Sons of the Forest: How To Get Tech Armor

Empower Your Survival Skills by crafting Advanced Protecting Gear.

The Sons of The Forest Tech Armor is a high-tier protecting gear, that offers decent stats defense. The armor is sleek in design that gives the look of advanced techy gear, with flashing lights attached all across the suit

To get the armor, you must have certain crafting items along with the right recipe to build it. So, make sure you know about all the necessary items you need to get the armor.

Key Takeaways
  • Tech Armor is one of the available guarding suits in Sons of the Forest.
  • The Armor provides decent protection and damage resistance and is suitable for advanced fights. 
  • You can craft the Tech Armor by combining specific items.  
  • To craft the Armor, you need 1x Wire, 1x Duct Tape, 1x Circuit Board, 1x Tech Mesh, and 1x Batteries.
  • All the crafting items are easily available except for the Tech Mesh, which you can make from the 3D printer in the Lab. 
  • The Armor is made of ten pieces and requires replacement if any piece gets damaged or broken during combats. 

How To Get The Tech Armor

sons of the forest tech armor
Tech Armor [Image by eXpuer]
To craft the armor, you must collect all the crafting resources required for the suit.

Here, we have listed all the items that you’ll need:

  • 1x Wire
  • 1x Duct Tape
  • 1x Circuit Board
  • 1x Tech Mesh
  • 1x Batteries

Once you’ve collected all the items, open your gearbox and select your required items. If you’ve all the items in your bag, the option to craft the armor will automatically pop up. Once you start crafting the armor by combining the item, your character will start to wear its pieces across his body parts.

You need to combine the items ten times to complete the full Tech Armor set for your body, meaning you need to have 10x Wires, Batteries, Duct Tape, and Circuit Boards to complete your body armor. 

The ingredients of Tech Armor are mostly common materials that you can find easily on the Island. The only item that you’ll struggle to find is the Tech Mesh; as you’ll not find it randomly lying somewhere, rather, you have to make it with the Printer. 

Getting The Tech Mesh

3d printer location
3D printer Cave location [Image courtesy: Mapgenie]
Important: You can find the 3D printer in the south of the cave that contains the Rope Gun. You can also look at the image above to know the exact location of the cave.

To get the tech mesh, you have to create it from the 3D printer using Resin. The 3D printer can be found in the lab inside the cave. The cave is claustrophobic and dark, so make sure you have your flashlight and appropriate equipment with you before you get inside. The printer works with Resin which can be found either inside the lab or in the underground structures of the Island. 

sons of the forest tech armor
Getting the Tech Mesh [Image by eXputer]
Once you get inside the cave, make your way toward the research lab and gather some Resin by searching around the room. Once you’ve enough material, locate the 3D Printer and start crafting the Mesh. It is optimal to craft ten pieces of Tech Mesh so that you do not have to visit the lab again.

Perks Of Using Tech Armor

The Tech Armor provides pretty decent resistance against enemies and fierce cannibals, giving you an extra advantage in serious combat and critical situations. However, the armor is not invincible, as it will tear down with time, and you’ll have to craft its pieces again. The Armor is built from a total of ten pieces, and whenever any piece takes several hits, it gets broken and requires replacement. 

Although the Armor is great against sturdy enemies, it requires proper maintenance and replacement. So, if you’re up for serious fights and advanced combats in the game, you can surely equip the armor and rely on it, but when you’re venturing across the Island or doing mediocre quests, you can replace the armor with other options, such as the Golden Armor

If you have enough ingredients for the Tech Armor, you can also craft some extra pieces for the Armor so you can replace your broken parts instantly during intense action. 

Wrapping Up 

The Tech Armor is a reliable armor in the game that provides you with enhanced protection, movement, and melee abilities. Although it requires proper maintenance and replacement with time, crafting it is worth the time and effort due to its protection and guarding abilities.

Now that you’ve learned enough about the armor make sure to check out the Sons of the Forest map to master your navigation skills as well. Also, make sure to go through our Sons of the Forest Keycard locations guide to get all the crucial key items. Furthermore, you can also learn How To Quick Select in Sons of the Forest. Lastly, make sure to check out the Sons of the Forest review for a detailed insight into the game’s pros and cons.


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