Sons of the Forest Items List & How To Get

From Rifle to Rope Gun, you can have anything and everything in Sons of the Forest!

There are a ton of items, including consumables, tools, and collectibles, that can make your journey easier in the Sons of the Forest. While you might get some of them easily pretty early on in the game, you will have to struggle to get the majority of items to help you progress further. You will be able to find a lot of different materials like batteries and duct tape as well as different weapons like the crossbow and rifle gun. 

Key Takeaways
  • There are more than 100 items in the Sons of the Forest ranging from weapons to consumables. 
  • These items include the GPS Locator, Guidebook, and Rebreather. 
  • Players can also get many weapons like Pistols, rifles, and Crossbows. 
  • There are important materials found in the game as well, including Duct Tape, Batteries, And Coins. 
  • While exploring, the players will be able to find ammunition for different weapons, including Pistol Ammo, Printed Arrow as well, and Stone Arrows. 
  • Items such as the Golden Armor and the Tech Armor can be found in various locations. 

All Items In Sons Of The Forest 

It is important to note as of now; there are only 110 items discovered so far. These useful items will help you progress through the game in an efficient way. Furthermore, some of these items are also required to collect in order to reach the end game. Below you will see all items that you will be able to collect, from consumables to collectibles, In Sons of the Forest. 

