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Chop chop wood & enemy brains by equipping the best axe in Sons of the Forest!

Sons of the Forest is a recently released survival horror co-op game, and crucial weapons, like axes, are essential items if you want to survive. They can be used as tools to cut down trees and can also be used as weapons against enemies. There are only a few axes in Sons of the Forest, which vary in different stats.

Key Takeaways
  • Sons of the Forest has 3 different axes, each having its unique stats.
  • The Tactical Axe is the first and fastest axe in the game but is also the worst compared to the rest.
  • You can find the Tactical Axe in the emergency pack in your inventory.
  • The Modern Axe is the second-best axe in the game and is a huge upgrade from the Tactical Axe.
  • Modern Axe can be found in an abandoned camp with a dead body.
  • The Firefighter Axe is the best in the game, with the highest strength and defense stats.
  • You can find the firefighter axe hidden underground in a maintenance bunker. 

Axes In Sons Of The Forest

Summarized information for all the axes: 

AxeItem Type Location Speed Damage Block RangeStrength
Tactical AxeMelee Weapon Helicopter Crash Unknown LowUnknown Unknown Low
Modern AxeTool, Melee Weapon Hidden Stash Room, Cave 2 - Hanging Cave to long High
Firefighter AxeMelee Weapon Maintenance Bunker ALowHighHighMedium Highest

3. Tactical Axe

The Best Early-Game Axe In Sons of the Forest.
tactical axe
The Tactical Axe in Sons of the Forest.
Speed Damage Block Range Location  Strength 
Unknown  Low Unknown  Unknown  At the start of the game, from the emergency equipment bag. Low
  • Why I Chose This: The Tactical Axe is arguably the best early-game weapon you can have in your arsenal, but compared to other axes stat-wise, I wouldn’t put it any higher than last place.

Tactical Axe is the first axe you receive when you start your game. The axe is the beginner axe, so it is considered the worst among the three. In addition to being the first axe in the game, the tactical axe is also the fastest of the bunch. It excels at speed but deals a very small amount of damage. You can use this axe to chop faster, but because of the lower attack, it is not very great. 

  • Easy to get.
  • Great choice for beginners.
  • Fastest axe in the game.
  • Low damage output.
  • Low defensive capabilities.
  • Weak range.


As mentioned earlier, this axe is the beginner axe. So you have this axe available to you since the very beginning of the game. All you have to do is open up the Emergency package in your inventory as soon as you start the game. You will receive the axe, a lighter, a guidebook, and a GPS locator

2. Modern Axe

The Best Alternative Damage-Dealing Axe In Sons of the Forest.
modern axe
The Modern Axe in Sons of the Forest.
Speed Damage Block Range Location  Strength 
5 7 9 Medium to long Hidden Stash Room, Cave 2 – Hanging Cave. High
  • Why I Chose This: The Modern Axe’s high damage output and range are unquestionably the highlight here.

Modern Axe is the second-best axe in the game. It is a huge upgrade from the Tactical axe, with much better efficiency and stats. However, it has a very slow speed compared to it. Fortunately, this axe compensates for this lack of speed with its high strength and defense stats. This axe can cut trees faster because of its high strength stats. Moreover, it is a much better weapon against cannibals because of its strength stats.

  • Strong attack and defense.
  • Exceptional range.
  • Faster than the Firefighter Axe.
  • Challenging to get.
  • Slower than the Tactical Axe.
  • Doesn’t excel in any category except range.


Location of Modern Axe in Sons of the Forest.

The Modern Axe is fairly easy to find in Sons of the Forest. All you need to do is find a camp. To locate this camp, you should see the mountains on your map. Below those mountains, one of the rivers will have a dead end and before it, you can see a small pool of water as well. Move to the right of the pool of water and search for the camp. Once you have found the camp, look for a dead body with the Modern axe on it

Firefighter Axe

The Best Damage-Dealing Axe In Sons of the Forest.
firefighter axe
The Firefighter Axe in Sons of the Forest.
Speed Damage Block Range Location  Strength 
Low High High Medium  Maintenance Bunker A. Highest 
  • Why I Chose This: No other axe in Sons of the Forest compares to the Firefighter Axe in terms of damage and defense, making it the ideal weapon if you’re going on long expeditions and into unknown territory.

The Firefighter Axe is undoubtedly the best in Sons of the Forest. It has the best strength and defense stats compared to the other two axes. You can cut down trees extremely fast with the Firefighter Axe. You only need to swing the axe 3 times to be able to cut down a tree. Not only is it effective against trees, but it also works exceptionally well against cannibals.

  • Highest damage figures.
  • Best defensive stats.
  • Great for chopping trees.
  • Challenging to get.
  • Slowest axe in the game.


firefighter location
The location of Firefighter Axe.

The Firefighter Axe is a little difficult to find compared to the Modern Axe. 

Before You Start: You must have the shovel with you before you can get the Firefighter Axe. 

The location of the Firefighter Axe is actually underground. This axe is located near the Modern Axe, so if you have the shovel on you, just make your way to its location. Go down the river towards the sea.

  1. You must get to the middle of the river on the left side.
  2. There, you will find some surveying tools scattered around.
  3. There is one dirt patch next to the camera.
  4. Dig it up, and you will find a maintenance bunker.
  5. Once you have opened up the bunker, make your way down into it and explore the area.
  6. Explore all the rooms, and you can find the Firefighter axe in one of them.


That concludes everything you need to know about the best axe in Sons of the Forest. While each axe has its strength, it is undeniable that the Firefighter axe is the best in the game. But it depends on the player and their preferences, so play with whatever axe suits you the best. 

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