Sons of the Forest: How To Find GPS Locators

Can't find where your companion is? Use this handy gadget never to lose them again.

GPS Locators are scattered across the island of Sons of the Forest. Fortunately, all of them are in the Northwest region of the map. They are even easier to find because they are already active. Meaning you can see their location on your GPS at all times. You just need to follow the location pinged on the map. They are purple markers on the GPS. 

There are 3 GPS Locators in total and all of them are in 3 different areas. All 3 require a certain tactic to acquire them. You can find them in any order you want.

Key Takeaways
  • Sons of the Forest has an item named GPS Locators that are used to ping areas and companions.
  • There are a total of 3 GPS Locators, all of which can be found on the Northwest side of the map.
  • The first one is located in the sea where you need to swim to find it and get the Pistol as well.
  • The second one is hidden underground, and you need to dig it out.
  • The third one is attached to a dead body hanging from the cliff that you need to cut down. 
  • You can use the GPS Locators by giving them to companions or placing them on sticks to ping an area.

Locator 1

locator 1
Location of GPS Locator 1
  1. The first locator that can be easily found is in the sea.
  2. You need to go to the northwest of the map and then follow the small purple icon in the middle of the map.
  3. Swim to this location as fast as you can. You can find a boat stranded here.
  4. In addition, you can see a dead body in this boat. You can find the GPS Locator on the dead body itself.

Locator 2 

locator 2
Location of GPS Locator 2
  1. The second GPS Locator can be found a bit northeast of the first one.
  2. If you see the GPS, you will see the marker somewhere on the far north of the map.
  3. You just need to reach the place with the marker.
  4. However, if you go to the marker, you will not be able to find the GPS Locator.
  5. You will see the marker still there but will be unable to find the GPS Locator itself.
  6. In this case, the GPS Locator is actually underground.

Before You Start: To retrieve this GPS Locator, you need a shovel. So, if you don’t have a shovel on, you must get one first.

Locator 3

locator 3
Location of GPS Locator 3
  1. For the third and final GPS Locator, you need to head southeast.
  2. You will get near the mountains now.
  3. Here while exploring, you will be able to find another dead body.
  4. Like the previous two, this one also has a GPS Locator on it.
  5. However, this one is hung down from a cliff.
  6. You will need to cut off the dead body from the cliff to be able to retrieve this GPS Locator.

Make your way up the cliff, and you will be able to see a rock. This rock is attached to a rope. The rope is what is hanging the dead body. Use your axe to cut down the rope. Once you have cut down this rope, the body will just fall down to the location you were at before. Make your way back to collect the final GPS Locator. 


That is all you need to know about GPS Locators in Sons of the Forest. They are some of the items that players should try to get the first thing in the game. As mentioned above, they are extremely useful, so you should get them as fast as you can. Pinging important areas in a survival game is a must, so it is always important to get the ability to do so first in these games. 

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