  • Air Tank– It can be found in the rebreather cave in North Beach. You can also obtain it from the shovel cave as well as several underground bunkers spread across the island. 
  • Album Cover- The collectible item can be obtained from the Maintenance A Digsite Cave. The players will be required to use a key card first in order to access it.
  • Arm- The arm or the cannibal’s arm is one of the weak items that can be used in the Sons of the Forest. The item is used to drain sanity after the players have eaten it in the game. You will be able to get the arm from Virginia or Kelvin. 
  • Arrowleaf- It is a consumable herb that will provide energy when eaten. 
  • Binoculars– These can be used to scout the region, and they look for distant objects and enemies. 
  • Blueberry– A type of food that will recover a small amount of hunger when eaten. It can be obtained by exploring the Forest. 
  • Can Opener These can be used to open canned food items that will restore hunger in the game. 
  • Canned Food- It can be opened using a can opener in the Sons of the Forest. These can provide a lot of nutrients in the game. 
  • Cash– This is found randomly when exploring the Forest in the game. You cannot buy anything using cash; however, you would be able to use it as fuel in campfires. This will also allow you to unlock an achievement called 1% as soon as you have found 1000 of these. 
  • Cereal- One of the many foods found in Sons of the Forest, it can provide you with multiple boosts if eaten in the daytime. You will be able to obtain it in caves or bunkers. 
  • Chicory– It is a plant with white flowers, and it can be found in some specific areas on the map. The best part about the plant is that it is consumable and can restore a significant amount of held and energy when eaten. When combined with the arrow leaf, you will get an energy mix from the plant. 
  • Compound Bow– It is one of the ranged weapons in the game that can be found in a Maintenance Bunker. 
  • Crafted Club- this is also one of the many items in the Sons of the Forest. 
  • Crafted Spear- This is our tool that can be used as a ranged weapon as well as a melee weapon. It is only crafted by the player, and it can be thrown on enemies to give them damage. You will need two sticks, a knife, and tape to craft it. 
Sons Of The Forest All Items
Spear (Image Capture Credits eXputer)
  • Cross- It is one of the weapons that you will be able to use against the demons that you will later encounter in the game. 
  • Crossbow– It is one of the ranged weapons found in the game that uses crossbow bolts as ammunition. 
  • Crossbow Bolt- the ammunition used in the crossbow. 
  • Devils Club– It is one of the consumable items in the game. 
  • Electric Chainsaw It is one of the tools in the game that can be used as a weapon as well and can be found in the cinema. 
  • Electric Lighter- You will have a lighter in your Survival Kit as soon as you spawn on the island, and it can be used as a light source as well. Its major use is to help you start campfires. 
  • Emergency Pack- This page contains the GPS, Lighter, Guidebook, and Tactical Axe, and you will receive them automatically when you spawn on the island. 
  • Fireman’s Axe- It is one of the tools that you will find in the Sons of the Forest and is a great melee weapon to have. The Firefighter’s Axe is way harder to get as compared to the modern axe, and it will be located in Maintenance Bunker A. 
  • Flare– This is a great tool to have as it will help you see in the dark. 
  • Flashlight– The flashlight can be obtained in the northern part of the map, and it has a UV mode as well that can be helpful and slow down The Cave dwellers.
Sons Of The Forest All Items and Weapons
Flashlight (Image Capture Credits eXputer)
  • Frag Grenade- The grenade is capable of taking out hordes of enemies. It can be obtained in the Explosive Cases scattered all across the Forest. 
  • Gold Mask– This is a utility item that can be obtained in an underground bunker located in the southeastern part of the map. By wearing the mask, the cannibals will not attack you. 
  • Golf ball- The item does not have any important use in the game, and they work similarly to the tennis balls that you will find in the Forest. 
  • GPS- This is one of the most important items in the game as it is used to navigate around the island and can also help you track other members in the crash as well as Kelvin. It is obtained from the emergency pack 
  • GPS Locator- GPS locators are collectibles that you can stick on the ground to create a waypoint. Doing so will allow you to get to that location using your GPS device. 
  • Guidebook- The guidebook will help you craft different items and has information on what you need to collect to get crafting. It will be obtained from the emergency pack when you first arrive on the island. 
  • Guitar- Guitar is one of the melee weapons that you can obtain in the underground facility where you previously found the electric chainsaw. Whenever you hit an enemy using the guitar, an electric guitar sound can be heard. 
  • Head– The head of a cannibal is obtained after decapitation and can be used to scare the other cannibals away. 
  • Katana– It is a weapon that can perform powerful attacks on enemies, and it is definitely one of the strongest melee weapons in the game. 
  • Leg– The leg can be cooked and consumed to get some energy and to restore health in the Sons of the Forest. 
  • Lighter– You will be able to obtain the lighter from the Emergency Survival Kit, which will be obtained automatically when you first spawn on the island. You don’t need to charge the lighter, and it can be used to start fires. 
  • MacheteThe machete is a lightweight melee weapon that can be powerful against enemies like Fingers. It can take down hordes of enemies, and it performs better than the katana. 
  • Meal Rations MRE- The meal ready to eat is similar to the snacks you find in the previous game. They’re found throughout the island and can be consumed for energy. 
  • Meat– One of the food items that are a great source of restoring hunger is meat which is obtained from animals. You can eat it raw. However, we do recommend cooking it in order to get more protein out of it. 
  • Molotov– The Molotov cocktail is capable of burning enemies and even killing them if they are weak, like the Mutant Babies. However, in order to kill enemies with higher health, you will need to hit them directly with the Molotov cocktail. 
Sons Of The Forest Items List
Molotov (Image Capture Credits eXputer)
  • Modern Axe- The modern axe is one of the many weapons in the Sons of the Forest and has greater damage than the normal axe you have in the beginning stages of the game. 
  • Noodles- Ramen noodles can be consumed to decrease hunger in the Sons of the Forest. However, by consuming the noodles, the thirst will increase. 
  • Printed Sled- Similar to the log sled used to travel in the Forest, the sled can be crafted using a 3D Printer in the game. 
  • Pistol– The pistol can be found on the survival raft as well as in an area near the lake cave in the Sons of the Forest. The medium-range weapon is very effective against enemies. You can get pistol attachments to enhance the weapon as well.
  • Putter– The putter can be used as a weapon as it shoots golf balls toward the enemies. 
  • Rebreather– The rebreather is used to provide oxygen underwater to the players. You can equip it from your inventory. In order to obtain it, you need to head toward the rebreather cave. 
  • Red mask– The red mask is just like the golden mask, and it can be printed using a 3D printer. You will require 150 resin to craft it. 
  • Repair Tool- The repair tool is one of the most useful items found in the Sons of the Forest. 
  • Resin Canister- The resin canister it’s filled with resin and can be used at the 3D printer to make different items. It comes in several different colors, and every item will require a different amount of resin to be used. 
  • Revolver– The revolver is one of the mid-range weapons available in the game, and it can be obtained from Maintenance Bunker C. It can cause optimal damage to enemies, and it uses 9 Millimeter Ammo.
Revolver (Image Capture Credits eXputer)
  • Rifle– Another great weapon you use is the rifle, and it can be obtained using the Debug Menu. 
  • Rope GunThe rope gun can be obtained in a cave where you can find the stun baton as well. It is used just like a grappling hook and will create a zip line for you to travel across. 
  • Salmonberries– Salmonberries are rear to find, and they grow on very small bushes on the island. They can be eaten for energy and to restore some hunger. They can be harvested as well. 
  • Scope– This is a weapon attachment that can be used on the pistol and the shotgun. 
  • Seeds– There are a lot of different seeds that you can find throughout the island, including blackberries, aloe vera, horsetail, and even snowberry. 
  • Shotgun– A great weapon to have for longer distances is the shotgun, and it can be upgraded as well in the game.
Shotgun (Image Capture Credits eXputer)
  • Shiitake mushrooms- Edible mushrooms that can be eaten to obtain energy and restore some hunger. They can be harvested as well.  
  • Shovel– the shovel is one of the utility tools that can be used to dig and is found near the snowy mountains in the southern area of the map. 
  • Skin Pouch– The skin pouch is dropped by cannibals in the game. It has certain items in it, including cash, feathers, and even medicine. 
  • Snack– These are found in caves, common boxes, and in certain places all across the island. They can restore energy in the game. 
  • Snowberry– It is one of the many plants found in the Sons of the Forest; however, it is recommended not to eat it as it is poisonous. 
  • Slingshot– One of the ranged weapons that use small rocks as ammunition is the slingshot. When it comes to damage, it is not that powerful. However, you can use it early on in the game against enemies. 
  • Stun Baton- This is a melee weapon that can be found near the rope gun cafe. 
  • Tactical AxeWhen you first spawn, you will be able to get your hands on the tactical axe. It is a melee weapon that can deal damage to enemies. 

