BEST Armor Sets In Sons of the Forest [Ranked]

What good are you against the mutants if you don't use the Best Armor in the game?

The Best Armor in Sons Of The Forest can vary heavily based on the benefits they provide, as each one is drastically different from the other in both visuals and protection. There are six different armor set types in the game, which will need to be crafted with the necessary crafting components and conditions in order to use them. Each of them can pertain to a specific playstyle for every player, but despite that, there are specific choices here, from the best early-game armor to the late-game one.

Important: While a majority of the armor can be crafted with the required materials, other armor, such as the Tech and Golden armor, will need to be acquired through other means, such as using a 3D printer to obtain special crafting materials for the Tech armor.
Key Takeaways
  • There are over six different armor types in the Sons Of The Forest, but the defense that they provide can differentiate, so investing in the proper to survive is vital.

  1. The Leaf Armor is a decent choice for beginner-player armor as it can be crafted by gathering leaves, which can be found by cutting down bushes in the world.
  2. Players can craft the Hide armor by acquiring animal hide found by hunting down deer and moose out in the world of the game. The armor itself offers minimum damage mitigation.
  3. The Creepy armor is crafted via the skin of mutants, which are tough enemies who are completely different than the usual cannibals players encounter in the world.
  4. Bone armor is going to be a popular early-game armor to use which can also be relatively used towards the mid-game as players can craft them using the bones of burnt enemies.
  5. The Tech Armor is unique with the addition of the sequel of the game, as players will need to acquire tech mesh which is found in a 3D printer located in a specific part of the map.
  6. Lastly, Gold armor is perhaps one of the best to use as not only does it offer a unique visual appearance to the character, but it can offer a solid defense foundation too.

  • The benefits of using armor will allow players to take less damage from mutant and cannibal attacks, making them less vulnerable to dying during intense combat encounters.
  • However, not using any armor can have severe implications, as enemy attacks can leave you wounded in an instant without any defensive measures to protect players.

Sons of the Forest Armors Comparison

Armor Set NameDescriptionCrafted / Found
Leaf Armor SetThis armor set Improves your hide and sneak abilitiesCrafted: 10 Leaf and 1 Cloth
Hide Armor SetThis armor set allows you to stay warm plus offers
protection during combat situations
Crafted: 2 Hide and 1 Cloth
Bone Armor SetThis armor set provides you with protection during
combat situations.
Crafted: 4 Bone, 1 Rope, and 1 Duck Tape
Creepy Armor SetThis armor set provides with a layer of mutant skin
that can be worn as an armor and offer you protection
Found: Skinning Mutants that can be found
in Caves, and Bunkers.
Tech Armor SetThis armor set provides you with more durability than
other armors.
Crafted: 1 Tech Mesh, 1 Battery, 1
Circuit Board, 1 Duck Tape, and 1 Wire
Golden Armor SetThis armor allows the reduction of demonic damage by
Found: Can be obtained from a secret
underground facility

6. Leaf Armor

sons of the forest leaf armor
The leaf armor (Image by eXputer)
  • Crafting Materials: 10x Leaves, 1x Cloth

The leaf armor set can be found pretty much right from the beginning of the game, as you can start collecting its crafting materials right after you’re done with the intro sequence. The crafting process is pretty simple; you’ll need about ten leaves which can be easily gathered in a matter of seconds by simply slashing away at nearby bushes and hedges in the world.

Lastly, Cloth is a resource material that maintains its importance from the first game, as you will need to craft almost half of the important items. It can be found with ease in encampments and other ruin shelters and in bulk quantities, too, from suitcases and boxes while venturing inside caves. While it certainly doesn’t offer the best protection, you may need anything that you can get your hands on right from the early going of the game.

5. Hide Armor

sons of the forest hide armor
Hide armor (Image by eXputer)
  • Crafting Materials: 2x animal Hide, 1x Cloth

The Hide armor set is another gear that you craft fairly early on in the game, but it is at the bottom of our list solely due to the fact that the animal hides that you end up using can instead be used for other craftable items. But again, that’s just our personal preference, as we hardly ever found the need to craft the armor. Animal hides can be easily found by the nearby deer and moose roaming in the lands and carving their skin.

There isn’t any significant boost to defense with the armor as much as we hoped it’d provide, but if you have any extra hides to spare or hunt down, then by all means, feel free to craft this armor so that it can help you overcome most obstacles in the beginning.

4. Bone Armor

sons of the forest best armor
Bone armor (Image by eXputer)
  • Crafting Materials: 4 Bones, 1x Duct tape, 1x Rope

As shown in our image above, the Bone armor was our go-to set to use in the original game as playing with friends; we used to dive head first into the deadly mobs of cannibals, kill them and then torch their bodies in a pile in order to harvest a large number of bones. So using these bones, you are able to craft various amounts of bone armor for your character with relative ease.

