Sons of the Forest: How To Find & Upgrade Flashlight

Finding all the locations and upgrading the flashlight

Sons of the Forest is a horror game where you will visit many places that won’t shed even a tiny bit of light. Players may need the assistance of a flashlight. It is much better to use the flashlight in places like caves or any other areas to find the resources properly.

Key Takeaways
  • Flashlights are required for looking at various dark places.
  • You must collect all the other resources while on the mission to find the flashlight.
  • Upgrading the flashlight is one of the better ideas as it will aid in lasting much longer.
  • You must keep in mind that flashlights need batteries to charge, so collect batteries as much as you can
  • Don’t opt to fight the enemy while you are finding the flashlight on the eastern side of the map. You can easily dodge them without getting into a fight.

Where To Find Flashlight 

The nearest place to find the flashlight is the point where you spawn. This is towards the northwest corner of the map with a purple mark. You can use the map to reach the location. Do note that the mark on the map will only show when you are near the destination. You will also hear a beeping sound when you get really close to the location.

Sons of the Forest Finding flashlight
Finding the location of the flashlight

How To Obtain The Flashlight

Sons of the Forest Finding flashlight
Finding the flashlight in Sons of the Forest
  1. Locate a body hanging from a tree on a cliff.
  2. Find the source of the rope and untie or cut it with an axe.
  3. After the body falls, pick up the nearby flashlight by pressing ‘E.’
  4. Optionally, throw a rock at the rope connection to make the body fall.
  5. Use the flashlight by pressing ‘L’ during the night.
  6. Note that the flashlight runs on batteries, found in crates or near dead bodies.
  7. Charge the flashlight by combining it with a battery when needed

Crafting The Torch 

Important: You can even craft your own torch if you have the right materials that are required to make the torch.

These materials aren’t rare, rather, they can be easily obtained within the game. The items required are:

  • 1x Cloth
  • 1x Stick

After getting your hands on them, just open the inventory and put both of these items in the gray area. Just click the right button and move it to the far upper right corner. This will result in a torch being crafted.

Using Cheat Code 

There are several other cheat codes related to light that can be applied, such as:

  • Cavelight: You can also use another kind of cheat ‘cave light’ which will make you a source of light.
  • Createlight: This will give you a floating source of light, and it can be used quite effectively in caves or other places with environments.

 How To Upgrade The Flashlight 

You can find up to 2 updates regarding the flashlights and both of them are available on the map. Players can add these upgrades to the flashlight for better workability.

First Flashlight Upgrade 

The first one is relatively easy to get. The exact location for this will be found inside a cave. This cave is located near a frozen lake. The indication about reaching the correct place is that you will spot three dead bodies lying on the frozen lake just before the entrance of it.

You might require two things to enter the cave. These are:

Sons of the Forest Finding flashlight
Using Rebreather to find the flashlight in a cave while being underwater

You must be extremely careful while entering the cave, and upon traveling inside, you will come across a dead body. The flashlight will be placed nearby, so just take it and walk back. Going to the cave is quite helpful as on your way inside; you can also find a shovel which is quite valuable for other things.

Second Flashlight Upgrade 

This location will be available on the southeastern part of the map, though it is a little more inclined towards the right side of a lake.

Before You Start: You should note that before you start your journey to find the flashlight in Sons of the Forest, you should equip a VIP card with you.

This card will be required at the entrance, which is located near the rocks. After entering, you must travel to the left side of the brown door. This will take you to an enemy, which is a giant monster. You have two choices here:

  • Either kill the enemy and then move but do note it requires time and effort
  • Or you can just run from the side to avoid all the effort and save some time
Sons of the Forest Finding flashlight
Finding the way to the room which contains the Flashlight

Right after you are done with the enemy, you must move inside the first door and then take the door, which is second at your right side. Once you enter, you will observe a body lying on the floor. If you examine the room carefully, you will find the flashlight near a chess board placed on the table.


  • Finding a flashlight in Sons of the Forest is essential for visiting places like caves or any other darker areas
  • Some of the methods require other prerequisites to find the flashlight, so make sure you are well-equipped before going on a hunt for a flashlight
  • You can upgrade the flashlight as well by visiting any of the other two locations


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