Sons Of The Forest: How To Find & Use Solar Panels

Check out all the locations of the solar panels, their uses, and how to make electricity via a solar panel in Sons of the Forest

Obtaining energy is crucial for survival; hence we why are here to discuss the solar panels’ Sons Of The Forest. A new update to the game has allowed players to extract electricity from solar panels, which can be used in various ways to help make your encampments or strongholds have better survivability.

Key Takeaways
  • Solar panels are a superior electricity source in Sons of the Forest.
  • They are located on the eastern side near a cave and to the east of the river.
  • The first panel is in an underground bunker on the far-right side of the map.
  • Another location is on the west side where two rivers intersect.
  • They require wiring to function alongside other devices.
  • Solar panels produce intense light surpassing other resources like flashlights.

Why Do You Require Solar Panels 

Solar panels can be found all across the map in yellow boxes. These are usually placed near the light bulbs so both of them can be utilized in an effective way. Obtaining solar panels is important as you need electricity from these items.

You can find these yellow boxes near the crash sites, but they can be spawned at other random places too. The solar panel can get you:

  • The electricity that you require
  • They light up the electric bulb

This electricity can be used to light the roof of the house; hence your place won’t get dark even at night. Currently, solar panels can be used for turning light bulbs on, but it is rumored that in not so distant future, you may be able to use solar panels for various other purposes. These may range from electronics to even supplying power to electrical machinery.

Where To Find Solar Panels 

Important: Solar panels can only be found at various places on the map; they cannot be crafted like other items available in the game.

Location 1 

You need to check the place where the 3D printer spawns as mostly as you can find the solar panel at that particular place where you find the 3D printer. You can have the most probability of finding a solar panel in this spot. When you reach the place, you will spot a cave that may seem to be deep.

Sons of the Forest
Solar Panel Location

Traveling straight inside the cave, you will come across a door. Entering the room and looking to your left will spot a solar panel. Some light bulbs will also be present along with it. Pick them up and store them in inventory for later use.

Sons of the Forest: Solar Panel
Location of the Solar panel

Location 2 

You can find another solar panel if you travel to the southwest side of the map (refer to the map below for the exact location).

Before You Start: You will require a shovel before you visit this place in search of the solar panel.

When you reach the place, you will spot a bunker. Travel all the way down the bunker by using a ladder after opening the hatch. Travel straight until you find a room full of supplies. This will contain a solar panel.

Sons of the Forest Solar Panel
Credits: Sons of the Forest Solar panel Location

There are various other useful items that can be picked up and stored for later use. You must know that you can carry one solar panel in the inventory at a time. So you can visit either of the two places to get a solar panel.

How To Use Solar Panel In Sons of the Forest

You must use the solar panel for electricity, and for that, you may require bulbs. All you need to do is build a tilted structure and join the roof with wires. These cables will be attached to the lamps requiring electrical illumination.

Sons of the Forest: Solar Panel
Making an electrical connection with the Solar panel

You need to make a circuit consisting of three items:

  • Solar Panel
  • Light bulb
  • Wires connecting them

Solar panels are the hardest of the three items to locate, as the other two can be crafted if you are having difficulties locating them.

Steps To Make An Electrical Circuit Using Solar Panel 

  1. Construct a tilted structure at the top end of construction material.
  2. Build a square frame using logs.
  3. Fill the frame with planks, starting from the middle.
  4. Take the collected solar panel from inventory.
  5. Connect the solar panel to the diagonal element previously made.
  6. Use wires to connect bulbs, following the arrows on the logs.
  7. Place light bulbs on wire connections according to arrow indicators.

After you have made an electrical circuit, you need to press the button ‘E’ to turn on the light bulbs. This way, you will get electricity from the solar panels.

Sons of the Forest: Solar Panel
Solar Panel in Sons of the Forest

Benefits Of Using Electricity Via Solar Panels 

The electricity generated from the light bulbs using the solar panel is much more than the one you get from a candle. The intensity of light from using the connection via a solar panel is much, and this way, you can run a good connection supply. The solar panel also consumes much fewer resources than the candle or any other source of electricity, which can be a pivotal point at times.


A solar panel has proven to be a vital source of power. By doing so, you can acquire electricity on a constant basis, which is preferable to using other resources. If you’re looking to craft more valuable resources, then the Wetsuit is surely a must-have for any player. Furthermore, it doesn’t help to check out some of our hand-picked Best Building Ideas for the Sons Of The Forest.

Create a circuit with a solar panel attached to it using wires, and electricity will flow through it. This wraps up our Solar Pnaels Sons of the Forest guide; if you have any other questions, then be sure to let us know in the comments section below!


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