Sons Of The Forest Tips & Tricks [Top 21]

Survive through your early days without having any good resources using these tips & tricks in Sons of the Forest!

Sons of the Forest is a horror game where surviving is the key to everything. Some players may struggle to progress in the game or even survive their first day. You must know some of the basic and most important tips and tricks that play a vital role for you to live longer in Sons of the Forest.

Key Takeaways
  • Time is your enemy at the earlier stages, so try to get as many resources much as possible.
  • You must not engage with enemies at the beginning as you won’t be rich in resources at the beginning.
  • Players can even craft various items together to their own benefit.
  • Setting up a tarp is quite important as it is the only option through which you can save your progress in the game.
  • Focus on searching for items in the cave rather than the main story at the beginning, as they serve the best spots for quite valuable items.
  • Try to get your hands over some of the medicine that possesses healing powers and use them wisely, as these items are quite rare.
  • Prepare yourself for all the four seasons, as each one will be tougher.
  • Only when you are fully equipped should you engage in attacking cannibals.

Tips And Tricks For Sons Of The Forest 

Important: Your first aim should be to build a shelter for you; apart from that, you should focus on getting yourself a good food supply

Essential Tips And Tricks 

These tips and tricks in Sons of the Forest will give you a fair idea of what to do and what not to do. As the game starts, you won’t know where to go and what approach to adopt so here are the best recommendations for you, as they will let you explore as well as advance more in the game.

Sons of the Forest Tips and Tricks
Setting up a camp

Don’t Engage In Combat 

Just when you begin the game, the enemy, who are basically zombies that eat your flesh, will be less active. They will come near you and might check you out, so let them do so. Later on, when you are a bit settled, they will come at you in big numbers.

You must avoid them at the start so you can explore the area and find out about different places. This will give you plenty of time to obtain the necessary resources for you to survive. These tips and tricks will let you excel in Sons of the Forest.

Find Items In Suitcases 

When you wake up from the crash, you will find a lot of suitcases and bags near you. You must go near them and loot them so you can get some resources for your own assistance. You should look in all the bags as they will give you good items including food, medicine, ropes and much more. These items will give you energy or will restore your health depending on what you get. Therefore, it is a must to check every suitcase near you and don’t miss them, especially at the beginning of the game.  

Setting Up A Base At A Suitable Location 

The best location where you can camp is near a river. You may have to travel a bit for getting to the river, but that is the best location for you. You should know that the cannibals can’t go in deep water, whereas you are able to swim in a much deeper water. This will give you a huge advantage as you can dodge any attack from the enemies just by camping near the river.

Another key aspect that you will obtain by setting near the river is the unlimited supply of water which is a great asset in this game. You should look on the map for a river and set up the camp by placing the camping gear at a good spot near the river.

How To Save The Progress In The Game 

You don’t have any kind of feature in this game which automatically saves your game. The only way to do so is by doing it manually, and that can be done by using any type of resting place. You can set up the Shelter Tent, which makes this whole process of saving quite easy. All you require in making the shelter tent is Tarp and Stick. You can get the tarp from the suitcases when you loot them, and the stick can be obtained from any kind of tree or branches.

Respawned After Dying 

Right after you die in Sons of the Forest, you will be respawned in an enemy’s area. You will find yourself trapped, so you should wait for them to spread around. After they are a bit distant from each other, you should free yourself by using the knife. If you don’t see any cannibals near you, then go for the crates near you and loot them as much as you can.

You must make a run after you have looted the enemy’s camp. The cannibals will follow you for a while, but you shouldn’t respond by attacking them. Rather, continue moving on so you can lose them after a while.

Use Kelvin For Your Own Assistance 

You can command Kelvin to do some of the basic things. As you had rescued him from the crash, he will listen to your commands and will obey them with the utmost respect. However, he can process some of the commands like you can tell him to fetch food or to get some wood or even tell him to pick arrows after you have used them on enemies. You can command Kelvin through your notebook, where you can type the things you want him to do.

