5 BEST Naraka Bladepoint Loot Spots [Our Picks]

This guide contains the best 5 loot spots present in Naraka Bladepoint where you can find high-tier loot along with green and golden piles

Naraka Bladepoint contains some best loot spots where you can find high-tier items as well as golden and green piles, which will help you upgrade your gears. So while you’re playing the game it’s essential to know the Best Loot spots in Naraka Bladepoint.

Key Takeaways
  • Inventory management is crucial in Naraka Bladepoint due to its significant looting component.
  • Looting yields weapons, consumables (grappling hooks, healing items, weapons repair kits, armor items).
  • Prime locations for high-tier loot include Stilltide Temple, Sunwing’s Rest, Wreckage Plains, Shadowjade Mine, and Celestra.

Best Loot Spots In Naraka Bladepoint

Here is the table of 5 of the best loot spots in Naraka Bladepoint.

RankLooting SpotProsConsBest For
1Stilltide Temple- Multiple guaranteed gold piles.
- Abundance and variety of valuable items.
Challenging navigationBest Location For Multiple Gold Piles And Valuable Items.
2Sunwing’s Rest- Gold pile abundance
- Diverse items
Navigation can be complicatedBest Location For A Thrilling Loot Experience.
3Wreckage Plains- Green and Gold piles
- Diverse loot locations
- Time consuming
- Precise navigation skills required
Best Location For Comprehensive Looting Opportunities.
4Shadowjade Mine- Rare items and gold piles
- Multiple high tier loot oppurtunities
- Careful navigation
- Is time consuming
Best Location For Diverse Loot.
5Celestra- Multiple loot locations
- Green and gold piles
- Highly time taking
- Precise navigation requirement
Best Location For Multiple Loot Spots.

There are some best loot spots that you can find in the game. Here, you will find high-tier loot along with golden and green piles, which are difficult to find.

Stilltide Temple

Best Location For Multiple Gold Piles And Valuable Items.
Naraka Bladepoint Best Loot Spots: Stilltide Temple
The Stilltide Temple Loot Spot
  • Why I Chose This: A great location for seeking valuable and diverse items.

At Stilltide Temple, loot spots are plentiful and easily accessible. Inside the main building, three golden piles await, with additional items scattered on the ground floor. Outside, crossing the bridge yields more loot, including another golden pile. In the side courtyard and on a pillar in the front courtyard, you’ll find further items.

Venturing into the valley behind the temple reveals two more golden pile locations upon landing. Nearby, atop a tall building, awaits more loot to collect.

  • Multiple guaranteed gold piles.
  • Abundance and variety of valuable items.
  • Navigation can be challenging.

Sunwing’s Rest

Best Location For A Thrilling Loot Experience.
Naraka Bladepoint Best Loot Spots: Sunwing's Rest
The Sunwing’s Rest Loot Spot
  • Why I Chose This: The thrilling experience on top of the unparalleled rewards.

Sunwing’s Rest offers the most rewarding loot but requires careful navigation due to its complex layout. Begin by exploring the outer cycle for scattered loot before moving to the inner cycle. Ascend the wooden staircase to the first floor to find your first golden pile.

Continue across the wooden path to another building, then climb the tall tree with a wooden structure for additional loot. Grapple to the roof of a nearby building for more treasures. Return to the wooden house and climb the tree to access another house with loot and a golden pile.

Explore the interconnected wooden paths between houses for more loot, including green piles. Venture to the northeastern side and find additional loot near a small river stream. Climb upward to discover more loot and eventually locate three green piles and two golden piles.

  • Abundance of golden piles.
  • Diverse items.
  • Complicated navigation.

Wreckage Plains

Best Location For Comprehensive Looting Opportunities.
Wreckage Plains for High-Tier Loot
The Wreckage Plains Loot Spot
  • Why I Chose This: The diverse loot spots and the exploration factor on top of the valuable items.

When exploring Wreckage Plains, prioritize the wrecked ship, thoroughly looting each deck and scaling to the top for two golden piles. Proceed south to find a watchtower with a golden pile, then descend to a wooden structure for more loot. Opposite the structure, ascend the elevated path to discover loot-filled wooden buildings.

Return to the village and ascend a mountain-bound building for additional loot on the second floor. Grapple to the central tall tower for more loot in surrounding homes. Head towards 330 degrees to find a wooden building with a green pile in a guard post and golden and green piles on its floors.

Continue to a narrow path at 260 degrees leading to a tall bell tower, where another green pile awaits. If time is limited, prioritize higher-value loot over distant green piles.

  • Has green and golden piles.
  • Diverse loot locations.
  • Time-consuming and requires precise navigation skills.

Shadowjade Mine

Best Location For Diverse Loot.
Shadowjade Mine for High-Tier Loot
The Shadowjade Mine Loot Spot
  • Why I Chose This: The way this location allows for diverse and rich loot locations.

In the Shadowjade Mine’s main building, locate a weapon and a golden pile immediately. Beneath the central wooden floor, discover additional loot. Chimneys scattered around also hide green and golden piles. After clearing buildings, head 250 degrees to find wooden structures.

Further at 250 degrees, another wooden structure awaits with loot. At zero degrees, north of the building, find a cave with rare loot. Explore all three paths within the cave, with the left path yielding the highest-tier loot.

  • Has rare items and golden piles.
  • Multiple high-tier loot opportunities.
  • Requires careful navigation and is time-consuming.


Best Location For Multiple Loot Spots.
Naraka Bladepoint Best Loot Spots: Celestra
The Celestra Loot Spot
  • Why I Chose This: The multiple loot locations on top of the immersive experience.

On the main building’s roof in Celestra, locate two golden piles. Near a big red tree in the village center, find loot, with additional loot inside a building to the east. At 270 degrees from the tree, find a green pile on the first-floor balcony of a nearby building, along with a golden pile inside.

Loot can also be found under the bridge connecting two mountains and inside the building to the left of the bridge. Explore the courtyard for more loot, using a grapple to break windows for entry if needed.

  • Multiple loot locations.
  • Has green and golden piles.
  • Time-consuming.
  • Careful navigation requirement.

All in all, these are the best loot spots that you can find in Naraka Bladepoint. Looting items is vital in the game if you want to level up faster and get better gear. You will come across almost everything you were looking for in these locations, even if they are rare.

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