5 BEST Naraka Bladepoint Loot Spots

This guide contains the best 5 loot spots present in Naraka Bladepoint where you can find high-tier loot along with green and golden piles

Naraka Bladepoint contains some best loot spots where you can find high-tier items as well golden and green piles, which will help you in upgrading your gears. So while you’re playing the game its essential to know the Best Loot spots in Naraka Bladepoint.

Key Takeaways
  • Managing your inventory is essential because looting plays a big part in Naraka Bladepoint.
  • While looting, one can discover weapons and consumables including grappling hooks, healing items, weapons repair kits, and armor items.
  • There are some prime locations for finding high-tier loot and golden heaps in the game, such as Stilltide Temple and Sunwing’s Rest.
  • Other notable places for such loot include Wreckage plainsShadowjade mine and Celestra.
  • The Souljades are among the most expensive things to discover because they grant health, bonus damage, and special abilities.
  • You can acquire Darktide Coins by killing enemies, completing tasks, and discovering scrolls.

Looting in Naraka Bladepoint

Naraka Bladepoint: Looting
Looting in Naraka Bladepoint

One of the most exhausting things in Naraka Bladepoint is looting. You will need to find numerous items to do something, and on top of that, you will need to pay attention to your inventory. Managing your inventory is also vital in the game.

You will come across items such as Souljades, weapons, upgrades, coins, and consumables. Weapons are simple to find, and you will come across a variety of them dropping with either melee weapons or ranged weapons. Moreover, the game allows you to carry two weapons and save up to four in your bag, depending on the upgrades you have received.

In consumables, you will get items that include grappling hooks, health items, weapons repair kits, and armor items. It is important to keep in mind that there is a limited number of slots in inventory for such items. However, you have the freedom of filling them in whatever way you think is good.

If you are going for the best loot spots in the game. You can carry fewer items of healing and more items which give you mobility, such as grappling hooks. However, we recommend you keep more healing items if you are going for a battle.

Moreover, the important thing to remember is that there is a certain number of stacks in a single slot for each consumable. Therefore, in one slot, you have room to hold up to six grappling hooks.

In Naraka Bladepoint, the Souljades are one of the best items that you can find in loot spots. You can store only a limited number of Souljades. However, if you find the bag storage upgrades, you can increase its holding capacity.

The Souljades with lower rarity will give you incentives like health and bonus damages. On the other hand, the ones with higher rarity will add different types of status effects like poison, weapon bonuses, and special abilities, such as whenever you repair a weapon, you will dodge roll.

Another type of loot in Naraka Bladepoint is Darktide Coins. You will find these coins usually in loot caches and after killing an enemy. If you complete quests and find scrolls during the match, you will also earn coins through these methods. The coins can be used at Darktide Vendors, which you can find all across the map.

Best Loot Spots In Naraka Bladepoint

There are some best loot spots that you can find in the game. Here, you will find high-tier loot along with golden and green piles, which are difficult to find.

Stilltide Temple

Naraka Bladepoint Best Loot Spots: Stilltide Temple
The Stilltide Temple Loot Spot

The first loot spot is Stilltide Temple which is the easiest one. A golden pile is guaranteed here easily. In fact, you will find three of them in the building, and on each side of the corridor, you will find one golden pile. On the ground floor of the main building, you will find lots of other useful items.

After coming out of the building, you will see a bridge. Use a grappling hook to get on it, and there you will find more items, including the golden pile. In the side courtyard, you will find another location which is in the stones. Next to it is the front courtyard on which there is a big pillar, on top of that you will get more items.

There is a valley behind the Stilltide Temple where you can jump. When you land, there will be two locations right there where you can get the golden pile. In front of it, you will find a tall building; go on top of that to collect more loot.

Sunwing’s Rest

Naraka Bladepoint Best Loot Spots: Sunwing's Rest
The Sunwing’s Rest Loot Spot

The Sunwing’s Rest is the most complicated spot for loot in the game, but it is surely the best one. The reason it is complicated is that there are buildings or trees which are quite far. You will need to grapple or climb perfectly; otherwise, you will fall from height.

First, you will need to explore the outer cycle of the area, where you will find lots of loot lying around. Once you are done with the outer cycle, consider looting the inner cycle.

You will find a wooden staircase when you reach the Sunwing’s Rest. Keep walking on the staircase to get to the floors above. Other than the normal loot, you will find your first golden pile on the first floor of the wooden staircase.

