Sons of the Forest: All Achievements & How To Unlock

Here is complete list of achievements in Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest has 28 achievements in total, with 1 being for multiplayer mode and the other 27 for solo play. These achievements are all about survival, crafting, and scavenging, which are the usual ones in any survival game. The developers have packed in a plethora of achievements for players to flaunt their skills and rack up some bragging rights. This guide will take you through all achievements of the Sons of the Forest and the detail to unlock them.

Key Takeaways
  • Sons of the Forest has a total of 28 achievements that can be earned in both single-player and multiplayer modes.
  • Achievements include blowing up a sluggy, drinking 50 cans of Fi-Z, eating all edibles in the game, and owning all clothing.
  • To earn the Maker achievement, players must print all items that will require them to spend printer resin.
  • Giving a GPS locator to Virginia and collecting $1000 are two more achievements.
  • Finally, players can choose to fight demons or leave the island, with an achievement for each choice.

All Achievements

Achievements in Sons of the Forest are not too difficult to unlock and are pretty straightforward. You just need to focus and put in some effort. Below is a list of all the achievements that you can earn in the game.

AchievementsHow to unlockNotes
MultiplayerTrustedBecome a trusted player in a multiplayer gameTo get the achievement, join a game hosted by someone not on your friend list. If they change your status to "trusted," you'll unlock it. They can do this by hitting "escape," going to "Players," finding you, and switching your status to trusted from guest.
Single-playerSurvivorSurvive day 1This will unlock as soon as you make it through your first night in the game.
What Could Go WrongSurvive day 10These achievements are all about surviving through the nights. If you want an easy way to skip the nights, just keep spamming the sleep button while under your tarp.
This Place Isn’t So BadSurvive day 25
Never Going HomeSurvive day 50
TradesmanBuild a structure with over 50 logsIt's all about the number of logs in your structures. To meet the requirements, just stack up some logs and build yourself a nice, long wall.
ContractorBuild a structure with over 100 logs
ArchitectBuild a structure with over 500 logs
City PlannerBuild a structure with over 1000 logs
PinataBlow up a sluggyHead south of the helicopter crash into the cave, you'll find sluggy there. There'll be some c4 near him that you can use to blow him up.
This Can’t Be HealthyDrink 50 cans of Fi-ZYou can find these in crates around camps.
DynamoWear a full set of armorTo craft a full set of tech armor, you need to create 10 tech armor pieces. Crafting one armor piece requires combining a tech mesh (crafted using 250ml printer resin), 1 wire, 1 tape, 1 circuit board, and 1 battery.
FoodieEat all edibles in the gameEat each of the edibles once.
• Aloe Vera
• Arrowleaf
• Bacon Bite
• Blackberries
• Blueberries
• Brain Bite
• Canned Food
• Chicory
• Crunchie Wunchies
• Devil's Club
• Energy Bar
• Energy Drink
• Energy Mix and Energy Mix +
• Fireweed
• Fish
• Fly Amanita
• Guarana Berries
• Health Mix and Health Mix +
• Horsetail
• Human Arm
• Human Leg
• Hydnum Repandum
• King Oyster
• MRE Pack
• Meat
• Meds
• Oyster
• Ramen Noodles
• Salmonberries
• Snowberries
• Steak Bite
• Turtle Egg
• Twinberries
• Yarrow
Keep Your Friends CloseComplete the story with all friendly NPCs aliveKeep the NPCs alive and safe till the end.
FashionistaOwn all clothingObtain all the clothing.
• Blazer
• Camouflage Suit
• Dress
• Gold Mask
• Golden Armor
• Hoodie
• Leather Jacket
• Pajamas
• Tactical Jacket (Default Clothing)
• Track Suit
• Tuxedo
• Wetsuit
• Winter Jacket
MakerPrint all itemsPrinting items will require you to spend printer resin, which you can find in crates located at campsites, hidden facilities within caves, and points of interest.
• Arrows
• Flask
• Red Mask
• Grappling Hooks
• Tech Mesh
• Sled
CollectorPick 50 drogue watchesJust collect watches. You can find them in boxes scattered throughout the island.
I Dream of SushiEat 20 raw fishYou can find fish in freshwater and ponds. You can hunt them using a spear, catch them using traps, or ask Kelvin to catch them for you.
MC CraftyCraft all weaponsYou need to craft all weapons.
• Crafted Bow
• Crafted Club
• Crafted Spear
• Molotov
• Timed Bomb
• Torch
Need a Bigger BoatGet killed by a sharkSwim out to the ocean and get eaten by a shark.
Every Move You MakeGive a GPS locator to VirginiaOnce you've gained enough trust with Virginia and she starts to approach you, give her the GPS locator. These can be found at locations on the map marked in purple.
1%Collect $1000Look around abandoned camps, caves, and human bodies on spikes. You might also come across cannibals who have money hidden in their skin patches.
Fight DemonsStay on the islandWhen you reach the end, head directly to the helicopter. After you reach the helicopter, go back and grab your bag. When you do this, the helicopter will take off and leave you on the island.
Fought DemonsLeave the islandGrab your bag on your way to the helicopter at the end, and then hop into the helicopter.
BadgerDig 100 holesTo dig, you need to find a shovel in a cave a little west to the central mountain. To get the shovel, you have to first get a rebreather to breathe underwater and a zipline gun and some explosives to exit the cave.
I Like BlistersDig 1000 holes
Chivalry Is Not BadReach max sentiment with VirginiaYou can locate her near water bodies. It's best to keep your weapons hidden since they tend to frighten her away. If she approaches you, do not to move towards her or even look directly at her. Once she gets comfortable, she'll approach you, and you'll have the option to offer her items.
Sucker For a PunishmentGet kicked by a heavy cannibal 5 timesIt is self explanatory enough.

Final Words

Since this is an early access release, it’s possible that this list of achievements may be updated in the future. However, as of now, this guide contains information on all 28 achievements in Sons of the Forest. So, embrace your inner survivalist and strive to unlock all of the achievements to earn some bragging rights.

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