Sons of the Forest Tips & Tricks [Top 21]

Survive through your early days without having any good resources using these tips & tricks in Sons of the Forest!

Sons of the Forest is a horror game where surviving is the key to everything. Some players may struggle to progress in the game or even survive their first day. You must know some of the basic and most important tips and tricks that play a vital role for you to live longer in Sons of the Forest.

Key Takeaways

A summary of tips is given below:

  1. Gather resources like sticks, rocks, and logs to build and survive.
  2.  Don’t engage in combat with cannibals until you’re well-equipped.
  3. Experiment with crafting for tools and weapons.
  4. Set up tarps to save your progress.
  5. They hide valuable items.
  6. Find and use medicinal items carefully.
  7. Be ready for different seasons.
  8. Engage cannibals when well-prepared.

Tips And Tricks For Sons Of The Forest 

Important: Your first aim should be to build a shelter for you; apart from that, you should focus on getting yourself a good food supply

Essential Tips And Tricks 

These tips and tricks in Sons of the Forest will give you a fair idea of what to do and what not to do. As the game starts, you won’t know where to go and what approach to adopt so here are the best recommendations for you, as they will let you explore as well as advance more in the game.

Sons of the Forest Tips and Tricks
Setting up a camp
  1. Setting up a Camp: Choose a camping location near a river for safety and a consistent water source.
  2. Avoid Early Combat: In the beginning, don’t engage cannibals. Explore and gather resources first.
  3. Loot Suitcases: After the crash, search suitcases for valuable items like food, medicine, and ropes.
  4. Save Progress: Use a Shelter Tent, crafted from Tarp and Stick, to manually save your game progress.
  5. Respawn Strategy: If you die, wait for cannibals to spread out, free yourself, loot their camp, and then run to lose them.
  6. Command Kelvin: Kelvin can perform various tasks. Command him through your notebook to fetch food, gather wood, or retrieve arrows.
  7. Fish for Food: Use Kelvin to catch fish in the river, helping with early food scarcity.

Tips And Tricks For Places To Visit 

Some of the places are essential for you to visit earlier as they will aid you in getting some items which will aid you to have a better chance of survival. You should use the map to reach to such places and explore them to get the best items for your own help. Follow all the Tips and tricks to have a good chance at advancing in Sons of the Forest.

  1. Visit the 3D Printer: Locate the 3D Printer in one of the caves using your GPS. Use it to craft the “mask,” which can help calm aggressive cannibals.
  2. Explore Nearby Caves: After setting up your camp, explore caves. These often contain valuable loot, such as a Shovel and Rope Gun. Use the GPS to find cave locations. Some loot may require key cards found elsewhere on the map.
  3. Miner’s Cave: A cave near the river is the nearest to your camp. Here, you can find a Rope Gun, but be prepared to face various cannibal types.
  4. Head to the Beach: Go to the beach for feathers and bird meat. Birds often gather around the golf cart near the crashed plane.

Tips And Tricks For Attacking Cannibals 

Though you must stay away from the enemies before you have resources. You must gather all the good weapon resources at first and then progress as killing them may be beneficial for you but do it later. You must attempt to launch an attack when you are fully settled in the game and have a lot of resources to deal with even the deadliest enemies. These tips and tricks in Sons of the Forest will lead you to get a good chance against a one two one with the enemies.

Sons of the Forest Tips and Tricks
Combat Skills
  1. Focus on Gathering Resources: Before engaging in combat, prioritize gathering resources and crafting weapons to ensure your survival.
  2. Monitor Your Armor: Your armor bar provides protection. Defeating certain cannibals can grant you armor, so collect it when possible.
  3. Health Restoration: Use medicine to restore health, especially when facing tougher enemies. You can pause time by opening the crafting menu to safely consume medicine.
  4. Quick Inventory Access: Quickly access your inventory by pressing the inventory key and holding it to see the entire inventory. This helps you change weapons or use items without wasting time.
  5. Learn Enemy Patterns: Study the patterns of the enemies. Understanding their attack patterns allows you to block their attacks effectively and improve your chances of survival.
  6. Use Explosives: Equip explosives like grenades and flares to deal with groups of cannibals more efficiently, conserving your resources.
  7. Aim for the Head: When fighting cannibals, aim for their heads. A headshot can stun them and make it easier to defeat them. Afterward, you can dismember them for food.

Surviving Tips And Tricks

Sons of the Forest Tips and Tricks
Crafting Mat

The most vital part in this game is based on your survival, and for that the first few days are very important. You may face issues like food, thirst, hunger, attacks from enemies and many more, but these can be solved by using some of the basic yet useful tips and tricks in Sons of Forest.

  1. Efficient Crafting: Use the crafting table to create items like wood or arrows in larger quantities.
  2. Seasonal Preparation: Store food, and dry meat, and keep drinks in anticipation of winter.
  3. Create Markers: Use GPS locators combined with sticks to mark important locations.
  4. Light for Darkness: Equip flashlights or UV lights for dark areas, especially caves.
  5. Befriend Virginia: Instead of killing her, make her your companion to aid in combat.
  6. Save Ammo: Conserve ammunition for tougher enemies due to its scarcity. Use weapons as a last resort.


  • Players must avoid the enemies at the start of the game to increase their chances of survival.
  • Collecting as many items as possible is one of the best ways to increase your resources, and this can be done by opening as many crates as possible.
  • You must live near the river more as the water serves as a weakness for the cannibals.
  • Look for new places as much as possible and explore caves more often for some of the rare items.
  • Use your AI companions for some of the basic tasks so you can keep your focus on other important tasks.


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