Furthermore, in terms of other materials, such as duct tape and rope, both items can be found in abandoned encampments scattered around the world. However, the slight difference that only veteran players will notice is that you can no longer craft rope as you did in the original game, The Forest. Thankfully, you can still find it hanging around to collect, but here’s to hoping the developers update to allow crafting for rope again.

Now in terms of defensive capabilities, the bone armor will offer a solid defense, as in our personal experience, it became one of the best early-to-mid-game armor to use to help you survive most enemy attacks. We strongly recommend that if you’re playing with friends, then be sure to hoard up defeated cannibals on a bonfire so that you can collect the bones in a huge commodity.

3. Creepy Armor

sons of the forest creepy armor
Creepy armor (Image Captured by Us)
  • How To Find: Skins of mutant enemies & cannibal variants

As depicted in our image above that we entailed, the creepy armor doesn’t necessarily require any crafting components, as you simply need to equip it on your character. It is acquired by skinning Mutants which are the monstrous enemies that you can find attacking you at night or during other random intervals of the game. The most common places that you can find them are the underground caves and tunnels scattered around the map.

Furthermore, as you’re exploring these locations, you will also run into unique variants of the cannibals, who will be distinctively ashen-colored and blind. Previously, these same cannibals would only provide bones when their dead bodies were burnt, but now in Sons Of The Forest, you can also carve their skin in order to obtain the creepy armor, the same ones that you can acquire from mutant foes.

The Creepy or mutant armor was the highest form of defense you could obtain in the game against enemies for the late-game as it provided you with a boosted armor stat in the health bar. But while there are now a couple of better ones to overtake it, it is still a worthy choice to equip if you’ve taken down a mutant or two along your journey and have yet to receive the latter ones on our list.

2. Tech Armor

sons of the forest tech armor
Tech armor (Image Captured by Us)
  • How To Find: You must first craft Tech Mesh from a 3D printer and then use them to craft the armor.
  • Crafting Materials: 1 Tech mesh, 1x wire, 1x duct tape, 1x batteries, 1x circuit board

The Tech Armor is one of the brand-new gear featured in the game, but the only catch is that you can only unlock it through a specific method. This is done by using the 3D printers, as you need to use them to materialize tech mesh, a crafting material that we will then use to craft the actual armor shown in the image above.

sons of the forest 3d printer
The 3D printer locations (Image credit: Map Genie)

We have enlisted the locations of each of the 3D printers in the world using the interactive map image. The 3D printers themselves will be located in an underground facility, but caution is advised as you’re venturing here as they will be powerful mutants located here.

Aside from that, in order to craft the Tech Mesh (needed to craft the armor), you will need 250ml Resin each, which can be found supplied in the 3D printer. Still, in case you run out of it, there is always a chance to find a carton of it nearby or around other underground facilities in the world.

Once you have tech mesh, simply use it along with the materials we mentioned in order to craft a piece of tech armor for your character. It is a pretty costly gear to create in terms of resources you need to compensate for that; it provides substantial damage mitigation that makes the headache grind for it somewhat worthwhile.

1. Golden Armor

Sons Of The Forest How To Get The Golden Armor
The Golden Armor (Image Captured by eXputer)

As shown in the image we have provided, the Golden Armor is perhaps the most powerful armor, at least in the early access version of the game right now. It is unclear if the developers will add anything to surpass its potentiality, as this armor can only be obtained during the end-game stages.

But what makes it so special is unlike the rest, it cannot be damaged or broken by enemies that you encounter in the world. One might even argue that it isn’t worth the effort as the tech armor outweighs it, according to many players. Still, it doesn’t hurt to go out of your way once you’ve completed the main storyline in the Sons Of The Forest with a friend or two to obtain the golden armor.

The defensive properties somewhat exceed anything else, making it one of the best ones to use in the entire game, at least in the current state. However, as one might’ve already expected, it isn’t a cakewalk to hunt it down as there is seemingly no possible way to receive it in the game’s earlier moments. Similar to how you obtain the creepy armor, it is essentially an item you have to pick up and equip but from a secret underground facility.

The Wrap-Up

According to a recent Subreddit Post, there was a slight debate on whether the Golden armor was any good in comparison to the Tech armor. It is safe to say that both offer their unique protection and damage reduction aspects. Still, at the end of the day, you will definitely need the former, as it essentially allows you to access a locked golden door found during late-game events.

Although Sons Of The Forest is still in early access, the game managed to sell over two million copies with ease right from the initial launch. The game enhances the elements of its prequel even further, as choosing the right spot for your base and then fortifying it with Defensive walls never gets old. You might even make several things easier for yourself, such as getting the Rebreather to dive underwater and the Log Sled for ease of traversal.

However, for now, though, this wraps up our guide to the best armor in the Sons Of The Forest. If you have any further questions about the guide or would like to point out your favorite armor, then be sure to let us know all about it in the comments section below! As always, eXputer wishes you luck!

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