Sons of the Forest Tips and Tricks
Using Notepad to instruct Kelvin

As mentioned earlier, you should set a camp near the river because this will give you a source of food as well in the form of fish. You can use Kevin to catch fish from the river. Do note that food scarcity at the beginning of the game is a really potent issue, and fish can be the problem solver in this case. Kevin is a far more reliable companion than any other, as he is very loyal to you and will do whatever you say.

Sons of the Forest Tips and Tricks
Catching Fish in the river

Tips And Tricks For Places To Visit 

Some of the places are essential for you to visit earlier as they will aid you in getting some items which will aid you to have a better chance of survival. You should use the map to reach to such places and explore them to get the best items for your own help. Follow all the Tips and tricks to have a good chance at advancing in Sons of the Forest.

Visit 3D Printer 

This printer can be found in one of the many caves located in Sons of the Forest. The precise location can be obtained by using the GPS map as it will head you in the exact location. You can use the printer to get the ‘mask’, which is one of the important item.

The mask helps you to calm down the most dangerous and aggressive cannibals in the game. You may even face these aggressive cannibals in the earlier few days. Therefore it is a must that you get your hands on the mask. You would require an item, ‘Resin’, which will be used to make items that can’t be obtained without using the 3D printer.

Search In The Nearby Caves 

You must set up the camp as soon as you begin the game, but after that, searching inside the caves is a must. There are a lot of good loot in caves which you may not get by opening any other crates. You may get hands on items like Shovel, Rope Gun and many more things that can be handy at earlier stages.

You must use the GPS on the map to see all the locations of the caves. As the GPS will beep more vigorously, that means you are near your destination. The green colored marks show the main story quest, whereas the other marks tell you the locations of the caves. Do note that some of the loot suitcases inside the caves require you to get a key card from random areas of the map.

You should visit a Miner’s cave which can be found near the river. As you will be setting the camp near the river, this cave will be the nearest to you. You will get a Rope Gun from this one but be a little cautious as you will get to face three kinds of cannibals ranging from crawling cannibals to faceless enemies.

Heading Towards The Beach 

You might feel the need to get some features or even a bird’s meat at the start. When you reach the beach, you will see some of the birds fetching their food from the dead bodies. If you further travel towards the crashed plane, you will locate a golf cart. This vehicle attracts a lot of birds, so you can visit the golf cart to get some features.

Tips And Tricks For Attacking Cannibals 

Though you must stay away from the enemies before you have resources. You must gather all the good weapon resources at first and then progress as killing them may be beneficial for you but do it later. You must attempt to launch an attack when you are fully settled in the game and have a lot of resources to deal with even the deadliest enemies. These tips and tricks in Sons of the Forest will lead you to get a good chance against a one two one with the enemies.

Sons of the Forest Tips and Tricks
Combat Skills

Killing The Cannibals 

One of the most crucial thing while attacking an enemy is the armor bar. The higher the bar, the more protected you are from any kind of cannibal. You can even get armor after killing the enemies, but their armor might look a bit odd to you. Do note that only some of the cannibals will get you the armor, so if you are lucky, you will obtain pretty cool ones as well.

How To Restore Health While Fighting 

Players may defeat the normal cannibals with ease, but when it comes to some of the dangerous ones, you must use medicines to restore health. You should use the “pausing time” option to restore health as this allows the surroundings to freeze, and you can easily take time to get your health bar up.

All you have to do is to pause time and open the crafting menu to take medicines. This will aid you in recovering your health while being safe from the enemies during that time period.

Faster Access To The Inventory 

You should get the items from your own inventory in a quicker way. You just have to press the inventory key, and then holding the button will show you the entire collection of the inventory, where you can choose from any of the items available.

This is quite helpful as time is of essence in this survival game, and you can get any kind of weapon when the cannibal is right at your face.

Patterns Of Enemies 

The enemies have same kind of pattern that they repeat. You can defeat the dangerous cannibals by learning the pattern and then blocking their attacks. This might give you a better chance at surviving the game.

Use Explosives 

You should equip explosives like grenades, flares and many more items that can used to fight against large number of cannibals. This way, you can deal with a horde quite effectively without using much of your precious items.

