Sons of the Forest: Good, Bad, And Secret Ending Guide

The Early Access of the game has left players with many questions about its endings!

Although Sons of the Forest is still in the Early Access, it has an ending to give the players the satisfaction of completing the game. The ending has left more questions than answers for the players of Sons of The Forest that needs to be explained as they are confused about what actually happened in the game. Who were the different characters we got to see in the game? And if the game is in any way connected to the first game, ‘The Forest.’

Key Takeaways
  • Sons of the Forest has three distinct endings.
  • Good and Bad endings depend on the player’s choice regarding the helicopter or backpack.
  • The Secret Ending involves keeping Virginia alive and leaving with her.
  • These endings raise questions about the Golden Cube’s role and other mysteries.
  • Speculation suggests the Golden Cube shields against the anomaly causing mutations, and “Eight Cycles” may represent “Eight Months.”

The Good & Bad Ending Guide

In Sons of the Forest, there are two main endings. One of those is considered the good ending, and the other bad. Now you will get to experience both endings as you make progress through the game. To get to both endings, you will have to make progress as you would normally in the game. As you exit from the Golden Cube, you will get a cut scene with a helicopter landing down.

  1. Good Ending: In this ending, you choose to join Tim and Eric LeBlanc on the helicopter when you exit from the Golden Cube. This ending is considered “good” because you won’t have to face the Mutants or the Cannibals. You leave the island and avoid further confrontations with hostile creatures. This choice allows the protagonist to return to a more normal life.
    The good ending of sons of the forest explained.
    The LeBlanc father and son.
  2. Bad Ending: If you choose to stay on the island by picking up the backpack, you will experience the “bad” ending. In this ending, the helicopter leaves without you, and you are left behind to fend for yourself. You’ll have to continue living on the island while dealing with the ongoing threats from Mutants and Cannibals. This ending is considered “bad” because it leads to a more challenging and perilous existence for the protagonist.
    bad ending in the game.
    The ‘Bad Ending.’

Ultimately, which ending you consider “good” or “bad” may depend on your perspective and what kind of resolution you prefer for the game’s story. The “good” ending offers a chance to escape the island and its dangers, while the “bad” ending presents a more challenging and open-ended survival scenario.


The Secret Ending

Unknown to most people, there is a third ending to the game. As it is not well known, it is considered the secret ending of the game. Although nothing significant happens in the ending, it is an ending still, and one minor thing changes. You get to leave the island with Virginia.

To achieve this secret ending, follow these steps:

  1. Recruit Virginia: First, you need to recruit Virginia as your companion in the game. Make sure she is with you and stays alive.
  2. Protect Virginia: Equip Virginia with weapons and ensure she remains safe throughout your journey. This will increase your chances of achieving the secret ending.
  3. Progress Through the Game: Continue progressing through the game’s story as you normally would.
  4. Reach the Golden Cube: Eventually, you will reach the Golden Cube, a key point in the game’s story.
  5. Enter the Golden Cube: As the Golden Cube is about to close, you will notice that Virginia runs inside the Cube with Kelvin (if he is alive). The cutscenes will unfold as usual, with the soldiers multiplying and a futuristic city.
  6. Make the Right Choice: After the cutscenes, you will be presented with two choices, similar to the other endings. To achieve the secret ending, select the option to go with Virginia and the others on the helicopter.

By choosing this option, you will leave the island with both Kelvin and Virginia (if they are alive). The ending will feature Virginia resting her head on your shoulder as you escape the island together, making it a unique and secret ending in the game.

The secret ending.
Secret ending with Virginia.

Sons Of The Forest Ending Explained

Now the question arises of what the ending truly means. Yes, the ending seems incomplete with a lot of gaps in the story. But fans on Reddit were quick to make their own theories on the endings. We’ve scoured through tons of them to come up with a cumulative theory that satisfies all of the gaps that are left by the story.

Okay, so as you go on the Island to find the Puffton family, you find that they went missing almost 31 weeks ago. Then you go on and find a girl with a special mutation on her. She has one extra leg and arm. If you noticed the pictures of the Puffton family members, you’d know that she actually is Virginia Puffton. You’ll have to keep her safe for the third ending that you’ll get.

Now as you make progress in the game, you will find a book written by one ‘Tim LeBlanc.’ It shows that the first game, The Forest, and this one are connected. And later on, you get to meet with Eric LeBlanc, although shortly. They both know something weird is going on with the Island and have come to explore it.

The Golden Cube

One thing which we aren’t completely sure about is what the Golden Cube actually is. Is it a portal to another dimension? Or is it a sort of shield?

Here’s what we know about it:

  1. Portal to Another Dimension: When you enter the Golden Cube, it transports you to a different dimension, which could be considered a parallel universe or an alternate reality. This dimension features a futuristic city and is different from the island you explore in the game.
    The futuristic city.
    The Futuristic City is from a parallel universe.
  2. Protective Barrier: The Golden Cube also acts as a protective barrier or shield against a dangerous anomaly on the island. The NPC (likely Tim LeBlanc) inside the Cube holds a laptop with a timer, indicating when the anomaly will occur. This anomaly transforms humans into mutants, and those outside the Cube during the event are affected. The Cube temporarily safeguards those inside.
    The timer.
    The timer to the next anomaly.
  3. The Silver Jacket Guy: The Silver jacket-wearing character tries to enter the Golden Cube but is left outside. When the Cube’s doors open, he is transformed into a mutant. This demonstrates the protective nature of the Cube.
  4. 8 Cycles: The game references “8 Cycles” as the time period between anomaly events. While the exact definition of a “Cycle” is not explicitly mentioned, one theory suggests it corresponds to months. This is supported by the fact that the Pufftons went missing 31 weeks ago, and if the game’s events occur within a week, it results in 8 months, or 8 Cycles.
  5. Pufftons and Mutations: When the anomaly event happens, the Pufftons (a group of survivors) go missing, presumably because they were transformed into mutants. Their disappearance coincides with the anomaly event, and you find their keycards as you explore the island, indicating their fate.
  6. Virginia’s Status: Virginia’s status regarding the anomaly is unclear. She may have been mutated but resisted its full effect or was outside the range of the anomaly. Her specific circumstances are not explicitly explained in the game.

The Golden Cube plays a pivotal role in the game’s narrative, as it provides both protection and access to a different dimension, adding to the mystery and intrigue of the game’s story.


Final Thoughts

One thing that we can confirm is that the story isn’t finalized. There might be some changes to it as the developers make further progress in the game. Remember, it is still in Early Access, and chances are that the developers add more content that will completely change the story of the game. So we would suggest that although these theories are quite interesting, it is better that you don’t stick to them for now.

If you still haven’t reached to the ending but checked it all out due to curiosity, why don’t you check out our other Sons of the Forest guides? For example, Quick Select can help you equip items quickly. Make sure to stay hydrated with the Water Collector. The Shovel helps you find out underground bunkers easily. And if you run hungry, you can check out Fishing Traps too. That and much more can be found in our Crafting Guide.

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