Important Materials 

Other than these items, there are some materials as well that the players will be able to collect. Below is a list of all of them. 

  •  Taser 
  •  Time Bomb 
  •  Zip Line Rope 
  •  Torch 
  •  Turtle Shell 
  •  Water Can 
  •  Utility Knife 
  •  Walkie-Talkie 
  •  Weapon Flashlight 
  •  Taser Cartridges 
  •  Tent 
  •  Vodka Bottle 
  •  Wire 
  •  Batteries 
  •  Watch 
  •  Bones 
  •  Stick 
  •  C4 Brick 
  •  Small Rocks 
  •  Circuit Board 
  •  Skull 
  •  Cloth 
  •  Rope 
  •  Coins 
  •  Rock 
  •  Duct Tape 
  •  Leaf 
  •  Hide 


 Below you will see a list of all types of ammunition you can use for different weapons in the game. 

  •  Stone Arrow 
  •  Buckshot Shotgun Shells 
  •  Printed Arrow 
  •  Pistol Ammo 
  •  Carbon Fiber Arrow 
  •  Slug Shotgun Shells 

Weapon Attachments 

 To enhance your weapons and improve their range as well as power, you can use different weapon attachments in the game. These include the following. 

  •  Laser Sight 
  •  Shotgun Rail 
  •  Silencer 
  •  Pistol Rail 


You will also be able to get your hands on different kinds of armor sets in the game. Following are all armor she will be able to obtain.

Sons Of The Forest All Items and How to get them
Leaf armor (Image Capture Credits eXputer)
  •  Leaf Armor 
  •  Golden Armor 
  •  Hide Armor 
  •  Tech Armor 
  •  Creepy Armor 
  •  Bone Armor 

Summing It Up 

With this, we conclude our detailed guide on all items in the Sons of the Forest and how to obtain them in the game. Don’t forget to check out our guide on all achievements in Sons of the Forest and all special weapons locations. You can also check out our detailed guide on the best ranged and melee weapons, as well as some of the best base locations in the game.

We also recommend checking out our guide on cannibals in Sons of the Forest and all the types that you will be encountering in the game. Do check out our tips and tricks as well, in case you are just starting out. Before leaving our page, don’t forget to check out our detailed guide on all endings in Sons of the Forest. 

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