoto Hime. The enormous demonic blade that this ruthless warrior wields has great range and damage.

The large sword is used by Yoto Hime in the execution of Spirit Slash. A move that allows her to unleash a spinning blade that both deflects projectiles and damages, nearby enemies. Spirit Slash is a strong gap closer, escape tool, and devastating combo component since it enables Yoto Hime to teleport towards the direction of the whirling blade.

Yoto Hime’s Ominous Blade will provide you the advantage you need to tip the balance if you ever need to defeat a deadly foe. The ultimate delivers three extremely fatal attacks with great reach and power, providing you the means to secure a victory.


Naraka Bloodpoint A-Tier

The Naraka Bladepoint A-Tier list characters are excellent. But in this game, these characters deal with a few small problems.


Tianhai may appear to be an average person at first glance, yet the humble monk is guarding a really powerful secret. If you frequently find yourself being stunned by opponent combinations, Tianhai’s skill, Divine Bell, can help you defend against physical strikes and deflect incoming projectiles.

Even the finest players may be easily defeated by Divine Bell’s devastating ultimate, which can instantly interrupt any battle’s flow. The monk’s transformation into a monolithic giant through the use of Titan’s Call gives him the ability to both seize and demolish his foes.

After Tianhai transforms into the fearsome beast, there is often nothing you can do. It is preferable to tuck tail and flee until his ultimate loses its effect, especially if you want to keep from becoming the titan’s tea.

Viper Ning

Viper Ning’s arsenal is designed to help her control the battlefield by using lethal CC attacks that stop her enemies in their tracks. Yushan Enigma, a skill of the Blind Blademaster, releases a burst of energy that interrupts charge strikes and pushes back close foes.

When you want to stop an enemy’s combo or get out of a particularly difficult encounter, this skill is highly helpful. Twilight Crimson, Viper Ning’s ultimate attack that marks all around enemies and stuns them after five seconds, summons the God of Yin’s eye.

The Blind Blademaster cannot attack while her ult is being performed, but those who are unlucky enough to be caught by it are immobile for five seconds. Viper Ning now has the ideal chance to either make a quick getaway or get rid of any threats.

Tarka Ji

Tarka Ji, or the Loyal Drunk, pours his careless energy into his fighting technique. He can’t get enough alcohol and has a tireless quest for freedom. He enters a defensive position when using his skill, Inner Fire.

The unstoppable hero is now able to fend off any melee assault and even deflect his foe’s slashes to deplete their health and armor. The intoxicated hero is infused with scorching vitality by Tarka Ji’s ultimate, Blackout.

The ultimate not only makes Tarka Ji move faster, but it also burns his opponents and blocks ranged bullets. In Naraka: Bladepoint, being able to rapidly reposition or track down an adversary with low health is crucial.


Next up is Yueshan; because of his ability to use his powers both offensively and defensively, Yueshan is the most adaptable fighter in Naraka: Bladepoint, providing any team he is on the potential to alter the dynamics of battle to their favor.

His basic skill, Linebreaker, is a useful weapon for inflicting damage that, depending on the circumstance, also provides the ideal opening to build up an escape or a combo. When Yueshan’s Ultimate is used, he transforms into the Almighty General. He gains a whole new moveset and a new pool of health in this state.

Leaping Slash and Dragontail are two of these newly found attacks; they may be powerful but take time to use, so timing is crucial! It’s difficult to undervalue Yueshan as he is such a capable warrior. Why not give this tier list a read: World of Stands Tier List



The B-tier comes after the A-tier, and the characters we have listed under this Naraka Bladepoint Tier rank come under the “Average” category. They have a tough time against the stronger characters since they are rather a bit underpowered.

Justina Gu

With her numerous guises, Justina Gu is a lady whose presence is felt throughout the land. Justina Gu doesn’t see herself as the elegant Pluvial Palace owner or the aristocratic imperial princess. She may take on other personas, such as the lonely Winter’s Grace who longs to be with her family again, or the Frosty Shadow who promises to bury her enemies in the snow.

Justina Gu may momentarily surround herself with an ice aura by using her talent “Ice Core,” which summons icy forces. She restores a specific amount of armor while in the state, which lasts for five seconds, and she can withstand any physical strikes. Justina can dispel this aura every 1.5 seconds by shifting while evading.

She summons the ice energies hidden inside her soul with her ultimate to enter the [Arctic Wraith] phase, which slightly knocks back close foes. Her F transforms into [Shadowswipe], boosting attack damage by 5% for 20 seconds while gaining four charges.

