Naraka: Bladepoint’s Player Count Has Surpassed 250,000 Players

Amidst mediocre reviews and shady anti-cheat software, Naraka: Bladepoint has miraculously crossed GTA V and Team Fortress 2 to claim the fifth spot on Steam charts.

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  • Naraka: Bladepoint, originally released in 2021 decided to opt for a pay-to-play approach at a time when huge competitors like Fortnite or PUBG were based on a free-to-play model.
  • The game fell flat around 2021 with bad publicity and was overshadowed by other games of the same genre.
  • On July 13, 2023, Naraka: Bladepoint finally opted for a free-to-play model, and just 2 weeks after this decision, the game hit a 264,406-player peak and has been painting that momentum extremely well.

On July 13, 2023, Naraka: Bladepoint made a major game-defining decision by adopting a free-to-play model. The decision proved to be a massive success, as within a mere two weeks, the game reached a remarkable peak of 264,406 concurrent players. This surge in popularity showcased the immense potential of the free-to-play approach and demonstrated how it revitalized the game, ensuring a bright and exciting future ahead. The game currently holds a respectable 200,000 players coming back to play every day.

Naraka: Bladepoint
Concurrent Player Charts

With its revamp updates, graphical improvements, and ports to newer-gen consoles, the game was well on its way to getting some success, but it’s surprising how high its achievements ended up being. Currently, the game holds a high viewer ranking on Twitch and is even trending on YouTube as some popular YouTubers and channels have shifted focus to gameplay videos and guides. Naraka: Bladepoint also holds the spot for the 5th highest-played game on Steam charts, which is pretty absurd knowing its history.

YouTube video

Back in 2021, the game had hit a halt in player counts and revenue. The reason for this was that due to the game being pay-to-play, the approach PUBG originally took, although they decided to opt for a free-to-play model later, it just shows that battle royale games cannot survive on a P2P method. The game quickly declined and stopped receiving major updates, until the sudden announcement of a F2P model being implemented, which brought new players and life to the game.

Although the game has a decent playerbase, the reviews haven’t been as astounding. On SteamDB, the game stands at 65 percent positive reviews, while on Metacritic, it is a bit better. Just making a game free for all players to indulge and enjoy has such a profound effect on how well it can succeed, and while it is doing well, this might just be another possible variant of the Overwatch 2 dilemma.

In other news, Bladepoint has also been under some allegations about its anti-cheat system being some sort of Chinese spyware. Players have expressed this in reviews on Steam discussions, Reddit, and even YouTube. The game requires you to disable the safety measures just to hop on into a game, which for the most part, is a huge red flag for a game this big.

YouTube video

Amidst allegations of spyware and mediocre reviews, the game is still exploding in popularity on both consoles and PC, and with its growth surges still being maintained after launch, there’s a high chance that this game might just be able to make itself as large as late Overwatch or early Fortnite, but until we see responses to these allegations and continued developer support, there isn’t much more to speculate about the games total lifespan.

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