Sons of the Forest: How To Get Crossbow [Walkthrough]

While crossbows can be an efficient way to take out enemies, actually finding it can be absolute hell!

Sons Of The Forest allows players to access hunting items, crafting items, weapons, and more that are deadly towards enemies and can annihilate anyone but make it a torturous journey to find the item, such as the Sons Of The Forest Crossbow. Players might need assistance figuring out how they can get their hands on it, as well as the items that are needed beforehand! 

Important: To take advantage of the crossbow to demolish enemies, players need to obtain the maintenance key and the shovel. 

Key Takeaways
  • Players need a maintenance key, shovel, and crossbow ammo to acquire the crossbow.
  • The crossbow is in a cave bunker near two buggies, leading to a luxurious hideout.
  • To obtain the shovel, players require a zipline and scuba gear to swim through underwater streams.
  • The shovel is found near the end of the cave, placed by a deceased worker.
  • The maintenance key is hidden in a bunker near a golf cart and surveyor tripod, accessible by using the shovel.

What Items Are Required To Get Crossbow? 

One of the most important things that players need to keep in mind is that before they can even think of getting their hands on the precious crossbow, there are a few things that players need to get, which are crucial to getting the Sons Of The Forest Crossbow. 

Shovel (Image Credits Exputer)
  • One of the first items that players need is a shovel, which is needed to dig out the bunker. 
  • Another thing that you need is a maintenance key since there are doors present inside the bunker that absolutely cannot be opened without it.

How To Locate Crossbow 

Map Location Of Cave
Map Location Of Cave (Image Credits Exputer)

The crossbow in Sons of The Forest is essentially an end-game item that isn’t easy to obtain. Players need quite a few items before they can even get it, such as the maintenance key and the shovel. Here is a complete step by step guide:

  1. Obtain Necessary Items:
    • To acquire the crossbow, players need specific items such as the maintenance key and shovel.
  2. Locate the Bunker Entrance:
    • Head to a location marked by a green circle on the map, near a visible golf cart.
    • Find a surveyor tripod nearby.
    • Behind the surveyor’s tripod, locate a small dirt patch marked with a shovel icon.
    • Dig into the dirt to uncover a bunker containing the maintenance key.
  3. Find the Cave Entrance:
    • Look for a cave with two buggies parked outside, one of which is white and parked further from the entrance.
      Two White Buggies
      Two White Buggies (Image Credits Exputer)
    • The entrance to the cave is hidden between two stones; proceed carefully to avoid missing it.
      Entrance Of Cave
      Entrance Of Cave (Image Credits Exputer)
  4. Enter the Cave:
    • Interact with the entrance by holding down the “E” key.
      Split Between Stones
      Split Between Stones (Image Credits Exputer)
    • Navigate through the narrow passageway to enter the cave.
  5. Traverse the Cave:
    • Use a torch to illuminate the dark cave interior.
      Using Torch To Traverse
      Using Torch To Traverse (Image Credits Exputer)
    • Descend through the narrow pathways leading down.
    • Proceed towards the very end of the cave where a bunker is located.
  6. Access the Bunker:
    • Interact with the bunker entrance by pressing “E” to open it.
      Interacting With Entrance
      Interacting With Entrance (Image Credits Exputer)
    • Hold onto the yellow ladder and carefully descend into the bunker.
      Yellow Ladder
      Yellow Ladder (Image Credits Exputer)
  7. Explore the Bunker:
    • Upon reaching the bottom, enter a massive room resembling a disaster-safe bunker.
      Finding The Bunker
      Finding The Bunker (Image Credits Exputer)
    • Navigate through the room and head towards the door with a small icon on the right side.
      Bookshelves With Ladder
      Bookshelves With Ladder (Image Credits Exputer)
    • Use the maintenance key to unlock the door and access the plant room beyond.
      Door With Maintenance Key
      Door With Maintenance Key (Image Credits Exputer)
  8. Discover the Crossbow:
    • Explore the brightly illuminated plant room filled with plants and greenery.
      Plant Room
      Plant Room (Image Credits Exputer)
    • Proceed towards the back of the room to find an extension.
      Extension Of Plant Room
      Extension Of Plant Room (Image Credits Exputer)
    • Between planters 2 and 3, observe a trail of blood leading to a dead body.
      Dead Body Beside Bloody Trail
      Dead Body Beside Bloody Trail (Image Credits Exputer)
    • The crossbow is located beside the dead body, on the right side.
      Using The Crossbow
      Using The Crossbow (Image Credits Exputer)

Maintenance Key Location 

Map Location
Map Location (Image Credits Exputer)

Moving on, you also need another item, the maintenance key. The main use of it is simply to grant players the ability to open up doors that would otherwise be completely inaccessible to head into. 

  • Start by heading east around snowy mountains.
  • Reach an area with a surveyor tripod and surrounded by golf carts.
Square Bunker
Square Bunker (Image Credits Exputer)

After that, go ahead and go towards the area where there are tons of yellow leaves, and as they get closer to the leaves, they can use their shovel in order to dig. 

  1. Digging into the area reveals a square bunker, and the door of the bunker opens up to allow players inside. 
Blue Light Illuminating
Blue Light Illuminating (Image Credits Exputer)
  1. Hold E to interact with the bunker.
  2. Descend the ladder to find a dark room with teal lighting.
  3. Proceed carefully down the steps and turn right to discover a lit hallway.
Dead Body In Hallway
Dead Body In Hallway (Image Credits Exputer)
  1. Start heading past the dead body that is propped up against the wall and keep running past the long corridor. 
Door On The Right
Door On The Right (Image Credits Exputer)
  1. Towards the middle of the corridor, players come across a door to the right that leads into an apartment
Maintenance Key Obtained
Maintenance Key Obtained (Image Credits Exputer)
  1. Towards the very far end of the room, there is a table that has been placed against the wall, and on the table, there is a 3D printer.
  2. The maintenance key is located to the right of it. 

And here I will wrap up our guide! Make sure to read up on the Sons of The Forest Cannibals guide, which covers all types of cannibals that you can find in the game! If you want to know how to get your hands on the rebreather in-game, then the Sons of The Forest Get Rebreather guide will be just for you! 

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