Sons of the Forest Best Building Ideas [Top 14]

Think wisely & come up with the best building ideas in Sons of the Forest to survive the adventure!

Sons Of The Forest requires players to build excellent bases since vicious monsters are lurking all around, waiting to break into the player’s base. Therefore, players need to know some building ideas in Sons of the Forest, though there are countless creations that players can try out for their bases! 

Key Takeaways
  • Selecting a base on the vast land of the Sons of the Forest comes with a set of advantages and fewer disadvantages.
  • water base in Sons of the Forest can be built on a river island, protecting players from enemies. 
  • An ocean base is more focused on a building on an ocean island rather than a river island. 
  • Viking cabin focuses on a building deep into the mountains, and players can use 5×16 logs as their base. 
  • Floating bases can be built by chopping existing logs in half, building the floor on top of them, and then removing the chopped logs. 
  • A cooler design is a floating rooftop that features a design that has a rooftop that is not connected to the rest of the building. 
  • defensive base with a longer floor plan that extends out and is hidden in a corner is perfect for protection from enemy raids. 
  • floating water base that has three roofs and a bridge connecting it to the mainland can be another idea that players can try. 
  • The winter base is specifically made for players looking to survive in the wintertime to beat the harsh weather in-game. 
  • The wooden mansion build is meant for players who want an absolutely massive cabin with a curved rooftop and never-ending storage space. 
  • A rooftop that features multiple slanted edges and a larger house can be used as a base too. 
  • tall skyscraper might be every perfectionist’s dream, with three square bases and a taller building. 

Water Base 

SOTF Water Base
Water Base

One of the first bases we would like to look at is this gorgeous base that players can take on the water by KaidGames2. As far as the location for the bases is concerned, players can find any river islands that are on the deeper end for their bases since it can prove to be the perfect location.

  • The main thing players need to look out for here is to build a bridge connecting the mainland to the island on the river to get to their base safely. 
  • On the island, you can make any survival base as you please. 

Ocean Base 

SOTF Ocean Base
Ocean Base

Now, if you’d rather be completely safe from any kind of enemy raids, players might want to invest in an ocean island base by Aero R2 instead of a basic base next to a river island. The main reason for that is simply because there is no way that enemies can make their way to the base since the water doesn’t freeze. 

  • One of the main things players need for Ocean base is a lookout tower, which has a staircase and a zipline through which players can bring logs in and out of the mainland. 
  • After that, you can build your cabin on the island. 

Viking Cabin 

SOTF Viking Cabin
Viking Cabin

Moving on to the next structure, let’s look at a rather complicated build that players can go for, which will be a Viking cabin by Littell Gamer. This build’s main location will be somewhere deep into the mountains, where there are frozen lakes, so players can comfortably build on water. 

  • The place needs first to go ahead and place down their foundation, and the foundation for this one can be 5 x 16 logs
  • After that, start placing your beams down, and make sure that you cover each corner so that the structure is properly supported. The cabin itself has a triangular roof that leads down. 
  • Build a small dock that leads to the entrance of your cabin, and you’re done! 

Floating Base 

SOTF Floating Base
Floating Base

Next up, a cooler design that players can try out is a floating base credited to RagnarGaming. Floating bases not only look extremely cool, but they can protect players from all sorts of enemies. 

  • Players want to mainly find a frozen lake so they can comfortably build the base. 
  • Players need to build a foundation on the ground, build the beam on each corner, and then go ahead and chop the logs in half. Place another log on top, and then build the “floor” of your floating base. 
  • From there, players can remove the logs on the bottom, and the base remains afloat. Then players can decide to build any shape that they wish to do so. 

Floating Top 

SOTF Floating Top
Floating Top

Another cool Sons Of The Forest Building idea players can try out is this base with a floating top by TheOutermiddleshow that is not connected to the rest of the rooftop. The base itself has a large square base. 

  • From here, another platform slants up and then connects to form a square base before slanting up again to form an even smaller square base. After that, a pointed rooftop not connected to the rest of the building completes the base. 
  • The base can be used as your storage unit or even prevent enemy break-ins and ensure you stay safe from cannibals. 

Defensive Base 

SOTF Defensive Base
Defensive Base

Another best Sons Of The Forest Building Ideas base that players can look forward to is this defensive base style design by FireSpark81. The base is rather off into the water and a bit towards a hidden corner, which can keep it safer from potential raids from incoming enemies. 