Take Aim For The Head 

You should aim for the head while fighting the cannibals that will make them a bit stunned and will make them fall down. You can then proceed to kill them and do chop off their arms and legs to get food.

Surviving Tips And Tricks 

The most vital part in this game is based on your survival, and for that the first few days are very important. You may face issues like food, thirst, hunger, attacks from enemies and many more, but these can be solved by using some of the basic yet useful tips and tricks in Sons of Forest.

Crafting Materials 

You must look for items that can be crafted in more quantity, like wood or arrow. The best way is to use the crafting table and throw all the items on the table, followed by pressing the cog wheel repeatedly. You can also make things quickly, like setting up a tent or lighting a fire by breaking some sticks from the tress and utilizing it.

You can check whether you can craft items or not by visiting the crafting mat. If you notice a red sign over the icon, then you are able to craft recipes. You can also view the total number of recipes that you can craft by moving your cursor over it and pausing for a few seconds. This will show you the number of recipes that you can craft.

Sons of the Forest Tips and Tricks
Crafting Mat

By first determining which things can be crafted together, you can combine different items. If a black mark appears when you place one object over another on the crafting map, you cannot make the two available items.

Prepare For Various Weathers 

After you have survived the early days in Sons of the Forest, you will face all four seasons, among which winters can be a real hassle for you. Though during winters, you will face fewer enemies as they can’t survive the cold, this means you will also have fewer resources. All the wildlife hide or take shelter, creating a problem for you during the winters as you won’t get meat or other resources by hunting them down.

Do remember, the lakes also freeze, and you won’t be able to get to the fish. You must plan a way through which you are able to light fire to keep yourself warm. Players should keep the food in store by drying them in large quantities. You should keep some of the drinks as well for storage. 

Using Markers 

You can make your own markers so you can see those places later whenever you feel like. You can locate a GPS locator at various locations on the map if you correctly search for it. These GPS locators spawn at random locations, so you must find them while looking for other loot.

Players must combine the GPS locator with a stick and place it in the ground to create a mark. Be cautious when putting the stick because if it breaks, the GPS may not function.

Sons of the Forest Tips and Tricks
How to use GPS on stick for using as a marker

Use Flashlights For Dark Areas 

You must know that this horror game involves a lot of dark places where you would require the use of torches. Players can either equip flashlights or UV lights when going to darker areas especially the caves. You can get both the items easily, as mentioned below:

  • The flashlight can be obtained near the crash site in an area which is denoted by a marker colored in purple.
  • UV lighter is already provided to you but do note that the light intensity of flashlight is much more than the UV Light.

Refrain From Killing Virginia 

At the start of the game, you will face a lady named Virginia, who will have three arms and legs, and she will be wearing a bathing suit. However, you may identify her as an enemy but don’t just kill her yet.

When you go near her, she will run away, and you might have figured to take her out with a gun. Remember that you can make her your companion, just like Kelvin. She will be much more beneficial as she can even fight other enemies using weapons available to her.

Sons of the Forest Tips and Tricks
Try to get Virginia as a companion instead of killing her

Conserve Your Ammunition 

You must use your weapons as a last option when the cannibal is right at your face. Otherwise, just try to save the ammunition as you will require a lot of it in the later stages of the game. You need batteries for charging your guns; therefore, use guns less frequently. These tips and tricks about the ammunition is quite vital in Sons of the Forest.

You would know that the ammunition is this game is quite rare, which makes guns very precious. Using them on easier cannibals is not preferable. Rather, you must gather all the ammo and use them for tougher cannibals.


  • Players must avoid the enemies at the start of the game to increase their chances of survival.
  • Collecting as many items as possible is one of the best ways to increase your resources, and this can be done by opening as many crates as possible.
  • You must live near the river more as the water serves as a weakness for the cannibals.
  • Look for new places as much as possible and explore caves more often for some of the rare items.
  • Use your AI companions for some of the basic tasks so you can keep your focus on other important tasks.


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