Sons of the Forest Machete Location Walkthrough

If you are going to open up cannibals, then you should use a Machete to do it with style.

Sons Of The Forest improves upon all the aspects of the original. There are tons of things it adds, and all of these do a lot for the core gameplay. Today we will show you how you can find Machete in Sons Of The Forest. It is a returning weapon that serves a very similar purpose here in the sequel. 

Key Takeaways
  • Akin to The Forest, the Machete here has the edge over most other weapons due to its speed.
  • Depending on your spawn point, you can instantly get your hands on the weapon, or you can follow these steps:
    1. The Machete can be found on an inflated boat on North Beach.
    2. The exact location of the Machete can be identified using the GPS map or by looking for two dead sharks on the coast and heading straight ahead.

  • Most weapons require you to explore all the caves in the Forest or get the Shovel to dig their locations up. Thankfully finding the Machete is very straightforward. 
  • Cannibals are stronger now than ever. They have new attack patterns, and their mobility is insane. Using a Machete to cut off their limbs destroys half their offense. 
  • The Katana and Machete both have the exact same uses, and they both rank highly among all the best weapons in Sons Of The Forest
  • The Machete is present on an inflated boat on North Beach, which, in our opinion, is one of the best base locations.

How To Get Machete In Sons Of The Forest 

machete the forest 2 location on map
The exact location of the Machete on the map | Screenshot credit: eXputer

Players who have got the rebreather in Sons Of The Forest already are totally aware of this location. It is filled to the brim with turtles that you can hunt and eat, alongside seashells and a very healthy supply of deer in the nearby forest. It is a spot you will rarely miss if you have been playing the game correctly.

Moreover, it is a possible spawn location out of the many in the game. Beaches are excellent as they offer both an excellent supply of food and water. Regardless of where you are, open up your GPS Map by pressing “M.” On here, you can push the “Mousewheel” to zoom out and zoom in. 

  • Next, take a good look at the screenshot above and beeline for the spot we are at. You can see that we can literally grab the machete in Sons Of The Forest from the deflated ship that has found its demise here.
  • If you are still having trouble pinpointing the exact spot, then look for two dead sharks on the coast here. Once you spot them, just go straight forward, and soon you will run into two deflated lifeboats. On one of these lies the Machete. 

Furthermore, before you grab it, loot everything else. You can mostly find canned food and snack bars here, which are both excellent resources of food because they never rot. While you are here, go to the south area to get a camouflage outfit if you know how to recruit Virginia in Sons Of The Forest.

  • After you grab the Machete, you can set it to your quick select area by combining it with your backpack.
  • You can then hold “I” to bring it up and quickly equip the Machete.
  • Alternatively, you can use the hotkeys to quickly swap to the Machete. You will need it in plenty of situations.

Uses Of Machete In Sons Of The Forest

bushes cutting and leaves farming forest
Using a Machete to rapidly cut down bushes for Leaves and Sticks | Screenshot Grab: eXputer

Machete is a very useful tool to have in the game, especially early on. It has plenty of uses, and some players even prefer it over the Katana, which most players consider a direct upgrade. Below are the most common situations where you will need your Machete more than ever. 

Collecting Leaves & Sticks

Collecting sticks can be a bit of a pain sometimes. The axe doesn’t swing that fast, and sometimes it can miss the target. Also, most people who love survival movies like “The Predator” tend to go for the Machete when it comes to collecting these as it adds to the immersion. 

In our opinion, the only thing that objectively surpasses the speed at that Machete in Sons Of The Forest collects leaves and sticks is the Katana. As you can see, the Machete is a small weapon, so the Katana also has a direct range advantage alongside the speed being pretty much the same.

Hunting Fast & Small Animals

Animals like Deer are super fast, and they can outrun you fairly quickly if you aren’t too careful. Using a Machete here drains little stamina, and due to its rapid speed, you can get way more hits in than you would with an Axe. It does a lot of damage too.

Moreover, you have a higher chance of killing a deer with a Stun Rod and Machete than anything else. Where the machete shines the most is in hunting down small animals like squirrels, rabbits, & birds. You can swing it really fast, and no matter how fast the small prey runs, you will nail them with ease. 

Small animals are some of the best sources of food you can have. Seagulls are excellent for both meat and feathers. You can find them in excess quantity on the beaches in the game, especially the northwest beach. They regularly spawn in the winter too, so you won’t have to worry about food ever again. 

Cutting Limbs Of Cannibals 

The game has far more variety in its cannibals when compared to the original. They have new attacks which deal severe damage, and they now have far more ways in which they can invade your base. The main thing you need to worry about is their mobility. These cannibals can jump over walls and structures with ease.

In addition, the Machete in Sons Of The Forest can easily dismember them. Cutting off their arm or a leg rapidly will take away their best offense, which is their mobility. Once they are hurt, you can swap to a stronger weapon to finish the job. 

This Subreddit post is proof that players can get extra creative with the new revamped crafting system of Sons Of The Forest. It is undoubtedly among the best things the sequel has introduced. The animations are superb, and all of them add so much to the overall immersion and atmosphere.

If you asked us what our favorite thing in the sequel is, we would most likely say the new companions. They are incredibly charming and fulfill clear roles. Virginia helps you defend your base like a badass, and Kelvin helps you build it like the bro he is. We are glad that the developers went for quality over quantity. 

And with that, our guide comes to a conclusion. We hope you are having fun with the game. We would like to hear your honest opinion. Who is your favorite companion? Do you think the game’s AI is great? What do you think about the survival horror aspect of the game? Let us know all about it in the comments below. 

If you are having any more trouble, consider reading the following guides. 

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