  • The base is a basic cabin with a longer base towards the bottom. The cabin’s main door is open, allowing players to store their items inside. 
  • Outside the cabin, there are smaller items that players can place purely for decor or further protection.

Floating Water Base 

SOTF Floating Water Base
Floating Water Base

We’ve seen water bases and floating bases, so why not combine the two to make a floating water base by TotalXclipse. The building itself consists of a larger cabin, which has three roofs. One longer roof extends along the width of the building, while two smaller roofs protrude outwards. 

  • A bridge connecting the mainland to the cabin is built on the water for easy transportation. 
  • Players need to know that the build doesn’t really work in winter since the area can be prone to freezing over. Therefore, it will work for the other seasons. 

Winter Base 

SOTF Winter Base
Winter Base

As far as the next base is concerned, it is typically made so that players can survive in the wintertime, as it is a winter base made by GameEdged. The base itself is massive and in progress; it is also made on a frozen lake, making it even more ideal for wintertime. 

  • The cabin is a large structure with supporting wooden logs throughout the building. Multiple rooms in the building can be used for storage, living, and inventory. 
  • The back of the building is a flat triangular shape with a pointed rooftop, and the entire building extends out towards the frozen lake

Wooden Mansion 

SOTF Wooden Mansion
Wooden Mansion

If players are looking for a grandeur build, they can look forward to building a massive mansion that TaskForceGaming has made. The base itself is massive, with a curved pointed rooftop and a balcony that outlooks the beautiful scenery in the game. 

  • A defensive wall is placed right outside the cabin to prevent any enemy from entering the base location, and it keeps players protected. 
  • The front of the cabin has a smaller door for entering, and there are beds and shelves that players can build inside for storage. 

Larger House 

SOTF Larger House
Larger House

If players want to build a larger house, they can use this build by Farket. The building has stairs leading to the roof, alongside multiple slanted triangular rooftops, which players can climb and look out against. 

  • Players should always have fences that are lined all across the base area so that they can potentially prevent any monster from raiding their space. Spiked fences can work best for this. 
  • The base of the building protrudes outwards, and there is ample room for players to live comfortably and store all their belongings inside

Basic Starter Base 

SOTF Basic Starter Base
Basic Starter Base

If players are looking for a rather easier base to start with, they should look into building a basic starter base created by TagBackTV. The building features a basic cabin with a door towards the left side. 

  • The top of the house is pointed and slanted on either side, and there are different structures on either side of the house. 
  • To protect themselves, players should line the outside of their base with sharp fences so that cannibals are not able to come in. The fences should be on the longer end for extra protection. 

Logging Station 

SOTF Logging Station
Logging Station

If you’re looking to build a rather massive mansion and need somewhere to store your logs, a logging station is necessary. This logging station from Ffear is one that players can surely try out. 

  • It is a basic cabin structure without the surrounding walls, and some logs are placed on the top and bottom of the cabin. 
  • Inside the station, some fences are placed within a few spaces from each other that can hold the logs. There are two stories to the logging station, and it can hold enough logs for your next build. 

Tall Building 

SOTF Tall Building
Tall Building

For players looking for a challenge and having too much time on their hands, they can look into building this beauty by TheOuterMiddleShow. It is an extremely tall, intricately designed building, and it is just a masterpiece. 

  • With sharp wood placed around the parameters of the base, it allows players to stay protected from cannibals. 
  • Alongside that, the boundary wall is elevated, with there being three square-shaped bases that slant off and stack on top of each other, before being completed with an insanely tall skyscraper. 

Waterfall Base 

SOTF Waterfall Base
Waterfall Base

Now, this base by TotalXclipse is one to die for absolutely. This beautiful design that is built on water is not only intricate but represents a builder’s dream perfectly. There are three or four docks that connect players to the building and help them cross across the water. 

  • There are two entrances to the cabin that provide shelter to the player. 
  • Inside, there is ample space for the player to place all their belongings. 


And there you have it! 14 Sons Of The Forest Building Ideas that players can try out, and with that, I will wrap up my guide! While you’re here, you might want to read up on our Sons Of The Forest Paraglider guide will showcase how exactly players can get it and how to use it as well! Apart from that, you can also check out our Sons Of The Forest Mannequin guide, which goes into detail about how you can craft mannequins!

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