Naraka Bladepoint: How To Get Gold [All Possible Methods]

Learn all about the different methods on how to get gold in Naraka Bladepoint, ranging from in-game to real world techniques.

Within Naraka Bladepoint, gold functions as a currency that enables the purchase of cosmetic items, weapon enhancements, and access to the premium battle pass. It is a paid form of currency, so you may need to rely on using real money in order to purchase these in-game funds.

Key Takeaways
  • Gold in Naraka Bladepoint can be used to buy the Premium Battle Pass.
  • Apart from that, gold can also be used to purchase different cosmetics for characters and weapons from the store.
  • Players can directly buy gold from the in-game store using real-world currency.
  • Gold can also be obtained by participating in different events that are announced by the developers of Naraka Baldepoint.
  • Tae can be used to purchase Immortal Treasure Loot Boxes, which can grant gold if you are lucky enough.

How To Get Gold In Naraka Bladepoint

Gold in Naraka Baldepoint
How to get Gold in Naraka [Screenshot taken by eXputer]
Kicking off things with how to get gold in Naraka Bladepoint, there are various methods by which players can get gold in Naraka Bladepoint. Some of these methods can include the use of real-world money, and some can lead to free gold.

All of the possible methods for obtaining gold in Naraka are given below:

  • Purchase from Store
  • Premium Battle Pass
  • Immortal Treasure Loot Boxes
  • Events held by Developers

1. Purchase From Store

Purchasing Gold from Store
Purchasing Gold from Store [Image Credit Copyright: eXputer]
  • Acquiring gold most effortlessly involves purchasing it using actual currency within the in-game store.
  • Various packages are available, each presenting distinct quantities of gold at varying costs.
  • To illustrate, you have the option to procure 240 gold for $1.85 or obtain 1200 gold for $9.25.
  • Besides these, 3000 gold can be acquired for $23.15 and 6000 for $46.25.

2. Premium Battle Pass

Premium Battle Pass in Naraka Bladepoint
Premium Battle Pass in Naraka Bladepoint [Image Credit Copyright: eXputer]
  • The Premium Battle Pass is another way of getting gold in Naraka.
  • The Premium Battle Pass itself costs 1200 gold, which can be bought for $9.25 currently.
  • Players can get up to 3000 gold from the Premium Battle Pass.
  • It has a total of 115 tiers, each tier providing either gold or other rewards for the Premium Battle Pass buyers.

The gold obtained from the Premium Battle Pass can be used to buy the upcoming Premium Passes, and more gold can be obtained in this way.

3. Immortal Treasure Loot Boxes

Immortal Treasure Loot Box
Immortal Treasure Loot Box [Image Source: eXputer]
Another approach to acquiring gold involves the purchase of Immortal Treasure loot boxes from the Tae store. Tae represents an alternate in-game currency that can be obtained by participating in matches and fulfilling quests. The procurement of a single Immortal Treasure loot box necessitates 4000 Tae.

  • Other than purchasing the Immortal Treasure box with Tae, players can also complete different in-game quests and events to get their hands on Immortal Treasure boxes.
  • Within these boxes, players can find a diverse range of items such as cosmetics, weapon upgrades, or even gold.
  • The quantity of gold contained within a loot box fluctuates between 10 and 1000 units, contingent upon an individual’s luck.

4. Events Held By Developers

Getting Gold by Events
Getting Gold by Events [Image Credit: HyliasLastHero]
Gold acquisition is also possible through engagement in occasional events and promotions organized by the game developers. To illustrate, a December 2022 event granted players 1000 gold upon logging in consistently for seven days. To stay informed about forthcoming events and promotions, one can refer to the official Naraka Bladepoint website or its social media channels for announcements.

With all of the information provided above, my guide on how to get gold in Naraka Baldepoint comes to an end. In this guide, I have mentioned all the methods by which players can acquire gold in Naraka Baldepoint, including free, Battle Pass, and purchase methods as well.

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