[Shadowswipe] Using a charge causes Justina Gu to rush forward, doing minor damage and applying the [Freeze] debuff to everyone in her path. When she strikes an adversary, she increases her attack damage by 5%. (for a maximum of 15 percent ). When foes use skills, ultimates, or focus moves, you cannot freeze them.


Telmuch summons wind-based assaults using his inner power to move and hurt his enemies. Temulch launches himself into the air, causing Zephyr Wisp to call three Zephyr Wisp Wards.

Then, he may launch these projectiles toward his adversaries to deflect them. Temulch may utilize his Zephyrs when being attacked, unlike other skills. When you need to flee quickly or stab an adversary with low health, this is quite helpful.

The last move is a tornado that Zephyr Prison releases, slowing all enemies and deflecting missiles. The ultimate has excellent zoning potential but may not have as much kill potential as Naraka’s top choices.

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On the battlefield, Wuchen plays a supporting and utility-based role. He can swiftly maneuver his squad about the battlefield while applying boosts and debuffs to allies and foes, respectively, thanks to his skills.

His base move, Spirit Blades, summons five blades that may be fired individually at opponents or all at once for more damage. Spirit Blade Shield, the skill’s defensive variant, constructs a wall to block any incoming projectile assaults.

When the squad is under assault, Wuchen’s Tai Chi Rift Ultimate can transport them up to 120 meters. Depending on the health of his teammates, an attack or damage-reduction boost will be applied once the ult has been used. Wuchen is a well-rounded option that is excellent for speedy escapes from tricky circumstances.

Valda Cui

The resident water wielder of Naraka: Bladepoint, Valda Cui, is known as the “queen of the seas” and can bind adversaries with her Haze ability while also enhancing melee assaults. The skill may therefore be used effectively for one-on-one damage when combined with weapons like Katanas, Long Swords, and Spears.

Nether Nightmare, Valda’s ultimate, is a powerful reactive weapon that excels at crowd control and may be used as a potent counter to other ultimates.

She is a challenging character to understand but one that pays off if mastered. She doesn’t deliver the most damage when played single; therefore, a team is frequently the optimal setting for her.



The Naraka: Bladepoint C-Tier List’s Characters are weakly equipped. With these characters, winning is a challenge. If you are brand-new to the game and start off with them, they are OK, but as soon as you have the chance, switch them out.

Takeda Nobutada

Takeda Nobutada frequently believed that a difficult path lay ahead. He was being burdened by the expectation of the apprentice, the honor of a warrior, and the confidence of his closest friend. When Takeda Nobutada uses his skill Mythic Seize, he becomes more alert and strong for 10 seconds.

If an enemy attacks him with a Focus Attack, he will grab the adversary’s melee weapon and launch a counterattack (unless he is stunned, bound, and dazed). His ultimate Demonic Aid quickly knocks back foes in the area by releasing the seal of the demonic spirit “Furen” inside.

Gain a 10% damage reduction, and [F] will transform into [Demonic Strike] for 20 seconds, giving you three activations. If there are opponents in your line of sight, Furen will use [Demonic Strike] to strike them. If any adversaries are in the air, Furen will additionally unleash [Demonic Domain].

Attack up to five opponents in the air with [Airborne Strike] when using the Demonic Domain. When Takeda Nobutada is being attacked or subdued, [Demonic Strike] and [Demonic Domain] can be used.


Kurumi is the quintessential healer in Naraka: Bladepoints. Thanks to her ability, the life-saving hero can connect with close teammates and continuously heal them with Binding prayer. She can teleport to an ally with this ability, providing her with a lot of mobility choices.

Kurumi uses her ultimate, Sacred Circle, to create a large healing circle that instantly heals and purifies allies. Kurumi is a fantastic choice if you want to play single or with a group because it will let you continue battling even after your healing supplies are depleted.

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Tier List Criteria

We have developed the ideal tier list after investing a lot of time playing the game ourselves. To get the highest rating possible, we evaluated heroes in the ideal setting. We utilized a premium account and advanced testing techniques to do this.

We are all aware that every tier list is debatable, and ours is no exception. Although the Naraka: Bladepoints Tier List’s primary objective is to highlight the game’s top heroes, keep in mind that each update’s meta and each hero’s level may change.

You should test each hero on your own to see which ones are most effective for you, the setting you’re in, and your progress. Pay attention to the tactics that other players are using as well. Tell us which characters you like most in the comments section below.

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