Do Trees Regrow In Sons of the Forest? [Answered]

Running out of trees to cut? Well we've got good news for you!

Trees were able to regrow in the original The Forest game, and there was even an exploit for it, but can the same happen in Sons Of The Forest? Well, the developers have thankfully not abandoned the mechanic that allows the trees to regrow, but some things are different in the sequel that you should be careful of!

Key Takeaways
  • Trees can regrow in Sons Of The Forest if stumps are not removed.
  • The regrowth process is slow but guaranteed.
  • Clear stumps only in areas for building; leave them for trees to regrow elsewhere.
  • Unlike The Forest, there’s no option to toggle tree regrowth in Sons Of The Forest.
  • Cutting down trees yields resources: logs, sticks, and leaves.
  • Resources are crucial for crafting weapons, ammunition, armor, traps, utility items, and storage in the game.
Important: Make sure not to cut out the stumps of trees if you want them to regrow in the game.

How To Regrow Trees 

do trees regrow sons of the forest
Cutting A Tree In Sons Of The Forest (Image Captured by eXputer)

Cutting down trees is one of the most important parts of survival in the game. You’ll need the resources that the trees drop, including Logs, Leaves, and Sticks. All of these resources are extremely necessary not only to name weapons but also to create the best base in the game.

do trees regrow sons of the forest
The Stump Of A Tree (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)
  • Trees regrow over time, so avoid removing stumps unless building a base in that area, as stumps slow regrowth.
  • Regrowth is automatic; there’s no toggle feature, unlike the original game.
  • Developers may reintroduce a toggle feature in future updates.
  • While waiting for regrowth, explore other adventures in the game.
  • You can assign a companion to cut down regrown trees, streamlining resource collection.

What Do You Get By Cutting Down Trees?

You have a chance of getting leaves, logs, and sticks from cutting down trees in the game. The Leaves and Sticks are of great importance in the crafting section of Sons Of The Forest. The sticks especially are used in crafting almost every single item in the game, which is why trees are so important. Leaves and Sticks are needed to craft the following things in the game;

    • Crafting Weapons And Ammunition
    • Crafting Armor
    • Crafting Shelter And Furniture
    • Crafting Traps
    • Crafting Utility And Storage

Crafting Weapons And Ammunition

You’ll need sticks to craft the Bow, Club, and Spear in the game. As you can see that the sticks are important, you’ll need them to craft three melee weapons that you can use to fight off cannibals in the game. The bow is an extremely useful long-range weapon that has a plethora of uses additionally.

The club is a really strong weapon, but it is extremely slow to swing around. In contrast, the spear is faster to use but does less damage. Lastly, you’ll need sticks also to craft Arrows or, more specifically, Stone Arrows for your Bow in Sons Of The Forest. As you can see, sticks are important to craft both ammunition and weapons.

Crafting Armor

Leaves obtained from cutting down trees can be used to craft the Leaf Armor in the game. It is one of the most basic armors that you can craft, but at least you can easily get your hands on leaves to craft it early on in the game additionally. 

Crafting Shelter And Furniture

Sticks are essential for crafting both shelter and furniture. You can create the Stick Bed and Stick Chair for your base. Sticks are also needed for building the camp, wall torch, and hunting shelter, which is useful for wilderness survival.

Additionally, logs obtained from felling trees are used to craft benches, tables, tree platforms, lookout towers, log cabins, and tree house shelters, offering a variety of options for your in-game home.

Crafting Traps

You’ll need sticks to make almost every single kind of trap in Sons Of The Forest, and that includes the Fish Trap, Small Animal Trap, Bone Maker Trap, and Fly Swatter Trap. Additionally, leaves are also needed to make the Bone Maker Trap. Traps are really important to create protective mechanisms around your base in the game. They add a layer of protection to your stronghold.

Crafting Utility And Storage

In Sons Of The Forest, managing your inventory is vital due to item limits. Crafting various storage solutions is crucial for survival. Stick Storage, Rock Storage, Log Storage, and Bone Storage all require sticks.

Sticks are also essential for crafting the Water Collector, a crucial water source. Birdhouses store feathers and are stick-based. Mannequins store armor, also made with sticks. Additionally, sticks are used to craft repair tools and torches.

This concludes our guide on how the regrowth of trees works in Sons Of The Forest. We have entailed how you can make the trees regrow in complete detail and what you need to avoid when cutting down the trees as well.


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