You will see a wooden path linking towards another building when you reach the top of the staircase, where you will find more loot. Right next to it is a tall tree with a wooden structure on it. Climb on the wooden floor attached to the tree to get more loot. If you are looking for more loot there, climb that tree a bit and grapple yourself to the roof of the building.

Once you collect all these loots, come back to the wooden house. There you will see a tree at a distance with another wooden staircase. To get on that tree, you will need to climb the tree, which is before that. Get on top of the tree and then take a leap.

The wooden path on the tree will take you to another house which has a good amount of loot along with a golden pile as well. Right beneath that house is another one that is linked through another wooden path. Go there to get a green pile and more loot. From there on, the path is pretty simple, and you will keep finding a good amount of loot.

When you reach the last wooden building, go to the northeastern side of it at sixty degrees straight. There you will find an open field next to a small river stream. There is also a wooden building there in which you will find more loot.

Then you need to get on top of that house and keep climbing upwards to get into other buildings. On the second floor of the building, the path gets easier and more straightforward. When you reach the last of the building, simply get on the ground, and you will see three green piles and two golden piles.

Wreckage Plains

Wreckage Plains for High-Tier Loot
The Wreckage Plains Loot Spot

When you reach the Wreckage Plains, start with the wrecked ship first. There you will find a good amount of loot in every deck, including green and golden piles. Most importantly, get on top of the ship as well, where you will find two golden piles.

Once you are done with the wrecked ship, go to the south side of it at one-eighty degrees. There you will find a watch tower on which there is a golden pile. While you are at it, consider reading our Naraka Bladepoint Tier List.

Beneath the tower, there is a wooden structure where you will find more loot with another pile of gold. Right opposite it is another structure which you can see clearly. Now, you will see an elevated path, use it to get higher, and you will start seeing some wooden buildings along the way. Get in each of them because you will find good loot.

Once you reach the top, go back to the village, where you will need to get up on the building, which is elevated through a mountain. On its second floor, you will find more loot, and then you need to grapple onto the tall tower in the middle of the village. Check the remaining homes in the village, and you will find more loot in them as well.

When you reach the last home, go towards 330 degrees, where you will find a big wooden building. In front of the building is a small guard post on which you will find a green pile. On the ground floor of the building, you will find a golden pile, and on the floor above, there is a green one.

On 260 degrees of the building, you will find a narrow path leading towards a tall bell tower and on top of that is one more green pile. If you are not looking for green piles, then ignore them as it will take time to reach there, and it will not be worth it for you.

Shadowjade Mine

Shadowjade Mine for High-Tier Loot
The Shadowjade Mine Loot Spot

In the main building of the Shadowjade Mine, you will find a weapon and a golden pile straight away. Once you clear the main building, get beneath the wooden floor, which is in the middle of the area, for more loot.

You will see a few chimneys in the area as well; make sure you climb them as there are green and golden piles present within them. Once you are done looting all the buildings in the area. Go towards 250 degrees after climbing the mountain, where you will see a couple of wooden structures.

Once you loot them, keep going 250 degrees again, as you will find another wooden structure with a good amount of loot. Then at the North of the building, at zero degrees, there is a cave. Inside a cave, you will find rare loot, and there will be three paths going in different directions.

Go to the left one first, where you will go downstairs and find more loot. The area is pretty big; explore each and every corner of it as you will find yourself tumbling upon high-tier loot. Moreover, you can go in the middle and right path of the cave as well, and you will find loot there too. However, the left path has the best loot of them all.


Naraka Bladepoint Best Loot Spots: Celestra
The Celestra Loot Spot

There are two main locations on the roof of the main building in Celestra where you can get the golden pile. In the middle of the village, you will see a big red tree beneath which you will see some loot. On the east side of the tree is a building in which you will find more loot.

Then the building at 270 degrees from the tree, go to the balcony of the building’s first floor, where you will find a green pile. Right next to it inside the building, you will see a golden pile as well. Go near the bridge connecting the two mountains, and you will see some loot under it. The building on the left side of the bridge also has a good amount of loot, so make sure you check it out as well.

Another location is the courtyard, in which you will find good loot inside the buildings. Remember that the buildings have breakable windows, so if you cannot find an entry, use your grapple to break and enter through the window.


All in all, these are the best loot spots that you can find in Naraka Bladepoint. Looting items is vital in the game if you want to level up faster and get better gear. You will come across almost everything you were looking for in these locations, even if they are rare.

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